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Theresa shows up at Alex’s door and smiles when he answers wearing just a towel.

Brady informs Belle that he and Alex are flying to Greece tonight. Belle mentions hearing that’s where Victor was before his plane crashed. Brady explains that they are going to try to figure out what Victor was doing there and why he destroyed his will. Belle says it sounds like he has a lot on his plate so she won’t stand in his way. Brady notes that she sounds a little bummed and asks if she wants to talk. Belle doesn’t want to hold him up but Brady points out that his flight doesn’t leave for a couple hours, so he asks what’s going on. Belle informs him that she and Shawn just had a huge fight. Brady asks what about. Belle then reveals that Shawn is drinking again.

At the Brady Pub, Talia tells Shawn that he can join her but she doesn’t think she’d be great company as she’s trying to drown her sorrows. Shawn says that’s his plan too as he sits down. Shawn asks about her sorrows. Talia responds that it’s heartbreak and humiliation as she just got dumped tonight.

Chanel goes to the DiMera Mansion where Johnny says he wasn’t expecting to see her again tonight. Chanel says she decided to surprise him. Johnny says they have a lot to catch up on.

In Marlena’s office, John explains to his father Timothy how for awhile, he thought he was a priest but it was a lie. John says it’s been a hell of a ride not knowing who he was which Timothy can relate too. They laugh together as Marlena joins them. John can’t believe he’s actually having a conversation with his real father. Marlena is so glad they found each other which Timothy credits Marlena for. Timothy says most people would’ve tried to put his memory together with a few questions and then moved on but not Marlena. Timothy adds that he was a total stranger but she pieced his life back together. Marlena notes that John and Steve had a lot to do with it. Timothy says he’s grateful to both of them and notes that it’s getting late, so he asks if they want to drive him back to his VA hospital. John then declares that he’s not going anywhere because he’s coming home with them.

Theresa tells Alex that she probably should’ve called first but thought it’d be fun to surprise him. Alex says he loves a good surprise but questions how she knew where he lived. Theresa informs him that Stephanie told her and she also gave her his phone number. Alex questions her knowing Stephanie. Theresa then reveals that she’s her cousin. Theresa adds that Stephanie has no problem with them hanging out. Theresa says she came to nail down their dinner plans. Alex reminds her that he can’t do that yet because he’s leaving tonight with Brady to Greece and he’s not sure when they will be back. Theresa asks why they are going to Greece.

Belle explains to Brady that when she suggested Shawn get help, he lashed out and threw EJ in her face. Brady thought he was over that. Belle says he was just picking a fight and so angry that he just stormed off. Belle thought that Shawn was really committed to getting better and that they had turned a corner but now she doesn’t know what to do. Brady hugs her and tells her it’s okay.

Shawn questions what guy was stupid enough to dump Talia. Talia then reveals it actually wasn’t a guy. Shawn apologizes as he didn’t know. Talia says she didn’t either until she met Chanel and developed real feelings for her. Talia says it was scary at first but it ended up all feeling right. Shawn asks how long they were together. Talia says it was only a few weeks but she thought it was the start of something special until tonight when Chanel told her that she’s getting back with her ex.

Johnny asks Chanel how it went with Talia after he left. Chanel explains that she was honest with Talia that Johnny told her that he still had feelings for her and that Talia started to get the picture. Johnny knows it must have been hard because she cares about her. Chanel admits that she hated hurting her but she had to tell her the truth.

Timothy says he doesn’t want to impose. John and Marlena assure that they would love to have him. They add that Timothy will get to meet his grandchildren, Brady and Belle. John declares that it’s time for Timothy to meet the rest of his family.

Johnny asks how Talia took the news. Chanel says not well and that she tried to comfort her but she ran off before she could. Chanel acknowledges that Talia was totally blindsided.

Talia complains to Shawn that she shouldn’t be surprised that Chanel went back to Johnny and asks how she could’ve ever thought Chanel would want a future with her. Talia feels like an idiot. Shawn encourages that relationships can get messy and unpredictable. Shawn remarks that no matter how much you think you know someone, there are some things you don’t see coming. Shawn brings up having a big blow up with his wife which Talia asks about. Shawn explains that Belle doesn’t agree with his drinking and complains that she gives him no sympathy without trying to understand what he’s going through and just attacks him and wants him to go to rehab. Shawn knows Belle means well but says he doesn’t want her to fix him, he wants her to understand the guilt he feels. Shawn states that his grandfather is dead while his father is in a coma and may never wake up. Shawn feels that he’s responsible for that. Talia tells Shawn that she’s so sorry as that’s a lot to deal with. Shawn thanks her for being the first person to try to convince him that it’s not his fault and says that means a lot to him.

Belle tells Brady that she should’ve seen this coming. Brady notes that Shawn seemed fine this morning. Belle talks about Shawn being on edge as soon as they got to Victor’s funeral and how he didn’t even get up to say anything. Belle adds that after that, Shawn went to the Pub to pack Chelsea a lunch and she lost track of him. Belle asks how she could not know that Shawn was drinking. Brady encourages that she’s doing her best. Belle feels that she just completely ignored everything she knew was true. Belle says Shawn going back to work was too much, too soon and now he’s completely backslid and is pushing her away again. Marlena comes home and tells Belle that she’s glad she’s there as she was about to call her because there’s somebody they’d like her to meet. Marlena brings up telling them about the John Doe at the hospital who couldn’t remember who he was but John figured out that it was Timothy Robicheaux. Brady questions if Yo Ling is alive but Marlena informs him that man was an impostor. Belle questions what she means. John then enters with Timothy and welcomes him home. John announces that he would like Belle and Brady to meet their grandfather.

Theresa asks if Alex is going to Greece for work but Alex informs her that it’s because of Victor. Andrew Donovan then shows up at the door. Theresa is surprised and questions how her brother knew she was there but Andrew reveals that he didn’t and that he’s there to see Alex.

John explains to Brady and Belle how Timothy remembered Joseph Bell aka Yo Ling switched his dog tags and everything fell in to place. Belle calls it incredible. John calls it fate that brought him home to them. Brady doesn’t know where to begin as there is so much to catch up on. Timothy suggests starting from the beginning and asks Brady to tell him about himself. Brady responds that he runs a company that his dad started called Basic Black and he has two children, Tate and Rachel. Timothy asks about Belle. Belle informs him that she’s a lawyer and has a daughter, Claire, who lives in South Africa. Timothy asks if she’s married. Belle confirms that her husband Shawn is a detective. Timothy says he’d love to meet him. John suggests Belle get Shawn over but Belle states that he can’t get away right now.

Shawn tells Talia that he’s not looking to alleviate his guilt. Talia says she gets it and relates to Colin manipulating her in to doing things that she didn’t want to do but she did it anyway. Talia adds that she took responsibility for it. Shawn agrees and says he didn’t mean to shoot his dad but it doesn’t change the fact that he did it. Talia understands he has to own it. Shawn toasts to owning your mistakes. Shawn offers to order them another round. Talia suggests he call his wife to come pick him up and try to fix things. Shawn responds that is the last thing he wants to do right now.

Johnny tells Chanel that he feels kind of bad since if he kept his mouth shut, Chanel and Talia would still be happy. Chanel assures that she’s glad he told her how he feels or else she would’ve just kept denying what’s been in her heart. Chanel declares that she never stopped loving him. Johnny tells her the same as they kiss.

Andrew asks Theresa what she’s doing in Salem. Theresa says she came for Victor’s funeral which is where she met Alex and they hit it off. Andrew brings up that Theresa was all about Brady and wanting to get back together. Theresa says she floated that idea by Brady and he wasn’t in to it. Andrew questions if she let it go then and asks what she’s up to. Alex comes back from getting dressed and asks what Andrew wanted to see him about. Andrew brings up hearing that Alex and Brady were going to Greece so he wanted to remind him that Victor’s plane crash is still an active investigation so it would be best to let the ISA handle it. Alex assurse they aren’t looking to get in their way but just trying to find out why Victor took a detour to the old country without telling anybody and if it had anything to do with his will. Alex explains that Victor apparently called his lawyer from Greece and told him to destroy the will and then Vivian showed up, claiming her and Victor’s divorce was never final, making her the sole heir to Victor’s fortune. Alex adds that Justin looked in to it and it’s true. Theresa worries for Maggie. Alex gives Andrew his word that he and Brady will stay out of the ISA’s way but if he can tell him anything about why Victor was in Greece, that would be very much appreciated.

Brady can’t believe the timing of all this as he laid one grandfather to rest this morning while now he and Belle are reunited with another grandfather. Timothy asks Belle if Victor was her grandfather too. Belle says no and that he was her father-in-law briefly but that’s another story for another day. Timothy asks about John having a third child. John tells him about Paul and how he was baseball player. Timothy asks if Paul is in Salem. Marlena says he’s in San Francisco. John hopes that Timothy will get to meet him one day. Paul then arrives and surprises everyone.

Andrew repeats that the plane crash is an ongoing investigation so he can’t say much. Theresa urges Andrew to clue Alex in and tells him to do it for Tate since Victor was his great grandfather. Theresa adds that he can’t let Vivian screw over Maggie. Andrew reveals that Victor met with a man named Constantine who owns a restaurant in Athens. Andrew says he wasn’t very helpful to them but he might be of use to Alex. Alex thanks him. Andrew advises him to stay out of trouble. Theresa asks if Andrew came all the way from DC just to give Alex a warning. Andrew responds that he came to see his boyfriend. Theresa questions Paul being in town. Andrew confirms he’s here to see his family.

John hugs Paul and questions what he’s doing there. Paul jokes about being told he has a new grandfather and being on the first flight out. Paul introduces himself to Timothy. Paul talks about coaching now and how he used to be a baseball player. Paul assumes he was told about Yo Ling, who Joseph Bell became. Brady calls him one messed up dude. Paul recalls John being kidnapped for his blood as Yo Ling claimed he had a rare disease that needed a transfusion. John adds that Paul was also kidnapped to be brainwashed but he broke free and found him in a lab. John credits Marlena and Steve coming in the nick of time. Timothy is sorry John had to go through that and wishes he could’ve saved him. John declares that the important thing is that they are all together now. Belle states that they are finally reunited and so grateful that Timothy is there.

Talia questions Shawn not wanting to work things out with Belle. Shawn says there’s a lot that Talia doesn’t know. Shawn acknowledges that Belle is an excellent lawyer, but as a wife she’s made plenty of mistakes and the most recent was with EJ DiMera. Talia questions what he means. Shawn informs Talia that Belle cheated on him with EJ. Shawn says they were legally separated but she’s still his wife and it’s not the first time she cheated. Talia says she’s so sorry as he must be in a lot of pain but it obviously didn’t break him since they are still together. Talia encourages that it says a lot. Shawn feels that after everything Belle has put him through, it’s only fair that she gives him space to fall apart a little bit and let him feel what he feels.

Johnny asks if Chanel wants to go up to his room. Chanel tells him to go easy since they just got back together. Johnny says he just didn’t want anyone to walk in on them kissing, then admits that he was hoping they could make love but only because he’s afraid to believe this is real and he wants to do everything he could to keep her from changing her mind. Chanel assures that he is what she wants.

Alex thanks Theresa for backing him up with Andrew and notes that he probably never would have given him the lead about Constantine without her. Theresa says she likes being useful. Alex tells her that he’s going to treat her to a special dinner as soon as he gets back. Theresa asks why wait and suggests she could be useful to he and Brady in Greece, so she asks to tag along. Alex questions her wanting to go to Greece with them. Theresa points out that she could call in favors with the ISA and she’s excellent at solving puzzles. Alex says he would love for her to come but he doesn’t think Brady would like that, so he suggests they stick to the original plan and he’ll take her to dinner when he gets back. Theresa accepts that and wishes him luck, guessing she’ll see him when he gets back. Alex thanks her and hugs her.

Johnny asks Chanel if they are definitely not taking it any further tonight. Chanel confirms that they are not, so Johnny asks what they should do instead. Chanel suggests they watch a movie. Johnny suggests “What’s Up Doc” and tells her it’s a love story which Chanel agrees to.

Shawn remarks that Talia must think he’s a terrible husband. Talia says she’s the last person to judge and points out that she’s been in one serious relationship in her entire life. Shawn says that’s because she was busy becoming a brilliant doctor. Talia jokes that she is damaged goods. Shawn disagrees and calls her human.

Brady, John, Paul, and Timothy joke together while Marlena notices Belle is turned away and quiet. Marlena asks Belle if something is wrong with Shawn. Belle confirms that he got drunk again. Marlena says she’s sorry. Belle thinks that Victor’s funeral was just too much for him and it’s clear that his behavior is showing he needs more help which she told him, so he got really mad and stormed off. Marlena offers to reach out to him but Belle says he’s not responding, so she thinks she needs to give him time to cool off. Belle says she will look for him later and for now will just try to have a good time with everybody. John talks about not meeting Paul until he was an adult so he missed out on raising him. Paul says they definitely made up for lost time and he couldn’t have asked for a more loving and supportive father. Paul mentions John coming to support him for gay pride last year. Timothy asks if Paul is married. Paul says no, but he does have a boyfriend, as Andrew then arrives. Paul introduces Andrew to Timothy. Andrew says it’s an honor and talks about how excited Paul was to meet him. Timothy jokes that he hopes he lived up to the hype. Paul assures he did. Brady adds that they couldn’t ask for a better addition to their family. Belle states that they are so blessed to have him in their lives. Timothy is overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity. Timothy talks about being alone for a long time and now after all this time, he’s surrounded by so many loving faces has overwhelmed him. John tells him to get used to it because with this family, that love is just going to keep on coming. Andrew suggests they all get in for a first full family photo which they do.

Belle goes to the Brady Pub and says she thought for sure that Shawn would be there. Belle tries calling Shawn.

Shawn ignores Belle’s call as he is with Talia in her room. Talia talks about how she can’t believe they got kicked out by the bartender when it’s his family’s pub as they continue drinking. Shawn asks Talia about her sister living here too. Talia jokes that it’s her place. Shawn hopes she won’t mind that they are going to have a little party as he wouldn’t want to piss off his partner. Talia tells him there’s no worry because Jada is pulling an all nighter at work which means they have the place to themselves. Shawn and Talia then begin kissing and move on to the bed.

Johnny and Chanel start to watch What’s Up Doc. Johnny assures Chanel that it has a happy ending as they kiss.

Paul and Andrew kiss in the town square. They say they have missed each other. Andrew is glad they could meet up in Salem. Paul asks how it went with Alex. Andrew says it was fine but when he showed up at his place, his sister Theresa was there as apparently they hit it off at Victor’s funeral. Paul questions them just hanging out. Andrew says she made it seem that way but he feels she has a hidden agenda, because she always does. Paul and Andrew then walk off together.

Alex and Brady leave Alex’s apartment together. Alex mentions Andrew stopping by earlier. Brady says he was just with him. Alex adds that Andrew gave him a lead and he will fill him in on the way. After they walk off together, Theresa appears and follows after them.

John and Timothy have a beer together. Marlena says she will join them after getting Timothy’s room ready. Timothy says it’s been nice meeting everybody but he knows John has things to do and obligations so he doesn’t want to pull him away. John assures that there’s nothing he’d like more than to get to know him better. Timothy relates that there’s no place he’d rather be than with his family. John asks to call him dad. Timothy says he wouldn’t have it any other way as they hug.

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