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[ Upbeat music ]

Ridge: Just like dad, isn’t it? To create a whole new collection. Why now? The forrester season’s already set.

Brooke: He is determined, that’s for sure.

Ridge: Yeah, he’s determined.He’s always determined. I mean, he should go on vacation, take some rest, retire already.

Brooke: Retirement is not on his mind. Let’s look at the bright side of this. He’s using our son to help him create his grand finale.

Eric: Rj, I am so happy, so happy to have your support.

Rj: Hey, it goes both ways. Thank you for trusting me to bring your vision to life. And for teaching me.

Eric: You’re welcome. You’re a natural, you know?

Rj: Ah, come on! I don’t know about that.

[ Eric laughs ]

Eric: I do. Look, I’m so thankful that that you’re following in my footsteps. I really am. And I’m so grateful that you’re giving me the spark and the energy to create this final line of mine. Thank you.

Hope: Stop what you’re doing. All right, I want to try this on and get your thoughts.

Thomas: Okay, so what do we have here? Is it the number five with the added straps?

Hope: Hm. Why don’t you find out?

Thomas: Okay.

Hope: You know, what am i doing? It’s just–

Eric: Come on, we’re almost finished with this.

Donna: I hate to break up the party, honey bear, but, um, you wanted me to remind you about your call with pasquale.

Eric: Oh. Oh, that’s right. He’s one of our longtime suppliers. Wait ’til you see the chiffon. It’s super.

Rj: Can’t wait.

Eric: Yeah. Good. Uh, uh, luna, it was such a pleasure to meet you and I appreciate you bringing all this stuff to us. We’re very lucky to have you at forrester. Welcome.

Luna: My pleasure, thank you.

Eric: Good, okay. See you.

Rj: I’ll see you. Well, and then there were two.

Luna: I, um, I hope you don’t mind me of watching a bit while you worked.

Rj: Oh, what? Were you? I did– I didn’t even notice that.

Luna: Um, listen, I know that I’m just like an intern and I probably shouldn’t be commenting on things but your design, it’s fire.

Rj: Thank you. I appreciate it. I mean, you know, they’re all my granddad’s ideas. I’m just sketching them.

Luna: No, it’s an art. I mean, you’re an artist. It was sweet to see you work with your grandfather.

Ridge: I wonder how my dad got rj to start designing. And I’ve tried, as you know, over the years to, you know, suddenly move them in that direction.

Brooke: Subtly?

Ridge: Yeah. Yeah. Very subtly. I just– I want him to be part of this legacy, you know.

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah, it’s more like, “hi, son. How was school today? Ready to come work for me at the office?” Or “merry christmas, son. Here’s a new set of pencils.”

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: Or how about… “if you spent half the time honing your design skills as you do on that phone?

Ridge: What is that? That’s me? I’m doing this?

Brooke: Yeah, that’s you.

Ridge: I never do that. And those were good pencils. Are you done?

Brooke: Are you?

Ridge: Yes. No, I’m not. No, I’m not done because I want– I want my boy to work with me at this company.

Brooke: Well, I think that’s what he’s doing. But with your father.

Ridge: Yeah. And that’s okay. What better person to learn from? My dad’s the greatest. He’s the master and he– he should be helping younger people. Mentor them, start a school, do something. You didn’t have to design a whole new line for us. We’re fine. Everything’s fine. Hope for the future’s doing great. Couture’s doing great. We don’t have room for another line. So, I gotta find a way somehow to put an end to this grand finale my dad has in mind. For people who are a little intense about hydration.

Brooke: So seriously, how are you gonna convince your dad not to do the collection?

Ridge: I don’t know. I have no idea, but I have to do it and I will do it with love and kindness because I– I don’t want him thinking that I’m taking his keys away, you know.

Brooke: Well, he wouldn’t let you do that anyway. You see the tricky part is that our son is involved now and we don’T… want him to have a negative reaction about being a designer.

Ridge: Exactly, but I think if– if I try to explain to rj that this is not good for granddad, that designing this whole line is too much for him, then maybe they’ll understand. What I don’t want is him stuck in the middle cause that’s what it seems like right now.

Brooke: Okay. Well, don’t think that, okay? Our son, rj, is a designer. I mean, did you ever think?

Ridge: I always thought that. He didn’T. I was right.

Brooke: I mean, this could be the brand new beginning of this very exciting chapter in rj’s life.

Ridge: Yeah. I just gotta get through to my dad.

Luna: I should, um, get back to forrester.

Rj: Yeah. Yeah. Well, um, I’m headed that way too. You know, I never actually sketched in front of anyone before.

Luna: Oh. Don’t tell me I made you nervous. Oh, okay. Well, if this is your work when you’re distracted, then I can only imagine when you’re really vibing.

Rj: Thank you. So, what did you say earlier? You said something about you attending fashion school, yes?

Luna: Yeah. So, just imagine how incredible all this is for me. I mean, getting an internship at a major fashion house?

Rj: Well, I mean, when you put it like that–

Luna: Yeah, it’s the ultimate behind the scenes. You work well with your grandfather.

Rj: Yeah. Yeah, I really, uh, I really lucked out on a mentor there. I was, uh– I was very lucky to grow up in all of this, you know? I have so many memories of my dad and my granddad just designing together for hours.

Luna: And yet you’re so normal.

Rj: Yeah. Well, you just met us, so… heck, you don’t even know me yet.

Luna: No, it kind of feels like I do. From your content.

Rj: Ah.

Luna: Yes.

Rj: That’s right. You follow me, don’t you? What do you follow me on? I’m gonna find out right now. Luna.

Luna: All right, what are you– what are you–

Rj: L-u-n-A. Oh, there you are. Found you. Is that you? Yeah? Oh, wow. You’re private. Come on. I showed you mine.

[ Luna chuckles ]

Luna: See? Nice.

Rj: All right, fine. You wanna keep me guessing? I like it. Very mysterious. Hm.

[ Both chuckling ] Tv: Try tide power pods with 85% more tide in every pod.

Thomas: You know, I– I always enjoyed fittings with us.

Hope: Hm. It’s long overdue. You know, when we would, um… and your hands were on my body, I thought that maybe you could hear my heart beating. So fast. And now… I don’t have to hide it.

Rj: So, he wants to do that. Hi, mom. How are you?

Brooke: Hi, rj, ginge.

Ginge: Hi, mrs. Forrester.

Rj: Um, what is it? He wants to also increase dawn and theodore’s hours for the next couple of weeks. And alterations. Let alterations know that they are now exclusive to eric. He has some new designs.

Ginge: Okay. Got it. Yeah, he’s– he’s really been cranking them out. I’ll scan those in, uh, for the server.

Rj: Yeah. Thank you, man. I appreciate it.

Ginge: Yeah. Hey, anytime. You, um, you gonna drop any new content soon? I notice you haven’t posted in over a week.

Rj: Uh, yeah, I just– I’ve just been super busy.

Ginge: Sure there’s anything I can help you with?

Rj: Um, just the scans for now. Thanks.

Ginge: Yeah. Um, I’m on it.

Rj: Thanks.

Ginge: Bye, mrs. Forrester.

Brooke: Bye. I like seeing you around here helping out. Seems like you’re doing a lot of that these days.

Rj: Yeah. Uh, so dad, um, he knows, doesn’t he? He knows that I’m designing with granddad?

Brooke: Uh, well, I was instructed to deliver a message and I couldn’t really do that unless I told your dad that you were working with your grandfather.

Rj: I feel like I should talk to him.

Brooke: Yeah. That would be a good idea.

Rj: Where is dad? Where is he?

Brooke: Well, I– he went to talk to your grandfather.

Rj: Was dad upset?

Brooke: He appreciates what you’re both doing. He really does. He’s just worried about eric.

Ridge: Dad? So, I understand you’re coming after me.

Eric: So, you spoke to brooke, did you?

Ridge: Yeah. Wow. This is, um… hey, oh, I just had an idea. How about this? How about we find a place? Not– not just a place, a whole building just for design and fashion. You want to do that? We could call it, um, forrester creations. Find a little place in beverly hills. May I?

Eric: Yeah. Sure. Go ahead.

Ridge: Rj?

Eric: Mm-hmm. He illustrated my vision for me with my help. Yeah.

Ridge: Oh, man. Wow, you did it.

Eric: I did what?

Ridge: You got rj to pick up a pencil and do something. You– you succeeded where I failed.

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: This is amazing.

Eric: It is. Bold lines, extraordinary texturization. I mean, you can’t teach that.

Ridge: No, you can teach that. That’s eric forrester. It’s a signature right here.

[ Eric chuckles ] Thank you for teaching rj. Makes my heart sing.

Eric: That’s not all that’s going on here, you know. Mentoring rj.

Ridge: I know, I– I know that I, but, um, how about this? How about… we take some of these designs and put them in the couture line? Could we do that?

Eric: Your collection?

Ridge: I–

Eric: Not interested. This is my line, ridge. Not yours. This is my grand finale.

Hope: You sure you’re good with this? Can you handle it? Yes?

Rj: So, what are– what are you saying? Are you saying dad’s concerned?

Brooke: The toll it could take on eric designing a whole new collection. Besides, we already have a full lineup.

Rj: And– but he’s got me to help him, so–

Brooke: And we’re very excited about that. That you’re giving design a try. You know this is a dream come true for your dad. I just hope it doesn’t come at the expense of your father’s relationship with your grandfather.

Eric: So, what do you think? Oh, you’re gonna give us notes now, right?

Ridge: I’m not. No, I’m not. That’s not what I’m doing at all. I’m– I’m just– I’m happy that you got rj to design stuff.

Eric: It’s in his blood, ridge.

Ridge: It is. I couldn’t agree more. It’s in all of our blood, right? Three generations of forrester. Look, I– I get thomas to join us and all of us will do something together.

Eric: Wait, all of us? On your line?

Ridge: That’s not–

Eric: That’s not gonna happen. You know, ridge… you’re not listening to me. I need this.

Ridge: You need what?

Eric: I need– I need the excitement and– and the limelight and the stress. Just like it was in the beginning for me.

Ridge: Okay, and why do you need that now? What, you– you’ve proven yourself over and over again.

Eric: And this is my chance to do it one more time. One more beautiful line. That’s what I wanna do. And I tried to tell you this, but– but you dismissed me.

Ridge: I didn’t dismiss you.

Eric: Yes, you did. “I’m too busy running the line. I’m too busy running the company.” The company that I founded.

[ Ridge scoffs ] You gave me a million reasons why I shouldn’t do this. And you know, that’s what convinced me that I needed to do this without you. And that’s the way it’s gonna be. You’re not gonna talk me out of this.

[ Ridge exhaling ] What?

Ridge: I wish mom were here.

Eric: [ Chuckles ] Why? So, she could gang up on me too?

Ridge: No! No one is ganging up on you, you crazy old loon. She would see her eric forrester. The man she loved so much. His passion, his desire… however misguided it may be. You know what? Fine, do it. Do your collection, I’ll do mine. We’ll let the buyers decide. We’ll settle it on the runway. Deal?

Eric: Deal.

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