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Adam: Father.

Victor: Hi, son.

Adam: To what do I owe the pleasure? Let me guess. You’re here to take a victory lap after exiling me from newman media. Well, go ahead, dad. I probably deserve it.

Victor: That is not why I’m here.

Adam: Then you’ve had a change of heart and you’re here to apologize to me?

Victor: I’m not here to apologize, nor am I here to gloat. I’m here as your father to see how you’re doing.

Sharon: That’s my pitch. It would be you and me running kirsten alone. What do you think?

Nick: I mean, it’s tempting.

Sharon: I was hoping you’d say that. Everything is lined up for us, nick. The fact that victor didn’t fight me on taking the company back. It’s as if all the problems that we had with adam never even happened.

Nick: But they did happen and everything’s changed.

Sharon: That’s true. Your father has reshuffled the cards at newman enterprises, making you co-ceo.

Nick: But he’s not just throwing me a bone, sharon. This is a very big job and with my mom going to newman media, this is a logical next step.

Sharon: Is that what you want? The fact that you can’t make up your mind tells me that it’s not or that at least, you have some very serious reservations about going back there. Look, all I’m asking is that you listen to your instincts and follow them, wherever they may take you.

Nate: Hey. Welcome back. How are you doing?

Victoria: I’m fine. Just a little tired.

Nate: You get in late last night?

Victoria: And immediately had a very unpleasant meeting with nicholas, after which I confronted my father about rearranging our business and our lives behind my back. Add a little insomnia and some jet lag and here I am.

Nate: Sorry.

Victoria: It’s okay. It’s not your fault.

Nate: Well, I am, uh, I’m glad to hear it was that because I didn’t even want to consider the other possibility.

Victoria: What other possibility?

Nate: That you still felt the need to avoid me. surprised that you’re worried about where we stand. I thought that we had gotten back to a good place before I left for los angeles.

Nate: I did too, but everything happened so quickly and you left right after it all exploded, so I couldn’t help but wonder.

Victoria: Well, you can stop wondering.

Nate: So, are we still good?

Nick: Yes, of course, I’m still upset at vic for giving nate my spot at newman enterprises.

Sharon: Well, doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know about working at newman enterprises?

Nick: It’s not that simple.

Sharon: I don’t know what’s so complicated about it. Your sister took advantage of a very rough time in your life, in everyone’s life, to give her boyfriend your job.

Nick: Truth is, I could go either way at this point.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Nick: If I went to work with vic, it would, uh, we’ve been having lately, plus I could keep an eye on nate.

Sharon: You really don’t trust him, do you?

Nick: Not even a little bit, so if I’m not there to keep an eye on things, what’s gonna happen? Vic clearly has a blind eye when it comes to nate. Who knows what adam’s gonna try and pull since he’s been banished? So, that is my dilemma. If I go back, I got a shot at holding things together. If I don’t, all hell could break loose.

Adam: Well, I have to say, uh, I’m a little surprised, dad.

Victor: Why is that?

Adam: On– on one hand, you come here and you show concern and compassion for me, despite all the negative moves you feel I made and then, you go ahead and you take away the business that you bought for me to run. I– I don’t understand.

Victor: Son, are you serious? You take no responsibility for the havoc you caused at mccall-kirsten?

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Victoria: Did that show you that everything is okay with us?

Nate: You were very convincing.

Victoria: Good.

Nate: And I have to say, you are handling all these corporate moves a lot better than I would have.

Victoria: Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m still furious at my father for not consulting me first and I did talk to him about it.

Nate: Oh, okay. And what was his reaction?

Victoria: He listened. He understood that I felt blindsided by what he had done and eventually, we talked it out and now, we’re in a good place. It’s not perfect, but I can work with it. The best part about this restructuring is that adam won’t be a part of it. And I think that newman media will soar with my mom in charge.

Nate: I have no doubt. But what about nick coming back to newman enterprises?

Victoria: What about it?

Nate: Oh, come on. We both know how nick feels about me. So, is this gonna create more tension? Will nick try to get me fired?

Nikki: Am I interrupting something?

Sharon: It’s not your job to keep your family in line, nick.

Nick: I might be the only one who can.

Sharon: At some point, your family needs to learn how to solve their own problems, nick, or accept the repercussions when they can’T.

Sally: Well, I mean, nick feels a loyalty to his family and I get that. I’ve been there. You know, it’s not always easy to cut the cord when you feel like they need you.

Sharon: I’m not saying that it is, but that same family hasn’t always shown nick that loyalty.

Nick: No, they haven’T.

Sharon: Why does it always have to be you who rides in and saves the day? And look at what you’re up against? Whether you like it or not, victoria does want nate. She manipulated things to allow that. And adam? You’re never gonna be able to control him. Not even victor can. Why would things be any different now? You can’t always be the one to save the world, nick. Well, at least not the newman world. If you wanna do something good, do it here, with me. You already know what my business plan is for kirsten.

Nick: I know.

Sharon: We’ve always worked so well together.

Nick: Sharon, I’m not disagreeing with anything you’re saying. It’s just– it’s a very big decision.

[ Nick inhaling ] I’m not ready to make it. I need to, uh, take some more time to think it through.

Sally: As you should.

Adam: No, dad. You are right. It was me. I am to blame for all of this, okay? You gave me the world and I almost burned it to the ground, and not just the first time either.

Victor: Thank you for that, son.

Adam: For taking some actual accountability? I mean, it’s about time, don’t you think?

Victor: You know, it should never have come to this?

Adam: I– I agree. I should have listened to my first instinct and I should’ve said no to your proposal.

Victor: What would that have proven?

Adam: That I had some humility. That you were giving me something that I didn’t deserve. I mean, who– who was I to think that I had the right to run newman media? But– but I honestly believed that I was owed to me, that I was privileged and entitled and that went against everything my mother taught me growing up, but I somehow managed to forget that lesson and get corrupted by the newman world.

Victor: That sounds as if you’re blaming me as much as yourself.

Adam: Yeah. I can see how it would, but that’s my default position. Just blame all my character defects on you. For years, I have hidden behind the idea that the newmans have hated me, that I’m always gonna be the outcast, I’m gonna be the black sheep and that you, my father, were never gonna give me the respect that I felt I deserved.

Victor: Don’t you realize that all I’ve ever done is to do what I thought was best for you?

Adam: And I let you down every time. Okay, it’s like, I see the end point, I do. What should be done, what you want to do, what’s good for business, for the family, and then it’s like I just have to test fate and I have to take a shot by trying to prove that this time, this time, I’m right and everyone else is wrong and we just end up right back where we started.

Victor: It’s all been so frustrating so often. You’re my son. I love you. Where do we go from here?

[ Adam inhaling ]

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Nikki: Well, just to get both of you up to speed, I spent this afternoon organizing the transfer of my office to newman media and I spoke to all the staff there about the changes.

Victoria: How are they taking it?

Nikki: Uh, they’re nervous, understandably. I mean, there’s been so much upheaval in a short amount of time, they practically need a map to ko I mean, first it was adam and sally, then it was just sally, then it was audra and nate, audra and kyle and now, me. It’s been a lot.

Victoria: I’m sure you taking over will calm them down.

Nikki: Well, that’s the hope.

Nate: I agree. Newman media is very lucky to have you. And I’m sure audra is looking forward to learning all she can from you.

Nikki: That’s kind of you to say, but the transition isn’t complete yet.

Victoria: What do you mean?

Nikki: Well, now we have to convince nicholas to come back and take my position. Once that happens, everything will be the way it should be.

Nick: Feels like this is all I’ve been thinking about lately.

Sally: I know. I know. You’re right. I should not have said anything.

Nick: No, no. It’s okay. I want your input.

Sharon: You know what? I think this should be a private conversation between the two of you. I’m gonna go and check on mariah and aria.

Nick: We’ll talk later.

Sharon: Okay. Thanks for the lemonade.

[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: So…

[ Sally sighing ]

Sally: I am aware of your and sharon’s history and… look, I– I… do not have a problem with you two working together, okay? I just want you to do what’s best for you.

Nick: Thank you.

Sally: I will support you with whatever you decide.

Nick: I appreciate that. Like I said, I could go either way. I mean, on one hand, it’s my family’s business and everything that goes with that. The good and the bad. On the other, it’s kirsten incorporated. It’s the chance to do something solid. Something good.

Sally: And this version without adam involved.

Nick: That in itself almost tips the scales.

Sally: Yeah. Too bad for him.

Nick: Ah, we’re not gonna do that. We’re not gonna feel sorry for him.

Sally: I know. I know. I just can’t help worrying where he’s gonna end up in all this.

Nick: Sally.

Sally: Look, I know, I know. You told me not to feel sorry for him, but between this and losing ava, he has to be devastated.

Nick: Yeah. Well, maybe he will finally learn some humility.

Sally: Wow. That’s cold.

Nick: I didn’t, uh– no. Yes, losing the baby was truly, truly awful. I’m not saying otherwise. It’s just, you know, adam has created a lot of bad karma for himself and everyone around him.

Sally: Okay, hold on, hold on. Please, stop for one second. You’re not implying that adam deserved that loss, are you?

Adam: I don’t know. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess. Water?

Victor: Thank you, son.

Adam: I, uh, I already made amends to nick and sharon and I know that my life probably needs a complete reset before I self-destruct. Probably sooner rather than later.

Victor: Be more specific.

Adam: Always a stickler for the details, huh?

Victor: Son, the devil lies in the details.

[ Adam exhaling ]

Adam: Well, you could all pretend like you’ve never met me before. Victor newman’s long lost son being brought in the family fold for the first time.

Victor: You honestly think there’s anyone in the family who could pretend not to have known you before? Or what you’re capable of?

Adam: No, dad. You’re… you’re probably right about that. But now that I think about it, I mean, you could treat me as someone new in the family and in the business.

Victor: How so?

Adam: By letting me start from the bottom and work my way up. The way it should’ve been all along.

Victor: Now, wait a minute. You don’t remember that I once designated the men’s room as your office?

Adam: I have not forgotten. Although, that’s not what I had in mind.

Victor: So, you’re serious.

Adam: Yes, I am, okay? Let me put in the hard work, let me put in the time. Let me rise or fall on my own merits and then, maybe, in time, I can change nick and victoria’s opinion of me and I could finally give you the family unity that you have always wanted, dad.

Victor: I hope you’re serious, okay? There’s only one problem. Tide is busting laundry’s biggest myth…

Mariah: Mom, hi.

Sharon: Hi, sweetie. Gosh, how are you doing?

Mariah: Oh, uh, good. I’m fine, I guess.

Sharon: How is tessa’s photoshoot going?

Mariah: Good. Yeah, yeah. It’s going really well. She’s called three times since leaving. You know, it’s really hard for her to be away right now.

Sharon: I know.

Mariah: Look, I think I– I made a mistake.

Sharon: Mistake?

Mariah: Yeah. I mean, it was really sweet of devon and abby to offer us a place to stay while tessa’s gone, but I don’t really think that aria’s comfortable here.

Sharon: Why?

Mariah: Well, it’s just everything is so unfamiliar to her. I– I should have never taken her out of her– her own room surrounded by her own things.

Sharon: Mariah.

Mariah: She’s already scared and– and confused as it is, so wh– why would I think that it was a good idea, you know, to do this? I should have never agreed to this and I just–

[ Mariah sighing ] I think I really screwed up.

Sharon: You did not screw up. Listen to me. Babies are adaptable. They know how to roll with things. They just need to be with the people who love them and take care of them and then they’re fine. It’s you I’m more worried about.

Mariah: Me? I’m– I’m fine.

Sharon: No, you’re not exactly and that’s understandable. Your child is facing a serious medical issue. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel anxious and scared.

Mariah: Yeah. I– I mean, I just– I want it over, you know? I mean, I don’t even want it at all. Clearly, I’m very… rational and uh, and not confused at all.

Sharon: You’re actually doing pretty good. You’re a really good mom, mariah, and you know what? If your instinct is to go back home, then we’re gonna make it happen, but I don’t think your problem is where you’re staying. I think it’s what you’re facing and what your child is dealing with now and will be in the future.

Mariah: Yeah, that’s just it. We don’t even know yet.

Sharon: Exactly. And if I know you, you’ve been roaming the internet, digging up every worst case scenario you can find for children with hearing loss.

Mariah: Oh, yeah. Yeah. There’s more than you even want to know.

Sharon: What have I been telling you?

Mariah: One step at a time.

Sharon: One step at a time.

Victor: I mean, don’t get me wrong, your desire to change and go on a new path, I find that admirable.

Adam: But?

Victor: I know you. You know… you try and for a while, it works and then your darker side emerges and whatever you’ve accomplished, you undo it.

Adam: Every other time, absolutely, but dad, not this time.

Victor: Well, what’s different?

[ Adam exhaling ]

Adam: I have nothing left to lose. You always told me that I needed humility, well, here I am, dad. I’m humbling myself before you right now. Just let me start at the bottom. I’ll do whatever it takes. And– and maybe, somewhere along the way, I’ll turn into an actual human being and hopefully, I can start erasing some of the damage that I’ve caused.

Victor: Let me think about it, okay?

Adam: That’s all I can ask.

Victor: Okay. Son… if your intentions are sincere, I’m very impressed, okay? I’ll be in touch.

Adam: Sounds good.

Nick: Of course not. I don’t think anyone ever deserves to lose a child. It is the worst possible feeling there is. I– I didn’t mean that. It’s just, you have to understand where I’m coming from. You don’t know adam the way I do. You don’t know the levels of damage that he has caused me and the people I care about. I think it’s inevitable that he suffers a similar kind of pain.

Sally: Okay, well I’ve done things to hurt people, nick. Is my loss and suffering inevitable?

Nick: Sally, no. I didn’t mean– no. I– m I said that. Can we just talk about something else, okay? I mean, I have a big decision to make. You have a business you’re trying to build. Let’s just talk about something else. Can we do that?

Sally: Okay.

Nick: Okay, so like, you agree with me “okay” or it’s just “okay?”

Sally: I am excited about my new interior design firm.

Nick: And you should be. You are very talented and you have massive success coming your way.

Sally: Fingers crossed. I mean, it’s been happening for a long time, so it’s kind of crazy to believe that it’s finally a reality.

Nick: Oh, no. It’s a reality. The minute you give my financial team your business plan, we’re gonna set you up with a corporate account, you’re gonna be off and running.

Sally: That sounds amazing.

Victor: Hello.

Nikki: Hi.

Victoria: Good afternoon, daddy.

Victor: It will be a good afternoon once your brother, nicholas, decides to come back where he belongs. Have you heard from him?

Victoria: No, I haven’T. He hasn’t called me or answered any of my texts.

Nikki: Well, I have an idea that might make him feel more comfortable.

Victor: Let’s hear it.

Nikki: If there is an obstacle to bringing nicholas back, it’s nate. I mean, clearly, they don’t work well together, so if it is important to you that nicholas return, I suggest that naten fromis position.

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Victor: I do understand why you would suggest that nate step down from his position. It’s obvious that nicholas and nate do not see eye-to-eye.

Nikki: But you don’t agree.

Victor: I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion. Let’s see what nicholas has to say, all right? Now, you and I have a meeting to go to.

Victoria: I suppose that means we’re done here.

Victor: Yep.

Nikki: So, I’m curious. What would you have done if victor had agreed with me about you stepping down?

Victor: My boy, I’ve looked forward to this since the day you were born. My son joining me at my business.

Nick: I know you wondered if I’d ever make it.

Victor: Well, there were moments when I had my doubts, but that’s all behind us now. I gotta tell you something, I… worked all these years so that one day, you and your sister could take over. Today’s that day when a young newman enters the fray.

Nick: Now, we work together, right?

Victor: Side by side. This is one of the proudest moments of my life.

Nick: Me too. I know how much you sacrificed for this company.

Victor: Blood, sweat and tears, my boy. The story of every successful man.

Nick: Well, I can promise you that you’re gonna get everything I got because I don’t wanna let you down.

Victor: I know you won’t, nick.

[ Nick laughing ]

Sharon: Oh, my gosh. Is that what I think it is?

Nick: The official papers, baby. You and I are the proud owners of the coffee house.

[ Sharon laughing ] Incredible, huh.

Sharon: Oh, I’ll say. Wow. We’re actually gonna go through with this.

Nick: Well, it’s too late to turn ckSharon: Not that you’d want too, right?

Nick: Um, you know what? I’ll admit it. It’s scary going into business for ourselves, but it’s also exciting.

Adam: You look like a man with a lot on his mind.

[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: Yeah. And it’s all thanks to you, adam.

[ Adam scoffing ]

Adam: Well, thanks to me, you are going back to newman enterprises. You’re taking over for your mom. And by the way, have I congratulated you on that?

Nick: Just save it, okay?

Adam: Nick, nick, I am sincere. I mean it, okay? Congratulations and I truly, truly hope that you go kick ass over there.

Nick: Okay. So, this is the, uh, the new humble, zen adam I’ve been hearing so much about.

Adam: I expect that you don’t believe the change.

Nick: I think you’d actually have to pull a tucker mccall and go to a mountaintop, find your inner peace and even then…

Adam: Well, I did just come from another mountaintop. Our father.

Nick: What’d you do? Beg for another chance? Tell him you’re gonna change and be a better you.

Adam: Yeah. All of that, nick. I even told him that I would be willing to start from the bottom and work my way up. No special favors, no handouts. What I get, I earn.

Nick: Well, that was clever. I’m sure dad ate it up because he is your biggest fan, adam. I mean, if anybody has eternal hope for your redemption, it is our father.

Adam: Yeah, I’M… I’m not so sure about that.

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[ Sally sighing ]

[ Sally exhaling ]

Sally: Okay.

Sharon: We are all going to get through this, okay? With patience, love, optimism. Our family is gonna face this challenge and anything else that comes our way.

Mariah: Mm, yep. I know. That’s what everyone keeps telling me. Tessa says it, devon says it and I wanna believe it. I really, really do, I just– you know, it’s like 24 hours a day of what ifs. You know, what if we have this big surgery and it doesn’t work? What if aria is permanently deaf? How is she gonna deal with that? How are we gonna deal with that? How is the rest of the world going to treat her?

Sharon: Mariah.

Mariah: I know, I know. I know that I am just driving myself crazy and probably everyone else around me. Though, you know what, I need, um, a distraction. I need a distraction from all of this anxiety and these questions that I have, so would you please just tell me about the business and if it’s falling apart or not? Am I gonna have to go to jabot and beg for my job back? If they’ll even have me? Just distract me with your problems for a minute.

Sharon: Well, it’s funny you should ask about that.

Nate: So, you wanna know if I would’ve made the noble gesture of stepping down for the greater good right then and there?

Nikki: I’d remove nobility from that equation, but yes.

Nate: Would you have?

Nikki: I don’t have to.

Nate: No, I guess you don’T. I think I would, uh, would step down for nick’s sake if victoria and victor asked me to. I never want to be where I’m not wanted or appreciated ever again.

Nikki: Hm. Always so smooth. Always knowing the answer to every question. That’s really a talent.

Nate: It’s easy when it’s the truth.

Nikki: But then, tomorrow, it’ll be another truth for another occasion.

Nate: Okay. So, um, what’s it gonna take, nikki? You obviously don’t trust or believe anything I have to say. So, what do I have to do to convince you that I am sincere?

Nikki: You could step down of your own volition. Be proactive. Don’t wait for victor to request it. Then, I might believe you’re sincere.

Nick: So, dad wasn’t buying the new and improved adam?

Adam: Uh, let’s say he was skeptical, but not as much as you are,

cs never gonna change.

Nick: You wanna know what is like the most frustrating thing ever? Is I never know what I’m gonna get with you or what I can believe. There have been times where we seem to build a pretty good relationship, and then like clockwork, you do something to blow it all up. I actually think it would be pretty cool to have a brother. Somebody to have my back, somebody who I can count on. Someone who I could trust. Someone who I can let down this armor and just relax and let you figure out how to be a normal person.

Adam: Well, obviously, I can’t force you to give me a shot, but I can tell you that things have changed, for me at least. I gotta say, I think in a strange way, dad has set the stage for us to figure out who we are and what we really want. And, I don’t know, maybe that was his plan all along. (Wheezing)

Mariah: Victor did what?

Sharon: He’s letting me keep kirsten with no strings attached.

Mariah: Oh, come on. No! There’s gotta be a catch.

Sharon: No. We’re ready to move forward. Full steam ahead.

Mariah: Mom, I am so happy for you. I mean, if anybody deserves this, it’s you. I just– I’m so proud of you.

Sharon: Thank you. And you can take job hunting off of your plate. I’m gonna need a lot of help rebuilding this company and I’m counting on you to work with me.

Mariah: Well, that makes me extremely happy on all accounts. Come here. Ugh. Okay, question though. How does adam fit into all of this?

Sharon: He doesn’T.

Mariah: You pushed him out?

Sharon: When we were freed of newman enterprises, we were freed of any obligation to adam.

Mariah: Thank god.

Sharon: From now on, I’m doing this strictly on my own. Unless, of course, I’m lucky enough to have nick by my side.

[ Knocking on door ]

[ Sally sighing ]

Adam: Hi. Oh, wow. Am I interrupting?

Sally: No. Come in.

Adam: Mm. You know, there is, uh, this new invention called a tablet that makes all this, uh, paper obsolete.

Sally: Ha ha. Yeah, I’ve tried it. It just does not get the same creative juices flowing as doing it old school.

Adam: Hm. So, this is– this is really happening? Nick is backing you and you are about to start your own empire?

Sally: Well, I wouldn’t go that far.

Adam: Oh, come on. You gotta think big.

Sally: Oh, I’m thinking big, just one step at a time.

Adam: Maybe I could learn that lesson. I’m happy for you, sally. You needed this and I predict that you’re gonna knock it out of the park.

Sally: Don’t you need something too?

Adam: You shouldn’t worry about me.

Sally: I’m sorry, adam, but I do.

Adam: What is that old saying? Plan your work and work your plan? Well, I have a plan, sally and I’m real close to making it happen. Just one step at a time.

Nate: I don’t see the point of me stepping aside now until we know what nick is going to do.

Nikki: Hm. I thought that would be your answer.

Nick: Well, glad you’re all here. I have some news regarding my future and yours. I’ve decided to help sharon rebuild kirsten. I’m not coming back to newman.

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