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Eric: This is nice. It’s very promising, I like how the fabric drapes behind– behind her shoulders.

RJ: I’m trying something different. I’m not– I’m not sure about it, honestly.

Eric: Come on, your instincts are good. You’re a Forrester, right? Heh, this feeds you, doesn’t it?

RJ: This does feel oddly familiar, I will say that. It’s exciting. It is.

Eric: Okay.

RJ: I didn’t know what I was getting into when I agreed to help you, that’s for sure.

Eric: Well, design is in your blood. It courses through your veins the way it does through mine, and through your father’s, too. Design is the heartbeat of Forrester.

RJ: You’ve taught me a lot, Granddad.

Eric: You know, this is good. This is gonna be my last– my last collection. It is my grand finale. And because we’re doing it together… we’re gonna learn from each other.

[ Brooke, Ridge moaning ]

Ridge: How did i get this lucky?

Brooke: Lucky?

Ridge: Well, I mean, it’s not luck, maybe, it’s, uh– maybe, it’s fate.

Brooke: I think I’d call it destiny.

Ridge: Really?

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: You can call it whatever you want.

Brooke: Ah, I just– I wish everybody could be this lucky.

Ridge: How about Hope and Liam?

Brooke: Yeah. My daughter made some choices that destroyed her marriage. Her involvement with Thomas. I don’t want her to live with regrets, you know? I just want to be able to help her, to do something about it.

Ridge: You want to do something about it?

Brooke: Yes.

Ridge: I see, may i remind you, uh, my mother liked to do things about other people’s love life. And that didn’t really work so well.

Brooke: Oh, wow. Are you comparing me to Stephanie?

Ridge: No. I– I’m–

Brooke: Okay. Wait, you know what? I’ll take that as a compliment. But from the latter years.

Ridge: Okay.

[ Brooke humming ]

Ridge: Hope, Thomas and Liam are grown-ups. They’ll figure it out.

Brooke: Oh, yes. I certainly hope they will.

[ Door clicks open ]

Thomas: There he is. You got me yesterday, so I had to get you back.

Carter: Thank you, sir.

Thomas: Is that still the Paris contract?

Carter: Yeah, yeah, we’re stuck on this one small point, but I’m not backing down.

Thomas: Well, I will say, we do appreciate that.

Carter: You know, you’re to blame for all of my stress.

Thomas: Great. Okay.

Carter: If Hope For The Future weren’t a success, this partnership wouldn’t be happening.

Thomas: Nah.

Carter: You’re killing it with the line, my friend.

Thomas: Well, thank you. I actually, am kind of proud of myself.

Carter: You should be. And Ridge is proud of you, too.

Carter: I mean it, man. Ridge is very proud of you. When he’s talking to the buyers, and the press, you can see it radiating out of him. You know, Thomas Forrester, chip off the old block, taking on the family legacy. And I make fun of him for it, I do, because he comes in, most of the time, all grumpy, but when he talks about you, he gets puffed up.

Thomas: [ Chuckling ] Well, um, thank you for telling me that, it means a lot. Especially knowing how close you are to my dad.

Carter: Yeah, I know, it must have been tough trying to regain his trust after what happened.

Thomas: It was, but I’m so grateful that he was able to see past all that, see that I was really putting in the work to change.

Carter: It must have been twice as hard to put in that work when RJ came back. Him being Brooke’s son and all.

Ridge: Haven’t seen much of RJ lately.

Brooke: Mm, actually, no, I haven’t, now that you’ve mentioned it. I mean, we’re usually, going to bed, and he gets home later, and then, when we wake up and go to work, he’s still sleeping, so… my– I haven’t wanted to pry. Do you think we should be worried?

Ridge: Worried about what? Attractive, charming young man who gets up late, and comes home when he wants to? Sounds, uh, like there’s a lady involved.

Brooke: Ah.

Eric: Nice, this is very nice. Try to, uh, put flare on the other side as well.

RJ: Other side?

Eric: Yes. Yeah, that’s nice, right?

RJ: Yeah.

Eric: What do you think?

RJ: Oh, wow! Yeah, just like, that one tiny little adjustment, and the whole dress comes to life.

Eric: Yeah.

RJ: I mean, a second ago, it was just a couple lines, and now, it–

Eric: Sings, right?

RJ: Yeah.

Eric: It’s like music, you can hear it. Now get– there’s a beat, you know, it has its own– gets its own heartbeat going. I mean it. It moves.

RJ: [ Laughing ] I could see that.

Eric: Look, look. That’s the way it is, right? It’s very simple. It– just to be simple and elegant, it– it– she wears the dress, not the other way around. Now, let me see, turn it around. Let me see. Yeah, she’s not singing yet. I can hear what key it’s in. But it’s a work in progress, that’s what it is.

Donna: There’s my honey bear.

Eric: Hey.

Donna: Creating something beautiful, no doubt.

RJ: Hi, Aunt Donna. Good to see you.

Donna: Hi.

Eric: And?

Donna: I love seeing you like this, just so happy and vibrant. Completely in your element, huh?

Eric: Yeah, hi. I can attribute a lot of that to my wonderful grandson.

[ Eric, Donna chuckles ]

Thomas: RJ and I actually are– we’re cool. Like, we’ve had a really good relationship.

Carter: That’s good, man. That’s good, family dynamics, they could be complicated.

Thomas: Oh, yeah. Especially that one. With everything that’s happened, the times that I’ve hurt Hope, and Steff and I trying to get our family back together, just– yeah.

Carter: I’m glad that everything is copacetic. Can’t imagine how it would have been for Ridge, with his two sons warring against each other.

Thomas: But you know what? We’re all Forresters, right? We stick together.

Ridge: I really believe that RJ could be the greatest designer in this family. But he’s not interested.

Brooke: Maybe his mind is elsewhere. On a mystery girl.

Ridge: Why’s– why? With girls, always girls. Why is that, you know, they take your money, they want to drive your cars, and they don’t know how, and it’s– als– also, they can be a great inspiration.

Brooke: Speaking from experience.

Ridge: Yes, because my greatest inspiration is standing right in front of me.

Brooke: [ Chuckles ] Good one. You know, maybe Eric can talk to RJ, because you said so yourself, they have a very special bond, special relationship.

Ridge: They do, he could be a great mentor for him, right? Could teach him all this. I think it’d be great for both of them. But my dad is in a– in a very strange place right now. Can I ask you a favor?

Brooke: Of course.

Ridge: Can you talk to Donna, and just… [ Sighs ] have her remind him that this is a time in his life when he really should have fun, and– and– I don’t know, travel, do whatever he needs to do, because this, the stress of this company, I’ve got it covered.

Donna: And look at this room. It– it literally, looks like a– a design studio, I mean, there’s– there’s just so much creativity going on here.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: I love it.

Eric: Good. I’m glad. Come here. Did you get the art supplies I wanted?

Donna: Oh, yeah. Everything’s taken care of.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: I’m having it brought over from the office.

Eric: No, no, no, I want to keep this, uh– all of this, un– under the radar, I do. Uh, who did you get to bring it over?

Donna: The new intern. You know, the– the sweet one, with the cute little giggle? Now, don’t– don’t worry, don’t– don’t worry, I was there for her interview, and she knows how to handle this. And she knows how to be discreet.

Eric: Okay. I trust you. Donna, this is very important to me.

Donna: I know. I know. And I love seeing you like this, so– so vibrant. It’s like you’re on fire!

Eric: Yeah, well, you’re my inspiration, you are. Make no mistake. You are my muse.  Now, come on, get out of here, I gotta work.

Donna: Okay, okay, I’ll let you two get back at it, but…

Eric: Thank you.

Donna: …Save some of that fire for me, okay?

Eric: Always. Always.

Donna: Have fun, boys.

Eric: All right, come on, let’s get it going. We got a collection to create here. Gonna be the finest collection in my career.

Carter: Appreciate the coffee, man, I needed it.

Thomas: Of course, I owed ya.

Carter: Ah, I should get back to this.

Thomas: No, you’re right. Me, too.

Carter: I’m curious. I know your dad would love it. Has RJ talked about design, or the business?

Thomas: I– I had a short conversation with him when he came back, and– and I told him if he ever wanted to get into design, or anything, he could– I’d help him, any way I could. He could follow me around, whatever it was, and– though, honestly, I just– I don’t see him picking up the– the pencil the same way that, you know, Dad, Granddad, Zende and I have.

Carter: All you guys, mentored by the great Eric Forrester. You know, it’s hard to think of it. Do you have any insight how it might go when Eric eventually steps down?

Thomas: I have no idea. I mean, look, Steffy’s killing it as a CEO. And Zende, Dad and I really have the design front covered. I don’t know, but that– that’s what Granddad wanted, right? That’s the future of Forrester Creations.

Ridge: My dad is an icon in the fashion industry. We all know that. But he’s worked hard enough, right?

Brooke: I know Donna would like to spend more time with him.

Ridge: Hmm, yeah, if anybody can keep him young, it’s your sister. I don’t know how she does it, I don’t want to know, I don’t need to see that.

Brooke: Regardless, she loves him very much.

Ridge: And very often. Which is good, and they should travel. See the world, enjoy his fame, everywhere he goes. We’re fine here. Couture’s doing great, Hope For The Future with Zende, Thomas and Hope, they got it covered, Bedroom line, it’s all good. Tell him to go and take it easy.

Brooke: Yes, I agree with you. You know, I was gonna see Donna today anyway, so I should just head over there. Have a chat with her, and convince her that Eric should just enjoy his life. Right?

Ridge: Thank you.

Brooke: Mm, of course.

Both: I love you.

[ Piano playing ]

Donna: Thought you both could use some fuel.

Eric: I have everything I need right here.

Donna: I love it when you play.

Eric: [ Laughs ] That’s good. It’s a good thing. And I love it, too. You know, I have to have this. My therapist says it’s good for my hands to play. And it’s a good thing, because if I didn’t have music, I wouldn’t be able to create anything. I have– half the time, I’ll be playing a beautiful melody, and I’ll get it– I’ll get an idea in my head, and I– I can’t wait to get it on paper. I hope it’s the same thing for you.

RJ: Yeah.

Eric: Listen, my love, why don’t you make us a few martinis later, all right? And we’ll, uh– we’ll toast to our new line, and the success of our new line.

RJ: You want to do that while we’re working?

Eric: No, no, no.

RJ: No.

Eric: No, we’ll do it after we’re working at it. That’s the Forrester tradition, right?

Donna: [ Laughs ] Oh! I almost forgot. Um, Prince Albert’s office called. And, um, the Royal Family would like to have you there for their event.

Eric: We can’t do that, we can’t accept that. He will understand, we have a collection to put out. He’d be very excited to hear that, all right?

Donna: Okay.

Eric: Okay, so, uh– it would be nice to see you in one of those gowns over there.

RJ: Right, yeah, you’d absolutely kill it in this one.

Eric: Yes, you would, you’d kill in that.

Donna: Okay, okay.  Thank you. You know, I think I need to wander through this design studio more often, because it’s– it’s good for my ego.

Eric: Oh, good, well, it’s only the truth, but I want it to be a surprise. I don’t want you to see all this, I want this to be a surprise for you, and for everybody in the world. Especially Ridge. For them to see this collection, that my grandson and I have done.

Thomas: Hey, there’s my father, the world-renowned designer.

Ridge: Flattery will get you everywhere.

Thomas: Can I check that out?

Ridge: Yeah, sure, go ahead.

Thomas: Wow, this, um– that’s beautiful, are– are you gonna use the blue chiffon, or– or– this is beautiful.

Ridge: I’m gonna use both those things, I want to feel like it’s moving, like water.

Thomas: Any woman would be ecstatic to wear this.

Ridge: Well, thank you, Thomas.

Thomas: No, thank you, uh, I– I want to tell you just how grateful I am, you letting me come back here, work here again, and just can’t express how fortunate and lucky I am, to work under you.

Ridge: Luck has nothing to do with it, you have passion, and designer blood running through your veins.

Thomas: [ Laughs ] Thank you. Um, it’s funny, actually, I was just talking with Carter, and he seems to think that, um, RJ doesn’t really share that passion.

Ridge: W– well, maybe not yet. He’ll, uh– find his calling soon enough, but right now, we’re talking about you, right? I’m so proud of you. The designer you are, and the man you’ve become, I really am, come here.

Thomas: [ Chuckles ] Thanks, Dad. You know, um, I wanted to say, like, I– I’ve had so much fun, obviously, working on Hope For The Future, but well, I think I’d like to collaborate with you more. Think I still have a lot to learn.

Ridge: Really?

Thomas: Yeah.

Ridge: I would love that. The way that I learned from my dad.

Thomas: Right.

Ridge: You know, talking about my dad, I don’t know, Brooke and I were a little worried about him. All I want’s for him to step away, and– and enjoy himself, you know, because… this company, I– I think we have it covered without him. Don’t you?

Eric: Yeah. Yeah?

RJ: [ Chuckles ] Wow. All this came from, what? You noodling around on the piano?

Eric: Well, I like to think of it as a little more sophisticated, than “noodling”. It’s a Rachmaninov tune, you know? I like to think, also, that– that this version I get from that music is– it’s the way that a woman who buys this dress, and puts it on, is gonna be as inspired by the magic as I was.

Donna: That is so beautiful.

RJ: It’s amazing.

Eric: Yes.

Eric: This is good, right? Now, you started with this, and then, I didn’t like it. Then, you’d– you’d– you convinced me.

RJ: But actually, it works.

Eric: It’s good, I like it.

RJ: It solves the problems that we were talking about, I think.

Eric: One of them, so–

Brooke: What’s going on here?

Donna: Brooke! Uh, well– when– when did you get in?

Brooke: RJ, are you designing?

RJ: Yes.

Brooke: What? That is fantastic!

Eric: Actually, my grandson’s helping me. We’re designing together.

Brooke: Well, that’s even better! Ridge is going to be so excited. But why are you doing it here, and not in the office?

Eric: We wanted some privacy.

Brooke: Privacy? Eric, we’ve always all worked together on these things. Why would you want privacy? Just tell me what is going on.

Eric: I’m doing a solo line, Brooke.

Brooke: But Ridge is head of Couture. He’s running the company.

Eric: And I’m Eric Forrester. I’m designing a new line with my grandson. No one’s gonna stop me. Not even Ridge.

[ Dramatic music ]

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