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Brady and Alex walk out of a restaurant through the town square. Alex complains about the waitress messing up their order and remarks that at this rate, all the guests at Victor’s memorial are going to be gone by the time they get back. Alex notes that may not be a bad thing as he doesn’t know how much longer it’s going to last. Brady adds that he can’t believe Theresa came to town to pay her respects to Victor. Alex asks if it’s really that terrible that she did. Brady suggests it’s time they have a little chat about Theresa.

Theresa walks past the Brady Pub and stops to think back to Brady turning her down. Stephanie then walks up, surprised to see her as she didn’t know she was back. Theresa says she just got back yesterday. Stephanie says she’s glad to see her. Theresa remarks that she’s probably the only person who is. Kayla then comes out of the Pub and says that’s not true as she hugs Theresa. Kayla asks what brought her to Salem. Theresa responds that she’s here for Victor’s funeral. Kayla brings up Theresa and Victor always hating each other. Theresa says no matter what, Victor always loved Tate. Stephanie guesses Brady must have really appreciated her being there. Theresa informs her that Brady actually treated her like dirt and accused her of crashing the somber occasion to get closer to him. Kayla then asks if he was right. Theresa admits maybe he was, but it didn’t matter because he made it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. Kayla says she’s sorry to hear that but informs her that she saw Kate inside and found out that Theresa would not be the most vilified funeral crasher of the day as that would be Vivian Alamain.

After Vivian declares that she is inheriting everything from Victor, Bonnie asks if this is some kind of joke. Vivian reiterates that her and Victor’s divorce was never finalized. Justin argues that if it wasn’t, Victor could have never legally married Maggie which Vivian says proves her point. Maggie asks where her proof is. Vivian responds that she doesn’t have a divorce certificate. Bonnie accuses her of tearing it up but Vivian insists she never got it. Justin mocks taking Vivian’s word. Vivian says there is no choice. Maggie declares that she will fight her with everything she’s got and she will make her pay for desecrating Victor’s funeral.

Sarah holds her baby and thanks her for making her a mom again. Rex notes Sarah shivering. Chloe goes to get another blanket. Xander takes the baby and holds her. Sarah thinks back to telling Rex that the baby is Xander’s. Sarah starts to say there is something he should know. Xander notes that Sarah is really pale. Rex asks if Sarah is alright. Sarah responds that she doesn’t know and passes out. Xander asks what’s happening. Rex notes that her pulse is rapid and they have to get her to the hospital now. Chloe says she’ll call an ambulance but Rex says it will be faster to drive themselves. Rex sends Chloe to get his car. Xander encourages Sarah and she opens her eyes. Xander tells her to stay with them because her baby needs her. Sarah asks him not to let anything happen to her baby again. Xander says the baby is fine and it’s Sarah they are worried about now. Sarah tells Xander that if anything happens to her, make sure he takes care of their girl. Sarah then passes out again.

Brady questions if Alex was seriously thinking about going out to dinner with Theresa when she asked. Alex says no, then says maybe but not if Brady still has feelings for her. Brady assures that he and Theresa are history, so if Alex wants to go out with her, that’s his business, but there are some things he needs to tell him about her first.

Theresa questions Vivian being here and not in prison. Kayla reveals that she was apparently released. Theresa points out that Vivian wasn’t at the funeral. Kayla explains that Vivian showed up afterwards and that Kate said she came to see if she got anything from Victor’s will, as if he would leave anything to the woman who tried to kill his wife…

Justin tells Maggie that he will call the county clerk to get a copy of the divorce decree. Maggie tells Vivian that she can’t accept that Victor loathed her. Vivian argues that Maggie can’t accept that Victor destroyed his will and their divorce was never finalized. Maggie calls her delusional. Justin informs them that the call went to voicemail so he will go to the courthouse himself and then they will send Vivian packing. Vivian says they’ll see about that. Vivian questions where the food is. Maggie wonders where everyone is and decides she’s going to go find Sarah. Bonnie doesn’t want Maggie to leave her alone with Vivian. Chloe then comes back in and is shocked to see Vivian there. Maggie asks Chloe what’s wrong and where Sarah is. Chloe announces that Sarah is at the hospital as she went in to labor right outside and it all happened do fast. Chloe adds that she had a baby girl. Maggie asks if they are both okay. Chloe says the baby is fine but Sarah had some bleeding, so she will take Maggie to the hospital. Vivian remarks that she’ll pray for her as Maggie exits with Chloe. Vivian then starts talking about what she’s going to change in the mansion.

Rex and Xander arrive at the hospital with Sarah and the baby as Kayla asks what happened. Rex explains that Sarah went in to labor and it all happened fast so he delivered the baby right there. Rex adds that the baby is fine but Sarah was bleeding so Kayla sends him to get Sarah in a hospital room and says she’ll be there right after getting the baby in pediatrics.

Theresa and Stephanie sit together in the Brady Pub. Theresa mentions this being her second time in the Pub today after Brady told her not to come to the reception and to hang out with her own family which Stephanie calls rude. Stephanie says at least she missed all the chaos with Vivian. Theresa jokes that she likes chaos. Stephanie recalls a time they went to a Miley Cyrus show but didn’t have tickets. They talk about how much they’ve missed each other. Stephanie asks when she is going back to California. Theresa responds that she doesn’t know as she had a flight for tomorrow afternoon but she’s thinking about sticking around for awhile.

Brady tells Alex that he and Theresa love their son Tate, and admits that Theresa is a great mom as their son brings out the best in her but she has an incredible talent for finding trouble. Alex mentions that Theresa said something about that earlier. Alex says it’s fine with him as that’s something they both have in common.

Xander paces at the hospital and thinks back to being with Sarah in the hospital after she gave birth the first time. Kayla comes over, so Xander asks how Sarah is. Kayla says she can’t give him any medical information because he’s not family. Maggie and Chloe then arrive. Maggie tells Kayla that she is family and that Xander and Chloe can hear anything she has to tell her. Kayla reveals Sarah’s condition causing the placenta to not fully detatch after labor. Kayla explains that she was not in good shape when she came in but she has regained consciousness and thinks she will make a full recovery which relieves Maggie as she hugs Xander.

Stephanie is glad to hear that Theresa might be sticking around Salem. Theresa tells Stephanie about her plan to move on and mentions a really hot guy at the funeral who flirted with her. Theresa then reveals that it’s Alex Kiriakis which shocks Stephanie.

Brady tells Alex that his idea of trouble is like sleeping with Allie and busting up her relationship with Chanel while Theresa’s idea of trouble is hitting John over the head with a fireplace poker and nearly killing him or getting kidnapped in Mexico for 2 years with a Mexican druglord. Alex sees what he means. Brady notes that it’s better to stay on Theresa’s good side. Justin walks up so they greet him. Alex asks if he had given up on them yet and explains their order getting messed up. Brady mentions texting Maggie but not hearing back. Justin responds that Maggie is dealing with a situation. Justin reveals that Vivian Alamain got out of prison and showed up at the funeral reception. Brady is shocked and complains that it’s not what Maggie needs right now. Justin adds that Vivian was going on about what Victor would leave for her in his will but then he found out that Victor had his will destroyed. Justin assumes Victor meant to file a new one but died before he could. Alex asks what that means. Justin responds that Victor’s surviving spouse inherits everything. Alex jokes that at least Maggie wouldn’t let Brady get disinherited. Justin reveals it’s a little more complicated that as Vivian is claiming that Victor and Maggie’s marriage was invalid because Victor’s divorce from Vivian was never finalized. Brady asks what he’s saying. Justin responds that he doesn’t believe it’s true, but if it is, then Vivian Alamain will be the sole heir of the Kiriakis Empire.

Bonnie warns Vivian that she’s watching her and says she’s onto her as she knows what her con is. Bonnie talks about Vivian magically getting released from prison on the day of Victor’s funeral and shows up uninvited asking about the will which no one can find. Bonnie tells Vivian that Justin will find out what a greedy liar she really is. Vivian accuses Bonnie of using her resemblance to Justin’s dead wife to get a ring on her finger. Bonnie argues that she doesn’t care about Justin’s money and that she loves him, questioning why that’s so hard to understand. Vivian calls it the same way that she loved Victor. Vivian cries that she misses him terribly.

Rex announces that Sarah just got the okay to see visitors so she asked to see Maggie and the baby. Maggie tells him that Kayla just went to get the baby. Rex then takes Maggie to see Sarah. Chloe and Xander are relieved that Sarah is okay. Kayla brings the baby over and says she has a clean bill of health. Kayla gets paged to the ER so Xander offers to take the baby to Sarah which Kayla allows.

Rex brings Maggie in to see Sarah and asks if she’s in any pain. Sarah responds that she just wants to see her baby. Rex says he’s sure Kayla will be there any minute. Xander then enters and informs them that Kayla was called away to the ER, so he brings the baby to Sarah. Xander congratulates Rex and says he sees a little of Rex in the baby. Maggie calls her beautiful. Sarah thanks Xander. Xander says he’s just glad they are okay and goes to leave but Sarah stops him and says she has something important she wants to say. Sarah talks about the importance of family. Sarah wanted Xander to hear this because he knows how much Victor meant to him. Sarah talks about her and Rex coming up with names but she’d like to do something different which Rex says he’s fine with. Sarah names the baby Victoria Margaret after Victor and Maggie. Xander calls the name fit for a princess and says that Victor would be so honored. Maggie asks if that’s all Sarah wanted to say. Sarah confirms that’s all and says they are just going to sleep for a couple hours while she knows Maggie has the reception. Maggie says she really should get back, although God only knows what’s waiting for her.

Vivian complains that Bonnie probably thought she had no feelings but this is not the first time she cried over Victor. Bonnie talks about Victor having that effect on people. Bonnie and Vivian start to talk about their time in prison as Bonnie asks Vivian to catch her up with what’s been going on.

Theresa asks Stephanie if she knows Alex. Stephanie reveals that they sort of had a thing. Theresa apologizes if she’s still in to him but Stephanie assures they are just friends as she’s very happy with Chad now. Stephanie adds that her idea of staying here to move on with someone she doesn’t really know who happens to be Brady’s cousin. She asks if Theresa isn’t just doing it to make Brady jealous.

Brady and Alex sit together in the town square. Alex asks if he really thinks Victor’s marriage to Maggie was invalid. Brady argues that Vivian is always running some sort of scam so he’s sure Justin will figure it out. Brady doesn’t know why Victor would destroy the will. Alex suggests maybe he wanted to disinherit him, Shawn, or Xander. Brady talks about the mysterious trip Victor took and then calling his lawyer on his way makes him think they are related. Alex wishes there was a way they could find out more. Brady suggests maybe there is.

Theresa laughs off the idea of trying to make Brady jealous. Stephanie warns that Alex can be a lot. Theresa jokes that she can be too and asks for Alex’s number.

Brady tells Alex that nobody knows where Victor was headed when his plane went down in the Mediterranean and he was going to look in to it but had no idea where to start looking, but if his attorney talked to him then maybe he knows something. Brady decides he will call the attorney and find out.

Xander returns to Sarah’s room with a candle and says he knows Victoria’s too young for it but the gift shop was out of stuffed animals so he figures it’ll be more for Sarah. Sarah calls it lovely and thanks him. Xander adds that he remembered earlier Sarah said she had something to tell him before she passed out, so he asks what it was. Sarah responds that she doesn’t remember. Xander guesses it wasn’t important then. Sarah says she doesn’t think it was.

Maggie returns home to find Bonnie and Vivian laughing over their prison time together. Bonnie asks about the baby. Maggie confirms the Sarah and the baby are fine, adding that they named the baby Victoria. Vivian calls that lovely but remarks that baby Victoria will not be inheriting any of Victor’s money. Maggie tells Vivian to just go home. Justin then comes home and announces he can’t believe it but he double and triple checked it. Justin then confirms that Vivian is telling the truth that Victor and Maggie were never legally married. Vivian declares that she will inherit every penny that Victor ever made.

Brady finishes his phone call with the attorney which Alex notes wasn’t long. Brady says the attorney wouldn’t give him any information but he did share that Victor called from Greece. Alex knows the plane went down over the Mediterranean but Bo had already been moved from there, so he wonders what Victor was still doing in Greece. Brady suggests maybe they just need to go to Greece and figure this thing out themselves. Alex agrees but then gets a call from Theresa, who asks if they can set their dinner date. Alex says he would love to but he’s going out of town. Theresa notes that he didn’t mention that earlier. Alex calls it last minute as he reveals he’s going to Greece with Brady.

Xander returns to Chloe at the hospital. She asks if he’s okay as she knows he still cares about Sarah and today has been a lot. Xander admits he couldn’t stop thinking about what happened with baby Mackenzie and how he ruined everything for her. Chloe assures this is nothing like that. Xander agrees since Victoria is healthy with a long life ahead of her. Xander adds that this time there’s no question whose baby it is as she is definitely Rex and Sarah’s…

Rex tells Sarah that Victoria does look like her. Sarah worries about if she was the splitting image of Xander and jokes that they can’t really tell when she’s only a couple hours old. Rex admits he thought for a minute that Sarah was going to tell Xander that he was the father. Sarah confirms that she almost did as she was overwhelmed with gratitude and guilt but then all her memories flooded back and the pain of bonding with a child that wasn’t hers and never getting to say goodbye. Sarah knows that Xander was trying to do the right thing back then but he just made everything so much worse and that’s who he is. Sarah worries that if he knew Victoria was his, she’d be signing up for a lifetime of pain and she can’t put herself through that. Sarah thanks Rex for everything and says that Victoria is so lucky to have him. Rex responds that he’s so lucky to have the both of them, but asks if she’s sure she’s not second guessing any of this. Sarah assures that she’s not as she knows the agony of having a child ripped away and she would never do that to him. Sarah declares that’s why she knows she made the right choice.

Vivian guesses it’s settled. Maggie asks Justin if he’s sure. Justin responds that he’s sorry but there is no legal remedy to this. Vivian decides she won’t be leaving then and then tells them to pack their belongings and get the hell out of her house.

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