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At Bayview, Harris Michaels sees Ava reading a book and greets her. Harris notes that she seems to be in good spirits and guesses her visit with Tripp went well. Ava confirms it was incredible and thinks seeing Tripp was just what the doctor ordered.

Tripp and Wendy talk at home about not getting a lot of sleep last night because of Li and Melinda in the other room. Tripp comments on Li giving Melinda another chance. Tripp and Wendy joke about being a little envious.

Stefan and Gabi finish having sex. Gabi then gets an alert on her phone that Victor Kiriakis died in a plane crash which shocks them. Gabi calls it really sad. Stefan is taken aback by Gabi’s reaction since there’s no love lost between Gabi and Victor. Gabi says there wasn’t but he was Sonny’s uncle and always made sure to make Arianna feel like part of the family. Stefan admits Salem won’t be the same without Victor scheming and manipulating. Gabi then tells Stefan that they need to talk about Kristen because she’s up to something and they need to get to the bottom of it.

At the DiMera Mansion, Kristen reads the article on Victor’s death and comments that she tried her damndest to send him to his grave but he finally made it there without her help. Kristen thinks back to when she stabbed Victor. Kristen wishes Victor to rest in misery. The doorbell then rings so Kristen answers the door to see a man, who says he’s there to see Dimitri concerning an urgent business matter.

In Iceland, Dimitri does pushups in the hotel room as Gwen comes in and comments that it looks like he’s recovered and they kiss. Gwen brings up visiting the lava fields. Dimitri tells Gwen that he would be happy doing anything with her. Gwen responds that he knows how to melt her heart. Gwen suggests they go shower. Dimitri thinks back to being in bed with Leo. Dimitri then suggests to Gwen that they invite Leo.

Stefan asks Gabi when Kristen isn’t up to something. Gabi says this time is different as she heard Kristen and Rachel talking about a secret involving money and it has something to do with Dimitri.

Kristen tells the man that Dimitri is her nephew and invites him in. He asks if Dimitri is home. Kristen informs him that Dimitri is away on his honeymoon with the love of his life. He says that’s too bad and guesses he should’ve factored the honeymoon before coming all the way from Alamainia. Kristen assumes this has something to do with the Von Leuschner trust which he confirms. The man introduces himself as Elliot Roth and says he represents the Von Leuschner trust. He asks how Kristen found out about it’s existence. Kristen claims she and Dimitri are close, so they share everything. He then informs Kristen that he flew to the US to personally present Dimitri with the first installment of his funds. Kristen jokes that Santa has arrived early and says he can leave it with her but Elliot says not so fast.

Gwen questions Dimitri wanting Leo to come to the lava fields with them. Dimitri says that Leo is Gwen’s best friend and he seems so lonely traveling by himself, so he thought it would be nice to make him feel included. Gwen calls him such a wonderful man as she talks about Dimitri not being infuriated by Leo crashing their honeymoon, but inviting him to join them. Gwen asks what she did to deserve him. Dimitri says he knows how much Leo means to Gwen. Gwen remembers Leo talking about the Madonna concert last night, so he would be flying back to Salem as they speak. Leo then shows up at the door and is thankful that Gwen is there. Gwen asks him what’s wrong. Leo responds that he feels awful. Gwen asks why and tells him to talk to her. Dimitri shakes his head behind her back as Leo tells Gwen that there is something he has to tell her.

Tripp kisses Wendy and apologizes for leaving their night at the Salem inn. Wendy understands it wasn’t his fault since his mom called and asks how that went. Tripp calls it really encouraging since Ava has improved so much. Wendy calls that amazing. Tripp talks about Ava being like he got his mom back. Wendy says she’s so happy for her and for Tripp.

Ava reminds Harris about how she was worried that seeing Tripp might cause her hallucinations but it didn’t. Harris calls that great and says it sounds like her meds are working. Ava says she can feel it and feels like she’s healing just in time to face the consequences of what she’s done. Harris doesn’t know if she wants to worry about that right now since she’s getting better and encourages her to focus on the healing journey. Ava responds that part of her healing journey is being accountable for what she’s done. Ava acknowledges that a sweet, innocent woman is dead because of what she’s done so she has to own it that if she didn’t let her rage for EJ DiMera get the better of her, then his mother would still be alive.

Kristen repeats to Elliot that she and Dimitri are very close, so he would be fine if he left the check with her. Elliot says he understands but he has to make sure certain terms are met with Dimitri. Kristen brings up that Dimitri had to be married before the age of 40 which Elliot confirms. Kristen informs him that his job is done as she can personally attest that Dimitri has met all the conditions of his family’s trust since she was at the wedding and is an eye witness. Elliot argues that he can’t just take her word for it and remarks on how many people would commit fraud for this amount of money. Kristen comments on what a corrupt world they live in.

Stefan tells Gabi that it wouldn’t surprise him if Kristen and Dimitri were planning on embezzling from DiMera. Gabi insists that they will get to the bottom of this. Stefan talks about the DiMeras being chess champions and assures that Rachel has been taught to always protect her queen. Stefan wonders what role Dimitri plays in Kristen’s scheme, if he’s the king next to her or just another pawn.

Dimitri tries to interrupt while Gwen asks Leo what’s upset him. Leo then reveals that Victor Kiriakis is dead, who he calls his uncle. Gwen questions Leo crying over that. Leo argues that he was family as he was his uncle-in-law for a brief period. Gwen argues that Victor despised and belittled Leo. Leo claims they had a special bond and thinks back to the last Christmas they spent together at the family home where Victor threatened to throw him out. Leo thinks deep down, Victor actually liked him. Gwen hugs Leo and says she’s so sorry while Leo and Dimitri exchange looks at one another.

Harris tells Ava that he knows their stories aren’t the same but he gets what it feels like to become so lost and separated from reality that you end up hurting innocent people. Ava agrees that their stories aren’t the same at all since Megan brainwashed Harris so he wasn’t in his right mind when he hurt people. Harris argues that Ava wasn’t in her right mind when she went after Susan since she was grieving and didn’t have support. Harris knows she didn’t ask for his opinion, but he feels it sounds like EJ and Gabi used her as a pawn in their twisted family war.

Gabi tells Stefan that Kristen could be using Rachel as a red herring, knowing they would follow the scent. Stefan suggests slowing down and going with what they know and building off that. Gabi states that Dimitri is too smart and cunning to be Kristen’s pawn. Stefan says that’s unless she double crosses him. Gabi says they know that Kristen and Dimitri are in this together. Gabi tells Stefan that all she could get out of Rachel was that the secret about money involved someone in the house.

Kristen asks Elliot what would be happen to Dimitri’s money if the marriage doesn’t stand up to his scrutiny. Elliot explains that if he determines that Dimitri did not meet the terms or that the marriage is a fraud, the money would be divided among the remaining heirs of the Von Leuschner trust. Kristen notes that would be Carly Manning, Frankie Brady, and asks who else. Elliot acknowledges that Kristen has done her homework and he’s impressed. Kristen claims she just wants everyone to be treated fairly. Elliot says it appears that Katarina and Francois both renounced their claim to the fortune decades ago. Kristen asks who would get the money if it falls through for Dimitri. Elliot explains that Dimitri’s money would be divided among Katarina’s children, Dimitri’s cousins, Nicholas Alamain and Melanie Jonas. Elliot asks if she’s worried about Dimitri failing to meet the terms.

Leo says he doesn’t know where all this grief is coming from and talks about all the guys he’s passing by in Iceland. Leo cries about watching West Side Story. Gwen says she’s so sorry he’s feeling so sad and asks if there’s anything she can do to help him feel better. Leo mentions seeing an ice cream cone downstairs. Gwen declares that if Leo wants ice cream, that’s what he will have. Gwen asks Dimitri if she can get him anything but he declines. Gwen says she’ll be back and exits the room. Dimitri then questions Leo, complaining that he scared him to death as he looked like he was going to confess. Leo says he would never and that he really is sad. Leo then adds that a confession would’ve served him right after Dimitri suggested he take Gwen to a fictional Madonna concert. Leo says he was just acting for Gwen’s sake and playing the role of someone not having sex with her husband. Dimitri asks if he was acting now or if he really is sad about Victor. Leo says he really is sad. Dimitri tells him that everything is going to be okay and that he just got an idea to take his mind off things as they start kissing.

Wendy asks Tripp where he thinks Ava goes from here. Tripp says it’s hard to say and it’s great that she’s doing better, but she is still responsible for the death of Susan. Wendy thinks the court won’t hold her responsible for something she did while she wasn’t in her right mind. Tripp says that the only person who knows for sure if Ava will be prosecuted is in the other room with Li. Wendy suggests knocking on the door and asking Melinda right now.

Kristen assures Elliot that she’s not worried since Dimitri and Gwen are completely above board, said their vows, and they are deeply in love. Elliot appreciates her reassurance. Kristen insists that they are head over heels and can’t keep their hands off each other.

Leo and Dimitri continue kissing until Leo says he can’t do this and talks about how inappropriate it is. Dimitri calls him funny and says he always lifts his spirits with his humor which is why he’s crazy about him. Leo stops him and asks what if Gwen comes back and finds out he’s gay. Leo asks if he will tell her that he was just consoling him. Dimitri tells Leo that he’ll be quick and goes down on him.

Gabi tells Stefan that she would love to just stay in bed with him, but the sooner they get downstairs and find out what Kristen is really hiding, the better. Stefan tells Gabi how sexy she is when planning someone’s takedown as they exit their room together.

Dimitri and Leo continue kissing until his phone rings. Leo says he better answer that as it could be Gwen. Dimitri answers the call from Kristen, who tells him that the honeymoon is over and he needs to haul his ass back to Salem.

Harris tells Ava that it’s kind of crazy that his therapists are already helping him understand and process some childhood traumas and all that he endured in the Navy and how that made him more susceptible to mind control. Ava is glad he’s getting the help he needs. Ava knows that Harris was trying to ease her conscience earlier but says she was in control when Gabi asked her to pretend to be married to Jake as she could’ve said no but she chose to go along with the lie. Ava adds that when EJ found out the truth and banished her from Salem, she went to a really bad place but the treatment she is getting here is starting to help and she’s finally starting to see some light. Harris has faith that Ava could be walking out of here soon. Ava tells Harris the same for him.

Wendy and Tripp laugh about hearing that it sounds like Melinda and Li are not quite done. Tripp guesses he’ll have to wait to ask Melinda about Ava’s case. Wendy suggests that in the meantime, they could make a little noise of their own as they kiss.

Leo asks Dimitri about his phone call. Dimitri claims that Kristen is in Chicago for a few days but Leo says he can tell he’s lying to him. Leo asks what was so important that Kristen had to bother them on their honeymoon. Dimitri then admits that somebody showed up at the DiMera Mansion, representing the Von Leuschner trust with the first payment. Leo gets excited about the money. Dimitri reminds him that they can get the money when he and Gwen return to Salem to prove to this man that they are a legitimate married couple.

Elliot asks Kristen if she was able to get in touch with Dimitri. Stefan and Gabi then walk in as Gabi comments that she didn’t know they had company. Kristen tells Elliot that she will walk him to the door but Stefan questions if she’s not going to introduce them to her guest. Elliot starts to introduce himself but Kristen interrupts and claims that Elliot is the head master of Rachel’s new school. Gabi questions Kristen taking Rachel out of her current school. Kristen claims that Rachel needed a more challenging experience. Kristen then hurries Elliot out of the mansion. Gabi tells Stefan that she knew Kristen was up to something and that Elliot is not the head master of any school.

Kristen walks Elliot outside as he questions who Rachel is and why she was telling those people that he’s the head master of her school. Kristen explains that Rachel is her daughter and Stefan and Gabi are her brother and sister in law. Elliot still does not understand. Kristen calls Gabi an opportunistic fortune hunter who is hellbent on sleeping her way to the top and argues that Dimitri and Gwen don’t need Gabi knowing about the enormous fortune that he’s about to come in to. Elliot supposes that makes sense and asks when exactly Dimitri and Gwen are expected to return. Kristen says it will be very soon as the DiMera Jet is on the runway in Iceland. Elliot looks forward to concluding his business with Dimitri. Gabi listens in from the front door as Elliot tells Kristen to tell Dimitri that he’ll be staying at the Salem Inn. Kristen assures that she will make sure Dimitri comes to see him the moment he returns.

Leo questions Dimitri about Elliot until Gwen returns with ice cream. Gwen apologizes for taking so long and complains about the line. Gwen then asks them if everything is alright. Dimitri tells her that unfortunately they must say so long to Iceland for now, since he received a phone call and his presence is requested back in Salem. Gwen questions by who but Dimitri says he’ll tell her on the way but they have to get packing now.

Kristen goes back inside where Stefan asks her about Rachel’s new school. Kristen asks where Gabi is. Stefan responds that she had an errand to run.

Elliot goes to his room at the Salem Inn. Gabi sneaks around the corner and declares that now she’s going to get to the bottom of why Elliot Roth is really in Salem.

Tripp and Wendy kiss until Tripp stops and jokes that he didn’t envision their first time happening before a live studio audience. Tripp blames their lack of sleep affecting their decision making abilities. Wendy agrees that they deserve better. Wendy suggests they both get ready to work and then once they get home, they can make a solid plan on when and where they can finally be together. Tripp says that sounds good to him and that he’s going to take a cold shower.

Ava tells Harris that her doctors think the visit went so well that Tripp could come back soon. Ava speaks fondly of Tripp and declares that the only thing she’s proud of in life is being Tripp’s mom. Harris comments that her progress gives him hope. Ava declares that if Bayview can help her, it can help anyone. Ava knows it’s only been a couple days, but she feels like she’s really getting her life back. Ava jokes that she no longer sees dead people, but then she looks up and envisions Susan Banks and screams.

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