B&B Short Recap Monday, August 14, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Finn begs Steffy to forgive him and return home with the kids. He even promises to have no more dealings with Sheila. She considers it but then tells him it’s too much of a risk. She loves him but can only see him hugging Sheila and won’t come back. Later, Steffy remembers when Kelly told her that she almost drowned and was rescued by Sheila.

At Spencer, Liam thinks back to when Kelly was young, and he was with Steffy, telling her how he feels about being a dad. Wyatt drops by, so Liam fills him in on what’s been going on with Steffy and Finn. Then Liam goes back to daydreaming about Steffy.

Brooke and Ridge make out, and then they talk about the kids. Ridge wonders how someone as smart as Finn could be so reckless. He fills Brooke in on his visit to Liam and to Finn. She is somewhat surprised that Liam confessed that he still loves Steffy. She figures that Hope was right to think that he never stopped having feelings for Steffy. Ridge is grateful to have his Logan back. They reminisce about Italy.

Music plays as Finn and Liam think about Steffy, and Steffy thinks about Liam.

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