Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 16, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rachel told Kristen that she saw Dimitri and Leo in bed together. Kristen told her that was a secret. She told Rachel not to tell anyone because there was a lot of money involved. Gabi heard some of the conversation. When Kristen went to check on Chad’s kids, Gabi confronted Rachel about the secret. Rachel was willing to play a game with Gabi. Their game was interrupted when Kristen came back. Gwen was shocked to see Dimitri in the hotel room with Leo. Leo lied and said he was there to see Madonna in concert. Gwen said they should all go to the concert. Dimitri said he didn’t want to go. He suggested she go with Leo. Leo said the concert was sold out and he only had one ticket. Leo left the room. John found Brady in Rachel’s room. They talked about how much Brady missed her. John said he understood. He comforted Brady. They ended up talking about Victor. Brady said he was going to check on Maggie. John said he would talk to Shane to see if there was any new information.

Chad went to Alex’s apartment. Alex tried to apologize to him, but Chad stopped him. Chad said he owed him the apology. He said he let jealousy get in the way. Stephanie showed up to talk to Alex. Chad left to pick up the kids. Alex told Stephanie about what was going on with Victor. She called her father to find out what was going on. Justin told Maggie about the plane being found. He and Brady tried to keep her hopes up by talking about Victor being resourceful. John showed up and said Victor’s body was found in the wreckage of the plane. It was confirmed that the body was Victor. Stephanie tells Alex the news about Victor. She hugged him. Maggie fell in Justin’s arms. John comforted Brady.

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