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Shawn sits at his desk in the police commissioner’s office, looking at his name plate on the desk. Mayor Rawlings walks in and asks if he’s settling in. Shawn responds that he’s trying to and asks if there’s something he can do for him. Rawlings responds that he can arrest Paulina Price.

Abe sits at Steve and Kayla’s, going over the cards that Kayla made for him to remember who his friends and family are. Abe says he knows that he and Paulina were married on Juneteenth, but he just can’t remember it. Belle shows up at the door and tells Abe that it’s so good to see him. Abe identifies her but brings up his memory as he invites her in. Abe assumes that she got his message. Belle says she came right over and asks what he wanted to talk about. Abe asks Belle to help him get his job back.

At the Brady Pub, Kate reads the news and says that Clint Rawlings set Abe up to get raked over the coals at the press conference. Kate asks Roman if he’s outraged over this. Roman confirms that he is, but says he has some other news to share with her. Kate remarks that he’s acting like someone died. Roman then reveals that Victor died.

At the hospital, Steve informs Kayla that Victor Kiriakis is dead. Steve explains that he was flying home from visiting Bo and his plane went down in the Mediterranean. Kayla asks if they are sure. Steve confirms that the coastguard just recovered his body. Kayla calls that horrible news, but Steve questions if it is.

Xander sits at the Spectator office and texts Maggie, asking if there’s any news on Victor. Chloe arrives and asks if he’s busy. Xander responds that he’s never too busy for her and asks what’s up. Chloe wondered if he got the ad sales report that she left on his desk. Xander says it looks great but he had one little question about it. Xander then asks if Chloe has decided whether she’s going to marry him. Chloe calls him quite the charmer but thought they both agreed they need to take time to figure this out. Xander insists he has taken time, pointing out that it’s been 28 hours since he proposed. Chloe calls it barely a day while Xander feels it’s been an eternity. Xander declares that he doesn’t need any time as he knows he wants her to be his wife. Chloe responds that she has to figure out if they are doing it for the right reasons. Xander states that he wants to marry her because he loves her. Chloe questions if that’s the only reason, pointing out that he just found out Sarah is back with Rex. Xander repeats that he’s totally over Sarah but Chloe questions if he’s sure about that.

Kate can’t believe that Victor is gone. Roman knows it’s a shock and brings up the history between Kate and Victor. Kate states that they both repeatedly burned their bridge, but once upon a time they really did love each other. Kate then flashes back to her past relationship with Victor. Kate acknowledges that there was a lot of hate, betrayal, deception, and vengeance too, but when someone they loved was in crisis, they put aside all animosity in an instant to put their heads together and strategize to come up with the most brilliant plan to help that person. Kate thinks in a sense, she and Victor were kindred spirits.

Kayla tells Steve that she knows Victor did some awful things to him. Steve says he did to a whole lot of other people. Kayla questions saying his death is good news. Steve clarifies that he’s not suggesting they dance on his grave, just that they don’t get caught up in eulogies to the point that they forget what kind of man Victor really was. Steve adds that he’s sure he’s not the only one who feels that way. Kayla asks what about his family and the people who loved him and how they feel.

Belle tells Abe that she can sympathize with his position but she doesn’t know what she can do. Abe suggests they can figure that out together. Abe wants to do anything he can to get Clint Rawlings out of the Mayor’s office, so he can get back in. Paulina shows up at the door and apologizes to Abe for pushing him to the press conference when it’s clear he wasn’t ready, so she doesn’t want Abe to give another thought to becoming Mayor again.

Shawn asks Mayor Rawlings why he would arrest Paulina. Rawlings responds that Paulina assaulted him and that the entire incident was captured on video.

Paulina apologizes to Abe and says she should’ve found another way to help Chanel. Abe states that this is bigger than the Bakery and is about someone using their power and position to hurt innocent people. Paulina brings up that Marlena told her not to push him and she did it anyways, right in to Rawlings’ path. Abe responds that it was his choice to take his job back. Paulina insists that it’s too soon and that Abe would’ve never considered this if she didn’t beg him to, so she came to apologize for making such a selfish request and to let him know that she doesn’t expect this to go any further as she wants Abe to focus on his recovery. Abe appreciates her concern but states that Rawlings has decided to make this an ugly battle and he’s not going to let him win.

Xander gets a call from Justin and asks if Victor finally resurfaced, but instead Justin breaks the news to him. Xander doesn’t know what to say and says he’ll come by to see Maggie later. Xander thanks Justin for letting him know and hangs up. Chloe asks what he let him know. Xander informs Chloe that Victor is not missing, he’s dead.

Kayla calls Brady and tells him not to hesitate to call if he needs anything. Kayla tells Steve that Brady will pass on their condolences. Steve asks how Maggie is doing. Kayla responds that Justin said they are all in shock. Steve apologizes for what he said before since he was only talking about Victor in relation to them, but he knows Victor was a husband, father, grandfather, and uncle to people they love, so he knows they are in pain and his heart goes out to them. Kayla knows that and apologizes for negating his feelings. Kayla acknowledges that Steve can have compassion for Victor’s family while also having contempt for what Victor put him through.

Kate tells Roman that she and Victor really went at it over the years, but they gave as good as they got. Kate flashes back to past fights with Victor. Roman hates that Victor caused her so much pain. Kate points out that she caused plenty of pain herself, but says that Victor was a worthy adversary as he was ruthless and vicious. Kate doesn’t think she met anyone as stubborn as she is. Roman acknowledges that Victor could hold a grudge. Kate admits they really had a lot in common. Kate tells Roman that he is the love of her life. Roman acknowledges that Victor understood her better than anyone did and agrees they were kindred spirits. Kate calls Victor one of a kind whether you loved or hated him. Kate declares there will never ever be another Victor Kiriakis.

Shawn questions Rawlings wanting him to arrest Paulina because she poked him in the chest. Rawlings claims it was a hard poke and he almost fell backwards, offering to show him the bruise. Rawlings claims he has a contusion of the sternum. Rawlings tells Shawn that according to the law, Paulina committed assault and came at him looking for a fight.

Paulina tells Abe that she’s not one to shy away from a fight, but in this case they need to back off. Abe questions letting Rawlings stay in office and says there’s no chance. Abe adds that if Rawlings hasn’t put Chanel out of business or anyone else, he’s on his way to turning Salem in to a dictatorship. Paulina asks if he really thinks that’s possible. Abe feels anything is possible in politics these days. Abe questions how he could put his energy in to getting better when everything around him is worse. Abe declares that what Rawlings is doing is wrong and he would be wrong to not do anything to stop him. Paulina asks what Belle thinks. Belle responds that Abe has her vote.

Xander tells Chloe that he really thought Victor would live forever. Chloe says she’s sorry. Xander says this whole time, he and Victor have been estranged but there was a time when he would’ve done anything for Victor and to earn his respect. Xander admits all he used to want was for Victor to accept him and see him as a true Kiriakis as worthy of respect as the others, but he always refused and that hurt him, so he tried to hurt Victor back which he calls a big mistake. Xander thinks back to Victor almost having him killed. Chloe notes that Xander never told him any of that. Xander says he never told anyone since Victor decided to spare his life, but not before letting him know how worthless he was to him as his flashback continues. Xander declares that Victor didn’t want an apology, just his pound of flesh. Xander adds that Victor made him live in his house, but not as family, as the gardener, so he had to put up with his crap every day.

Steve tells Kayla that Victor needed someone to do his dirty work which is why Victor brought him to town. Steve flashes back to a past meeting with Victor. Steve reminds Kayla that Victor hired him to spy on her and Bo, and before that, he wanted him to get film from Kimberly, and then his assignment was to get the pawn that turned out to be John. Steve says it makes him sick to think about what he did back then. Steve states that he chose to take money and orders from a crime boss, which made him a criminal too. Kayla acknowledges that Victor Kiriakis was a very powerful man, initimdating and frightening. Steve recalls being in deep, but he finally realized he had to get out no matter what it cost him. Steve remembers fighting Victor for Kayla. Steve states that Victor didn’t appreciate being told he was wrong. Steve says he can’t count all the evil things that Victor did over the years, but he’ll never forgive him for kidnapping Kayla while she was pregnant with Stephanie. Kayla says she would never excuse the pain that Victor caused anyone, admitting that he could be vicious and frightening, but she knows there was another side to him. Kayla brings up that her mother Caroline fell in love with Victor. Steve suggests maybe he was a better man for it.

Roman and Kate toast to Victor. Roman talks about how Caroline saw good in Victor that no one else ever did. Kate compares it to Roman seeing the good in her. Roman says the Bradys have skills and one is taking care of the people they love. Roman adds that he’s going to be there for Kate because she has to call Philip and tell him about Victor but Kate says there’s no way in hell she’s doing that.

Chloe reminds Xander that he eventually changed Victor’s mind about him and he made him CEO of Titan. Xander recalls having such big plans after all those years of being humiliated and dismissed. Xander talks about showing Victor that he could take Titan to new heights all by himself, but then Philip came home…

Roman reminds Kate of when they thought they lost her, he sent Rex to Europe to tell Philip the news. Kate points out that then they had to tell him she was alive. Roman is sure it was hard to go from one extreme to another but knows this news about Victor will be hard to handle, given how fragile Philip is. Kate says that’s not the reason that she doesn’t want to tell him and says he’s not that fragile anymore. Kate declares that if Philip finds out his father is dead, he’ll come back to Salem and then he will end up arrested.

Shawn tells Mayor Rawlings that their resources are limited so he thinks they should focus on higher priorities. Rawlings argues that he was a victim of a crime. Shawn calls it a personal matter. Rawlings reminds Shawn of who made him police commissioner. Shawn points out that Rawlings threatened him if he didn’t. Rawlings states that Shawn serves him. Shawn acknowledges that’s true but says he’s not his lackey and he’s not going to jump every time he snaps his fingers. Shawn adds that he doesn’t owe him anything as his sworn duty is to the people of Salem and reminds Rawlings that’s his sworn duty too.

Abe declares that he took an oath to serve and protect the people of Salem, so that’s what he intends to do. Paulina sees there is no talking him out of this and guesses they all agree that Rawlings has to go, so she wants to discuss how to make that happen. Abe responds that he called Belle to give them some legal options, so he asks Belle to tell them.

Mayor Rawlings asks if Shawn is accusing him of abusing his power. He shouts that he has what Paulina did to him on tape. Shawn argues that he has actual abused victims and asks him to let him do his job. Rawlings warns Shawn that if he wants to keep his job, he will make sure Paulina is in handcuffs by the end of the day as he storms out.

Belle acknowledges that legally, there’s nothing stopping Abe from taking his job back but points out that if he gives Rawlings the boot, he will go kicking and screaming and they’ve already seen how he uses the media as a weapon. Belle adds that he could use the video of the press conference to highlight Abe’s memory loss to make him look unfit for office. Belle adds that the general election is a few months away so Rawlings would probably run against Abe and will make his life difficult either way. Belle knows Abe has been through so much, so she doesn’t want to see him get hurt again. Paulina agrees that Abe’s health has to be priority and they can try again when he gets better. Abe points out that they don’t know when that will be. Paulina says they do know that getting in a nasty public fight with Rawlings won’t help. Abe says he can’t just sit back while Rawling tramples all over peoples’ rights, so he has to try to do something. Paulina worries about putting Abe’s reputation and recovery at risk. Belle thinks there might be a way to stop Rawlings without doing that.

Kate reminds Roman that Philip faked his death and framed Brady for it, so if he stayed in Salem, he would’ve ended up in either prison or Bayview and he wouldn’t have survived it. Kate talks about her and Victor sending Philip to a private institution to recover and to avoid arrest. Kate fears that Philip would be arrested if he came back but Roman argues that he could beat those charged by pleading not guilty by way of mental illness. Kate says even if Philip is not locked up, she would worry that Brady would try to kill him for what he did to him. Roman insists that Brady wouldn’t murder anyone but Kate brings up that Brady just lost custody of Rachel because he pulled a gun on Kristen. Roman argues that Kate can’t hide this from Philip forever since Victor’s death is international news, so sooner or later, he’s going to find out. Kate asks how since only they, Rex, and Paulina know where Philip is. Roman points out that Kate said Philip is stronger now. Kate feels if she told Philip not to come back to Salem, he still would and then she would risk losing him. Roman agrees not to say anything to anybody, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop trying to talk sense in to her. Kate wishes him luck with that as they hug.

Xander tells Chloe about how Victor made him share the Titan CEO title with Philip even though everyone knew Philip was a loser. Xander apologizes as he knows Chloe loved Philip once and he shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. Chloe acknowledges that Xander and Philip didn’t get along. Xander says they let Victor play them against each other but he had the good sense to walk away. Xander cries that Victor died thinking he was the same degenerate thug he was when he came to Salem. Chloe says that’s not true. Xander brings up that just the other day, Maggie was begging him to make amends with Victor before it was too late. Xander admits he loved Victor in spite of everything as he hugs Chloe. Chloe asks if there’s anything she could do. Xander jokes that he would say marry him but then they’d know she’s definitely doing it for the wrong reasons. Xander thinks he just needs time alone. Chloe tells him to call her if he needs her. Chloe goes to leave the office but stops to tell Xander that she loves him. Xander questions if she really does. Chloe assures that she does or else she wouldn’t be considering his proposal. Xander says he loves her too as she then exits.

Kayla tells Steve that despite how messy things got between Victor and Caroline, she knows deep down that he loved her and at some point in her life, Caroline was crazy about him. Steve asks if she’s saying Victor’s love for Caroline and Maggie was proof that he had a heart. Kayla feels it gave him some measure of redemption. Steve relates to Kayla doing the same for him and says he doesn’t know what kind of man he’d be without her love. Kayla says she’ll never have to find out and points out that there’s a chance that they would have never met if Victor didn’t bring him to Salem. Steve guesses he owes him for that. Steve declares that Victor might have been a real son of a bitch, but he gave him the best gift he could ever get in Kayla. Steve believes that Victor gave love back as best he could, so in his memory, he will give that love back to Kayla always. Kayla says she’ll hold him to that as they kiss.

Belle joins Shawn in his office and asks him what’s going on. Shawn informs her that Rawlings paid him a visit and it seems like working for him is going to be a problem. Belle responds that he might not have to worry about that any longer.

Mayor Rawlings goes to meet Abe and Paulina at Steve and Kayla’s. Rawlings assumes they called him over because they realized it’d be best for him to remain mayor while Abe focuses on recovering. Paulina says that’s incorrect. Abe announces that he intends to get his job back and he’s informed city council that he intends to make it official, so Rawlings’ tenure has come to an end. Rawlings argues that he can’t be serious since all of Salem saw him make a fool of himself and he’ll be laughed out of the office. Abe acknowledges that and clarifies that he only intends to stay in office long enough to appoint his successor, Paulina. Abe then introduces Mayor Paulina Price.

Shawn asks Belle if Abe can really do that. Belle confirms they checked and Abe has every right to appoint Paulina. Belle then gets a call from John. Belle says she’s with Shawn now. Belle says she’ll tell him and tells John that she loves him as she hangs up. Shawn asks Belle what it is. Belle then informs Shawn she’s so sorry to tell him this, but Victor is dead.

Kate sits at the bar of the Pub and looks at Philip’s number on her phone. Kate declares that Roman is right that she can’t keep it from him, so she has to tell Philip. Chloe then approaches Kate.

Xander sits alone in his office and thinks back to his last conversation with Victor about his wedding to Sarah where Victor acknowledged Xander as a true Kiriakis. Xander then starts to cry.

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