Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 15, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve talks to Abe about him going back to work. Steve thought it was too soon for him to go back to work. He started to have doubts about it too. Paulina arrived so Steve told her that Abe was reconsidering going back to work. Abe told him that he was going back to work. Marlena and Kayla talked about how they felt about Abe going back to work. They didn’t think he was ready for it. Later, Abe was at the town square with Paulina while Rawlings was having a press conference. Abe told Rawlings that he planned on taking his office back. He demanded that Rawlings put his resignation on his desk, but he refused to do it. He questioned Abe’s ability to do the job. Rawlings convinced him to take questions from the audience. It didn’t go well for Abe. Kayla went home and Steve told her that he tried to talk Abe out of going back, but he wouldn’t listen to him. Marlena showed up and told Steve and Kayla that Abe’s press conference didn’t go well. Gwen and Dimitri were in Iceland. She made plans for her and Dimitri. She worried about not hearing from Leo. She went downstairs to check on their tickets when Leo showed up. Dimitri was happy to see Leo and kissed him. They heard Gwen come back so they stopped. Leo hid while Dimitri convinced Gwen that he wasn’t feeling well. He thought he should stay at the hotel, but he wanted her to go out. She was hesitant about it, but she decided to go. Dimitri and Leo make love. When they are finished Leo opened the door and Gwen was on the other side.

Chanel told Paulina that she had feelings for Talia. She thought about having a relationship with her. Paulina didn’t like it because she hurt her. She knew that Chanel could make up her own mind. Johnny ran into Talia and confronted her about Chanel. Talia told him that her feelings for her were sincere. They decided to call a truce. Later, Johnny met with Marlena to talk about his feelings for Chanel. She encouraged him to talk to Chanel about his feelings. Talia went to see Chanel. She is honest about her feelings for her. Chanel is hesitant to give her another chance, but she agrees to do it. She wanted Talia to be honest with her and she wanted to take things slow with her. Johnny showed up in time to hear them making plans to go out.

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