Days Short Recap Monday, August 14, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and Chloe kissed until she pushed him away. She asked him what he was doing. He apologized to her. He said there was a pull between them. She said she was with Xander. He said he knew about Xander proposing to her. He said he wanted to talk her out of saying yes. She said she knew that Xander did bad things but they both did bad things. He asked her to give him another chance. She said she was committed to her relationship with Xander. She said she hasn’t decided to marry Xander. She told him she wanted to be friends with him. He said he would understand her relationship with Xander. They agreed to be friends. Shawn and Belle talked about Rafe and Jada’s reactions to him being commissioner. They also talked about Brady losing custody of Rachel to Kristen. At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin told everyone about Victor’s plane being missing. Maggie asked him if he thought the plane crashed. Justin said he didn’t know. He said Victor didn’t file a flight plan when he went to see Bo in case Megan was watching his travel trying to get to Bo. Belle told Shawn about Xander proposing to Chloe. Shawn was shocked that Chloe was considering it. Maggie tried to call Victor but couldn’t reach him. She called Shawn and asked him to call his mother to see if Victor was still with her and Bo. Hope told Shawn that Victor left three days ago. Shawn told Maggie what Hope said. The Kiriakis’ talked about what could have happened to Victor. Justin said he would call Shane to see if he could find out anything.

Shawn and Belle talked about his conversation with Hope and Victor. Maggie told everyone to go home. She said she would keep them updated. Xander asked her what she wanted to tell him earlier. She lied and said she didn’t remember. Shawn told Belle about the way he and Victor left things. He wondered what would happen if they never got a chance to fix things. She told him that wouldn’t happen. Shane called Justin and told him Victor’s plane was found. He said there was no word on any survivors. Gabi opened her wedding gifts and found bulletproof vests. She saw that they were from Julie and Doug. Li showed up with a gift for Gabi. She asked if it had a bomb in it. He said he wouldn’t hurt her. She accused him of being behind what happened with Harris. Li said he had nothing to do with it. Stefan went to see Melinda to find out the status of the investigation against Li. She said she couldn’t do anything without evidence. He said she didn’t want to prosecute him because she is dating him. Li told Gabi that he wanted to be friends. She said that wouldn’t happen. She said she wanted to see him in jail. He told her he wouldn’t be in jail. She asked if it was because he was screwing Melinda. He said he wasn’t sleeping with her. She asked if he was trying to romance her so he could get out of going to jail. He said that wasn’t a bad idea. He said he was trying to move on. She told him to stay out of her life.

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