Y&R Short Recap, Monday, August 14, 2023

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Recap written by Terry

Ashley and Tucker were married. A doubtful Abby walked her mother down the aisle. Earlier she noticed Ashley looked deep in thought and told Ashley she did not have to go through with the wedding. Ashley chalked it up to a bride’s nerves. Once she and Tucker were married, Jack presented Ashley with documents that returned her own company’s assets back to her. Jack said he wanted to do so to end the war between them.

Tucker appeared eager to marry Ashley again, but earlier Victor told Tucker that Ashley was marrying Tucker to get control of Jabot from Jack and that Tucker was just along for the ride. Tucker responded that Victor may be right or he may be wrong.

Victor said he knew about the company Tucker and Ashley bought in Europe and it could be a foundation for a new business. Tucker remarked that he thought he and Ashley had kept that a well concealed secret.

That evening at the ranch Victor and Nikki discussed the motives of Audra and Nate,  who were both promoting the merger of Newman Media with Adustus. Nikki informed Victor that Audra visited her and Nikki suspected Audra is planning something with Nate. Audra later joined Nikki and Victor at the ranch and said she wanted to explain why she is promoting the merger.  The visit raised suspicion, and Victor later told Nikki that Adam is behind Audra’s and Nate’s desire to have Adustus and Newman Media merge.

Earlier, Audra and Kyle formed a plan to get Audra out from under Adam’s control. Audra told Kyle about the top secret mess she had to clean up for Tucker, but now Adam Newman knew about it and was blackmailing her. Adam wants Newman Media back and even though she would lose her job if the merger was successful, Audra had to do Adam’s bidding.

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