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Gabi is opening wedding gifts at home when Li Shin shows up at the door.

Stefan goes to Melinda’s office. She questions him not being on his honeymoon. Stefan responds that he should be but it’s hard to enjoy his newly wedded bliss when the man who tried to kill him is still roaming free. Stefan questions when Melinda and the new police commissioner are going to do something about it.

Belle and Shawn sit together at the Brady Pub. Belle asks if Rafe and Jada gave him a hard time about being police commissioner. Shawn says they didn’t and asks what Kristen had to say. Belle explains that she was just panicking but Brady showed up and dropped Rachel off as planned. Shawn says it still boggles his mind how Brady lost custody and that he must be going out of his mind. Belle confirms he is and mentions that John called as well, worried about Brady’s reaction as he hopes he doesn’t do anything rash..

Brady goes to Chloe’s apartment and kisses her until she pulls away and questions what the hell he thinks he’s doing.

Maggie tells Xander that Brady told her that he proposed to Chloe which he confirms. Xander points out that Sarah moved on, so he figured it was time that he did the same. Maggie responds that there is something she has to tell him. Justin then comes back in to the room and announces that Victor’s plane is missing. Maggie questions how it could be missing. Justin responds that the Titan jet was scheduled to arrive an hour ago but it never landed. Xander asks about last communication from the pilot. Justin says they are checking the radar but there is no sign of them. Maggie questions how this could be possible and asks if Justin thinks the plane crashed.

Gabi asks what Li is doing at the DiMera Mansion. Li responds that he heard she and Stefan got married, so he brought her a gift. Gabi asks if it’s a bomb. Li says he would never hurt her and repeats that he had nothing to do with Harris Michaels’ attempt on Stefan’s life. Gabi tells him to cut the act as she and Stefan both know he was involved and that they are going to prove it.

Melinda reminds Stefan that she did her best to put Li behind bars but Harris Michaels pointed the finger at Megan as he said he remembered her and Dr. Rolf plotting his death, but not Li. Stefan argues that they both know it’s not true since Li was acting very suspiciously that night and insisting that Wendy not to go their party, because he knew something was going to happen. Melinda questions where the proof is and says without a smoking gun, her hands are tied. Stefan says he gets it and questions the lack of evidence being the only reason she’s not going after Li or if it’s because she’s dating him.

Belle apologizes to Shawn for leaving him with Jada and Rafe during that very awkward moment. Shawn says not to worry about it as it didn’t last long. Belle explains that she would’ve come back in sooner but she ran in to Chloe outside, who had big news. Belle announces that Xander proposed to Chloe which shocks Shawn, who hopes that she didn’t say yes. Belle informs him that Chloe said she is taking time to mull it over. Shawn asks what in the hell is wrong with her. Shawn complains that Xander is a menace and a would-be killer. Belle assures that she told her all those things but Chloe insisted that Xander regrets all his past mistakes and is a changed man. Belle adds that Chloe also said if she wants to keep being her friend, she has to accept Xander as part of her life.

Brady apologizes to Chloe and says he wasn’t thinking as he just feels the pull between them all the time. Chloe reminds him that they are not together anymore and she’s with Xander now. Brady mentions running in to Xander, who told him that he proposed to her which Chloe confirms. Brady adds that he also said Chloe didn’t answer him, so he takes that to mean there’s a possibility he can talk her out of marrying that creep.

Justin tells Maggie that they shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Alex encourages that the plane could just be delayed. Maggie questions being unable to locate the plane. Justin notes it being tricky since Victor didn’t file a flight plan. Bonnie questions why he didn’t. Maggie explains that Victor went to visit Bo in an undisclosed location, so he didn’t want to leave a paper trail in case Megan was keeping tabs on Bo. Maggie adds that Victor never told her where Bo is and didn’t call her while he was gone in order to be on the safe side. Maggie knows it’s a long shot but tries calling Victor.

Li tells Gabi that he’s disappointed as he hoped now that she’s happily married, maybe they could be friends. Gabi asks if he’s kidding and asks why she would trust him. Li points out that she got married and he didn’t try to stop the wedding or murder the groom, so he thinks that’s a start. Gabi questions his nice guy act and tells him to take his olive branch and shove it, then he can leave her and her husband alone. Li responds that he got that message loud and clear when she showed up at his home and waved a gun in his face. Li says the last thing he wants to do is interfere with her happiiness. Gabi says she’ll only know for sure that he won’t try when he’s locked up in prison. Li assures that won’t happen. Gabi asks if that’s because he’s screwing the district attorney.

Melinda questions Stefan knowing that she’s seeing Li and asks if he’s spying on her. Stefan reveals that he read it in Leo’s column in the Spectator. Melinda clarifies that they were set up on a blind date and they were not thrilled. Melinda calls their first date a dumpster fire. Stefan asks what happened so Melinda reveals that she tried to trick Li in to confessing on tape, but he figured it out and stormed off. Stefan points out that Melinda said first date, so he asks if there was a second. Melinda admits it was unexpected but it went well and they planned another but he left before that even began, and she hasn’t heard from him since. Stefan insists that she’s much better off. Melinda remarks that it was rather nice having her feelings returned for once. Stefan assures that he thinks the world of her. Melinda says she’s in no mood for a pity party and she is not letting Li off the hook so there is no conflict of interest. Stefan wants to talk about how she’s going to put that psychopath behind bars then.

Chloe tells Brady that he’s way out of line calling Xander a creep. Brady brings up Xander leaving Chloe with a dangrous drug lord, shooting him and leaving him to die, as well as shooting Marlena at her wedding. Chloe acknowledges that Xander has done some terrible things in the past, but they have too. Brady argues that what he did to Susan and Bonnie isn’t in the past. Chloe insists that she has felt Xander’s regret first hand and she knows it’s genuine. Chloe knows Xander can be stubborn, arrogant, and impulsive but she’s also got to know him as kind and gentle. Brady asks if Chloe is in love with Xander. Chloe doesn’t want to have this conversation with him. Brady calls it a simple question and Chloe not giving him a straight answer tells him that what she has with Xander can’t hold a candle to what they once had. Chloe complains that what they had crashed and burned in spectacular fashion. Brady argues that their chemistry is still there and always will be. Brady tells Chloe that he loves her and he’s pretty sure she loves him too, so all that’s left to do is for her to tell Xander to take a hike and come back to him.

Maggie tried calling Victor but it went straight to voicemail. Xander suggests maybe he’s still with Bo and Hope. Bonnie asks if there’s any way to get a hold of Hope. Maggie says she doesn’t have her burner phone’s number, but she knows somebody who does.

Belle tells Shawn that’s enough about everybody else’s drama since they are here to celebrate Shawn’s big promotion. Shawn then gets a call from Maggie and bets it’s about Victor’s homecoming dinner which he sort of blew off. Shawn answers the call and says he’s sorry he couldn’t make it to dinner tonight. Maggie says she needs him to call Hope right away. Shawn asks what’s going on. Maggie informs him that Victor is missing.

Li tells Gabi that it’s crass to inquire about other people’s sex lives, but says he is not screwing Melinda Trask. Gabi brings up Leo’s column in the Spectator and asks if he’s romancing the district attorney or not and if he thinks he’ll be so good in the sack that Melinda will forget to prosecute him. Li jokes that’s not a bad idea and that Gabi never had any complaints in that department. Gabi remarks that she was being polite because she didn’t want to bruise his ego. Li knows that’s not true but says his relationship with Melinda has nothing to do with Gabi or Stefan. Li states that he’s just a heartbroken guy trying to move on and that he got a matchmaker so they don’t have to do this whole thing anymore. Gabi doesn’t care about his life and tells him to stay out of her life as she slams the door in his face.

Melinda tells Stefan that she would love to see justice prevail but without evidence, there’s not much she can do. Stefan argues that she’s a shark and he knows how brilliant, resourceful, and talented she is. Stefan believes she can get the conviction without the evidence and she just has to be creative. Melinda responds that she’s not breaking the law to help him. Stefan responds that he’s asking her to do whatever she can within the law to lock Li up so he can never come after he or Gabi again. Melinda questions if Li has threatened them lately. Stefan says no but he’s sure the news of their wedding will push him over the edge and he doesn’t want to spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulder. Stefan asks if Melinda wants to go to his funeral. Melinda jokes that it depends if it’s on a weekend or weekday.

Shawn calls Hope and leaves a message to get back to him. Belle worries about Maggie. Shawn encourages that there’s no reason to panic yet as there are plenty of reasons Victor’s plane could be missing. Belle agrees with thinking positively. Shawn hopes that Hope has some answers so he can put Maggie’s mind at ease. Shawn then gets a call and assumes it’s Hope.

Chloe reminds Brady that they both agreed their relationship is over and done. Chloe says they are good and they had so many obstacles which nothing has changed. Brady points out that Rachel is living with Kristen now. Chloe asks if he’s suggesting he take her behind his daughter’s back. Chloe insists that Rachel would feel so betrayed. Brady would suggest that Rachel would realize he’s in love and even be happy for them. Chloe feels he’s living in a fantasy land. Chloe adds that even if Rachel wasn’t a factor, she has moved on with Xander. Chloe says she will always care about Brady, but right now, the man she wants to be with is Xander.

Maggie prays for Victor to be with Bo and Hope. Justin assures that Shawn will call back any minute to let them know. Justin encourages Maggie to try to relax. Maggie says this is not how she envisioned this night going as it was supposed to be a joyful reunion with all of their family. Maggie knew the dinner could turn in to a big shouting match ending with Victor storming out, but she was so hopeful. Alex jokes that he would be disappointed if Victor didn’t call him an idiot a few more times. Xander relates and Bonnie jokes that she came to enjoy Victor’s insults as it made her feel like part of the family. Justin encourages that there will be plenty of insults to go around when Victor returns, especially when he finds out they were worried for no reason. Maggie then gets a call back from Shawn and asks if Victor is still with Hope. Shawn reveals that he is not. Maggie asks if Hope knew if Victor’s flight took off late. Shawn responds that it’s actually the opposite and that Victor took off early, three days ago.

Stefan goes home to Gabi, who resumed opening their wedding gifts. Stefan mentions finding another gift at the door, which Gabi says he needs to get rid of right now.

Li finds Melinda at the bar and says he’s so glad he ran in to her. Melinda jokes about him dashing out on their last date. Li asks to explain but Melinda assumes he’s just not that in to her. Li states that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Alex questions where Victor has been if he left three days ago. Maggie says Hope didn’t know and assumed he was headed home. Bonnie questions Victor being missing for three whole days. Justin guesses he made a stop somewhere. Bonnie questions not letting Maggie know if he was flying somewhere. Bonnie then apologizes for making everyone worry more. Maggie responds that she couldn’t be more worried than she is now. Justin decides to call Shane at the ISA as maybe he can find them some answers.

Belle questions Shawn about Victor leaving Hope three days ago. Shawn says that Hope said Victor was being vague about his plans, so she just assumed he was heading home. Shawn adds that Hope said Victor seemed distracted, like something was weighing on him. Belle wonders if that had something to do with his disappearance.

Justin says that Shane said he’d look into it, but not to expect any answers anytime soon. Maggie doesn’t think there’s any reason for everyone to stick around then. Alex and Xander both offer to stick around but Maggie assures that she’ll be alright with Bonnie and Justin, so they should go. Maggie promises to keep everyone up to date. Xander encourages that it’s just a misunderstanding and that Victor will be home any moment. Maggie hopes he’s right. Xander remembers that Maggie said she had something to tell him earlier, so he asks what it was.

Brady questions is Chloe is really going to marry Xander. Chloe responds that she hasn’t decided that yet, but they are in a committed relationship, so for now, she’s only willing to offer Brady friendship. Brady agrees to try to understand this. Chloe thanks him and says no more impulsive kisses or wanting her to come back to him. Brady promises she won’t find him outside her room at 2 AM. Brady declares that if Xander is what she wants, he will try to accept that. Chloe thanks him as they shake hands and agree to be friends.

Maggie claims to Xander that she doesn’t remember what she was going to say. Xander reminds her that he was talking about marrying Chloe and moving on like Sarah had. Maggie thinks back to talking to Bonnie about Xander having a right to know that he’s going to be a father. Maggie then claims to Xander that it wasn’t important and they can talk about it some other time. Xander tells her to let her know as soon as she hears anything about Victor. Maggie promises to do so as Xander hugs her.

Shawn suggests maybe Victor just needed time to himself before returning home. Belle says he would have to know that Maggie would worry. Shawn notes that Victor has never been known to be considerate of other peoples’ feelings. Shawn points out that Victor blamed him for what happened to Bo and he hasn’t spoken to him for months because of that. Shawn wonders if something happened to Victor and says he would feel terrible, worrying about if he never gets a chance to work things out with him.

Li explains to Melinda that before they met up the last time, he had a long talk with his sister Wendy, who convinced him that he couldn’t trust her after she tried to record him. Li admits that got in to his head and he couldn’t get it out, so when they met up, he fled. Li admits it was cowardly and he’s sorry. Li says he’d like to wipe the slate clean and get back on track. Melinda asks if he’s not worried anymore that she’s trying to ensnare him. Li confirms he’s not and repeats that he’s an innocent man which means he has nothing to fear from her. Melinda thinks back to Stefan urging her to convict Li. Melinda then tells Li that he has nothing to fear as the more they’ve gotten to know each other, the more she believes in his innocence but she understands if he’d have trouble believing her. Melinda asks if Li is sure he wants to give this another go. Li thinks back to his argument with Gabi earlier and then responds that there’s nothing he would like more.

Stefan can’t believe Li would show up like that. Gabi explains that Li wanted a fresh start and to be friends, but says that Li probably wanted to drop a bomb on them. Stefan says Li wouldn’t be stupid enough to gift wrap a bomb to them, knowing it would be traced back to him. Gabi still wants Stefan to get rid of it. Stefan questions if she’s not the least bit curious as to what might be in it. Gabi mocks the idea of giving in to their curiosity and then see the house in flames. Stefan assures there’s not a bomb in the box. Stefan then shakes it and they begin to hear ticking inside the box. Gabi argues that it’s a bomb but Stefan is still not convinced. Stefan opens the gift and it’s a clock. Gabi brings up that Li once told her that in Chinese culture, giving a clock as a gift is bad luck and is essentially wishing someone dead.

Melinda and Li talk about enjoying their date. Melinda brings up Stefan and Gabi’s wedding, guessing he must be a bit bummed by that. Li admits that it was a kick in the gut but says it helps to have a fascinating, gorgeous woman sitting across from him. Li asks if Melinda still has some lingering feelings for Stefan, but Melinda asks Stefan who? Li then toasts to them getting it right this time and starting over. Melinda promises no more hidden agendas.

Xander tells Maggie that as soon as Victor gets home, they will have that dinner and will make a much bigger effort to get along. Bonnie points out that Maggie must be starving but Maggie says she doesn’t have much of an appetite and is going to lay down. Maggie asks them to wake her up if they hear anything. Justin feels by tomorrow morning, Victor will have come home. Bonnie offers to help Maggie settle in upstairs but she insists that she’s fine. Bonnie hugs Maggie and tells her it will be okay. Maggie then heads upstairs. Alex tells Justin that he didn’t want to say anything in front of Maggie, but this whole thing doesn’t sound very good at all. Justin admits he doesn’t know what to think. Alex guesses now they just wait. Justin encourages him to pray and try to stay positive. Alex says to keep him posted as they hug. Alex then exits. Bonnie knows waiting is so hard for Justin and says she will go check on Maggie but Justin gets a call back from Shane.

Brady tells Chloe that he better get out of here before he embarrasses himself further. Xander then comes home and guesses Brady rode in to talk Chloe out of accepting his marriage proposal. Brady admits that he tried but that Xander will be happy to know that he failed miserably. Brady says he’ll see himself out but Xander says there’s something he should know about Victor. Brady asks about the homecoming dinner but Xander reveals there wasn’t one as Victor is missing.

Belle encourages Shawn not to go there because they don’t even know if something’s wrong, so there’s no point in torturing himself. Shawn agrees that Victor could be home any minute and when he is, they can sit down and repair their relationship. Shawn says moments like this make you realize what’s important. Shawn hopes they get some answers soon.

Justin thanks Shane and says to let him know if he hears anything else as they hang up. Bonnie asks what he said. Justin informs her that the coast guard found wreckage from the Titan jet which appears to have gone down over the Mediterranean. Bonnie asks about Victor. Justin says there’s no word on any survivors. Bonnie hugs Justin as they are in disbelief.

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