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Who does that man think he is? He’s the acting mayor, Mama. Acting is right. Acting as if he has the right to shut down your business for something so trivial as not displaying a sticker. A sticker, which you were never sent. Now this was their mistake, why should you be punished for it? I told you, Mama, it’s personal.

Rawlings wanted us closed for good after Biscuit Gate, but he thinks that I got preferential treatment because Abe was the mayor. Abe was elected. The people didn’t choose Rawlings. And this person is not going to let him bully my daughter out of business. What are you gonna do? Mm mm, don’t you worry, baby girl.

I will handle it. Mama! No, Mama, wait!

Okay. Thank you. Let’s go for another round. Alright. Um, wait. Wait, wait, wait. We have one more we didn’t finish. Do you know who this is? Well, that’s an easy one. That’s my stepdaughter, Chanel. And what’s her last name? Dupree. Very good. You got them all right. I think you are making great progress. Well, let’s, let’s do them all again.

Let’s go through it. Okay.

So you want to talk about your feelings for Chanel Dupree.

What kind of feelings?

I don’t know, um, romantic feelings, maybe. But, Dr. Evans, I know that Chanel was married to your grandson, and they date your granddaughter. So, if talking about this is too weird, I completely understand. You’re my patient. I am here to listen to you without judgment. Listen to whatever you have to say. So, why don’t we just continue?

Trip. Hey, what are you doing right now? I just got home from work. I was just about to kick back with a glass of wine and watch a movie. Change of plans. You’re meeting me instead. I thought you were working a double tonight? Tomorrow. I swapped shifts with Dr. Grey. Cool. So, what’s the plan? I booked us a room with the Sailor Moon.

One that is not occupied this time. So, no interruptions from drunken gossip columnists? Or brothers coming home early from bad dates? It’ll be just you and me tonight. What do you think? I think… I’ll go pack a bag and see you there.

Well, if you, uh, you want your chair back… No, it’s fine. No, it’s okay. I’ll, I’ll give you some space. Don’t worry, Harris. I’m not gonna attack you again. I just wanted to say I’m sorry. Like

sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

You just called me Harris. That’s your name. I know that now. I’m Ava Vitale. You feeling better? Yeah, much. But earlier, I thought you were my dead son, Charlie. Yeah, Doctor, Doctor Evans explained. Oh, did she? Well, did she tell you why I’d attack my own child? No, she did not.


My son, Charlie, had, uh, issues. Mainly with me. Um, but ironically, back then when I was just fine, he wanted to have me committed to a mental hospital. So he kidnapped me. And he, uh, drugged my food, which started me having hallucinations. That’s awful. Yeah. But my son Tripp, he found me. Um, but I thought he was Charlie.

I was seeing blood everywhere. I was screaming. I just basically lost my grip on reality. So, uh, I ended up in the hospital. It happened again. Yeah, I thought that I saw Charlie trying to stab Tripp. Anyway, they, uh, flushed the drugs out of my system, and then just when I was starting to feel better,

the real Charlie showed up to try and kill me. My God. Yeah,

well, luckily, I’m very lucky that some, some people showed up, and they stopped Charlie. And then someone stopped him for good. Because right after I was let go from the hospital, Charlie was shot to death. Ava, I’m so sorry. Yeah. Anyway, hallucinations…

They stopped for a while And I was doing really really really great for a bit but then And I was having a rough time a couple of months ago. And they started up again. You know, Charlie, he was there, you know, and he was talking, he was just whispering in my ear and he was telling me to do terrible, terrible things.

And I


I had a full on psychotic break and that’s how I ended up here. Dr. Evans said that she thought you were improving. Yeah, I was. I mean, I had been. You know, between the meds and the therapy, I thought the visions were gone.

Apparently not.

Anyway, I am sure you didn’t want to hear all of that. I just, um… I really wanted to come up to you and apologize for, you know, attacking you earlier. There’s nothing personal. Yeah, of course.

Okay, here’s. Man of few words. I, um, You seem like a really nice person. And, um, I just want you to rest assured that I am going to do my very best to make sure that nothing like that happens again. I’m going to get right on it with Mitrick. I have

never been attracted to women before. And I have, like, no experience in this. In dating, you mean? No, I mean, I’ve only really been in one real relationship in my whole entire life. And the guy turned out to be a lunatic. So it just makes me wonder if… You wonder what? Okay, um, I did a psych rotation in med school.

So I know all about, like, transference and avoidance. And I can’t help but think that my interest in women is, I don’t know, because of what one terrible man did to me. Is that what you think is happening? I don’t know. I mean, after everything that happened with Colin, it’s just like, I don’t trust my judgment anymore.

So, it’s entirely possible that my feelings for Chanel… Aren’t real.

Hey, what the hell? You know, that sign says you’re shut down. We are. Again. By Salem’s acting mayor. Why? Because I failed to display the City of Salem sticker in the window. A sticker that the City of Salem never sent me. Well then, how are you supposed to display it? Exactly. That’s it. This whole thing is totally bogus.

I don’t see any stickers around here. Yet, somehow, my business is the only one that Rawlings hit with a surprise inspection from the health department. He is out to get me, and it’s… He pretty much admitted as much. How come? Did he, uh, eat one of your… Spiked biscuits and spontaneously proposed to somebody?

Not funny, G. You’re right. It’s not funny. So… What is this guy’s problem? Why is he targeting you? I have no idea. But at this point, what difference does it make? Well… I mean, he can’t just shut you down because he has a personal beef with you. If he admitted that that’s what he did, then you gotta fight back.

You know, Mama agrees with you, and she has some idea how to go about it, but she won’t tell me what it is. She just stormed off, and Lord knows what she’s up to.

Pauline Price. So, that one’s a no brainer.

She’s, uh, she’s my wife. And, you know, I told you before that every time I try to picture her, I see Whitley King. So maybe it’s not such a no brainer after all. You know, why don’t we just take a break? Okay,

let’s go get some fresh air. Okay. Excuse me a second.

Paulina, what are you see Abraham. Now.

You know, you were, uh, you were so upset a little while ago. Now you, now you see me. Almost same. Yeah, the meds work fast. Um, I was feeling so much better that um, I was a little sneaky and I tried to wean myself off of them. Trust me, I won’t make that mistake again. Yeah, well I know what it’s like to think that you recovered.

And then you suddenly realize that you’re not.

You know, under different circumstances, I would, um… Ask what you’re in for. But I don’t want to pry. No, it’s fine. I don’t mind sharing. I To talk, listen, learn from one another? I’m all ears. Well, uh, before we get to me, I’d like to finish hearing about you. Do they know why you’re still having these…

Hallucinations? Well, my shrink thinks it’s a manifestation of my guilty conscience. Well, uh, what do you feel guilty about? I mean, if you don’t mind me asking that. Oh, man. Where do I begin?

I don’t even know why I brought this up. It’s not like anything can happen between Chanel and me after everything I did to her and her family. We’ve talked about this before. I know you understand that you were in an emotionally abusive relationship. And Colin manipulated you to do things you didn’t want to do.

Yeah, and I told her that. Not because it was an excuse. It just so like she could understand. And did she? Yeah, she did. I also told her even though we only met because Colin wanted me to destroy her life, I actually genuinely ended up liking her. And I still do. I

miss her.

Hmm. Have you felt this way about other friends? No. Does that mean that I’m bisexual? I don’t think that we have to put a label on it. But I do think that if you have romantic feelings for Chanel… You need to acknowledge that. Be honest with yourself. Okay,

I have romantic feelings for Chanel.

Mama is probably going all Mama Bear on some poor sap in City Hall and I so feel for him. Yeah, well, if anybody can get the job done, it’s Paulina Price. Oh, well here’s hoping. Anyway, I, I haven’t seen you in a while. How you been? I’ve been good. Yeah, I was, uh, I was out of town for a while,

so Where’d you go, Johnny? Uh, um, yeah, I was, um, I was in New Zealand. Oh. Oh, wow. Well, that must have been amazing. Yeah. Yeah, it was, uh, it was good. Will invited me out to, uh, see his film sets that I could shadow him. And, you know, I had nothing else going on, so… Well, I thought they would have been finished filming the movie by now.

Yeah, they’re working on the sequel. You should see what they have going on over there. The technology is sick. I bet. Yeah. So, did you see any sights while you were there? Yeah, I did. Uh, phew, New Zealand is… It’s beautiful. Yeah, I wish I could have stayed longer. How’s family? They’re good. Um, Ari is starting to speak with a Kiwi accent.

Henry’s getting just ridiculously tall. And? And what? You can tell me about Allie. You did see her, right? Yeah, I did see her.

You look so beautiful. Thanks. Oh, Tripp. Candlelight, champagne. And only one bed. I also noticed the do not disturb sign on the door. You didn’t have to do all this. Well. We said we wanted our first time to be perfect. I just hope I can live to die. You already have.

Paulina, what are you doing here? You agreed to give Abe some distance until he had a chance to you

are. And I thought you understood. That I’m not ready to go back to your place. It is our home. As much as I wish that you were there with me, more than anything, that is not what I’m here to ask. Whatever it is, the answer will still be the same. I just can’t be a good husband right now. But can you be a good mayor?

Look, if it’s too personal… Well, I mean, like you said, talk, listen, learn.

So, my, um, my older son, Tripp, uh, I had him with my once love, Steve Johnson, and, uh, he was taken away from me as a baby. My father sold them on the black market. That’s… I’m so sorry. Yeah. Needless to say, I was devastated. And, um, my father being the genius that he was, he thought that if he got me a new boyfriend, we’d fall in love, have another kid, and then magically I’d be cured.

And I’m guessing that didn’t happen. Love? No. Not now, but another kid. But, you know, when they placed newborn Charlie in my arms, I felt nothing.

And I couldn’t even look at him. Because when I did, he just, he reminded me of everything that I’d lost. You know, Steve. Tripp.

There was no way that I could raise him, right? So I gave him, I gave him to his father, Jimmy. He’s a nice guy. But whenever he’d bring little Charlie around, I’d just…

That’s high school.

God, the little boy, he just, he tried anything, anything he could to get my attention, you know. Get me to smile at him, give him a hug, and… Guess what I gave him. Nothing. Well, you’ve been traumatized. Yeah. It wasn’t Charlie’s fault though, was it? He was a child. He didn’t deserve to be punished for what my father did.

He wanted a mother’s love. He needed a mother’s love. And he didn’t get that. And so he grew up with hate in his heart. And he’d be horrible. Horrible, hateful things. Just like I

did. An innocent woman died. Because of me.

And I can’t say that Charlie made me do it.

Because it was a voice in my head. Ava,

you were well. It’s not the first time. That I’ve caused someone’s death. And you’ve got no idea what it feels like to be responsible for something so tragic. Unfortunately,

I know exactly what that feels

like. What? No, no, no, no, no. I asked for filet mignon, not filet. So… It’s okay. No, Wendy, you hate fish. Okay, I’m calling room service to have them fix this. No, no, no, it’s fine. I’m actually not that hungry for dinner. Maybe we could skip ahead. Oh, we could definitely do that.

Chanel even considering me to be a friend again is far beyond what I expected. To want anything more just seems like too much, right? Besides, I don’t deserve to be happy with her after everything that I did. That sounds like something that Colin would have put into your head. That you were undeserving.

That isn’t so. In fact, that was how Colin kept power over you. And now you’ve taken back your power. And you’re working on your own mental health. So it’s probably not a good idea to jump into a relationship right now. Yeah, maybe not. But it’s also not a good idea to keep repressing your own feelings.

I know you and Allie weren’t exactly on the best terms when she left. Oh yeah, you mean when my, uh, my own twin sister moved to a different hemisphere without even letting me know, let alone saying goodbye? I mean that whole mess between me and you, and her and Alex. But, well, I, I hope things are better between you guys.

Yeah. Yeah, Allie said sorry for, you know, leaving the way she did. But I get it. You know, she just needed to get out, start fresh. And she seems, you know, like she’s doing really well now that she, um… Now that she’s seeing someone else. Johnny, it’s fine. I heard about it months ago. And I was a little rattled at first, but I’m fine now, really.

So, what’s he like? What’s, um, honestly, he’s just, he’s a total tool. I mean, zero. Personality, and between you and me, he’s, he’s ugly. God, he’s so ugly. Oh, yeah, nice try. I’ve seen pictures of him, and he could pass for a, a Hemsworth brother. Oh, they’re, no, because they’re Australian. Yeah. He’s from New Zealand.

Yeah, no, that’s not my point. Johnny, you can tell me the truth, okay? He’s great, isn’t he? Yeah, he’s pretty cool. He’s pretty cool, and Allie seems like she’s happy with him, so… Well, I’m glad.

But to be honest, he doesn’t hold a candle to you. Chanel, nobody does.

What are you talking about? The acting mayor, Clint Rawlings, has gotten way too big for his bridges. He used the health department to shut down Chanel’s bakery again. Again? Um, well, it’s a long story, but the point is it’s not fair, it’s not right, and you’re the only one who can fix it. Well, how am I supposed to do that?

You were elected mayor of this town. Rawlings only stepped in when you were presumed dead. That’s your job, Abraham. You need to go take it back and kick that power trippin poser to the curb. If this was some random person, I wouldn’t even dream of asking, but it’s Chanel and you think of her as your own.

She poured her heart and soul into that bakery, which she was only able to open because of you. Me? Mm hmm. A couple of years ago, you launched an initiative to incentivize people of color to open businesses in the town square. You were so impressed with Chanel’s application that you passed it on to the city council and they approved it.

She went from being this… This lost girl to a thriving, independent woman, and oh, Abraham, if you just remembered all that, no, I just know you will do everything in your power to make sure that she knows Bakerie’s up and running again, so please, please, Abraham, please, just help my daughter before it’s too late.

Okay, well, it sounds like you were brainwashed into doing what you did. I mean, that is not your fault. And just, like, having mental illnesses and nerves. It doesn’t, it doesn’t fit with who I am.

Or who I thought I was. You know, the physical warfare, the psychological warfare, SEALs are trained to withstand it all, and I couldn’t resist orders to kill two innocent people. And then a few weeks ago it happened again. I was gonna kill a guy I didn’t even know.

I just do not understand why I’m so vulnerable to be controlled this way. I just had to make sure it didn’t happen again. That’s why I asked Dr. Evans to have me committed.

And I always, always thought of myself as

this elite warrior.

Invincible, you know? And nobody’s invincible.

And nobody likes being controlled.

Yeah. Well, all I know now is… I’m done. I’m done walking around worrying that any moment I can become somebody else’s pawn.

So how long’s it been since you talked to your son, Tripp? Oh, well, that’s been a while. Because the last time he came to visit a few months ago, I, um, shockingly thought he was Charlie. And I attacked him. So the doctors told him to stay away. Uh, they were afraid that seeing him would trigger me. It must be really hard.

Honestly, I was relieved. Yeah, I just, I can’t keep putting him through that. You know, I didn’t, I didn’t want to do that again to him, but… Recently the doctor said that I could see him again if I wanted to. But I keep saying no because I do not want to snap on him again. You know, I just, I, I can’t, I can’t keep dragging him through my own nightmare.

He doesn’t deserve it. Okay, what’s the alternative? You don’t see your son anymore? I

mean, is that, is that what you really want?

Ta da! Oh! Great! This is it! What, isn’t that what you meant when you said you wanted to skip ahead? Wow. No, I know, I know what you meant. And I’m sorry, but I can’t let just all of this go to waste.

Wait, is that? Chocolate fondue, baby. Oh my god, Tripp, this is my dream come true.

Good. Mm-hmm. best.

But what I said before I lie life. It’s not my dream come true. You are. Oh, what a coincidence. Because you’re mine.

Doc, what do I even say to her? Oh, hey Chanel, I think I’m bi. Oh, I also have romantic feelings for you, even though I almost had your whole family killed. Oh, by the way, let’s catch a movie. Yeah. Maybe a little more nuanced approach. Even if I did take a more nuanced approach, what if she freaks out on me?

What if she gets furious? Oh my god. What if she even laughs in my face? I can’t promise that won’t happen. But the last thing you want to have is any regret. And if you don’t talk to Chanel, you’ll just never know what might have been.

Thanks, Johnny. That was really sweet. I mean it. I think Allie was nuts to give you up. You know what? I’d say the same about Wendy. I’m pretty sure she’d disagree. I mean, Tripp, he’s a nice guy, but, well, you know what they say about them. Not this time. I just saw Wendy head into the Salem Inn. Oh, was Tripp with her?

No, but I’m sure he’s either already there or not far behind. She was carrying an overnight bag. Oh, I’m sorry. But you didn’t see it coming at all? No. No, I thought things were actually going great. Well, did she at least give you an explanation?

Yeah. Yeah, she did. She did.

See her? Really picking Tripp over me because you think I’m not over Chanel? Johnny, hello? What did Wendy say was her reason for breaking things off with you?

Paulina, listen, I know that you were worried about Chanel. Not just Chanel, but everyone in this town. Who knows what Mayor Wannabe will do next? Can I come talk to you for a second? Oh, sure. Yes, let’s go. You know, maybe Rollins leaves a lot to be desired, but Abe really needs to focus on his recovery. Kayla, I know you and Abe, you’ve been friends for a long time, but I am his wife.

Hello, hello, hello. Remember me? I’m the person that you’re arguing about. I may have lost my memory, but I still have a brain and free will. And this decision is all up to me.

And what I’ve decided is…

I’ll do it.

The idea of never seeing Tripp again? Oh, that is unimaginable.

But ever since we’ve been reunited, I have been nothing but a burden to him. And,

I don’t know, maybe it’s better if he just stays away. You think that’s what he wants?

Look, I know, I know that my son loves me, but all I do is cause him pain. You know, and he has had so much of that in his life.

Tripp has overcome things that you would not even believe. Do you know that he’s a doctor now? He’s dedicated his life. To helping people. Better, I’m so proud of him. You know, I’m not, I’m not a parent. But I can hear the love in your voice. And Tripp must feel that, so I know there’s no way he wouldn’t want to be cut off from you forever.

Yeah, but what if I attack him again? Yeah, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not gonna take the risk. I can’t. Because I need to protect Tripp. The way that I failed to protect Charlie. Yeah, but are you protecting him? Or are you protecting yourself?

I know you’re scared. I’m

scared too.

You can’t let it stop us from trying.

And if they say you’re ready, I say you try.

I’m sure your son would say the same thing.

That feel good? What do you think?

I’ve been looking forward to this so much.

But I’m a little bit nervous. Me too.

Maybe we’re putting too much pressure on ourselves. You know? Thinking it all has to be so perfect. Because honestly, just being here with you, It feels so right.

And I know this is our first time together, but there will be other times. Lots of other times. Yeah. So let’s give up on trying to be perfect. Just be in the moment. No pressure. Yeah.

Yeah, let’s do

that. Your turn. I’m

so sorry. I forgot to take my ringer off.

What’s wrong? It’s, it’s the hospital where my mom is. You better answer it. Uh, Tripp Johnson. Really? Uh, yeah, till 9 tonight or, or tomorrow between 7am and 9pm. Yeah, no, I understand. Thank you. Everything okay? Yeah, my mom just told her doctor that she wanted to see me, and they gave her the okay. Well, that’s amazing.

Yeah. I just, I gotta figure out how to get off work tomorrow before business hours are over. I’m working that double. Well, did I hear you say something about 9 p. m. tonight? Yeah, yeah, but I’m not leaving now. I mean, there’s no way. Not true. You should. Okay, your mom is lucid and you know she wants to see you.

You better get over there before anything changes. I want to. Leaving might ain’t so long. I’ll still be here, when you get back. Okay? I’m not going anywhere. You sure? Absolutely.

Thank you. For understanding. Always. When

Wendy broke things off with me, she said… Hey! Oh, sorry. Am I interrupting? Um, no. No, uh, Chanel and I were just catching up, but I gotta get going, so…

Hang in there, okay? And if there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know. Okay. Um,

what did Johnny mean? Anything he can do about what? Abraham!

Abraham! You’re an angel. You want to be the mayor again? Are you sure? Sounded sure to me.

I have to agree with Paulina. To have a purpose and a reason to get up in the morning. I think it would help with my recovery. And? I would be able to, I would be able to help others, too. Mm hmm. Oh, you would. And you would do so much good. As your doctor, I need to caution you. I, I, I know you think it’s too much, too soon.

And if it is, I give you my word that I will come right back. But I have to at least try to help my stepdaughter. Oh, you’re such a darling man.

Oh, I can’t thank you enough. Oh,

well. Well, I, uh, I spoke to my doctor. He called Tripp and he’s on his way. That’s great. Yeah. Fingers crossed, right? You know, everyone thinks I’m this badass, that I’m afraid of nobody and nothing, but… God, I’m literally shaking. It’s gonna be okay.

Thanks, Harris. Now for encouraging me to reach out. Of course.

Hey. Oh. Whoa, whoa. You don’t have to leave on my account, you know? No, I’m not. I just, actually, I have a session. It was, uh, it was nice talking to you. Yeah. Me too. I guess I’ll see you around.

Mom. Tripp.


Mom. Okay. Let’s see what we got.

Yellow. In sports, the National Hockey League featured a busy five game slate last evening. Come in. Knock, knock. Oh! Oh, Johnny. Hey, Grandma. Welcome home. Come in. Great. And how was New Zealand? Oh it was incredible. I uh, I brought you back a souvenir. I picked it up at the mud baths. It’s supposed to be great for the skin.

Oh sweet. Thank you so much. You’re welcome. Um, Hey, do you have a patient right now? No I’m just catching up on my paperwork. Why? Um, well, I guess I just, I had something that I was hoping to talk to you about. Of course, anything.

I can’t even believe I’m about to say this, but I think I might still have feelings for Chanel. What kind of feelings? I don’t know. Romantic feelings, maybe.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I got carried away because I’m just so grateful. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Oh, you know, Abraham Carver, you are a good man who always comes through for the people he loves. Oh, no, no, you don’t have to say anything, but I just have to say, one second, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Oh, Kayla, I know, I know I’d love to chat with you, but I just can’t wait to tell Chanel the good news.

I know you think I made a mistake. I, I hope I’m wrong. That makes two of us.

Why is this acting mayor guy out to get you? I have no freaking idea. Well, I’m sorry. Is there any way I can help? Thanks, but um, I don’t think so. I mean, before the bakery shut down, again, business was good, right? Yeah, it was. I mean, it took me a while to get my new assistant baker up to speed, but… You seem nervous.

Is everything okay? Yeah, it’s just, um, I just left therapy. And Dr. Evans encouraged me to talk to you. But I mean, if this isn’t a good time. No, no, it’s fine. What’s going on?

Okay. I’m, I’m gonna, I’m gonna say this, okay, and you don’t have to respond, but just please, let me get it out, okay?

Chanel, I have feelings for you, okay, romantic feelings, and I don’t know if you could ever return them, but if you could, could you just, like, let me know? If you want to. No big deal. Okay, I have to go.

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