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[ Door clicks open ]

Nate: Oh, hello, nikki. Nice to see you again.

Victoria: Mom, is there some reason that you’re avoiding your own office?

Nikki: No, I was hoping to speak to you and I thought this would be the most efficient way.

Victoria: Good, I would like to speak to you as well.

Nate: If you’ll both excuse me, I have some newman media business to handle with audra.

Nikki: Certainly.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. Apparently, you didn’t waste any time while I was away, putting nate on the spot and grilling him about all kinds of things.

Phyllis: Listen to me, no more lies and I mean it. No more lies.

Summer: I really need you to mean it this time, okay? This doesn’t sit right with me, carson suddenly coming back and then tucker is in your room? I– I don’t– I don’t get it. What’s going on, mom? The truth. Not some made up story to spare me or any other excuse, please.

Phyllis: All right. Listen, my world has been spinning out of control. I’m trying to find a path out. Just trying to extricate myself and most importantly, you, from this mess.

Summer: So, that means something risky and dangerous that’s gonna blow up in our faces.

Phyllis: No, no, no. No. Honestly. This is doable. But I just need you to know my freedom hinges on tucker mccall.

Tucker: Your concern for your mother is touching, daniel, but I have no issue with phyllis. You got nothing to worry about, really.

Daniel: Why should i believe you?

Tucker: All I can give you is my word.

Daniel: That’s very reassuring.

Tucker: I’m telling you, there’s no– no games, no secret plans, no collusion of any kind. Uh, she and I share a distrust and a dislike for diane and your mom, um…

Daniel: And?

Tucker: Well, from what I understand, phyllis is working very hard to forge a new path ahead. She’s trying to let go of all her anger and her bitterness that has upturned all your worlds. And after what stark put her through, I’m impressed by her strength. Why aren’t you?

Jack: Zelda, it was great catching up with you in the big apple. I’m very excited about this new project that you and traci are leaning into.

[ Knocking on door ] Yeah, I think there’s a lot of promise. Yeah, I’m glad I could give you a few leads. We’ll talk soon.

Abby: Uncle jack, hi!

Jack: What a nice surprise. Come on in.

Abby: Oh, thanks. Um, well, I’m happy to hear that you are keeping in contact with zelda and that you’re supportive of aunt traci’s writing projects.

Jack: I’m especially excited about their latest endeavor.

Abby: Yeah. I just wish that things could be the same way with you and my mom. I– I am heartsick over the tension between the two of you and how it’s escalated off the charts. And if there is any way that I could help you fix this and– and put this behind you… hopefully, uh, before next week when my mom and tucker are getting married at the chancellor house.

Jack: They are going through with this farce of a marriage? And you and devon are hosting? Shingles.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Abby: Okay, yes. Devon and I are helping my mom and tucker plan the wedding, but if you think about it, it makes sense because tucker is katherine’s son and devon and I will be standing up there with our parents.

Jack: I cannot believe what I am hearing. You are ready to sign off on a union between your mother and tucker mccall after how much you despised him in the past?

Abby: Okay, yes, I despised him, I hated him for how badly he hurt my mom, but my mom is happy now and honestly, I think tucker has changed. And my mom believes that, too.

Jack: Abby, I know you want your mother to be happy, I do, too. And I’m sorry to shatter your dream that this could be her next big chance at happiness, but tucker has not and will not change. He is the driving force behind her vehement determination to tear jabot apart and to punish me for loving diane. Look, she is not just willing, she is determined to break your grandfather’s company into pieces. We have disagreed in the past, we’ve not always seen eye to eye, there was always love and respect underneath that. This time, I have to admit, I– I’m scared for her. I don’t know how he pulled this off, but he has convinced her to shred her career and her family all at once.

Abby: Uncle jack, I’m sorry, but this time, I think you’re wrong.

Daniel: So, just to be clear, the only reason that you and my mother were hanging out was to talk about your mutual hatred for diane? And that’s it? You weren’t trying to work any kind of angle or come up with a plan that’s gonna ruin her life even further? No, seriously. [ Chuckles ] Just a friendly little conversation, right? And that’s why you were in her suite in the middle of the day while she’s facing murder charges?

Tucker: Daniel, I don’t think there’s anything I can say or do that’s gonna reassure you. You just don’t trust me. And apparently, you don’t trust your mother either, which is a real shame given how much love and trust she’s given you.

Daniel: Wow. You just love talking in circles. You know, I’m gonna try and be as direct as possible here. Stay the hell away from my mother. Enjoy your drink.

Phyllis: Tucker found carson. And I still need him to clear my name.

Summer: Tucker is the one that found him?

Phyllis: Yeah. He has resources, he has money.

Summer: So, what you’re saying is tucker is paying for his testimony?

Phyllis: Tucker is just making sure he stays around until I need him.

Summer: What, o– out of the goodness of his heart?

Phyllis: Listen, it’s quid pro quo. Tucker is asking that I get jack to forgive me and, in turn, diane will spin out.

Summer: And then what?

Phyllis: I don’t know. I don’t know. I guess diane goes too far, she leaves town, ashley’s happy to be rid of her, and tucker and ashley get to live happily ever after. I don’t know, I don’t care. What I do care about is keeping carson around.

Summer: Okay. Mom, I get it to a certain extent. I mean, I was willing to pay this guy to lie for you initially, but it– it’s not a good idea. Daniel and michael were right about that and you said that you understood that.

Phyllis: I do understand that, but that was before I heard the truth.

Summer: What’s the truth?

Phyllis: The truth is carson saw everything. He saw everything through the motel window and I didn’t know that, but he saw jeremy stark try to kill me and he saw how I stopped that from happening.

Summer: He saw? If he saw then why wouldn’t he come in? Why wouldn’t he try to help you?

Phyllis: I don’t know, maybe he was afraid. He’d already broken so many laws, he didn’t wanna be implicated. I don’t know.

Summer: You think that he could be trusted now?

Phyllis: I don’t know, but he’s all I got. Really, he’s all I got and– and this is the thing, is in order to get rid of tucker, I needed some leverage and I got that from adam. Okay? Tucker has rescinded the agreement and he’s rescinded everything and now I’m in direct communication with carson.

Summer: Oh, my god. This is– this is insane. This is nuts, mom. I don’t even know what to think. My head is actually spinning from all of the twists and turns in this story. I–

Phyllis: Listen, don’t do that, okay? Let’s stay positive, okay? I got this. This is all okay.

Summer: This is okay? I mean, mom, you just traded owing tucker for owing adam. This is what we’ve been fighting for? This is your freedom? This is your future? Oh, my god. Mom, you just got out from underneath one egomaniac, barely, and now you’re already cycling through two others? How is this okay to you? What are you thinking?

Nate: It’s nate.

Audra: Hi, uh, thanks for coming over so quickly.

Nate: Yeah. I had to give victoria and nikki an excuse about newman media.

Audra: That’s fair enough considering this mess is about that company anyway.

Nate: What’s going on?

Audra: Look, I know that it should be understood about all our conversations, but this should be kept in absolute confidence. Promise me you’ll do just that, as my total future hangs in the balance.

Nikki: Yes, victoria, I did have a very interesting lunch meeting with nate. It was very spur of the moment, it would’ve happened eventually whether you were in town or not.

Victoria: So, you put him on the spot and you grilled him and it was going to happen sooner or later, so I shouldn’t care? Is that what you’re saying?

Nikki: Well, don’t overreact. I’ve known nate a long time, since he followed in olivia’s footsteps as a doctor to his business endeavors and I am impressed with his drive and his accomplishments, but given the significant role he has at newman and in your personal life, your father and i naturally have some questions.

Victoria: I see. So, after this so-called lunch meeting, A.K.A interrogation, what is your take on nate? Is it more positive or is it more negative?

Nikki: Well, let me first say this, I was impressed with his directness. He laid all of his cards out on the table, that’s for sure. Including admitting that someday he’d like to have my job.

Victoria: Interesting.

Nikki: Uh-huh. Then he was quick to say he didn’t mean any disrespect.

Victoria: Nate has always been very direct about his ambitions. He’s never pretended otherwise.

Nikki: No, no, he has not. I guess I’m going to have to watch my back a bit more since he wants to replace me. All the more reason to keep an eye on him.

Victoria: Don’t worry. I am.

Nikki: Oh, well, I’m glad to hear that. That’s very wise. I mean, he did speak of co-piloting newman with you, but I think he just said that for my benefit.

Victoria: Oh, come on. I mean, you are being just as ridiculous as nicholas. Nate is not a threat to me or to you or the company in any way. He’s a valuable asset. He’s a strong leader and he has a lot to offer newman enterprises as we build our future.

Nikki: He made another interesting statement. He said he didn’t love you. So, please tell me that you’re not falling in love with him.

[ Nate sighs ]

Nate: I’m not so sure what I can promise until I know the deal.

Audra: That’s heavy, nate. Uh… the fate of newman media is on the line and ultimately, my future along with it.

Nate: You keep saying that. How so? What’s going on here?

Audra: Look, I really need your help, but I– I can’t expose myself and give you the details unless I know I can trust you.

Nate: Audra, what the hell is going on? What have you gotten yourself into?

Audra: It’s a mess I inherited via tucker and I would be in the direct line of fire.

Nate: Sounds like I could catch the fall out too if I helped you. So, you’re really not gonna tell me? Make me work this out myself? Fine. Let’s connect the dots here. Um, the fate of newman media plus tucker. This is something about mccall? Well, adam is running mccall these days, soon to be joined by nick and sharon with a consolidation merger. I know adam has been pushing hard to get his hands on newman media since he took over and you say this impacts newman media. Did adam dig up something that compromises your executive role? Is he the threat?

Jack: Abby, honey, I know how much you want peace with your mother, but this marriage, this so-called marriage, is moving at warped speed which says to me it’s only political. This isn’t about love, this is about love of power and it breaks my heart that my strong, capable, brilliant sister is allowing herself to be manipulated by this man.

Abby: Look, I am– I’m not gonna argue with you about who tucker is, but I don’t think he’s the problem.

Jack: What does that mean?

[ Abby sighs ]

Abby: Unfortunately, I think my mom is leading the attack. Her hatred for diane, it drives everything.

Jack: Yeah, she is irrational, but that makes her only more vulnerable to tucker’s control.

Abby: And I agree, my mom is strong and capable and brilliant, but she hates diane so much that she will do anything to take her down or to tear the two of you apart. And I think that tucker’s just along for the ride, happy to be the one person that she thinks isn’t conned by diane. Tucker loves my mom and he would do anything for her.

Summer: How could you involve adam in all of this? I mean, why– why would you do that? What does he want in exchange? Who are you gonna make a deal with next to get out from underneath adam’s thumb? Mom, it’s never gonna end.

Phyllis: Oddly enough, adam is doing me a favor.

Summer: Let me get this straight. So, adam is in control of tucker now, so that means that you’re in control of carson and you’re supposed to just trust that both adam and tucker aren’t going to do anything to screw this up for you? And that’s if, if carson’s testimony makes any difference at all because it is suspect, mom, no matter what you say. It doesn’t take a lawyer to figure that out. Does heather know about any of this?

Phyllis: Don’t worry about heather. I will deal with heather.

Summer: This all happened because you hate diane so much and you resented all of us who were willing to give her a chance, right? That’s why this all happened? You went to such extremes to prove your point. Look at where we are. Right back where we started. How am I supposed to trust anything that you have said since you came back from the dead? How? What happened with stark, you begging for forgiveness, wanting to make amends, saying that you’ve changed? After everything that has happened, mom, it– it seems like you haven’t changed. Yeah, everything’s taken care of.

Phyllis: Listen, summer,

[ Phyllis chuckles ] You don’t know what it’s like to be me. To stand here, facing you, telling you the truth, knowing that maybe you will never ever believe me again. I made mistakes, I realize that. I am trying like hell to make amends to you and your brother. I am trying so hard and it kills me to my core to have you doubt every single thing that comes out of my mouth.

Summer: Don’t talk to me about your pain, mom. I thought that I lost you and when you came back, I lost my marriage. I’m not gonna pity you. You’re the one that set that in motion.

Phyllis: Okay, I’m not gonna engage with you like this. I’m not gonna do it because every single thing I say to you, you have a counter attack to–

Summer: I’m not attacking you! Oh, my god! If the truth is that brutal, that is on you! I have tried. I have tried to accept you for who you are. I have tried to forgive you for everything that you have done and the damage that you have caused to me. If you want honesty, mom, this is what it looks like.

Phyllis: Listen. I’m gonna find a way out of this. It’s all gonna be good like I said earlier. I will find a way out of this.

Summer: The way out isn’t by colluding with tucker and adam, but you don’t care because you– you like it. You like the chaos and the destruction. You don’t know how to exist without all of this drama in your life.

[ Summer sighs ] You don’t have any ethics. You don’t have any shame and I– I’m finally seeing it now. You’re never ever gonna change back. Yeah.

[ Door slams ]

Jack: I can only imagine what your grandfather would think.

Abby: He’d be heartbroken, but not hopeless. He’d think that there’s a way to come back from this.

Jack: He was a wiser man than I.

Abby: Uncle jack, I’m sorry that my mom has gone off the deep end about diane, but tucker isn’t egging her on anymore.

Jack: Abby, I don’t see it.

Abby: I think that you don’t see it because you’re at the root of it. I mean, it’s your undying defense of diane, and the way you’ve been rubbing it in my mom’s face. And, okay, if– if you’re gonna bring diane to the wedding, then maybe you shouldn’t come.

Jack: Wait, you’re asking me to leave my wife at home?

Abby: My mom has found a level of happiness that she hasn’t had in a while and she does care about tucker and he cares about her. And you know if you bring diane, there’s gonna be some look, some sort of verbal attack and it’s not gonna be about love anymore. It’s gonna turn into this war and I will not let that happen.

Jack: You are putting me between a rock and a hard place, abby.

Abby: Uncle jack, I am trying to be switzerland here, I really am. I want to help fix this sibling bond between the two of you, but I can’t do it alone.

Victoria: As I’ve already told nate, I’m– I’m content with our current relationship status as is.

Nikki: So, you’re not falling in love?

Victoria: Oh, god no. No, I’m far too busy and I– I have too messy of a track record.

Nikki: Well, darling, you have known real love in the past. Life is short. Love is too important to give up on. I mean, I’m not talking about nate, I’m just talking about the general scheme of things.

Victoria: Well, yeah, you’re right, mom. I have known love, which is why I know that I can live without it. It just leaves me more time and more emotional freedom to focus on the kids and work and my life. I’m not… [ Scoffs ] Anxious to rush into anything right now.

Nikki: No, not now, but eventually.

Victoria: What if I’m just not, you know, good at it?

Nikki: Oh, victoria, come on.

Victoria: I mean, I’m good at a lot of things. I’m exceptional, if you get right down to it, at some things.

[ Sighs ] But love, uh– I’ve kind of made some poor choices at times and I’ve been selfish. I’ve also been too giving at times. Sometimes, I’ve lost myself along the way. I’ve betrayed people that I love and I’ve been betrayed.

[ Victoria sighs ] But you know the worst part, mom, is that I’ve trusted men so much. I’ve loved them so much that I didn’t realize who they really were. I don’t wanna blindly trust anymore, but I also don’t wanna have a permanent distrust. I don’t wanna carry that around. So, love isn’t really an issue for me because I won’t let it be.

Nikki: Darling, uh, love may not last forever, but that doesn’t mean that you should cut yourself off from it. Don’t give up. Allow yourself to love and trust and put the past aside when the right man comes along, of course.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] Okay.

Nikki: Wait, wait, wait, just a minute, just a minute. I’m not quite finished. I know you and nate are having fun right now, but don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for something meaningful. I know you feel you’ve been burned a few times, but real love is too important to miss out on.

Audra: Uh, there was a major issue with one of our artists while I worked for tucker at mccall. While on a worldwide million dollar tour, the pr department found out that the singer was sleeping with, um, underage girls.

Nate: Statutory rape. Tucker knew about this?

Audra: Uh, no, no. He was, um, he was on one of his quests with no direct oversight or a knowledge of day-to-day matters at the time.

Nate: Still, it’s disgusting. Not to mention a huge financial liability.

Audra: Yeah, and a public relations crisis during a locked in, sold out tour. So, the pr department went into overdrive. They kept things quiet until the tour wrapped, at which time the star, you know, he admitted to the crime, went through due process, et cetera.

Nate: And tucker made you keep it quiet.

Audra: Yes. He did. And then when he returned, he learned about what had happened during his absence and then he directed me to wipe all traces, including replacing the pr team.

Nate: Okay, so what went wrong?

Audra: Well, some of my private emails to tucker slipped through to his spam folder. He never saw them and they were somehow missed during the data purge.

Nate: And now, adam is in control of those corporate it assets.

Audra: That’s right and he’s forcing my hand, insisting that I convince victor that the merging of newman media with mccall makes good business sense.

Nate: He is obsessed with getting his hands on your company.

Audra: And if he doesn’t get it, he’s gonna go to the press, I’ll be toast, and my career will be over. Dupixent helps you du more with less asthma.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. What can you do with sensitive skin?

Victoria: Don’t worry, mom, I’m– I’m not hiding from love or from anything else, you know? I’m– I’m enjoying my life. I am. I– I wake up excited. Every day has challenges and I just– I love each and every single success. And you know, I’ve finally put the pain of ashland behind me. I love working here alongside you.

Nikki: As do I.

Victoria: And look, I mean,

[ Victoria sighs ] The kids are doing so great. They’re in such a solid place right now.

Nikki: Darling, you’re a wonderful mother. We are so blessed to have such a loving family.

Victoria: And as for nate, I have to say, I mean, I finally feel like I’m living my life as an adult, you know? Both work and play, nate is just so fun to be around at the office. He’s– his spark and his energy, it just kind of fuels my productivity here at newman and– yes, I do also enjoy time with him outside of the office. I do. Mom, I’m content when I look at my future. For now. And I appreciate your motherly and your business instincts around here, but I have to ask you, in regards to nate, to back off. I insist on it.

Audra: I can usually finesse these kinds of situations, but I don’t like being stuck between two men like adam and tucker.

Nate: Listen, we think this through and come up with a solution.

Audra: That was exactly what I was hoping you’d say.

Nate: In the big picture, I don’t think there would be anything criminal to charge you with. From what you said, the guilty person has been dealt with under the law.

Audra: Absolutely.

Nate: Okay, and what kind of proof is there?

Audra: Of my involvement?

Nate: And tucker’S.

Audra: Uh, just two emails from me to him indicating knowledge of the coverup, uh, proof that we were both aware and kept it private.

Nate: The professional stain can be hard to wash off. You might be unemployable for a bit.

Audra: Well, any time is– is too long. And it was tucker’s damn company.

Nate: Yes, guys like tucker never take the fall and you know that. (Wheezing)

Audra: Um, you know, I’m– I’m pretty confident that I can sell victor on the idea of merging mccall with newman media. You know, I’ve got solid business reasons. Like, our most successful competitors today are more nimble and– and adaptable than ever. You know, this move will facilitate a united front, fewer silos. You know, victor should approve.

Nate: He’s claimed he’s not interested.

Audra: Look, I know that. Adam made that clear, but he doesn’t care. And– and victoria is the other issue. You know she’ll just be a stumbling block because they will bring adam into the same business unit.

Nate: She’s unlikely to support this given the sibling dynamics.

Audra: I am aware of that, nate, which is why while I work on convincing victor, I need you to please convince your boss and your romantic partner that this makes sense.

Nate: Listen–

Audra: It’s much better to have adam on the same team versus being our internal rival.

Nate: Listen, I see the big picture business logic in this, but why aren’t you putting up a fight? Or coming up with a plan b? Audra, if you sell this, you will ultimately be in a weaker leadership position at newman media. Do you understand that?

Audra: Yes, I do and I am working on a plan b, okay? But I can’t stall tucker. His highness is demanding that I resolve this right away, and plus, there’s too much on the line to wait. So, please, I need you to work your magic and convince victoria. Can I count on your support?

Jack: Abby, I love you and respect what you’re trying to do. I, too, would like to restore peace at home, at work, and with my sister.

Abby: Wonderful. Then help me fix this.

Jack: I can’t fix this. I am not gonna turn my back on diane. I think you know I waited a long time for love like this. I’d like to think I deserve it. And– and unless ashley can accept it, there will be no peace.

Abby: Look, uncle jack, someone needs to extend an olive branch, make some movement. And here I am. I am extending the olive branch. My grandfather would want that. So, please, can we just get in a room, just the three of us, and talk this out?

[ Jack sighs ]

[ Summer sighs ]

Summer: Sorry, I needed to go for a walk and clear my head.

Daniel: Just when you think there’s nowhere to go but up when it comes to mom, things spiral again. This is insane.

Summer: So, I– I went over there and I tried to convince her to not take the plea deal and then we just ended up arguing about other things. I mean, there is no getting through to her. She is still stubborn to the point of obsession. She can’t even listen to somebody else’s perspective.

Daniel: I think at this point, it’s better that she serves time in prison rather than you.

Summer: As horrible as I feel saying it, I think you’re right.

Phyllis: Hi. I need to see you right away. Yeah. It’s urgent. Everything’s about to change. -We’re done. -What about these?

Jack: Abby, I don’t want you to be disappointed. I know this has put you in an impossible position. I hate that it has come to this.

Abby: I know.

Jack: But look around. I never imagined things would escalate to this point on both sides and I worry that I– I’m going to slam into a brick wall if I try to mollify things with ashley.

Abby: Please, uncle jack. Just one last try. We have to. There’s too much on the line.

Jack: Okay. Okay. For your sake, I will make one last attempt at peace. Text your mother, tell her I will meet with her.

[ Abby gasps ]

Abby: Thank you, uncle jack! Thank you! Ah, thank you. Thank you, uncle jack. You’re not gonna regret this.

Nikki: Victoria, I can’t–

[ Knocking on door ]

Victoria: Nate.

[ Sighs ] Is everything handled regarding newman media?

Nate: A holding pattern for now. Am I interrupting?

Nikki: No, I’m done for the day. I’ll let the two of you get back to work.

Victoria: Goodbye, mom.

Nate: Take care, nikki. I’ll see you soon. Is everything okay with your mom?

Victoria: Yeah, she’s fine. She’s just being mom. Tell me about this holding pattern. Did you speak with audra? Was everything okay over there?

Tucker: Hi. Can I buy you a drink? Toast to a deal well done?

Audra: I’ll stick with club soda.

Tucker: Hey. I apologize for earlier. None of this is your fault. It’s my fault. I let my frustrations get the better of me and I took them out on you and you didn’t deserve it. I’m sorry. Anyway, I guess everything is handled now, yes?

Audra: Like, I’m handling it, but things are far from over.

[ Tucker scoffs ]

Tucker: Oh, not what I wanted to hear.

Christine: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Christine.

Heather: Madame D.A.

Phyllis: I’m ready to make a deal.

Summer: As much as it breaks my heart, I– I just don’t see another choice. This is the only way that we’re gonna be able to move forward.

Daniel: I agree. It’s time to let go.

[ Summer sighs ]

Summer: Hopefully, this makes mom see the light and actually change her ways. I mean, she’s got to pay a price for what she’s done and not at our expense.

Heather: I need to speak with my client in private. I apologize for wasting your time, christine. We will be in touch with you–

Phyllis: I’m taking the deal. I’ll plead guilty to avoid a trial. I need to protect my daughter at all costs.

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