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Shawn goes to the police station and informs Jada that his suspension is up today, but he doesn’t know who to talk to about coming back to work. Jada responds that she doesn’t know either because the acting Mayor hasn’t appointed a new police commissioner since firing Rafe which Shawn blames himself for.

Talia goes home to Jada’s room above the Pub after working community service. Talia complains that she’s going to need a shower, but then Rafe comes out from the shower and is surprised to see her.

Paulina sits at home watching Body and Soul. Chanel comes home and asks what Paulina is doing. Paulina invites her to watch Body and Soul with her. Chanel questions what’s going on and why she’s sitting in her robe in the middle of the day. Chanel then asks where Abe is. Paulina responds that he moved out.

Abe sits at Steve and Kayla’s as he turns on Body and Soul. Kayla comes home with food from the Pub. Kayla asks Abe if he knows who she is. Abe responds that she is Cassandra from Body and Soul.

Marlena visits Harris Michaels at Bayview. Harris says he’s fine. Marlena asks if he’s adjusting to life at Bayview. Harris says so far, so good and mentions running in to Eve Donovan which went surprisingly well as he had the chance to apologize for hurting her in the past and she accepted his apology which Marlena calls a wonderful sign of progress. Ava Vitali then appears and questions what the hell Harris is doing there. Marlena tells Ava to calm down but Ava demands to know what this son of a bitch is doing here. Harris says he’s sorry. Ava responds that she should be as she thought she got rid of him a long time ago. Harris repeats that he’s sorry and asks if he knows her. Ava questions him playing dumb and responds that he knows her just as well as she knows him.

Chanel questions Paulina about Abe moving out and explains that she stayed out late last night to give them alone time and then when she left this morning for the Bakery, she just assumed she was still in bed. Paulina responsd that she was but Abe was long gone. Chanel asks if they had a fight. Paulina says no but he was clearly uncomfortable and guesses he didn’t like when she kissed him which she did impulsively, thinking it would help him remember but all it did was disgust him. Chanel encourages that’s only because Abe doesn’t know her but as soon as he gets his memory back, he will be kissing her back. Chanel asks where Abe stayed instead. Paulina responds that he had Steve pick him up to stay with he and Kayla.

Kayla clarifies to Abe who she is. Abe recognizes her as his doctor but says she reminds him of the character on Body and Soul and apologizes for getting mixed up. Kayla understands that he has all these new faces and names so it’s like they are all these characters in a soap opera doing crazy things…

Rafe gets dressed and apologizes to Talia as he didn’t expect her back so soon. Talia explains that she came home to shower after dealing with all the trash from the White Dove Motel. Talia says Rafe and Jada using the place while she’s out is fine and asks him to just give her a heads up next time. Rafe admits that makes sense and notes that Jada just left for work while he didn’t have anywhere to be. Talia still can’t believe Rafe got fired for dating her sister. Rafe acknowledges that he was her boss and they have a policy against dating subordinates. Talia calls that a stupid policy. Rafe states that he did it and probably shouldn’t have. Talia argues that Mayor Rawlings would have never found out if it wasn’t for Shawn Brady.

Shawn asks if Jada’s not going to say anything about it being his fault that Rafe was fired. Jada asks what there is to say. Shawn guesses he was hoping she’d say she knew it wasn’t intentional and that he didn’t mean for Mayor Rawlings to hear what he said about her and Rafe. Shawn acknowledges that he was drinking and shooting his mouth off, then he tried to back pedal. Jada reminds him that Mayor Rawlings asked her and left her no choice but to admit so his back pedaling was pointless. Shawn offers to speak to the Mayor to get him to reverse the decision. Mayor Rawlings then arrives, so Jada tells him now is his chance.

Abe tells Kayla that it’s very generous of her and Steve to let him stay for awhile but he thinks he’s imposing. Kayla insists that he couldn’t impose on them if he tried. Kayla brings up all the weeks they didn’t know they would see him again and calls it a gift from God. Kayla talks about Abe knowing their whole family and calls him family, even though he doesn’t remember that. Abe says he appreciates that. Abe adds that as much as Paulina wanted him to, he knew from the moment that he went home that he couldn’t stay and that’s when he called Steve to come get him so he could stay with them for awhile. Kayla is glad they could be there for him. Abe appreciates their generosity but notes that the look on Paulina’s face made him know how much he upset her.

Chanel encourages that it’s not so bad that Abe is staying with Steve and Kayla since at least they know he’s safe. Paulina talks about Kayla telling her to just be patient which Chanel knows is hard for her. Paulina adds that Kayla said she would work with Abe to help him see that she only wants him to get better. Chanel insists that sooner or later, Abe is going to come back to her. Paulina admits that her optimism lifts her spirits, but she’s sorry that Chanel had to stay away last night for nothing. Chanel then reveals that it wasn’t all for nothing as she actually spent some time with Talia.

Rafe tells Talia that it’s not Shawn’s fault that he got fired. Talia argues that if Shawn hadn’t opened his big mouth, Mayor Rawlings would have never found out. Rafe points out that if he hadn’t been seeing Jada in the first place, there would have been nothing for the Mayor to hear. Talia complains that cops are supposed to look out for one another, not gossip about their personal lives, and says that at least Rafe told Shawn off. Rafe appreciates that Talia is on her side but says he got himself in to this mess so he has to take the blame for it.

Mayor Rawlings says he just came to see how things are going now that Rafe has been relieved from his post. Shawn says he needed to speak with him. Mayor Rawlings brings up that it was Rafe that suspended Shawn and says they have to fix that error. He remarks that he can’t believe Rafe had the gall to go after Shawn and calls it outrageous that he put Shawn’s job on the line for blowing the whistle on him.

Ava argues that Harris obviously knows who she is and that’s why he showed up here. Marlena goes to find Ava’s doctor. Harris argues that Ava is mistaking him for someone else. Ava laughs off the idea of forgetting him after all the trouble that he put her through over the years. Ava blames him for her ending up back with her family and the mob connections. Harris responds that he’s sorry that happened but introduces himself as Harris Michaels which Ava laughs at. Ava questions if that’s the best he can come up with. Harris insists that’s his name. Ava tells him not to lie to her as she knows exactly who he is. Harris then asks who she thinks he is. Ava calls him her son Charlie and questions why he keeps coming back. Ava tries to attack him until Marlena comes back with a doctor. Marlena shouts that they are only trying to help her as the doctor injects Ava with something that causes her to pass out.

Jada explains to Mayor Rawlings that Rafe didn’t suspend Shawn for telling about their relationship. Mayor Rawlings questions the timing. Shawn confirms that Jada is right and reveals that Rafe caught him drinking on the job as he was going through a rough patch, but he’s seeing a therapist and promises it will never happen again. Mayor Rawlings remarks that it seems Shawn learned his lesson but he’s afraid the same can’t be said for Rafe which is why he needs to appoint a new police commissioner immediately.

Talia guesses it’s good that Rafe is not holding a grudge. Rafe calls it too exhausting. Talia notes that Chanel said something just like that to her. Rafe questions her talking to Chanel. Talia says she ran in to her yesterday and they actually had a good time. Rafe calls that great and suggests maybe Chanel is ready to put everything behind her and they can be friends again. Talia comments on friends so Rafe asks if she was hoping for something more than that.

Paulina questions Chanel spending time with Talia. Chanel explains that she ran in to her in the town square after Talia had just come from Colin’s hearing where he was sentenced to 20 years in prison which Paulina calls some good news. Chanel talks about how Colin said some horrible things to Talia, so she tried to make her feel better as no matter what Talia did, she didn’t deserve to be abused by Colin. Chanel adds that next thing she knew, they were having dinner and she remembered why she liked Talia so much in the first place before everything went south. Chanel states that the more they talked, the more she started to feel a connection to Talia. Paulina questions if Chanel is saying she’s attracted to Talia.

Kayla tells Abe that Paulina has been through a lot the past few weeks but understands that Abe just needs some time. Abe insists that he didn’t mean to hurt her, but he knows if he stayed, she would be watching him and prompting him to try to get him to remember while hiding her hurt. Abe feels it would’ve been awful and hurt her more than him leaving. Kayla thinks he might be right. Abe adds that when Paulina kissed him, it was just strange as he knew she was his wife, but he didn’t know her. Kayla asks if he doesn’t remember her at all. Abe responds that he gets little glimpses and would see her in his dreams for a moment, but then the next minute he wouldn’t know her at all. Abe complains that everything is just so jumbled in his head and he just doesn’t know how to make any sense of it.

Talia tells Rafe that she doesn’t know if she wants to be more than friends with Chanel since she’s never been attracted to women and she only came on to Chanel because Colin was pressuring her to break her heart and she did everything he asked her to. Talia admits that when she and Chanel kissed, she actually felt something. Rafe asks if she’s not sure she wants to act on it. Talia repeats that she doesn’t know as everything right now is so confusing and after everything with Colin, she doesn’t know what’s true and what’s not. Talia suggests she should just talk to her therapist about it.

The doctor assures Marlena that he will have Ava taken back to her room. Marlena asks if Harris is alright. Harris says yes and asks if Marlena knows Ava. Marlena confirms that she does and explains that Ava has been having hallucinations about her dead son Charlie. Harris informs her that Ava thought he was Charlie. Marlena guesses something about him reminded her of Charlie and somehow triggered that episode. Harris calls it strange how Ava looked at him as it felt like she actually knew him.

Shawn suggests Mayor Rawlings just bring Rafe back as he’s a great guy, great boss, and did a lot for the city. Jada agrees and praises what’s been done since Rafe was in charge. Mayor Rawlings remarks that Jada is still under Rafe’s thumb which Jada argues against. He points out violating the city policy. Shawn states that Rafe made a mistake and that has nothing to do with his job performance. Mayor Rawlings argues that showing poor judgment has everything to do with it. He repeats that he needs to appoint a new commissioner and admits he’d be foolish not to consider an internal hire. Shawn agrees and thinks that Jada would make an excellent commissioner. Mayor Rawlings then reveals that he was actually thinking about Shawn.

Abe talks to Kayla about how one minute he knows he’s married to Paulina and the next, he pictures Whitley in a wedding dress. Abe knows Theo is his son, but he still sees Jerry and he can’t seem to get it straight. Kayla understands since he suffered a severe head injury and then Whitley kept giving him drugs to keep him prisoner while claiming strangers were his loved ones. Abe points out that Whitley is not still telling those stores or giving him drugs, so he asks if the effects are permanent and if he’s going to be like this forever.

Paulina acknowledges that Chanel was attracted to Talia before they found out what she was really up to. Chanel thought there was something there at the beginning but Talia was just putting on an act. Paulina brings up Chanel saying she felt last night like she did when she first met her. Paulina asks how Chanel really feels about Talia. Chanel then gets a call about the Bakery which shocks her.

Kayla doesn’t think Abe needs to worry about the drugs as it was mainly sedatives and nothing that would cause permanent damage. Abe still doesn’t know why Whitley would do this to him. Kayla explains that Whitley suffered severe trauma after losing her husband in a tragic accident, so she thinks Whitley had a psychotic break and Abe had severe amnesia, so it gave her the perfect opportunity to relive the life she wants. Abe states that he had no choice but to believe it was his life too since he doesn’t recognize the faces of any of his friends or family. Abe complains that all these new names and faces is just overwhelming. Kayla thinks she has a way to maybe help him.

Marlena tells Harris that she’s sorry to leave him after all that but she has to get back to the hospital. Harris understands and says he actually has a meeting with his therapist. Marlena tells him to call if he needs anything at all as she then exits.

Talia tells Rafe that she has to go shower since she has an appointment. Talia tells Rafe that it was really nice talking to him as she then goes to shower.

Chanel hangs up and informs Paulina that there was a surprise inspection from the health department at the Bakery and they failed, so they are being shut down. Chanel complains that it doesn’t make sense as she’s been so careful to follow every regulation and kept the place spotless. Paulina argues that there must be a mistake. Chanel brings up that the order came straight from the acting Mayor, who told her a few weeks ago that he was against the Bakery reopening and threatened to shut it down. Chanel worries that this is personal as Mayor Rawlings is out to get her.

Shawn questions Mayor Rawlings wanting him to be police commissioner. Mayor Rawlings asks why not and brings up that he comes from a long line of commissioners so he thinks it’s time to have a Brady back in that spot. Jada asks if he’s serious, reminding him that Shawn is just coming off a suspension. He says that’s why it’s the perfect time to accept this new position. Shawn responds that he’s sorry but he can’t accept it. Mayor Rawlings warns him that he will accept if he wants to continue working in the police department. He declares those are his terms, so Shawn can take it or leave it.

Talia meets Marlena at the hospital and hopes she’s not late. Marlena says she’s right on time. Talia mentions her community service. Marlena asks how that’s going. Talia says it’s fine. Marlena brings up knowing that Colin was sentenced yesterday. Talia confirms that she was in the court room. Marlena guesses seeing him again must have brought up a lot of feelings and asks if she wants to talk about it. Talia responds that she doesn’t want to talk about her feelings for Colin, but about her feelings for Chanel.

Paulina and Chanel go to the Bakery and finds a temporarily closed sign on it. Mayor Rawlings arrives and asks about them wanting to see him. Paulina questions the bakery being closed again. Mayor Rawlings responds that Chanel failed to follow regulations as she didn’t display the official City of Salem sticker which all businesses are required to do. Chanel argues that she wasn’t given one since they were out and said they’d be sent when restocked. Mayor Rawlings insists that no business can run without displaying the sticker. He remarks that maybe Abe was happy to look the other way at her numerous scandals, but his administration is by the book and he makes the rules now. He declares the Bakery is closed and walks away. Chanel asks Paulina now what.

Kayla presents Abe with photos of his friends to try and jog his memory. Kayla starts with Marlena, who Abe says looks very familiar and first thinks she’s a character from Body and Soul. Kayla explains that it’s Marlena, who is married to his best friend. Kayla then shows him a photo of John. Abe recalls meeting him with Steve. Kayla then shows a photo of Rafe. Abe guesses it but admits that he saw his name on the back of the photo.

Jada goes home where Rafe is watching Body and Soul. Rafe asks what she’s doing back so soon. Jada informs him that she had to come tell him about new developments at the office. Rafe guesses it must be something big. Jada suggests he brace himself.

Shawn enters the police commissioner’s office and takes his seat at the desk.

Ava returns to Harris at Bayview.

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