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Paulina complains to Chanel about the acting Mayor thinking he can shut down the Bakery over a sticker that she was never sent. Chanel insists that it was personal and that Mayor Rawlings wanted her shut down for good and thinks she got preferential treatment because Abe was the Mayor. Paulina declares that she’s not going to let Mayor Rawlings bully Chanel out of business, so she’s going to take care of him and storms off.

Kayla sits with Abe and continues to try to jog his memory with photos. Kayla shows him Chanel which Abe correctly recognizes. Abe then suggests going through the photos again so Kayla starts over with Marlena.

Marlena asks Talia what kind of feelings she wants to talk about in regards to Chanel. Talia doesn’t know and admits it might be romantic feelings, but she knows Chanel dated Marlena’s granddaughter and was married to her grandson, so she understands if this is too weird for her to talk about. Marlena responds that Talia is her patient, so she is here to listen to her without judgment.

Tripp is at the hospital and calls Wendy to ask what she’s doing. Wendy responds that she just got home from work and was just about to watch a movie. Tripp says there’s a change of plans and she will meet him tonight as he swapped shifts. Wendy asks what the plan is. Tripp informs her that he booked them another room at the Salem Inn that isn’t occupied so there will be no interruptions. Tripp says it will just be them tonight. Wendy responds that she will pack a bag and see him there.

Ava returns to Harris at Bayview and tells him not to worry as she’s not going to attack him again and she just wanted to apologize. Harris questions her calling him Harris. Ava assures that she knows that’s his name now and introduces herself. Ava says she’s feeling better after earlier thinking that he was her dead son Charlie. Harris informs her that Marlena explained. Ava asks if Marlena told him why she would attack her own child. Harris admits she did not. Ava then explains that her son Charlie had issues, kidnapped her, and drugged her food which started her hallucinations. Ava adds that her other son Tripp found her and she lost her grip on reality, so she ended up in the hospital where her hallucinations continued. Ava notes that just when she was starting to feel better, Charlie showed up to try to kill her but luckily, people showed up to stop him and then someone stopped him for good as he was shot to death. Harris tells Ava that he’s so sorry. Ava says it’s okay and that after that, her hallucinations stopped for awhile and she was doing great for a bit, but then she was having a rough time a couple months ago and the hallucinations started again with Charlie telling her to do terrible things. Ava admits that she had a full on psychotic break and that’s how she ended up here. Harris mentions that Marlena thought she was improving. Ava confirms that she had been between the meds and therapy, so she thought the visions were gone but apparently not. Ava is sure Harris didn’t want to hear all that, but she really wanted to apologize for attacking him earlier as it was nothing personal. Ava comments that Harris seems like a really nice person and assures she will do her best to make sure nothing like that happens again.

Talia informs Marlena that she’s never been attracted to women before and has like no experience as she’s only really been in one relationship in her life and that guy turned out to be a lunatic. Talia can’t help but think that her interest in women is because of what one terrible man did to her. Marlena questions if that’s what she thinks is happening. Talia admits she doesn’t know and says after everything that happened with Colin, she doesn’t trust her judgment anymore so it’s entirely possible that her feelings for Chanel aren’t real.

Johnny finds Chanel in the town square and questions the Bakery being shut down. Talia confirms that Salem’s acting Mayor shut her down because she failed to display the City of Salem sticker in the window which they never sent her. Chanel argues that the whole thing is bogus as she doesn’t see any stickers around but somehow, only her business was hit by the surprise inspection. Chanel adds that Mayor Rawlings practically admitted to being out to get her. Johnny asks what his problem is and why he is targeting her. Chanel responds that she has no idea and wonders what difference it makes. Johnny argues that he can’t just shut her down, so she has to fight back. Chanel mentions that Paulina agrees and said that she had someway to fix it but wouldn’t tell her what and that Paulina then just stormed off so lord knows what she’s up to.

Kayla shows Abe a photo of Paulina. Abe states that she is his wife but repeats that every time he tries to picture her, he sees Whitley. Kayla suggests taking a break and getting fresh air. Paulina then shows up at the door and declares that she needs to see Abe now.

Harris comments on Ava being so upset awhile ago but now seeming sane. Ava responds that the meds work fast. Ava admits she tried to take herself off the meds but she won’t make that mistake again. Harris relates to thinking you’re recovered but realizing you’re not. Ava says under different circumstances, she would ask what he’s in for but she doesn’t want to pry. Harris tells her that he doesn’t mind sharing since they are here to talk, listen, and learn from one another. Harris says before getting to him, he’d like to finish talking about her. Harris asks if Ava knows why she’s still having hallucinations. Ava responds that her shrink thinks it’s a manifestation of her guilty conscience. Harris asks what she feels guilty about. Ava asks where to begin.

Talia tells Marlena that she doesn’t even know why she’s talking about this since it’s not like anything can happen between her and Chanel after everything she did to hurt her family. Marlena reminds her that they talked about that before and that Talia was in an emotionally abusive relationship where Colin manipulated her in to doing things she didn’t want to do. Talia mentions telling Chanel that so she could understand. Talia adds that they only met because Colin wanted her to destroy Chanel’s life, but she actually ended up genuinely liking her and still does. Talia admits that she misses Chanel and she hasn’t felt this way about other friends. Talia asks if that means she’s bisexual. Marlena doesn’t think they have to label it but that she has to acknowledge if she has romantic feelings for Chanel and be honest with herself. Talia then declares that she has romantic feelings for Chanel.

Chanel tells Johnny that Paulina is probably going all mama bear on someone in City Hall. Johnny encourages that if anyone can get the job done, it’s Paulina. Chanel brings up not seeing Johnny in awhile so she asks how he’s been. Johnny responds that he’s been good and that he was out of town for awhile. Johnny then sees Wendy going in to the Salem Inn with her bag packed. Chanel asks where Johnny went. Johnny tells her that he was in New Zealand as Will invited him out to see his film set and he had nothing else going on. Johnny praises the film technology over there. Chanel asks if he went sight seeing while there. Johnny says he did and that New Zealand is beautiful so he wishes he could’ve stayed longer. Chanel asks about family. Johnny talks about Arianna and Henry. Chanel adds that he can tell her about Allie, guessing that he did see her. Johnny confirms that he did.

Wendy enters the room at the Salem Inn where Tripp is inside with a candle lit dinner set up. Tripp tells her that she looks so beautiful. Wendy comments that he didn’t have to do all this. Tripp reminds her that they wanted their first time to be perfect, so he hopes he can live up to the hype. Wendy assures that he already has as they kiss.

Kayla questions what Paulina is doing there since she agreed to give Abe some space. Paulina pushes her way in and declares that this is an emergency. Paulina sits with Abe and tells him that she is his wife. Abe responds that he knows who she is and he thought she understood that he’s not ready to go back to her place. Paulina argues that it’s their home and she wishes he was there with her, but that’s not what she came to ask. Abe states that whatever it is, the answer will still be the same as he cannot be a good husband right now. Paulina questions if he can be a good mayor.

Harris tells Ava that he understands if it’s too personal. Ava agrees they are there to talk, listen, and learn. Ava explains to Harris that her older son Tripp was taken from her as a baby when her father sold him on the black market. Harris says he’s so sorry. Ava says she was devastated and her father thought she could just have another kid and magically be cured. Ava adds that when she held Charlie, she felt nothing because it just reminded her of what she had lost with Steve and Tripp, so she gave Charlie to his father. Ava talks about how Charlie would try anything to get her attention but she gave him nothing. Harris understands she had been traumatized. Ava points out that wasn’t Charlie’s fault and he didn’t deserve to be punished for what her father did as he needed a mother’s love but he didn’t get that, so he grew up with hate in his heart and did horrible, hateful things just like she did. Ava states that an innocent woman died because of her and she can’t say Charlie made her do it because it was a voice in her head. Ava adds that it’s not the first time that she’s caused someone’s death and remarks that Harris has no idea what it’s like to be responsible for something so tragic. Harris corrects her that he unfortunately knows exactly what that feels like.

Wendy tells Tripp that she’s actually not hungry for dinner and suggests they skip ahead which Tripp agrees they can do.

Talia tells Marlena that Chanel even considering her a friend again is more than she could’ve expected, so she worries that expecting anything more would be too much. Talia adds that she doesn’t deserve to be happy with Chanel after everything she did. Marlena feels that sounds like something Colin would put in her head and says it isn’t true. Marlena adds that Colin kept power of her, but now she has taken back her power and is working on her mental health. Talia guesses it’s probably not a good idea to jump in to a relationship right now. Marlena says maybe not but it’s also not good to repress her feelings.

Chanel brings up that Johnny and Allie weren’t on the best terms when Allie left town. Johnny acknowledges that she moved to a different hemisphere without letting him know or saying goodbye. Chanel talks about the mess between them and Allie and Alex. Chanel hopes things are better between them. Johnny confirms that Allie apologized for leaving the way she did. Johnny gets that Allie just needed to get out and start fresh and she seems to be doing really well now that she’s seeing someone else. Chanel admits that rattled her at first but she’s fine now. Chanel asks what Allie’s boyfriend is like. Johnny claims that he’s a total tool with zero personality and jokes that he’s ugly. Chanel says nice try but she has seen pictures of him and he could pass for a Hemsworth brother. Chanel tells Johnny to tell her the truth and guesses the guy is great. Johnny admits he’s pretty cool and that Allie seems happy with him. Chanel says she’s glad. Johnny then states that he doesn’t hold a candle to Chanel as nobody does.

Abe questions what Paulina is talking about. Paulina explains that the acting mayor, Clint Rawlings, has shut down Chanel’s bakery again and complains that it’s not fair or right, while Abe is the only one who can fix it. Abe questions how he can do that. Paulina argues that it’s Abe’s job and Clint only stepped in when Abe was presumed dead, so he needs to go take his job back and kick that power tripper to the curb. Paulina says if it was some random person, she wouldn’t ask, but it’s Chanel and Abe thinks of her as his own. Paulina brings up that Chanel was only able to open the Bakery because of Abe. Paulina talks about how Abe was so impressed that Chanel got the approval to open the bakery and was thriving. Paulina knows that if Abe could remember, he’d do everything in his power to get the Bakery running again. Paulina pleads with Abe to help Chanel before it’s too late.

Ava says that Harris being brainwashed is not his fault. Harris says it doesn’t fit with who he is or who he thought he was as Navy SEALs are trained to resist but he couldn’t resist orders to kill two innocent people and a couple weeks ago, he was going to kill someone that he didn’t even know. Harris doesn’t understand why he’s so vulnerable to being controlled this way. Harris says he had to make sure it didn’t happen again, so he asked Marlena to have him committed. Harris always thought of himself as an elite, invincible warrior. Ava points out that nobody is invincible and nobody likes being controlled. Harris responds that all he knows now is that he’s done walking out worrying that he could become someone else’s pawn. Harris asks how long it’s been since Ava has talked to Tripp. Ava admits it’s been awhile because last time he came to visit a few months ago, she thought he was Charlie and attacked him, so the doctors told Tripp to stay away as they were afraid that seeing him would trigger her. Harris knows that must be really hard. Ava admits she was relieved as she can’t keep putting Tripp through that and doing that to him. Ava brings up that the doctors recently said she could see him again but she doesn’t want to snap on him again and feels she can’t keep dragging Tripp through her own nightmare as he doesn’t deserve it. Harris asks if the alternative is not seeing her son anymore and if that’s what she really wants.

Tripp presents Wendy with dessert and says he knows what she meant but they can’t let it all go to waste. Tripp then brings in another room service cart of chocolate fondue. Wendy then calls Tripp her dream come true. Tripp says she is his too and they kiss.

Talia questions what she’s even supposed to say to Chanel about her feelings. Marlena suggests a more nuanced approach. Talia asks what if Chanel freaks out on her and gets furious. Marlena admits she can’t promise that won’t happen but the last thing she wants to have is regret. Marlena worries that if Talia doesn’t talk to Chanel, she will never know what might have been.

Chanel thanks Johnny. Johnny thinks Allie was nuts to give her up. Chanel says she would say the same about Wendy giving Johnny up. Johnny thinks Wendy would disagree and admits that he just saw Wendy heading in to the Salem Inn with an overnight bag. Chanel says she’s sorry and asks if he didn’t see it coming at all. Johnny thought things were going great. Chanel asks if Wendy gave him an explanation. Johnny admits that she did and thinks back to Wendy telling him that she didn’t think he was over Chanel. Chanel asks what Wendy’s reason was for breaking things off.

Paulina worries about the town of Salem with Mayor Rawlings in charge. Kayla pulls Paulina aside and insists that Abe needs to focus on his recovery. Paulina argues that she is Abe’s wife. Abe interrupts and says he may have lost his memory, but he still has a brain and free will, so this decision is all up to him. Abe announces that he’s decided he will do it which excites Paulina.

Ava tells Harris that the idea of never seeing Tripp again is unimaginable but feels she’s been nothing but a burden to him, so maybe it’s better if he just stays away. Harris asks if she thinks that’s what Tripp wants. Ava knows her son loves her, but says all she does is cause him pain and he’s had so much of that in his life. Ava talks about the things Tripp has overcome and that he’s a doctor now. Harris states that he’s not a parent but he can hear the love in her voice, so he knows Tripp must feel that and there’s no way he’d want to be cut off from that. Ava worries about attacking him again and insists she must protect Tripp like she failed to do with Charlie. Harris questions if she’s protecting Tripp or herself. Harris knows Ava is scared and admits that he is too, but they can’t let it stop them from trying. Harris feels if they say Ava is ready, she should try, and he’s sure Tripp would say the same thing.

Tripp and Wendy kiss. Wendy talks about looking forward to this so much but admits she’s a little nervous. Tripp says he is too. Wendy suggests they’re putting too much pressure on themselves in thinking it all has to be perfect because being here with him feels so right. Wendy knows this is their first time but points out there will be other times. Wendy decides they should give up on being perfect and just be in the moment with no pressure. Tripp agrees as they continue kissing until they are interrupted by Tripp’s phone ringing. Tripp apologizes as he forgot to turn it off but sees the call is from Bayview, so Wendy says he better answer it. Tripp answers the call and says he understands, mentioning the timeframe of 7-9. Tripp thanks them and hangs up. Tripp informs Wendy that Ava told her doctors that she wants to see him and they gave her the okay. Tripp notes that he’ll have to try to figure out how to get off work tomorrow in time since he’s working a double. Wendy points out that Bayview hours are open until 9 PM tonight. Tripp says there’s no way he’s leaving now but Wendy says he should since his mom wants to see him, so he better get over there before anything changes. Tripp says he wants to but they’ve been waiting so long. Wendy assures that she’ll still be there when he gets back as she’s not going anywhere. Tripp thanks her for understanding as they kiss.

Johnny starts to tell Chanel why Wendy broke up with him but Talia comes by and asks if she’s interrupting. Johnny says they were just catching up but he has to get going. Johnny tells Chanel to hang in there and to let him know if there’s anything he can do to help. Johnny then walks away. Talia asks what Johnny meant and if there’s anything he can do about what.

Paulina calls Abe an angel. Kayla questions if Abe is sure he wants to be the Mayor again. Paulina says he sounded sure to her. Abe admits he has to agree that he has a purpose and a reason to get up in the morning, so he thinks it would help with his recovery and he would be able to help others too. Paulina agrees. Kayla cautions him as her doctor. Abe knows she thinks it’s too much, too soon, and if it is, he gives his word that he will come right back but he has to at least try to help his stepdaughter. Paulina excitedly hugs Abe and says she can’t thank him enough.

Ava informs Harris that she just spoke to her doctor, who called Tripp and now he’s on his way. Harris says that’s great. Ava says everyone thinks she’s a badass that’s not afraid of anything but she’s really shaking. Harris encourages that it will be okay. Ava thanks him for encouraging her to reach out. Harris says he has a session to get to and tells Ava that it was nice talking to her. Ava guesses she will see him around as Harris then exits. Tripp then arrives and hugs Ava.

Wendy decides to turn on the TV while she waits for Tripp.

Johnny goes to see Marlena in her office at the hospital. Marlena hugs him and welcomes him home, saying it’s great to see him. Johnny asks if she has a patient right now. Marlena says no as she was just catching up on paper work. Johnny says he had something he hoped to talk to her about. Johnny can’t believe he’s about to say this, but he thinks he might still have romantic feelings for Chanel.

Paulina tells Abe that she’s sorry for getting carried away but she’s so grateful. Paulina calls Abe a good man, who always comes through for the people he loves. Paulina thanks Abe again and says she can’t wait to tell Chanel the good news as she hurries out. Abe knows Kayla thinks he made a mistake. Kayla hopes she is wrong. Abe says that makes two of them.

Talia questions Chanel about the acting mayor being out to get her. Chanel says she has no idea. Talia asks if there’s any way she can help. Chanel doesn’t think so. Talia points out that business was going good which Chanel confirms. Chanel notes that Talia seems nervous and asks if everything is okay. Talia says she just left therapy and Marlena encouraged her to talk to her. Chanel asks what’s going on. Talia says Chanel doesn’t have to respond but she has to get it out. Talia then tells Chanel that she has romantic feelings for her and she doesn’t know if Chanel could ever return them, but asks her to let her know if she could if she wants to. Talia then decides she has to go and rushes off.

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