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Now, would I miss Victor’s welcome home dinner? Well, of course Alex is invited. I’m going to be back in plenty of time. I’m just in Chicago for a brief visit with Sarah. Oh, listen, be sure, I remind Cook to prepare all of Victor’s favorites. Okay. All right, Jess, and I’ll see you later. Bye bye. Oh, my God. Mom.

Uh, wha ha. What are you doing here? Well, um, you were out, so the doorman let me in. Oh. Great. I I wish I knew you were coming. Well, I’m sorry to surprise you, sweetie, but I suppose that makes us even, since you’ve been hiding something from me. I think it’s about time you came clean, don’t you?

I don’t mean to push, love, but this floor is murder on my knee. Get up.

Get up! What are you doing? This is a joke, right? Did that come out of a cereal box? It’d be pretty expensive cereal, Chloe. No, this is a real ring. This is a real proposal. Can we just skip to the part where you throw your arms around me and tell me you’ve never been happier? No. Not yet. Not until you convince me this has nothing to to do with Gwen.

Natty! Come on, open the door. I want to say goodbye before I leave for my honeymoon. It’s your best friend.

Don’t open the door. I’m not going away.

You’re proposing to Sloane. Yes, it seemed like the right thing to do. I mean, we are having a child together. Ah, there’s the mother of my child, ej. Sorry, did I startle you? No, no, I’m, I’m fine. You are obviously deep and full. What’s in your mind, Eric,

so you won’t say anything to anyone? Your secret’s safe with me.

Eric, you’re back. Am I interrupting?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So, I have to get to the office, Eric. So nice seeing you, and, and Sloan, we will talk soon. Absolutely, thank you so much for stopping by. Well, before Belinda leaves… I don’t know, somebody tell me what this little secret that you guys were discussing. Oh, that? No, that was nothing. Oh, well great, then you can share.

Eric, I, Sloan, um, there’s no point, just tell him the truth.

I’m thinking about Eric. Well, I saw him this morning at the square when I had breakfast with Chloe, and we got to see the very lovely engagement ring that he picked out for Sloan. Apparently he’s going to propose. Oh. That must have been a surprise. Well, it makes sense. They’re going to have a baby together.

What is it that you want me to come clean about? Oh, honey, come on. I’ve been waiting for you to open up about this for a while, ever since Bonnie told me. Oh, Bonnie. I know you swore to secrecy, but, Sarah, it’s not like you to keep things from me. Especially big news like this.

Were you ever going to tell me that you were involved with Rex again?

I mean, did you think I was never going to find out?

Yeah. Lesson learned, Mom. Not keeping anything from you.

Why would you think this is about Gwen? Well, when I left this morning, you were reading that article about her wedding. She married that douchebag. So what? But you don’t think that’s the reason I proposed to you, do you? No, darling. I just ran into Gwen and I, I wished her the very best and I meant it. Okay, even if that’s true, this is…

Really fast. We’ve only been together for three months. Three wonderful months, though. During which I’ve fallen deeply in love with you, Chloe. So much so, I don’t care if When Mary’s Dimitri or Sarah goes back to Rex. Whoa Wait, Sarah and Rex are back together. Where’d you hear that? Oh, Maggie told me, yeah.

I went over to the house to see her and she mentioned that she was headed to Chicago to visit Sarah and Sarah was back with Rex. Okay, was that before or after you got that ring? Come on, look, you might be able to convince me that this proposal is not something to do with Gwen, but Sarah, that’s a different story.

Gwenny! God, well it took you long enough, why aren’t you going to let me in? No, I’m not decent. Here, tell me something I don’t know. Natty, you haven’t said a word! I haven’t! I haven’t! Oh my God.

Matty, this place is an absolute pigsty. Why do you think I didn’t want to let you in? When is the last time you had housekeeping in? Well, I told them to stop coming. Since you abandoned me, I have nobody to keep it clean for. Excuse me, I may not live here anymore, but I would never ever abandon you. I’m just going to be gone a few weeks.

Plus, I had to come back to get one last hug from my bestie Matty Cakes. Oh, I’m so grateful to you for telling Dimitri that I wanted to visit Iceland. I always wish you were coming with us. You don’t mean that. I did say almost. Honestly though, I do hope that one day the three of us can be great friends.

What was that? What was what? That noise from the loo. I didn’t hear anything. You liar. You’re hiding somebody in there, aren’t you? And I know exactly who it is.

Chloe, I swear to you. This has nothing to do with Sarah. And yet you were just talking to Maggie about her. I was talking to Maggie about Victor. She wants me to make amends with him. The Sarah stuff, it’s just a sidebar. And I told Maggie, I’m glad Sarah’s moved on. Because I’ve moved on too. And putting a ring on my finger isn’t just proving that to all the women that you’ve loved before?

That’d be a pretty lousy thing for me to do to you, wouldn’t it? I know, but I don’t even think that it’s conscious, Xander. And you have to admit, all of this is… Oh, it’s really sudden. And I have a hard time believing that it doesn’t have anything to do with Sarah. Alright. Forget what

I said. This… Has everything to do with Sarah.

You’re a grown woman. I don’t expect you to tell me every little detail of your life. But getting back together with Rex, it’s not exactly little. Well, I know you’re not Rex’s biggest fan, but That’s true. I hate that he cheated on you, and more than once. You know, I get this feeling, I don’t know what it is, but there’s something you’re not telling me.

I mean, how can we have a decent conversation when you’re holding a bag of groceries? Please, would you just put them down so we can sit? And you can tell me how serious this is with Rex.

Oh, it’s that serious.

Melinda’s right, there’s no point in trying to hide this any longer. The truth is, the truth is that a Sloan should not have met with that judge behind my back. I came here planning to blow your girlfriend out of the water, but we hashed it out and decided that no one else has to know. Except, now you do, of course.

A judge? Uh, Sloane bent the rules, but she did it for her brother. And, uh, she was trying to get Colin’s sentence reduced, which I understand, but meeting alone with the judge without the opposing counsel present, in this case, is me, um, is a big no no in legal circles. But, uh, Sloane has so much to look forward to with the two of you expecting, so I am willing to look the other way.

So, that’s what you two were discussing? Mm hmm. Oh God, you’re not angry, are you? Oh, no, no, of course not. Seems like we both owe you a ton of thanks for keeping this from getting out.

So, Eric is going to marry the woman who’s carrying his child? Well, I mean, just say yes first. She will, of course she’ll say yes. And of course, Eric is the kind of man who wants to do the right thing by buying her a ring. And no, EJ. I am not upset. Not even a little. And you want to know why? Well, it is.

Because I am not invested in Eric’s life. I am invested in ours. I’m invested in us. And I love you. And you are the father of my child. And you are the man that I want to be with. Hmm. How much? Sorry? Do you want to be with me enough to say yes? If I ask you to marry me right now.

Thank you, Melinda, for being so understanding about all this. Of course. Sorry if our little mystery caught you off guard. Oh, no. It’s all good. Okay, then. I, I really should get going. Yes. I mean, walk you out. Oh

my God, you totally saved me. Look, I don’t want to ruin your life, Sloane. I, like I said, I feel like we’re becoming friends. And friends… Have each other’s back. So Eric won’t be hearing from me that he’s also the father of Nicole’s baby. You have my word on that. Eric’s right. I totally owe you. Who knows?

Maybe I’ll need a favor in return one day.

Marry you. Why do you seem so surprised to be the first time I’ve lost? Yeah, because the last time around you had this spur of the moment idea to, um, oh wait, how did you put it? Oh yes, to upstage Stefan and Gabby. And now I tell you that Eric’s gonna propose to Sloane. Hmm. So you think this is a spur of the moment reaction to that?

Understandable. Understandable. Give me a moment.

Oh, is that what I think it is?

I’ve been holding on to this for quite some time, waiting for the right moment to give it to you. And that moment is now, next to you.

Me? With what you just said. It’s all true for me as well. I’m invested in us and our life together. And I love you too, Nicole. You are the mother of my child. And you are, without question, the one I want to be with forever. And it seems like you feel the same way about me. Or did I misunderstand?

Now I know why you didn’t want me to come in here. And it has nothing to do with this room being a mess.

You can come out now, Mr. Perry. Mr. Perry? Mm, that guy that you were sexting with yesterday. Remember I saw your phone, I saw his initials MP, as in Matthew not the actor from Friends. Perry?

I want to meet the man that my Matty here is so enamored by.

He’s not coming out, Gwenny. What? Why not? What’s the big deal?

Mattie? You look positively ashen. What’s going on?

This proposal, it is about Sarah and Gwen. Just not in the way you think. I’m listening. Gwen married this Euro trash tosser who tried to blow up the world. And Sarah’s now back with some arrogant jerk who can’t stop cheating on her. But what do these two very different women have in common? Bad taste in men?

They’re happy. And I don’t begrudge them that. One bit. Because I want to be happy. And I want you to be happy. I think we can be together. But we’re already happy together. I want to commit to you, Chloe. I want to commit to more than just shacking up in this cramped apartment paying rent month to month.

And not because I’m trying to compete with those two or prove anything to anyone. This is about what I want to share with you. Let me think about it. We could have our own house, big kitchen, fireplace, lovely yard for the kitties to run around in. Kitties?

You’re pregnant. You’re very pregnant. Sarah, why didn’t you tell me? Did you think I wouldn’t be happy for you? No, no, it’s not that. This is not about Rex. I mean, it’s one thing not to tell me that the two of you are dating again, but to lie about a pregnancy all this time? I didn’t lie. You did. By omission.

Every time we talked on the phone since you moved here. And from the looks of it, you conceived right after you left Salem. Before.

Before? Yeah. Remember that one time with Rex back home right around Valentine’s Day? Well, that’s even more baffling. Sarah, what possible reason could you have to hide this from me all this time?

Wait. What? Wait a minute. That baby. It’s not Rex’s, is it? What? What are you talking about? Rex isn’t the only person you slept with before you left Salem. That’s why you didn’t tell me you were pregnant. Because that baby you’re carrying is Sanders.

You think that the babies… No, I don’t want to hear anymore because it’s not helpful for me to hear that. Sarah. What? You can’t even look me in the eye and we both know why.

It’s true. Help


It’s true.

The baby is Xander’s.

But you can never tell him.

I had to. I had no idea that you wanted to be a father. Of course I do. Sooner the better. Don’t want to be one of these old geezers who has to lug his oxygen tank to his kid’s kindergarten class. I think you have a long time before you’d have to worry about that, but over the past few months we’ve talked about everything and you never mentioned that you wanted children.

Well, you know I helped raise little Mackenzie. Who turned out to be Rachel. Right, but, you know, the point is, despite that, I was a good dad. And I miss it. I mean, every time I hear you on the phone with Parker, I can’t help but imagine what it might be like for us.

Wow. Really? I want a child of my own. Children of my own someday. But not of just anyone. With you. That’s what I’m proposing. That’s what. I’m proposing. Not just a marriage. A life. Family. I love you, Chloe. I have fallen madly in love with you. Can’t imagine my life without you in it.

Corny. Please. MP is not coming out because he doesn’t want you to see him. Why not?

Because he’s a married man. His wife doesn’t know about us. Yes, I went there again. I know it’s wrong. I couldn’t stop myself. I am mad for him. He’s mad for me? Oh God, I’m a terrible person. No, you are not. I am! I’m a monster! Look, look, look at me. If this man is mad for you, then obviously his marriage isn’t working.

And then that would mean that you were his marriage ending, assuming that it does. I guess you have a point. Matty, you are one of the best people that I know. You are so loving, you’re so loyal. I don’t care what anybody else says, and neither should you. If this man makes you happy, that is the only thing that matters, because you deserve happiness.

God knows that I’ve waited long enough for happiness and now I finally have it. Oh, um, gosh, what’s the time? Oh dear, I ought to get back to Dimitri and finish packing.

I’m gonna miss you so much. I’m gonna miss you more. Oh. Alright then, come on, give us a big hug.

Say bye to Mr. Perry for me.

Oh, God. Matthew and Matty. You don’t even need to change the monograms on the towels.

Oh, dear. Adorable.

Oh, that was close. How are you not dying inside? Did you hear what she said? About the towels. No! About us! Yes, I did. I did. And she’s absolutely right, Leo. You do deserve happiness.

How am I going to get through the next few weeks without you? Funny you should ask. Go check your email.

No freaking way.

You bought that ring for me? And you’ve just held on to it? Mm hmm. As I said, I knew the perfect moment would come along. Oh my God! Is this for real? Well, you weren’t crazy about my last attempt, so, uh, I wanted to get it right this time.

I knew you were underwhelmed by my last proposal and wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice. So, when we found out you were able to carry to town, I went out and bought this ring.

You said you wanted a real proposal, the traditional kind. So, here I am. I can tell I got one part right. You didn’t see it coming.

You may be surprised, my love, but I’ve been counting the minutes until I could put this ring on your finger.

I want us to be one when our child is born. You said you’d get married when you were asked by a man who was as deeply in love with you as you were with him.

You look at him.

You’ve told me how you feel, and I’ve done the same. And now? Now, what?

Well, I guess there’s only one thing left to say.

There’s only one thing left to say. Will you marry me?

Will you marry me?

Should I have worn a tux? Damn it, I knew it, I knew it, I should have worn a tux. I’m so sorry, I just didn’t… Think through it all, you know, I

Yes, yes, I say yes

AJ you don’t have to do the whole bended knee thing We’ve been there, done that. And our history makes it all the more important to acknowledge the significance of this moment What are the odds we’d end up here? Together and happy and so very, very blessed.

Kind of a miracle, isn’t it? The universe is giving us another chance to get things right. With a child. Our child. And

I want to celebrate that, Nicole. Announce our love and commitment to each other and our child to the world.

Please, allow me to do that by letting me place this ring on your finger.

She’s got this.

Oh, hey there, Miss Ryszczek. I just read about your wedding. Congrats. Wow, how heartfelt. Thank you. Your husband’s got an interesting track record. Dmitri is a wonderful man. If he’s as wonderful as you are, I look forward to trying you jointly for the crimes you’ll inevitably commit. Just so much more efficient that way.

You know, I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but not even you can spoil my day, Miss Trask. You see, in just a few short hours, I’m headed to Iceland. Jetting off to the trip of a lifetime. Toodles.

You got me a plane ticket? To Iceland? Keep scrolling. Your hotel reservation’s in there too. But this is… The same place that I’m staying with Gwen, yes, but don’t worry, you’re an entirely different wing. But Iceland is such a small country, aren’t there more sheep than people? I’m sure you can look that up on the way there.

Dimitri, please, I cannot crash your honeymoon.

I’m sorry, Leo. I can’t stay and talk you into this, but I think we both know that you’re coming. So, pack a sweater. It does get cold there at night, but in case you do forget… I’m sure we can rely on body heat.

You have to forgive me. I, I didn’t expect to come home to a crazed Scotsman waving an engagement ring around. Well, I wouldn’t have to wave it around if you just give me your hand so I can slip it on your finger. I’m sorry, but it feels like just yesterday we were roomies and hanging up pictures and divvying up chores and now we’re…

We’re talking about marriage and babies? Come on. We’ve been more than roomies for a while now. I mean, things have been going so well, I just can’t help but think that fate had a hand in it. Fate? You were not looking for me. And I wasn’t looking for you. Somehow the stars aligned and look at us now. Here we are.

Maybe the most unlikely couple ever. We wouldn’t have ever gotten together under normal circumstances. That’s what makes me think maybe it’s meant to be. Because against all the odds, we work. Right? I mean, it works. And not because we’re trying to impress each other or beat people that we’re not. Just, we’ve just been our authentic selves.

We found love. I mean, maybe that’s the best way to find it.

No artifice. No illusion.

Just the real thing.

Well, that felt like a

yes to me.

I’m afraid it’s not.

You are not going to tell Xander about the baby? Not even after it’s born? No, I’m not. And you think he’s never going to find out about his own child? Don’t you remember this is what you did with Eric? And it ended in disaster! This is different. Wow. Xander is a criminal. He kidnapped Bonnie and Susan and that led to Susan’s death and do not tell me that that was Ava’s fault because Xander is just as responsible.

He knows that. He feels awful about that. But he’s still the same person, Mom. He’s still an amoral, untrustworthy, dangerous person. It’s why I divorced him. He will never… Change. But now there is a baby to

consider. Exactly. It doesn’t matter what he promises. Because it’s always just a matter of time before he ends up in some, some dark scheme. Like kidnapping, or, or blackmail, or whatever. And…

Look, it’s one thing to lie to me, to hurt me, to break my heart.

This is an innocent child at risk, Mom. My child! Honey, I, I understand. I really do.

But this child, this child, is as much Sanders as it is your worst. And he deserves to know.

Absolutely not. Because if he knows, then he will insist on being a part of this child’s life, and that can never happen. So… Please, Mom. Please say that you will not tell him.

So it’s a no? Really? Uh, hear me out. Xander, that proposal was beautiful and sincere, but… I think I need time, and honestly, I think you need some time too to figure out your feelings about Sarah moving forward. Darling, you can have all the time you need. But I’m telling you right now, I don’t need time to figure out my feelings about Sarah or anyone else.

Still, I think it’s the wise thing to do. You are very wise. I can’t imagine a single thing that would change my mind about

you. You know I’m right. Letting Xander be a part of this baby’s life is a huge mistake. I know that you care about him. But mom, this is about your grandchild’s safety.

I worry about you. Me? Why? Cause this plan of yours basically means that you can never come back to Salem. So when am I going to see you?

You can come here anytime. And this is what you want? To live in Chicago.

And I’ll make it work. With a pretend boyfriend? Then I assume he’s pretend.

Max and I are just friends. And how does he feel about all of this?

Rex is amazing.

He, he understands that I have to do this my way and he has promised to keep my secret. Which I noticed you haven’t yet. Yes, I spoke to Sander before I left. And I told him that you had gotten back together with Rex. He lose his mind. Quite the contrary. He was very happy for you.

It seems as if he’s finally moved on. With Chloe.

Oh, I know. Bonnie told me.

You know, it’s not gonna matter. If Xander finds out about this baby, all bets are off.

So, um, I’m not gonna be the one to tell him.

That should be you.

Dimitri! Darling, Dimitri! Ah, there you are, my love. Where have you been? I thought you’d be packing for our honeymoon. That won’t take long, and then we will be on our way to paradise. Oh, gosh, just the two of us. I absolutely can’t wait.

Fair warning. Yeah. You are in for more sex than you can possibly imagine.

That sounds like my kind of trip.

It’s a first class ticket, and the hotel does have a champagne bubble bath. No, but Gwenny says I’m one of the best people she knows. I’ve got to do the right thing, the unselfish thing. I must delete this email and forget that DVL ever sent it.

I may not be a good person.

But at least I’m predictable.

Oh, I, uh, I completely forgot something. I can assure you, you did not. I mean, this.

Allow me.


So, that’s a yes?

Yes. That is a yes.

E. J. DiMera, I would be so very honored to be your wife.

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