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Oh, damn it. I’m gonna be late. I’m supposed to meet Nicole for breakfast in like 10 minutes. Then I have a video meeting at 11, but I think I’m gonna do it here at home, so I’m not gonna come into the office today. Is that okay with you? Xander, hello. Did you hear me? Oh, yes. That sounds great. Hmm. Well, something has your attention.

It’s clearly not me. What are you looking at? Gwen went through with it. She actually married that total wanker.

So it wasn’t a dream? No, it wasn’t a dream. Oh. Happy birthday,

husband. You are so sweet, thank you. It’s a pleasure. Listen, I have to run a few errands, so I couldn’t leave without making sure that you and our baby are well fed. You’re the best. This looks good. Thank you. You’re welcome. Do you have a busy morning? I don’t think so. I can check my messages. Mm. Melinda Trask called last night.

She probably wants to tell me about her date with Li


You look like someone just slapped you. What’s up with the face?

Gabby and Stefan got married last night. Oh,

you want to talk about it? No. Okay, but you’re not going to do anything crazy, right? Like, are you a hitman or something?

Okay, okay, you’re so touchy. I was just teasing. What are you doing here anyway? Your text said you and Tripp were staying at the Salem Inn. Thought you were finally getting your big romantic evening. Well, that was the plan. Then things took an unexpected turn.

Good morning, son.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I came home last night, and Tripp stayed at the hotel. Why? Did you guys get in a fight? No. No, we were actually having a great time. Tripp ordered room service, and it was all very romantic, at first.

I can’t believe you did all this. I told you, if we’re in a first time together, it’ll be special. So that is still the plan? No, of course. Why wouldn’t it be? Unless, unless you’re having second thoughts. No, but I thought you might be. Why would you ask that? Oh, what’s up with the two beds? No, no, there was a mix up with the reservation.

And then once I realized it, we weren’t going to have the room available. We could, uh, push the two together. Or use one of them in the other. Look, I know it’s not ideal. No. This is perfect.

Ah! My God! What are you two breeders doing in my room? What

the hell are you doing in my bed? Ugh! Sleeping? You’re supposed to be in that bed. I know. I was, and then I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sad and alone. I just wanted to be close to another human being, so I crawled up under the covers. It was totally innocent, I promise. Don’t be mad, okay? I’m…

I’m not mad. You just freaked me out. Oh, good. Well, if you’re not mad, can you stop talking? My head is pounding. No, but it is. Here, you need to hydrate after all that drinking you did last night. Oh, thank you. Peach brandy is no joke. I was such a drama queen. I get it. You’re upset about your boyfriend. Uh huh.

Well, this is a nice surprise.

Make a wish, my darling. Here


soon as I could. Leo! What’s with the disguise? I was trying to be discreet. Oh, of course. Well done, you. Alright, alright, you said you had some big news, so… Spill! I got the call this morning. The Von Leuschners have amended the terms of my inheritance. I’m no longer required to marry a woman. It can also be a man, which means that I can divorce Gwen and marry

you! have made me the happiest man in the world! No, the galaxy! No, the entire universe! So? So? So? What did you wish for? I can’t tell you, or it won’t come true.

So, wait a minute. Why did Leo Stark have a key to your room? Well, that’s the weird part. Turns out it was actually…

Kiss room. Leo, what the hell are you doing here? No, what the hell are you doing here? This is my room. No, I was told that this was a long term rental, but that it was vacated. By Gwenny. Not by me. The hotel was supposed to move the room into my name. Not kick me out. Wait a minute. Where are all my things? I…

Maybe down at the front desk? What? That is unacceptable. I need to speak to the manager. Hello? Hello? Can anybody hear me? Hello? Leo, let’s just try to stay calm, okay? I’m sure we can get this whole thing straightened out. No, no, no. Nothing ever gets straightened out. Except the men I love, they all get straight.

Leo, are you okay? You know, I bet Phyllis is behind this, that old bitty. She has always had it in for me. Yeah, are you okay? Because you seem a little distraught. Of course I’m distraught. You two have stolen my home. My things are gone, and worst of all, I just watched my best friend marry my boyfriend. Are you

seriously not going to tell me what you wished for? And have it not come true? Now why would I do that? Come on. I know that we’re husband and wife. We can’t be keeping any secrets from each other. I am sorry, my love. But I do not make the rules.

Well, at least I know one of your wishes came true. You got married before your 40th birthday. Thanks to you. Not everyone would be as understanding about that rush. And like I said… I promised myself that I would be settled down by a particular milestone, and I know it sounds crazy, but it was important to me.

Well, I have to admit it was a bit bonkers, but really I think everything turned out so brilliantly, don’t you? Mm hmm. So, you really didn’t mind having to share your special day with Gabby and Stephen? Who? Oh, them. Barely even noticed them. You know why? Why? My eyes were on my very handsome groom the whole time.

I felt the same way about my beautiful bride.

Really? Um, where’s that gone? Don’t worry, now that you had a fish of your birthday muffin, I’m going to give you your birthday


Maggie, you No, it’s always a pleasure to see you, but I’m afraid this might be a bit of a waste of time. What do you mean? Well, I assume that you called me over here so you can try and talk me into working for you, again. And like I said before, I’m perfectly happy at The Spectator. Uh, well, um, no. That’s not why I asked you over.

Actually, it has to do with your Uncle Victor. What about him? Xander, I think you and he should try to make amends. Now, wait a minute. I know how difficult Victor can be. I mean, no one knows that better than me. But he also can be soft hearted when it comes to family. And I know it’s been very distressing to him that you and he are estranged.

I mean, he loves you, Xander. Well, he has a funny way of showing it, doesn’t he? I mean, he belittles me at every opportunity. Makes me feel worthless. Well, he got upset because you walked away from the family. You must be joking, Maggie. He practically shoved me out the door. Okay, okay. Well, maybe, maybe we remember it differently, okay?

Maybe so. The point is, um, Victor isn’t getting any younger, and his health isn’t what it used to be. And I think the two of you should try to reconcile, you know, before it’s too late.

Wow, you must have been so relieved to get those test results back. Yeah, I was. I mean, not that I thought that there were any genetic issues with the baby, but it was definitely reassuring. One less thing to worry about. Nicole, a specialist does not see any major complications, so why don’t you just learn to relax and enjoy being pregnant?

Well, I sure do like eating for two. I could use a mimosa, though. I know, but trust me, the sacrifices will be worth it in the end. Yeah, I agree. I wonder if Eric and Sloan have gotten their genetic tests back yet. What do you mean? They’re having a baby too. What? Since when? Since Sloan decided she needed to find a way to hang on to Eric.

Stop it. You know it’s true that Piper would do anything to hang on to him. Okay, maybe, but I don’t see why you should care. You’re having EJ’s baby and you’ve moved on from Eric, right? Okay, I will be right back. You, uh, you need anything before I leave? I don’t, I don’t know. Maybe just a goodbye kiss? Oh, my pleasure.

Oh. Hey, Melinda. Uh, Eric. Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you, but I was just on my way out. Oh, uh, don’t let me keep you. Uh, is Sloane home? Um, she’s inside. Please. Uh. Uh. Alright, I’ll see you later. This is a surprise. Oh, you didn’t get my message? Sorry. No, I was about to check. But is this about Lee?

Shin, no. My brother? Oh, no. No. I just wanted to finish the conversation we started yesterday. I mean, before Eric called, you were gonna tell me some big secret. Oh, like I said, you know, it wasn’t important so much. It sounded important to me. You said it was about Nicole Walker, right? Um, yes? I thought so. It was a coincidence, I just ran into her at the square.

Melinda, did you say anything to her? Of course not, but we did have a very interesting conversation and it made me wonder. Does your secret have something to do with the father of her baby?

Melinda, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Oh, I bet you do. Nicole told me that you helped her figure out the paternity of her baby. That was awfully generous of you. Of course, I have a vested interest. Obviously. Obviously. So you volunteered to get a swab of Eric’s DNA? Which turned out to not be much.

Uh huh. As far as I can tell, E. J. DiMera was never tested. Curious, isn’t it? Wasn’t really unnecessary, was it? Nicole also told me that she tried to pick up some DNA results for her baby, and somehow you ended up with them instead. Yeah, it was just a mix up. Nurse gave me the wrong envelope. Curiouser and curiouser.

Is that what really happened? Of course it is. What are you getting at? Simple, really. I feel like I’ve been given all these pieces to this puzzle. And at first it was really hard to see the whole picture. But now that I’ve had some time to put it all together, though… I think I’ve figured out your secret.

Is Eric the father of Nicole’s baby?

Nicole, you are over Eric, aren’t you? Oh, you know what? This is Brandon calling. He is gonna want an update about Abe, so I’ll be right back, okay? Okay. Hey, Brandon. Yeah.

Eric, hey! Chloe, hey, how you been? I’m good, good. So, I hear that… Congratulations are in order. You and Sloane are having a baby. Yes, we are. Oh, and it looks like you, um, did some damage at the jewelry store. As a matter of fact, I did. You know what, you have impeccable taste. Do you mind telling me what you think?


Oh. Wow, that is beautiful. Is that an engagement ring? Yeah. I was going to propose to her. What?

Maggie, I mean, I’ve been doing just fine with that Victor in my life. But he needs you. He doesn’t have that many family members around, aside from Justin. And he’s not on good terms with Brady, or Sean, or Alex. And whose fault is that? Please, Xander. He’s been in very low spirits lately. I, I, I think it would help if you offered him an olive branch.

All right, Maggie. I’m only doing this for you because I hate to see you worry about that old tosser. Thank you. Oh, thank you, Xander. Like I said. Thank you. Just for you. Okay. I might as well get this over with. I assume he’s upstairs. No, he’s not, uh, at the moment. He went to visit Bo. Oh. Why? Has there been a change in his condition?

Unfortunately not. He’s still comatose. I think that has a lot to do with why Victor’s been so low. Oh. Okay. As soon as he gets back, I promise I’ll stop by. Okay. But in the meantime, can I take you out for breakfast? Ooh, I’d love to. But no, I have to take a rain check because, uh, I’m on my way out of town myself.

Oh, where are you going? Chicago. To see Sarah. Oh. Any particular reason? I, I think it’s time that she and I got everything out in the open. I won’t. About the fact that she’s in a relationship with Rex Brady.

Oh my, my love, this is the best birthday gift ever. I aim to please… Oh my god!

Something wrong? Uh, yes, no, no, no, I, um… I, I was just overwhelmed with pleasure. Oh. Yeah. Alright, well then I’ll carry on then. No, please don’t. I, uh, I was getting a little lonely up here, all by myself. I miss that, uh, that gorgeous face of yours. Ah,

I know it’s hard to believe given my overall level of fabulousness, but I don’t have a boyfriend. Sure you do. You told me all about him last night. Did I? What exactly did I say?

Okay, look, you’re obviously having a rough night. So, we don’t want to make it any worse, so we’re just going to head out of here. No, no, no, no. Please, please stay. I don’t want to be by myself. Um, we hardly know you. Maybe there’s a friend we can call for you? I just told you, my only friend in the whole wide world just married my boyfriend.

There is no one else. Please don’t abandon me.

He’s so wasted. I would feel really terrible if something bad happened to him. Yeah, me too.

Okay, so you go. I’ll stay. Thank you, my hunky blonde angel. God, are you sure about this? Because I can stay and then… Go. Save yourself.

Um, then I’ll go home. So much for our romantic evening, huh? I’m sorry. It sucks, but… What are you gonna do? We’ll have to try again another time. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Good luck. Oh,

it’s gonna be so lonely without my BFF. Yeah, uh, speaking of that, isn’t your BFF my cousin Gwen? Yeah, why? So does that mean that your boyfriend, uh, is… Dimitri Von Reuschner. Yes. Yes. Or at least he was. Oh.

I was drunk. I don’t know what I was saying. I think you did. I mean, yeah, you were rambling a bit, sure, but, uh, you were pretty adamant that Dimitri was your boyfriend, so… Have you two been messing around with how my cousin’s back?

Don’t be ridiculous! I would never sleep with my best friend’s fiancé. You said that… It was wishful thinking! Yeah, I’ve always had a secret crush on Dimitri, and in my mind, he sort of became my boyfriend. Like in college, how Freddie Prinze Jr. and Ryan Phillippe were my boyfriends. Surely you’ve had someone like that.

I mean, a gorgeous actress that you wish was your girlfriend, you fantasized about day and night. Emma Watson. Ah, yes! Excellent choice. Big Harry Potter fan before the whole controversy, but, you know, as we were saying. Okay, well, um, anyway, I have a very vivid imagination and I’ve always been sort of pathetic when it comes to romance, so.

So there’s Gwenny. Okay, then how did you know?

How did I know what? Well, you said that he had a… a magic penis. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I did not say that. Yeah, you kind of did. Um, uh, okay, uh, uh, Alright, well, um, The truth is… Oh, this is embarrassing. It was, um, part of the fantasy. That his penis was literally magic. You know, like it could cast spells like a wand.

Oh, okay. Well, you just said you were a big Harry Potter fan. Surely you get the appeal of the magic wand. Yeah, I, I just, I can’t even. Okay, look, look, look, look, look. I am always falling for these hot straight men. Pining for them, really. There’s Dmitri, Xander Cook, Chad DeMera. And you too. I mean, who wouldn’t want to follow that happy trail?

Alas, none of my straight boy fantasies ever come true. And that’s true of Dimitri also. It’s just a totally stupid, unrequited crush. Anyway, I was being such a drama queen last night. You know how it is, you always think you have a chance until they actually marry a woman. Yeah, but I mean I know, I know what I said.

I was four sheets to the wind, not making any sense. Thank you for staying with me, taking care of me, especially since I ruined your night with Wendy Shin.

Sorry your big romantic evening got ruined. If it’s any consolation, mine was too. Wait, really? Why, I thought you were all excited about your date with Melinda. I was, but then you got in my head. I did? All your talk about how she might be playing the long game to try to trick me into a confession. It just got to me, you know, and then I showed up for the date and made an immediate excuse and left.

But Lee, if you didn’t brainwash Harris to kill Stefan, then you had nothing to worry about. Right? Melinda’s a shark. I would put it past her to set me up somehow. Okay, I doubt she’d go that far. But anyway, yeah, it’s probably best that you stop seeing her. Honestly, doubt that you could ever trust her. Yeah.

You’re right. But! That doesn’t mean that you should give up on love. Okay, I know there’s someone out there. Who is perfect for you. Someone who doesn’t want to put you behind bars.

Eric’s not the father of Nicole’s baby, EJ is. The paternity test proved that. Right, the paternity test that was based on the swab that you supposedly took from Eric’s DNA. And as you pointed out, you had a vested interest in him not being the father. Wow, you are making some pretty huge assumptions here.

But you can see why I would be suspicious, right? After all, those genetic test results were the one thing that can prove the paternity test wrong. And what, you just happened to get your hands on them first? By mistake? I just don’t believe that’s a coincidence. Listen, before we were interrupted yesterday, you were about to share a really big secret with me.

So you might as well just tell me now.

Okay. You were right. I’m not the only woman carrying Eric’s baby. Nicole is too.

You’re proposing to Sloan. Yes, it seemed like the right thing to do. I mean, we are having a child together. Even though we put the car before the horse. So you’re buying the horse. You know, I better get going. It was good to see you. And, um… Congratulations again, and good luck with the proposal. It’s a really beautiful ring.

Thank you, Court. Yeah, good luck.

Are you okay? Yeah, yeah. Just really use that mimosa right now.

Sarah’s dating Rex? Apparently. Actually, Bonnie’s the one who told me. When she went to Chicago, she found out that they had been involved for quite some time. And Sarah has not mentioned it to me. Huh. Why’s that, I wonder? Oh. Well, according to Bonnie, I don’t think Sarah wants me to know because she thinks I’ll disapprove.

It is weird because it wasn’t that long ago Bonnie was insisting to me that Sarah and Rex weren’t together. Well, maybe she won’t hurt your feelings. Which is what, which is what I should have considered before I opened my big mouth. I’m so sorry. Don’t worry about it Maggie. No, I’m happy that Sarah’s moved on.

Okay. Because I’ve moved on too. Oh, okay. So things are going well with you and Chloe? Oh yes, very. Very well. We’re getting pretty serious. Oh, well I’m glad. Okay, well you know what, I really should get going. Um… Of course. Um, well, I hope you have a nice visit with Sarah. Yeah, me too. Uh, I’m going to be very interested in what my daughter has to say for herself.

Ha ha. So much. Hmm. Hi. Hi. Didn’t expect to see you this morning. But you’d be enjoying life as a newlywed. Gwen had an errand to run, so I figured I’d come and check in on you. You seemed a little gloomy last night when you left the reception. Gloomy? That’s putting it mildly. It was, as you can imagine, not fun for me, seeing you and Gwen as this happy couple.

I was jealous, then guilty, then sad, then angry, and finally gloomy. Now I know how Abigail Devereux felt when she had all those split personalities. I’m sorry, Leo. If it makes you feel any better, I was thinking about you all last night, and then more this morning. I missed you terribly. Really? Really.

Well, if it isn’t Mrs. Dimitri von Leuschner. Congratulations on tying the knot. Thank you. It’s actually a good thing I bumped into you. You saved me a trip. Um, I was gonna come to the office and tell you that, um, my husband and I are going to be taking some time off for our honeymoon. Of course. Where are you going?

Iceland. First class tickets to Reykjavik. Oh, that’s fantastic. I know how much you’ve always wanted to go there. Hope you have a wonderful trip. Hang on, what’s, what’s all this about? Huh? You’re being strangely supportive about all of this. Why wouldn’t I be? Oh, come on. You know that you were trying to discourage me from marrying Dimitri.

Well, that’s true. I still don’t trust that guy, but… It’s like I said, Gwen. I just want you to be happy.

Well, for the record, I am happy. Actually, I’m happier than I ever have been, ever thought I could be. I’m glad to hear it. Seriously. I think it’s great that everyone is finally moving on with their lives.

You seem really upset. No, I’m not upset. Shellshocked. Okay, I don’t know why I am. I mean, I should have seen this coming. Sloan is having a baby, so obviously they’re going to be a family. And you and EJ and your baby are going to be a family as well. Unless you don’t want that. No. Of course I want that. And to answer your question earlier, yes, I am over Eric.

It’s just…

It’s weird to see him starting a life with someone else, especially with a woman who’s so wrong for him. Nicole. I know. I know. It’s none of my business. I’m in love with EJ and whatever Sloan and Eric do is no concern of mine. I get it. I got it. Fine.

Look, I told you before, my family’s been decimated. All I had in this world left was Eric. And I didn’t want to lose him. Which is why I swabbed my cheek instead of his. No, wait a minute. How do you know for sure that Eric is the father? Because I saw the results. The genetic test results. It was very clear.

EJ was not a match. Which means, Eric is. And you decided to keep this a secret? I know it seems awful. I seem terrible. And I feel terrible. about it, you know, keeping him from his other child, which is partially why I suggested that we get pregnant. But now that you’re pregnant, you and Nicole are on a level playing field.

Why don’t you just tell him now? No, no, the playing field is not level. If Eric finds out what I did and if he does find out and Find some way to forgive me, which is very doubtful. I’m just gonna go back to Nicole. I know it. Rich Melinda is why he cannot find out. Look, I have to ask, now that you know the truth, are you gonna use this against me?


I was wondering what happened to you. Are those for me? Yes. They’re not enough, but they’re my way of saying that I’m sorry that things didn’t go the way we planned last night. That is so sweet of you. Thank you. And actually, I admire that you stuck around to comfort Leo. God, he was such a mess. How is he this morning?

He was better, I guess. Wickedly hungover, of course. I really wish that I had woken up with you in my bed instead of him. Whoa, Leo Stark was in your bed? Yeah, only because he was lonely and freaked out. And obviously he was totally innocent. But, anyway, enough about Leo right now, okay? Right now I just want you to know that I am still determined to give you the romantic dinner and night that you deserve.

And next time, I promise, there’ll be no interruption.

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say it earlier, but happy birthday. Oh, you remembered. How could I forget? What, with the countdown to the inheritance, having to marry a woman? Sorry I didn’t have time to get you a gift. Leo, just being here with you is gift enough. That’s sweet.

Just so we’re clear, when my birthday rolls around, I’m gonna need something a little more tangible. And sparkly. Noted. And that won’t be a problem. Aye. You know what is going to be a problem? Keeping this secret for an entire year. Especially from Gwenny. You need to stop worrying. We’re gonna make this work, okay?

Matty! It’s me! Open up! Oh, hey there! Hey!

How’s Nicole? She’s good. Well, more like she’s okay. She just found out that Eric and Sloane are having a baby and she’s not too thrilled about that. Really? Eric knocked up Sloane Peterson? My God, for an ex priest, that lad really does get around, doesn’t he? That’s not the only news about him. He happened to stop by our table and he said he’s going to propose to Sloane.

That is a crazy coincidence. What do you mean? Must be, I don’t know, something in the air? Something in the air? What are you talking about? Chloe Lane, will you marry me? I

know that this is not the first time that I’ve asked you, but I’m hoping it’s the last.

Walker, will

you do me the honor?

You can relax Sloane. Of course I’m not going to use this secret against you. I sure as hell hope not. I, I shouldn’t have opened up about this to anybody, honestly, but I just, I just, I had to get it off my chest. I had to unburden myself. I completely understand. And I’m sorry if I came on a little strong.

I just, I can’t thrill out of solving mysteries. And besides, I’ve really liked getting to know you, and I think we’re starting to become friends, and I don’t have many of those. So I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that. So you’re not going to say anything to anyone? Your secret’s safe with me.

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