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[ Dramatic music ]

Finn: Steffy, please don’t– please don’t walk out that door, okay? I’m sorry for what happened at the beach today with kelly. You know how much I love you. You know how much I love our family.

Steffy: Of course, I do, but this is killing me. I– I can’t live like this. I can’t trust that you’ll keep sheila away from us.

Finn: No, look, I know what I did was wrong, embracing her. I don’t know why I did it, but you know that I would lay my life down to keep you and the kids safe, okay? So just, please, steffy, don’T. Please don’t leave.

Hours and hours tick away and I’m faithfully waiting for you left my porch light on all night long burning bright as the sun to guide you through when you’re lost in a crowd and your heart is pounding out loud I’m standing with you I’m standing with you I’m standing with you I’m standing with you I’m standing with you

Deacon: Oh, god. That was, uh, that was insane.

Sheila: Not bad for a jailbird, huh?

Deacon: I’m so glad you are a free woman. Once again, you land on all nine of your kinky toes.

Sheila: You better believe it, daddy.

Deacon: I really hated seeing you locked up, but I gotta admit, I’m not sorry to get all this pent up passion.

Sheila: You’re welcome.

Deacon: Seriously. I’m glad you’re not stuck in that hellhole anymore.

Sheila: And you know what? I never dreamed I’d ever get out, but look at me here. I am and I am never going to take anything for granted ever again. I mean, I’ve been given my life back and I am going to make the most of every moment of my newly found freedom. I promise you that.

[ Liam sighing ]

Liam: You know how I feel about you and kelly. I’m not– I’m not gonna sit back and put your safety at risk while finn tries to figure out his relationship with his birth mom. I love kelly way too much to put her in harm’s way and I know we’re not together, but I love you too, you know.

Steffy: Liam, hey.

Finn: You have to see what’s going on here, steffy. Liam is trying to destroy our marriage. That’s why he showed you the video of me hugging sheila. He wants you back. Don’t let him do that to us! Don’t let him erode your faith and your trust in me!

Steffy: You did that, finn. You did that. You can’t blame liam. He’s just trying to protect me and kelly. It breaks my heart, but we can’t stay in this house with you, so I am leaving, I am taking the kids, we are going to my grandfather’s where we will be more safe. I am leaving. Now. When it comes to your hair, ingredients matter.

Deacon: Only you, sheila. Only you could’ve bested bill spencer. I– I mean that guy did everything he could, everything, to make sure you spent the rest of your life behind bars.

Sheila: Yeah, well don’t remind me.

Deacon: And you got off on a technicality.

Sheila: You know, let’s– let’s not talk about that. Let’s just think of us in our cozy little hideaway and me on the road to a life back with my son.

Deacon: I just think it’s a lot to assume that you can wash away all your sins with one cleansing act in the ocean, but I should probably learn by now not to–

Sheila: Underestimate me.

Deacon: That.

Sheila: You should know, deacon, I always get what I want. And right now, what I want is more of you.

Steffy: Thank you. Marta’s gonna help us unpack. We’re gonna have a good time at great-grandad’S. We’re gonna watch movies, we’ll go swimming. You’re gonna love it.

Kelly: I wanna pick the first movie.

Steffy: You do? All right, we’ll snuggle up and watch something.

Li: Finn? The guard at the gate said I should just come in. Glad you added security since sheila’s been released. You okay? Your text sounded really urgent. Oh, my god. Honey. Oh.

Finn: I’m just– I’m glad you’re here.

Li: What is it? What is it? What’s wrong?

Finn: Um… steffy left. She’s gone.

Li: Wh– she left?

Finn: She walked out on me.

Steffy: Hey, kelly? What are you and hayes doing?

Kelly: Drawing with fancy colored pencils.

Steffy: Okay, just make a– make a pretty picture for me.

[ Knocking at door ]

Liam: Hey, steffy? Hey. I, uh, I got your text to come see you right away. What– are you– you okay?

Steffy: Um, yeah.

Liam: Um, why… why are you at eric’s?

Steffy: Something happened today. Something you need to know.

Liam: Okay. Does it have to do with sheila?

Steffy: With kelly. When she was at the beach today, she, um… she got pulled out by the ocean and she, uh, she almost drowned.

New stouffer’s sides

[ Sheila laughing ]

Sheila: Am I wearing you out?

Deacon: You kidding me? All right, look, I didn’t think I’d have to call on this, but apparently, I’m gonna have to utilize an ancient and little known erotic pressure point technique. I learned it during my time at kathmandu.

Sheila: You’ve never been to kathmandu.

Deacon: Shh, be quiet. I probably just read it somewhere, but let me– give me a second. I got– right here.

Sheila: Uh-huh.

Deacon: And here.

Sheila: Ow.

Deacon: Okay. Anything?

Sheila: No.

Deacon: Damn it. I didn’t compensate for the hemispheres. Okay, here.

Sheila: Mm-hmm.

Deacon: And right… anything now?

Sheila: Um, maybe a little lower.

Deacon: Lower?

Sheila: A little lower.

Deacon: Right there?

Sheila: Nope.

Deacon: Damn it.

Sheila: Would you stop messing around? I just… I wanna be serious for a minute.

Deacon: Okay.

Sheila: I wanna thank you. You’re the only person that– that I’ve been able to count on and I’m really hoping I’m gonna be able to count on my son soon. My finn.

Li: I can’t believe this. Steffy walked out on you? What on earth happened?

Finn: Um… I– I– I had kelly. She was dropped off at the hospital after a sleepover and we went to the beach to spend a little time together and we were building a sand castle and we were having a blast and– and, um…

[ Phone ringing ] Then, I got a call. A work call about a patient and I couldn’t hear very well. And… I took my eyes of kelly for a moment.

Li: You weren’t watching kelly?

Finn: No. I heard her suddenly and she was out there, way out there in the waters.

Li: Oh, my god. Finn!

Finn: She was trying to keep her head up and she was screaming my name.

Li: Oh, my god.

Finn: No, but then I– I raced to her.

Li: Wait, finn, no– is kelly okay?

Finn: Yeah, no, no, yes. She’s okay, thank god.

Li: Then you saved her.

Finn: No. Um… I didn’T. Someone else did.

Li: Who?

Finn: Sheila.

Li: What do you mean? Sheila was there?

Finn: Yeah.

Li: But why?

Finn: All that matters is that kelly’s all right.

Li: Because of sheila?

Liam: Oh, my god. Is kelly okay? Where is she right now?

Steffy: She’s– she’s in the other room. She’s fine. But look– look, I don’t– I don’t want to upset her. I don’t want her to dwell on it, okay?

Liam: Okay, all right. So– so, finn and kelly were at the beach. Like tell me– what happened? Like, what happened?

Steffy: She was playing near the water and I guess she got swept out by an undertow, but like I said, she’s fine.

Kelly: Daddy!

Liam: Hey! Hey, baby girl. Come here. Mom just told me what happened to you at the beach today.

Kelly: I’m okay, daddy. It was just scary.

Liam: Oh, my gosh. I bet it was so scary, and I bet you were also so, so brave, but it’s a good thing finn was there to rescue you, huh?

Kelly: It wasn’t finn, it was his mommy.

Liam: It was– it was his mommy?

Steffy: Kelly, now that daddy knows you’re okay, why don’t you go check on hayes? Play with him for a little bit?

Kelly: Okay, mommy. Bye, daddy.

Liam: Okay, all right. I love you so much. I’m gonna– I’ll– I’ll come visit you before I leave, okay? We’re talking about li, right? You’re saying li was at the beach? Are you kidding me?

Steffy: It wasn’t li.

Liam: Steffy. Sheila? You’re telling me sheila saved our daughter?

Steffy: I know. I know, I know.

Liam: What? Like, what? Like, thank god she’s okay, right? But sheila shouldn’t be anywhere near you or the kids. What the hell was– why was she there? Why was– or do I even need to ask? Finn. Postmenopausal women with hr+ her2-

Li: Sheila saved kelly’s life? You said steffy left. Is this why?

Finn: Yeah. She was so upset. She could barely look at me and I kept apologizing, I just… I’m never gonna be able to forgive myself for taking my eyes off kelly.

Li: Thank god she’s okay.

Finn: Yeah.

Li: What happened when you told steffy about sheila?

Finn: She was horrified that sheila was the one who saved her.

Li: I can imagine.

Finn: Then, I…

[ Finn sighing ] I just, I– I– I admit– I was just so… I was so grateful that kelly was all right that I… I defended sheila and I– I told her that she should maybe cut her some slack.

Li: Cut her some slack?

Finn: Well, she pulled her from the ocean. I mean, she saved kelly’s life.

Li: What are you saying, finn? Are you suddenly seeing sheila differently now? Is she no longer that crazy lunatic that tried to kill you? And steffy? And me?

Finn: No, mom.

Li: Is this what you’re telling me?

Finn: All I’m saying is that we could’ve lost kelly today if it weren’t for sheila. I mean, how could I not be grateful for that?

Li: I see why steffy’s so upset with you.

Finn: Yeah, well… that’s not all.

Li: There’s more?

Finn: At sheila’s hearing, after she was released, I saw her outside the judge’s chambers and she was no longer handcuffed and… she hugged me.

Li: What did you do? Finn, answer me. What did you do?

Finn: I hugged her back.

Li: You embraced that monster? And steffy knows this?

Finn: Yeah.

Li: No wonder she left you.

Liam: So– so sheila was just there at the beach?

Steffy: Yeah, pretty much.

Liam: Wh– okay, so– so– so, like what? She just appeared in the water? Like, how did finn not even see her approach?

Steffy: He had to take a work call and he… he turned his back on our daughter.

Liam: Wait. You’re telling me finn thought he was alone with our daughter at the beach and he still walked away from her to make a phone call? He shouldn’t have turned his back on her for a second.

Steffy: I know, I know. I’m just as upset as you are.

Liam: She could’ve drowned, steffy.

Steffy: Finn said it all happened so fast.

Liam: I don’t care. He had one job and that’s to protect kelly, to keep her safe. It’s the beach, for god’s sake.

Steffy: I know. I get that. I confronted him about it. And I also confronted him about what happened outside the judge’s chambers.

Liam: Okay, well, so… so what? Did he– did he cop to hugging sheila?

Steffy: Yeah.

Liam: Did he have an explanation for himself? Like, what did he say?

Steffy: No. None of it really makes sense. He doesn’t understand why it happened. He just knows that he wasn’T… he wasn’t hugging sheila. He was hugging the woman who gave birth to him.

Liam: Oh– oh, sure. The woman who gave birth to him and also tried to kill him and tried to kill you and tried to kill his adoptive mother. Like, do I need to write a list?

Steffy: I can’t hear this anymore. I– I can’T. This has already been a really tough day.

Liam: Yeah, I’m– I’m– I’m so– I’m sorry. You’re right. But, between you and me, what could’ve happened today.

Steffy: I know, but kelly’s okay. She’s fine. Kelly and hayes are safe, okay?

Liam: I don’t– I don’t– I’m sorry. I don’t think I want finn alone with kelly anymore. I mean, today proved that man to man, I can’t trust him to protect my daughter and he was already a liability to her safety because of this– this twisted connection he has with sheila.

Steffy: You’re right. I mean, that’s why– that’s why we’re here. I told finn that it doesn’t feel safe for me and the kids to be around him, so we packed up our stuff and we came here. We’re living here now.

Liam: What are you saying, steffy? Did you leave finn?

Steffy: Yeah.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Liam: Hey! Hi!

Kelly: Daddy, look what I drew.

Liam: Wow! That’s awesome!

Kelly: Why are you crying, mommy?

Steffy: Oh, no, I’m, uh– I’m just– mommy and daddy are really grateful that you’re okay.

Liam: Yeah. Hey, can I tell you something? I’m always gonna make sure I keep you and hayes and mommy safe because I love you so much and I hope you know that, right? I– I just– I love you so much. And mommy.

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