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I l nurse baldwin, I have a very important message for you. What is it? Michael: What’s a guy gotta do to get a drink around here? Keep your shirt on, buddy. Are you sure you’re okay here in enemy camp? According to josslyn, charlie’s is a “sonny/nina hangout.”

[ Knock on door ]

[ Clears throat ] Nina. I’m so sorry. I should have called ahead of time, but I was — um, I was driving home, and there was harbor view road, and I just thought, “well, maybe willow may need something.” And I know that michael is back in the office — nina, it’s okay. Don’t — don’t worry about it.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Would you like to come in? Yes. Very much. Can you make sure that dr. Finn gets this?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Deanna: Oh, dr. Finn. I knew sonny didn’t trust me that night. And now my patient is dead in an alleyway? Sonny’s never gonna let me near avery again. You know what he’s going to do — sonny’s not gonna do anything, because I told him that you helped me. You what? Wait. You what? That I helped you… ava, that I helped you do what? Did you tell sonny that you [Whispers] Killed nikolas? Excuse me, dr. Gatlin. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were with…a patient? Oh, no, ava’s — ava’s visiting. Okay, well, I don’t want to interrupt. [ Chuckles ] Actually, ava, I-I’ve been meaning to ask you, have you heard anything from nikolas? How you doing?

[ Scoffs ] I’m sorry. It’s just like this house is like the first circle of hell.

[ Sighs ] It was my prison camp, you know, where stavros held me captive for those two years. I…hated it then. I hate it now. Me, too.

[ Chuckles ] Whatever we find in there, I’m right beside you. I know you are. That helps more than you know. Okay. Right. Um, I never wanted to step foot inside this house again, but it is our best shot at finding nikolas, so let’s do it. Let’s do it. Okay. I thought you’d never get here. Oh, valentin. Oh! Oh!

Good news? The best. Nikolas? No, I have not heard from nikolas. And, honestly, I don’t expect to. Elizabeth: Oh. Well, I hope kevin and laura find him. I mean, you know I’ve known him for a long time, and he’s gone awol before. But this is weird, with his baby just being born? I mean, what could be more important? So, nurse baldwin, is there something that I can help you with? Oh, right. Yeah. I’m sorry. I wanted to know if detective chase found you earlier. Detective chase? Yeah, he was questioning people about the man who was murdered in the alley. I was just wondering if there were any leads. He did find me, yeah. Was that your idea? Only because I saw someone lurking outside your office. And that man found the body — dex heller? Yeah, uh, detective chase mentioned that a member of staff had seen dex outside my office, so… maybe I’m reading too much into it, but dex had said that he just got lost, but he — he was definitely snooping. Gotcha. Thank you so much for stopping by and telling me all this. Yeah. I appreciate it. Oh. Um, alright. Sorry to — sorry to interrupt. Dex heller. That’s one of sonny’s goons. Standard order — extra crispy fries for wiley? Uh, yeah. No dressing on willow’s salad. I mean, I get it. She’s obviously gonna side with carly. It’s her mom, right? But it’s just, they’re divorced, you know? Get over it. Barb. Alright. Um, kristina, how over it would you be if the situation was reversed and alexis thought that sonny was dead for months, and then you discover that it was a vendetta of nina’s that kept sonny from his family? And all the while, you’re watching your mother fall into chaos. You’d be a little shocked that sonny chose nina over his family. Hey, I was there, too, okay? We all mourned dad, and it was a miracle to discover he was still alive. And, yes, nina was wrong, but dad loves her, so who am I to judge? The heart wants what the heart wants, right? Isn’t that what happened with you and willow? Wiley is up with leo, bug hunting, and it’s amelia’s late-afternoon nap, so I have been trying to amuse myself. Oh. Is this — is this what you’ve been doing? It’s, uh… it’s horrible.

[ Laughs ] No. I think I made a wrong turn with the pattern.

[ Laughs ] I figured I’d try to learn something new as a way to keep busy. But, to be honest, all I can think about is getting back to the real world. Yeah. I was starting to think I’d never leave that plastic bubble room.

[ Both chuckle ] Yeah. Well, it must be hard, all the time that you lost waiting. It’s hardest on the kids. I want to be there for michael, too. It’S…

[ Sighs ] I want my life back.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, and you, um — you deserve it.

[ Chuckles ] You know, willow, I know that we, uh — we’ve had a lot of false starts and miscommunication, but I’m hoping that we can truly start over. There’s so much about you that I don’t know. I’d love to learn about your life. What you love, who you are. Will — will you tell me? I’ve managed many exclusive properties, though, I admit, none as unique as this one. Both interpol and the wsb made a thorough search in may. Mr. Cassadine certainly wasn’t here then. They didn’t find anyone. And he couldn’t have come since? Well, naturally, I cannot be everywhere all at once, but I truly doubt it. Uh, you may make your own search. I understand you’re very concerned for your son. Thank you, mr. Kostas. Of course. Alright. Where to first? Why didn’t you tell me you were getting back? How did it go over there? Did you find nikolas? You first. Who tried to kill you?

Honestly, nina, what I wish for more than anything else is to just have a normal life. Yeah. All those million little mundane things like going shopping or taking wiley to school.

[ Chuckles ] That’s what I want.

[ Chuckles ] Maybe taking a mommy-and-me class with amelia. Oh, my god. That sounds like so much fun. I think you should definitely sign up for a class like that. I wish I would have taken — what else? Uh…really, I just want my independence back. I mean, the quartermaines have been such a support — you know, brook lynn, olivia, even tracy. And thank god, because I still have a long way to go. But it will be a relief when michael and i won’t need so much help. Yeah. Speaking of michael, I’m surprised he’s not here right now. He must be stuck at a work thing. Oh. Well, uh, if he’s not gonna make it for dinner, I could order us something. You know? From the metro court? I’ve got some pull. It could be here in like 20 minutes.

[ Laughs ]

[ Door opens ] Michael: Nina? I… michael. I, um — I was just driving home, and I stopped in for an impromptu visit.

[ Stammers ] Dinner, right? And I-I don’t want it to get cold, so I’ll just, uh, I’ll — I’ll leave now.

[ Softly ] I hope you sign up for that class. Bye, nina. Bye.

[ Door closes ] Are you ready to tell me about the shooting? Uh, what’s there to tell, really? Haven’t you read all about it? Yeah, sure. Everything that was fit to print. Now you tell me the bits that weren’T. The worst part is that curtis was hit by a ricochet. We’re sure he wasn’t the target? No. I was talking with sonny, and dante caught a glint of a rifle in an upper-story window, and then two shots were aimed directly at us. So the shooter was aiming at one of you. Which one? Well , here’s something thatwasn’t released to the press. The rifle was traced back to the wsb. There’s nothing in this house that I really ever want to see again. Especially not that room where you were shot.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah. Okay, here’s the bad news.

[ Sighs ] The most likely place for us to look, if nikolas didn’t want to be found, it would be the sub-basement. Sub-basement? The labs — where the labs — where mikkos used to do all of his horrible experiments. It’s where stavros kept lulu. Uh-huh. Maybe it would be better if I went down and searched the lower levels on my own. It might be better for you to stay up here. Oh, no. Absolutely not. No, no. We’re in this together. I’m not gonna stay up here and risk you not coming back. So, whatever — whatever we find, we face together. Alright. Let’s go. Wow. You look… wow. [ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. You look really nice yourself. I’m really glad you came. Well, I didn’t feel like burning the note.

My sweet, sweet angel

Do you think maybe sonny had gordon whacked?

[ Laughing ] What? Austin, no one has said “whacked” in, like, 40 years. Fine. Rubbed out? No, no. Iced? It doesn’t — look, it doesn’t matter. Do you think sonny did it? No, I don’t think sonny did it. It would be a stupid move, and sonny is not stupid. Gordon was supposedly your patient. No, you see, that’s the thing. Gordon and mason — known associates, and sonny knew something was up. Well, what exactly happened outside the restaurant when sonny found you with gordon? Not much, really. I mean, gordon was there. Sonny comes in. Gordon knows who sonny is. Sonny does this whole, like,

[As sonny] “It’ll be a shame if anything happened to you, kid” routine,

[Normal voice] And then gordon, he backed off. And then, for some reason, sonny made gordon apologize to me, which I thought was really weird. But I think — I think, in the end, he was just trying to get him to, you know — he was scaring him. Yes! No, I’m sure that’s exactly what it was. Did anything else happen? What, that night? No. But that must have been when sonny decided that dex would follow me, because the next day is when nurse webber saw dex “lurking” outside my office. And did he see anything? Was there anything for dex to see? No. Maybe. I don’t know. Well, gordon and mason were in here waiting for me. Really?! Oh, this keeps getting worse. Just as mr. Kostas said — no sign of anyone. And the wsb turned the place inside out. Well, it certainly seems like it, doesn’t it? But this house has secrets it will never give up. Let’s check the main rooms. Nikolas knows this place like the back of his hand. He could be coming and going in a way that the caretaker doesn’t realize. That is possible, isn’t it? Okay, uh… let’s start on the third floor. That was his nursery when he was a baby. So, the weapon was a ghost gun. It had been confiscated and tagged and logged at a wsb facility in berlin. Then liberated and smuggled into port charles? Mm-hmm. It doesn’t necessarily mean the wsb is currently involved, though. Right. I mean, it could have been sold on the dark web. No, I know. That’s what I think, too. But somebody had to have clearance in order to access that weapon at the wsb facility, right? In the first place. Well, plenty of agents go rogue. Sorry. Well… sonny doesn’t think that it’s the entire bureau that’s after me, you know. It’s one solitary person on the inside that deliberately leaked my history as a double agent in order to eliminate me. So, um…nina. Hope she didn’t do anything to upset you. Oh, no, not at all. I mean, even though it was an ambush drop by, I-I was glad for the company.

[ Inhales deeply ] And she saved me from my project. Project? Oh, okay.

[ Clears throat ] That’s, uh… that’s great. What is that? It is the makings of a sock. Ah. Mm, okay. Something soft for amelia to wear. Unfortunately, I am not the best crafts student. I much prefer my nursing books. No, hey, I-I like it. It’s, uh… it soft. It’s — it’s awful. Okay.

[ Sighs ] I was actually glad nina rescued me from it. So, I wanted to talk to you, actually. Uh… I ran into trish, the hostess from metro court the other day, and she said you were talking to her about my center. I am so sorry. I hope I didn’t speak out of turn. I know your privacy means so much to you, and I would never interfere in your life. No, no, no, no. Nina. You misunderstood. Trish was saying that you were talking up my plans to help the lgbtqia+ youth, and I was very touched by that. It means a lot that you believe in me. Of course I believe in you. And I believe in this project. Did you talk to trish about her brother? Yes. My god. It was so sad. And it made me so angry. Too many kids are discarded and on the fringe of society. Port charles desperately needs a resource like the corinthos-davis house for marginalized and homeless youth. Anyway, thank you for the free pr, and the drink is on me. Oh, you don’t have to thank me. I believe 1,000% in what you’re doing. 1,000%. When sonny told me, I was so — so impressed. Please. I want to help any way that I can. I can’t believe we made it to salads without a single distraction or interruption. And no personal crisis to come crashing down? The sky looks pretty clear. It’s good, ’cause I’ve had my fill of meteors.

[ Both chuckle ] My mother e-mailed me yesterday. The old digital dodge. Yeah, but I’m glad she didn’t call, ’cause I don’t really want to talk to her anyway. Not a surprise after what she and your father did to you. Could you ever imagine doing something like that to violet? Using your medical skills to manipulate her to cover something up? I know I have to get over it. It’s — it’s way in the past. Is it? Well, I guess it hits a raw nerve. But at least it’s all out in the open. The worst is behind me. Yeah, it is. You know the worst part of that whole mess? The person who suffered the most deserved it the least.

whatever arrangements victor made to expose my past, he had to have somebody on the inside of the wsb in order to facilitate that. And once you were compromised, someone with their own agenda could take advantage of the situation to get rid of you.

[ Inhales sharply ] I mean, someone could be planning a power grab. You’re a potent adversary at the wsb. How many warring factions are there at the bureau? Perhaps I know something that could pose a threat. You know?

[ Exhales deeply ] Regardless… the person may have thought that making my indiscretions public would have resulted in an arrest. And when it didn’t, when it failed, they moved to plan b, which is to eliminate me permanently. Don’t forget occam’s razor — the right answer is usually the simplest one. My father, victor, despised you. And his parting gift was to attack you where it hurt you the most. Laura: Nothing. Better to rule out every possibility. Yeah, but, look, if nikolas wanted to hide, this is the perfect place for him to do it. The fact that he’s not here makes me think that he hasn’t gone into hiding at all. You think something’s happened to him? Yeah. Something or someone. Victor’s dead. It can’t be him. Who else would want to harm nikolas? I don’t know what sonny’s guy — dex, the lurker — saw, didn’t see. I… gordon and mason,they — they — they weren’t here that long. Gordon was here just long enough to ask mason for a bunch of money. Did mason give it to him? No. Mason said, “you’re gonna get exactly what you’re owed.”

[ Gasps ] Oh. Yeah, see, that’s not threatening at all, is it? Oh. Well, we don’t know for sure. Let me ask you something. Yeah? Do you think that mason is capable of killing someone? Well, he wouldn’t be the only one, would he? You certainly are. That’s an…accident! You hit nikolas over the headwith a marble statue — yeah, that was to stop him, and you know it. Just forget it. Forget it. Well, you stopped him, didn’t you? What did you tell detective chase? Did he ask you if gordon was your patient? Yes. And what did you say? I said yes. Why? What do you mean, why? You don’t even have a file on the guy. Now you’re going to have to fake it. You’re right about that. What else did you tell the cops? Not much. I just said that, you know, gordon found me — confronted me at the restaurant. Oh, at the restaurant. Uh-huh. Where you were with me and nina and sonny corinthos? Yep, that restaurant. Oh, good grief. Austin, y-you are really, really bad at this. You’re later than usual. I got caught up in the weeds at elq.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. So, um, we’re in the middle of a major negotiation that ned started before he turned into eddie maine. And guess who’s still nowhere to be found? Valentin. So, uh, I had to catch up very quickly. Wow. Don’t you ever get tired having to save the day for everyone? Eh, I kind of like showing off. And if ned ever… regains his personality and valentin decides to show his face, it’ll choke them both knowing that I got it done. And, you know, it sets the groundwork for me to step back in if I want to return. Michael, I never knew you had such a devious side. Oh, yeah. It is both impressive and slightly terrifying.

[ Both laugh ] Well… I, uh, have to employ “the art of war” when it comes to those two. You know, it’s good to keep people on their toes. And you do it so well. It is inspiring seeing you thrive at work. It makes me realize how much I miss it.

[ Chuckles ] I’m a little envious. I wish I could go back to my career. You know, nina, uh, I was thinking about what you said, and I just want to tell you something. I will accept any and all help I can get for the corinthos-davis house, but you don’t have to win me over by talking up my charity or contributing to it. My dad’s happiness is my priority, and he loves you, so I’m on your side. Thank you, kristina. That means more to me than you will ever know. Oh, I think I have an idea. And I want to be perfectly clear with you. My support for your charity has everything to do with the work you’re doing. I’m not trying to score any points or gain any favors. I am just so grateful that you’re willing to give me a chance.

[ Chuckles ] Please. Nina, I am the queen of screw-ups.

[ Laughs ] You know who always gave me another chance and always believed in me? My dad. So if he does that for you, then who am I to say he’s wrong? So, what is this? Just two friends having dinner? No. What does that mean? You really want to get into this right now? I mean… it might complicate things between us. I think we know how to deal with complications. We’ve had some practice.

[ Chuckles softly ] Okay? Let’s do this. Let’s get into it. Okay, you first. Name a complication. I dated your sister. Good one. I’m an addict. Recovering, but still an addict. Okay. That’s two for you.

[ Mug clinks ] I’m a loner. Sometimes I don’t like people. Sometimes people don’t like me.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, and I’d rather look under a microscope than at a television screen. Oof, you’re making a strong case. Yeah.

[ Both chuckle ] Your turn. What’s on your list of complications? Okay, well, number one, you dated my sister. We covered that. I love watching tv, and microscopes give me a headache. Okay, so we need a large supply of aspirin on hand.

[ Chuckles ] And… I’m scared. You’re scared? Terrified. That makes two of us. Oh. This… scares me so much, I recently looked into transferring to another hospital. And we’re done.Hm, what about these? Looks right.

All I want to do is be a good doctor. Me? I-I took an oath to heal, not to deal. Get it? Yeah, okay. You didn’t have to volunteer extra information. The cops would’ve figured it out eventually, right? Gordon confronted me in a — in a very public place. That restaurant is very popular. And I did great. I told detective chase that gordon was at the restaurant to confront me about his medical bill. And he wanted to negotiate his deductible with a known crime boss sitting right there? Okay, ava, this has got nothing to do with you. You really don’t need to worry. You see, I do worry. Because if I am linked to mason, people could start poking around. And who knows what they might uncover. They’re not going to uncover anything because I’m not going to say anything. You’re definitely not going to say anything. And we’re being very careful. And the only other person that knows anything about this is mason, and he’s not — um… yeah, ava, so question from before. S-sonny. Did you tell him that you killed nikolas? My father hated you… and everything you stood for, because it was everything he wasn’T. Hmm. He’d lost all humanity. Plus, you ruined his greatest weapon. Me. Don’t say that. You would never have been his weapon. I think I could’ve been, if it weren’t for you. He shot you the night of the nurses’ ball to hurt me and to destroy you. Well, he was deluded. You would never have joined him. I think you give me too much credit. I could have very easily gone the other way… …if it weren’t for you. I actually spent some time with willow today, and it was great. We even got a little personal and philosophical, and I almost felt like I totally wasn’t on the outside. Wow, that’s — I mean, that’s great. Great. Yeah. Good for you. Yes. And I suggested that we even have dinner together. Then michael, he came home, and while he was perfectly polite… he iced you out? A little frosty. Mm-hmm. It’s kind of his thing. Look, michael might not be my dad’s biological son, but, man, when it comes to holding a grudge, they are exactly the same. So, watch out. Don’t you hate it when people say, “give it time”? Yes. Mm. The worst.

[ Laughs ] I just think that you should, uh… not do too much too soon, you know? Oh, of course. I-I-I know I’m still healing. Yeah, it’s just gonna take some time. But I am feeling a lot stronger. Well, I mean, um, is your immune system up to everything that you’d be facing at the hospital? Uh, I mean, obviously not now. And, believe me, I’m definitely gonna wait for the all clear from the doctors first.

[ Chuckles ] Good, good. But I need to be useful. One thing this experience has shown me is that I want to help people in crisis. I never really got the chance to immerse myself in nursing. Yeah, I just — I don’t know, willow.

[ Sighs ] Okay, michael, what’s really going on? There’s mo re to your concernsabout me going back to work than just my health. Yeah, yeah, you’re right. Willow, I do have mixed feelings about it. I mean, yes, I-I want you to pursue your passions and — and — and return to nursing. Just, don’t you think we can spend a little time focusing on our family first? Transfer to another hospital? Really? It’s hard seeing you every day at work, elizabeth. Why? Can’t take my eyes off you.

[ Chuckles ] Did I really say that out loud?

[ Laughs ] You know, when I invited you to dinner…tonight, I didn’t have any agenda, but here we are. And…I guess it’s a chance for us to be completely honest with one another. Well, if we’re being completely honest, I use work to distract me from the same feelings. But, you know, we’re both really busy people. I know. I know. I see you sometimes, and you’re just a blur. This beautiful blur rushing down the hospital halls. Maybe we should slow down. I really like getting to know you, but it only makes me want to spend more time with you. So, anything else on your list? Oh, yeah. That list is long, but…

[ Chuckles ] …Despite all of it… I’m still here. And so am I.

Now that sonny knows that I knowthat you “kkkh!” Nikolas, he’s — he’s gonna do stuff. He’s gonna do stuff to protect you, the mother of his daughter, from potential exposure. What if he already sent someone to silence me? No. Sonny has no interest in silencing you. What — no. Just — okay. We need to — but — so, what if it wasn’t gordon? It was mistaken identity, right? Maybe it was me that they were after in that alley. Really? Don’t be ridiculous. Alright. You’re probably right. Mm. Still… doesn’t make me feel any better. Austin. Ava. Look… we are where we are. All we can do is keep moving forward. And now we know who all the players are. And we know very well how best to arm ourselves. I’m not very good at this, am I? Terrible at subterfuge. Don’t screw up. Okay.

[ Door closes ] You got it. Don’t screw up. Yes, ma’am. What if victor is responsible for nikolas’ disappearance, and one of his associates still has him? You know, the more I think about that, the less sense that it makes, because if victor had gotten nikolas, he would’ve been gloating about it when we were in greenland, and there was nothing. So, I don’t know who else could want to abduct him. Who else would…? Do you think I just don’t want to admit that he’s done it again? That he’s turned his back on his family and he abandoned his two sons?

[ Inhales deeply ] If he can’t face the mess he’s made with spencer and esme, he may think running away is his only option. Shame is a powerful motivator. But then why not just let us know that he’s okay? He may not be able to face how much he’s disappointed you. But I’m the one who’s always there, you know, to help him pick up the pieces. I’ve tried to do that, you know, as a way to — to make up for…his childhood. He knows I love him. Of course he does. Okay, then he’s got to know that I’m going out of my mind with worry. I just can’t believe that he did this. Again. I just wish there was some way we could let him know that it’s alright to show his face. Laura? I know just where we’re headed next. I love you, anna devane. I know this isn’t exactly breaking news, but I’ve loved you always. And never doubt that you are the reason I’m here alive at all. I think you have the necessary survival skills. Lord knows, with our training… didn’t leave much of an option for love, though, did it? I think this has taken me a long time to admit, even to myself, let alone say it out loud to you. I love you. I’m really glad you’re home. Did you have a good trip? Did you find nikolas or anything? No. I guess that makes me the head of the family. God help us.

[ Chuckles ] Don’t worry about michael, okay? Just focus on your relationship with willow. You guys had a huge breakthrough today, and that’s amazing. So just build on that. If michael sees that willow is happy and comfortable around you, he’s gonna soften, trust me. Yeah, I’m gonna prove to michael that I can be a positive part of willow’s life. There you go. I hope that, then, he will join me in supporting your marriage with our dad. And then, I don’t know, maybe I won’t be the only one at your wedding.

[ Chuckles ] Willow, this isn’t about limiting your choices or — or doubting your capabilities. Not at all. It’s — and maybe I’m being selfish and greedy for wanting to spend more time together as — as a family, but — but, willow, I almost lost you. I want to savor every moment now with you and — and amelia and wiley. Michael, I-I know. So do I. Every moment is one more that we might never have had. But I can’t turn my back on nursing. I-I realize now the profound difference I can make in patients’ lives. I know. You have too much love to give. But our family… will always come first. You and amelia and wiley. We have fought too hard for me to ever let that go. Thank you for dinner. You’re welcome. Thank you for coming.

[ Chuckles ] I really look forward to all of our complications. Let’s do it again soon. Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow? I can’t wait.

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