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Sally: Did you check in at home?

Nick: Yup. Christian’s up and raring to go. I have a meeting with sharon and adam later, but I’m gonna cruise home first and spend a little time with my boy.

Sally: I’m sure he will appreciate that. I also would like to express my gratitude.

Nick: Oh, yeah?

Sally: Mm-hmm. Thank you.

Nick: You’re welcome. For what?

Sally: Just for being here and spending the night.

Nick: Oh, right. Well, it wasn’t my first sleepover.

Sally: Yes, I know. But after recent events, I just, you know, wanted to practice gratitude for the great things in my life and one of those things is waking up next to you.

Nick: Right back at you.

Sally: So, before you go, I would like to ask you something.

Nick: Anything.

Sally: Victor’s offer, for me to work at newman. I know we did not get into it last night, but I really would like to know what you think.

Victor: Hello, jill. I just want you to know that the celebration for neil arranged by lily and devon was wonderful. I mean, just very moving and I’m sure you wish you had been there.

Jill: God, I think of him all the time. He is so very missed, victor. But I like to think of him and katherine up in heaven, swapping stories and gossiping about the rest of us.

Victor: Ha!

Jill: Okay. Tell me the real reason you called.

Victor: Well, I wanted to inform you that I have made an offer to sally spectra, offered her a more permanent job at newman enterprises. Far more lucrative than that freelance work she’s doing at chancellor-winters.

Jill: Well, thank you so much for the heads up. I have a call with lily later today and I suppose I’ll just have to tell her that we have to come up with a contingency plan.

Victor: Don’t you worry about that, all right? I already have hired a very good design firm. They will do the work that sally spectra was contracted to do, okay? So don’t you worry about a thing.

Jill: Wait just one minute. I thought you didn’t trust sally. As a matter of fact, you dissuaded me from working with her by means of a dossier you sent me of miss spectra’s greatest hits.

Victor: Well, you know, sometimes things change. I’ve decided I need to keep her closer to the family.

Jill: Mm-hmm. You just want to keep a watchful eye on her, don’t you?

[ Victor chuckling ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Audra: Good morning.

Nate: Audra. Um, this is a surprise.

Audra: Um, yeah, I saw this delivered for you downstairs and thought i should bring it up myself. New suit?

Nate: Seemed fitting that I dressed the part given the week ahead.

Audra: Oh, yeah, I understand. Um, you know, this is a big moment for you. Victoria and nikki are out of town and you’re left to fill the void.

Nate: It’s an honor to be asked to step in.

Audra: You know, it’s admirable just how much you’ve accomplished in such a short period of time.

Nate: Thanks.

Audra: Yeah.

Nate: Well, uh, if you don’t mind, I do have a schedule to stick to.

Audra: Yeah. Um, I will see you at the office. Oh, and, uh, nate, if I haven’t said it already, um, look, I’m really happy for you.

Nate: Thank you, audra.

Jack: Thank you for coming by on short notice.

Billy: It sounded urgent.

Diane: Yes. Well, jack and I were talking last night and I have an idea about how to protect jabot. I’ve given it a lot of thought and I would like for the two of you to give it some consideration.

Jack: We are all ears.

Billy: Please, let’s hear it.

Diane: Here, have a seat. Ashley and tucker think they’re walking away with half of the company. So we need to lure them into a false sense of security that that might actually happen. So to do that, the two of you need to pretend to have a falling out. A huge fight. Something fierce and public that ashley and tucker will witness.

Billy: That shouldn’t be difficult. They know I don’t trust him.

Diane: See, they’re probably already expecting it.

Billy: I see the angle. Make them believe that I could be an ally. I get inside and I destroy them from within. Tide is busting laundry’s biggest myth…

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Billy: Yeah. This could work.

Diane: Jack?

Jack: I still have my concerns.

Billy: Yeah? Why is that? Because you don’t think i can pull it off, jack?

Jack: No. Not at all. I don’t like putting you in an untenable situation. Billy, I admire how you have turned your life around. But disrupting a company and pretending to fail, that could stigmatize you in the business world at large.

Billy: Okay. Well, I’m not worried about my reputation or what the public thinks about me, okay? Especially not when it comes to protecting our family. Our father’s legacy, jabot’s legacy.

Jack: Dad would be very proud of you for stepping up like this.

Billy: Well, it’s not like I’m falling back in my old ways, right? I’m doing what’s necessary to make sure that this doesn’t get out of hand and the company suffers.

Diane: Exactly. This is the best way we can control the narrative. I wish it hadn’t come to this, but I really don’t see another option.

Billy: Look, at the very least, I get inside and i see what they plan next.

Jack: You do realize once we start this, there is no turning back.

Billy: We’ve given ashley every opportunity to back down. She hasn’t taken them.

Jack: You know what? You’re absolutely right. And I am not going to let diane be a victim of ashley’s hate campaign and have to leave jabot.

Billy: So, that’s it? That’s the plan. For better or worse.

Nick: I don’t think I can give you a clear answer as to what I think you should do about my dad’s offer.

Sally: But you must have an opinion. Please don’t hold back.

Nick: Okay. I’m surprised you would even consider it. I mean, you were pretty adamant about never working for a newman again.

Sally: That is true. But I realize now that some of my motivation… actually, most of it, was related to you.

Nick: What do you mean?

Sally: Well, it was about you and adam and my relationship with both of you. You know, I thought that working for a newman would further complicate an already strange situation, but a lot has changed since then.

Nick: Because of ava.

Sally: Yeah. Before, when I mentioned not working for a newman, I was getting ready to have a baby with adam while still in a relationship with you. But yeah, losing ava has changed that dynamic all around.

Nick: You suffered a terrible loss. You should take as much time as you need before you decide what you want to do moving forward.

Sally: I just feel like at this point, I have to be practical. You know, and it just seems like victor’s offer is– is a much better career move than my opportunity at chancellor-winters.

Nick: And you think you could do that to jill and lily? Turn your back on them just because my dad’s offering you a better deal?

Sally: That’s one of my considerations.

Nick: And more importantly, do you think you can trust my dad enough to be willing to take the risk to work for him?

Adam: Hey, nate.

Nate: Morning, adam.

Adam: That’s a nice suit. Heard through the grapevine that, uh, it’s a pretty big day for you at newman. Steering the ship while the boss is out of town.

Nate: Just grateful for the opportunity.

Adam: Hm. I am sure that you are. You have certainly been busy continuing to maneuver your way into the inner circle. Good luck.

Nate: You know, I found out from victoria you’re interested in absorbing newman media into your new company.

[ Adam clearing throat]

Adam: Well, yeah, it’s, uh, a logical move now that we’re all under the newman enterprise umbrella. Newman media’s a standalone, kind of seems redundant with what I’m planning to accomplish.

Nate: Newman media is a powerhouse of the two. Mccall’s company needs a ton of work to be fit enough face off against us.

Adam: Well, I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Nate: Oh, I’m more than sure. What you’re planning would never happen. The parts of your body that collagen supports:

Sally: This is a difficult situation for me to be in. You know, of course, I’m wary of victor’s intentions and no, I am not eager to let jill down, but ultimately, I– i have to figure out what the best deal is for me and chloe.

Nick: And you’re sure you’re clear what that is?

Sally: Well, victor’s offer gives us much more than the slow build at chancellor-winters. In any other scenario, this would be a dream job. It’s everything that chloe and I are looking for with a lot more reach.

Nick: Yeah, but it’s never that simple when it comes to my dad.

Sally: Hm. Well, there is another motivation in all this.

Nick: What’s that?

Sally: The fact that victor offered me this position himself, I mean, means a lot to me. I’m not victor’s favorite person. I may never be, but if I have the option, I would love to be able to turn his opinion around.

Nick: He’s a tough nut to crack. Some would say impossible. And the way he feels about you is not personal.

Sally: Yeah, but I’m not just thinking about myself. I’m thinking about you. Victor is your dad and I’m in your life and you’re important to me. I just don’t feel good being out of his favor.

Nick: The only thing that matters is how we feel about each other. You don’t have to worry about my dad.

Sally: I would love to be able to trust victor. And I really want him to be able to trust me. I don’t know, I’m just more than usually confused.

Nick: Well, you make sense to me. That’s got to count for something.

[ Sally chuckling ]

Sally: Yeah. I mean, who knows? Honestly, maybe victor isn’t even sincere. Maybe this is just another test. You know, like when he offered to send me anywhere in the world career-wise.

Nick: But your baby had to stay in genoa city.

Sally: Yeah. I mean, there could be a play that I don’t even see coming. Some manipulation of some sort.

Nick: There’s always a chance that’ll be the case with my father. Even when he’s offering something good.

Diane: The crucial part is convincing ashley and tucker that the fight between the two of you is legitimate.

Billy: That’s not gonna be hard. We’ve had bad blood in the past, right?

Jack: You have been upfront with ashley recently that if she and I do battle, you’re on my side.

Billy: I have similar concerns to what ashley is feeling right now about diane’s promotion and the corresponding press release that blindsided us all. And the fact that jack, we have a volatile past. Look, at the end of the day, all I have to say is that you’re obsessed with diane at the expense of the company.

Jack: It is one thing to sell a fight. It is quite another to get ashley and tucker to take you into their confidence.

Billy: Then I take it a step further and I give them false information about jabot’s future, like factory streamlining and product design. I give them whatever they need to make it sound like I’m helping their company.

Jack: Yeah, that way they’re indebted to you. Billy, I gotta say this, promise me you won’t get sucked in for real when they offer you a position of power. I know how tempting it can be.

Billy: Like I said, it’s gonna be so easy to be pissed off at you, jack. If you don’t trust me, why are we having this conversation?

Victor: Nate, my man. Have a seat. Looking sharp.

Nate: Thanks, victor.

[ Victor chuckling ]

Victor: I was just told by nikki that she and victoria are on the way to their destination.

Nate: Yes, victoria texted me this morning before they took off. We’re supposed to touch base later.

Victor: Feeling good?

Nate: Feeling great. Ready to get to work.

Victor: Yeah. Glad to hear that. I just wanted to make a few things clear before you embark upon the day to day for nikki and victoria.

Nate: Of course.

Victor: Don’t get too comfortable in that big chair, you know.

Nate: I’m just here to hold down the fort and stay the course.

Victor: Good.

Nate: I will also follow through with some projects victoria and i discussed setting in motion.

Victor: Excellent. Now, nate, I’ve been very upfront about admiring your ambition and your drive to succeed. And I don’t agree with nicholas that you’re doing this purely out of self-interest and I don’t agree with him when he says that you might be a threat to the company.

Nate: I’m relieved to hear that’s still the case.

Victor: Having said that, I don’t know what the future holds. But one thing I can tell you. Newman enterprise will never be led by anyone but a newman. I’m telling you this because that has been a sticking point in the past, including with neil.

Nate: I wasn’t aware of that.

Victor: Yeah. And because of the history, I’ve decided to avoid any kind of confusion. So therefore, I am going to tell you that you would be working with victoria and nikki.

Nate: I appreciate you thinking of me and I’m looking forward to working alongside both of them.

Victor: Good. Just in case you had some, you know, grandiose ideas about the future. If that is the case, I would suggest you disabuse yourself of those fantasies, okay? Because it ain’t gonna happen.

Adam: Hi.

Sally: Hi. Uh, nick told me you came by last night.

Adam: Uh, yeah. I just– I heard that you were back in town from seeing your family. How’s coco and grams?

Sally: They’re good. Yeah, they were asking about you and… how are you doing?

Adam: Hm. Well, I– I appreciate that. Hope it helped. I hope you’re feeling a bit better.

Sally: It did. Yeah, I, you know, just needed a break for a minute, a little reset. But yeah, seeing them helped put things into perspective. So, uh is that why you came by last night? Just to see how I was doing?

Adam: No. Um, but by the time nick arrived, I knew that it– it was a mistake. I assumed that you were in your room and you were just ignoring me and you opened the door to nick and it was, um, just me that you didn’t want to see. To 50 years with my best friend.

Sally: I was already in bed last night when i heard you call my name. It– it wasn’t personal. I wasn’t avoiding you.

[ Sally sighing ] Anyway, why… did you come by last night? You said it was a mistake. What did you want to talk about?

Adam: Do you want to sit down? I, um, I had a bad encounter with chance last night and he said some things that riled me up and I kind of lashed out at him. So, my instinct was to come find you and, you know, in the hopes of you calming me down. Old habits die hard.

Sally: I thought you’d let go.

Adam: I thought I did too, but I walked away last night instead of forcing the issue. So that has to count for something, doesn’t it?

Sally: Yes, I can give you props for that. While I was away, I really got to talk to my family about everything that I went through during my pregnancy. The preeclampsia risk and the night that you took me to the hospital because I was in so much pain. And elena telling me that my symptoms were life threatening. Falling unconscious, and the danger for me and the baby and the position that you were put in having to choose between us. I told them how devastated I was when I woke up and found out that she was gone and how angry I was at you when I realized the choice that you had made.

Adam: It’s understandable, okay? You– you were grieving.

Sally: But so were you. Look, coco and my grams thought that maybe I should be a little less harsh with you. And I agree.

Adam: Well, I think that is very kind.

Sally: We both lost something the night ava died. But despite all of that, you are doing really well, you have an opportunity to start anew. So do I.

[ Sally sighing ] Yet, somehow you still look for and attract reasons to be upset. Why is that?

Adam: I wish I knew the answer to that question. My life would be a lot simpler and more peaceful. But yes, things are going relatively well. I mean, I have three months to turn around two failing companies with sharon and nick.

Sally: It’s a solid team.

Adam: It’s their mission to make sure that I stay on the straight and narrow. Which is a path I’m not very comfortable going down.

Billy: Let’s just be very honest and– and very clear. Your instinct when you think of me is to always think the worst.

Diane: Jack, wait. Let’s just take a step back, okay?

Jack: That won’t be necessary, billy. I apologize for offending you. I know you are not the person you once were. I just don’t want to put you at any risk of falling backwards.

[ Billy scoffing ]

Billy: Well, that’s not gonna happen, okay? You can count on it.

Jack: I have faith in you. It’s just that right now, I have to look at every angle, every possible pitfall of putting this action in motion.

Billy: Yeah, of course we do. I mean that goes without saying, right? We need to be clear-eyed and we need to understand the risk.

Jack: And frankly, I’m angry and frustrated that we’re in this position in the first place.

Billy: Good. Then use it in our upcoming battle and I’ll use the indignation I feel knowing that you don’t really trust me.

Jack: Fine. We’ll have no problem coming up with an argument.

Diane: All right. Guys! Come on, this is not supposed to be for real. The last thing I want is for my idea to actually split the two of you apart. I– I already feel horribly that I’ve caused this rift between you and ashley. The last thing we need is another family war.

Nick: Trying it on for size?

Nate: Hello, nick.

Nick: Where’s vic? I was under the impression she was still running the family’s company.

Nate: Your sister and mother were called out of town on an emergency business meeting. Victoria asked me to step in and handle things while they’re gone.

Nick: I bet you didn’t hesitate to agree, huh? I’m gonna pull over and stretch my legs.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Nate: Were you expecting me to turn down a request from my boss?

Nick: I think you do whatever it takes to fuel your own ambition.

Nate: All right. Enough. I’ve tried to reason with you and find common ground, but frankly, I’m tired of being on the receiving end of your constant attacks. All you have for me are accusations of ambition and untrustworthiness.

Nick: I call it like I see it.

Nate: Then, be honest. What will it take to knock this massive chip off your shoulder? I have the support of victoria and now the backing of victor. I’m not gonna apologize for my rise here.

Nick: Your rise at my expense.

Nate: Are you really just so bitter over the fact that victor forced you out and sent you to work with your brother?

Nick: My role in my family’s company is none of your concern.

Nate: Then what is it, nick? Do you see everything as a threat or a slight? I can’t believe that all of this is only about your distrust of me. What is really going on here, nick? Hm? There’s gotta be something working here at a deeper level.

Nick: Man, don’t try to psychoanalyze me.

Nate: Here’s my two cents anyway. I think you fell out of favor in your own family and you’re taking it out on me. My drive and ambition has led me to where I’m at and your lack of both has landed you where you are.

Nick: I’m warning you. You better quit testing me.

Nate: I’m just saying. You have a problem, but it’s not mine to solve, so stop taking it out on me. Figure it out and leave me alone to do the job your sister and father expect me to do.

Billy: You don’t need to worry about that. Jack and I will handle it. It’s a risk that I’m willing to take for the greater good. And we’ll keep each other in check, correct?

Jack: This is as good a plan as any, I suppose.

Diane: It’s a very good plan, as long as you two can pull it off.

Billy: It’s the best plan we got. No doubt about that. Thank you for bringing it up. I’m gonna go take care of a few things. I’ll be in contact with you about the time and place for our upcoming display of anger.

Jack: I’ll wait to hear from you.

[ Diane sighing ]

Diane: And with any luck, this will be the beginning and the end of this terrible family battle.

Sally: You know, I think it might be good for you to take the straight and narrow path. If you can collaborate with others and try not to see nick as the enemy, it could work.

Adam: Oh, of course you would say that because you’re in love with nick. I mean, you are in love, right?

Sally: Do you… really want to know the answer to that question? ‘Cause my affection for nick is pretty obvious.

Adam: Affection is a lot different than love.

Sally: I mean, does it do you any good to hear the words, for me to say it? Because I will, if that’s what it takes.

Adam: What about nick? I’m– I’m actually, I’m more curious to see where he is, uh, emotionally. Has he told you that he loves you?

Sally: Adam, you are veering into rough water.

Adam: Okay, you’re right. I’m sorry. Honestly, I’m just happy that you’re speaking to me about anything. You know, I know how angry and how hurt you were after we lost our baby, rightfully so. So, I have to be careful not to overstep or push. I don’t wanna to veer off the path that we’re on towards friendship. We’re making a lot of progress.

Sally: Well, we still have a long way to go. But, I do have some news to share of my own. Seems as though victor is changing his opinion of me.

Adam: Congratulations.

Sally: Yeah. He offered me a design job at newman.

Adam: That is quite a pivot.

Sally: Yeah, nick seems quite suspicious of it.

Adam: Hm. Well, we both know our father well. Wait, are you asking for my advice on this?

Sally: Maybe I am.

Diane: I was talking to harrison the other day about our upcoming wedding. Ah, thank you. I asked him if he was excited. He wanted to know if there’d be cake and dancing.

Jack: Yeah, the kid’s got his priorities straight.

Diane: Mm. I told him he could be a cake tester and he’s already insisting that he gets to wear comfy shoes with his suit. I, uh, I was kind of hoping that talking about our grandson would distract you, but I can see that things are still weighing on you.

Jack: You know, I’m still just conflicted about going through with this. Despite everything that ashley’s done, I just… no part of me takes any joy in the idea of deceiving her and playing her emotions and–

Diane: Well, of course not. She’s your sister and you love her.

Jack: That said, there was real potential in this plan. It’s one way to stop ashley and tucker in their tracks, but… I hate that we’re even in this situation and I hate the effect that it’s had on you.

Diane: Me?

Jack: I know you blame yourself for this rift between ashley and me. You feel you need to fix that. You need to stop thinking that way. This is on ashley. It’s her failing that she can’t see how much you have changed.

Diane: Well, ashley’s just trying to be protective. She’s afraid that I’ll hurt you, but I will not let her hurt your family company.

Jack: Look at you. Still willing to fight for what you believe in. You are an inspiration. You make me want to fight too. I love you so much.

Diane: I love you, too.

Jack: In fact, I have an idea.

Adam: Okay. Well, victor never does anything without some sort of self-serving agenda. So while it is true, he probably is sorry about the loss of our child, it’s most likely he just wants to keep you around so he can keep an eye on you.

Sally: Nick suspects the same thing. It’s ironic more often than not. You two are on the same page when deciphering your father’s actions and words.

Adam: It’s maddening, isn’t it?

Nick: What’s going on?

Adam: Uh, I’m just here early for our meeting with sharon. She’s on her way, so she should be here soon.

Sally: Well, I will leave you two to get to work. But before I go, I think you both should know that I have made a decision.

Nick: What’s that?

Sally: I am going to give victor the benefit of the doubt. Pending a conversation with chloe, I am going to consider taking victor up on his offer.

Nate: I really I am glad you landed safely and are getting settled in. We have a few things to hammer here, but all is going well at the office. I’m holding down the fort. Don’t worry about anything, just blow them away in the meeting.

[ Nate chuckling ] They won’t know what hit him. Enjoy the time with your mom, victoria. I’ll text you later. Bye.

Billy: Nate.

Nate: Billy.

Billy: Hey, sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. It’s remarkable.

Nate: I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s just impressive, your ability to combine business and pleasure where victoria’s concerned.

Nate: If I recall correctly, you were able to do the same with lily at chancellor-winters. At the end of your time there, you were dating the boss and didn’t seem to have a problem with that. Yet, you take issue with me doing the same? I can only assume that’s jealousy.

Billy: I’m just making a comment.

Nate: Oh, no. I think there’s more to it. I would completely understand if you felt a twinge of loss when it comes to victoria. She is a remarkable woman.

Billy: Yeah, she is indeed. She’s the mother of my children. So, I’m always gonna watch out for her.

Nate: Victoria doesn’t need protection. Certainly not from me. Frankly, anyone who thinks she needs coddling really never knew her at all.

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Nate: Don’t worry about countering. The terms we sent came from top management, so there’s no adjusting them. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m your point person until victoria’s return. You too. Thanks, pat.

Audra: Wow. That suit is clearly working for you. I’m impressed with how easily you’ve taken the reins.

Nate: It does seem to come rather naturally, but today hasn’t been entirely smooth.

Audra: In what way?

Nate: Nick came by. He wasn’t aware I’ve been put in charge and as you know, he’s bitter and resistant to my presence here.

Audra: Yeah, I mean, I– I would imagine that your rapid rise to the top, it could be frustrating to him.

Nate: I also had a conversation with victor, where he made it clear a non-newman will never take over the ceo position.

Audra: I mean, I get the feeling, you know. Uh, family is everything to victor.

Nate: Despite that, I’m determined to make the most of my time here and I won’t let victoria down.

Audra: Victoria is clearly victor’s golden child. So if she wants you by her side, there’s nowhere else you should be.

Nate: I plan to continue to make myself indispensable to her.

Audra: Just don’t get complacent. And you know, this is just the beginning and the next step is clear. You must solidify your relationship with victoria. Take things to the next level.

Sally: I know you have mixed feelings about me working for your father, but I feel like this is the best decision. I need a new focus and a new direction.

Nick: Okay. Um, if that’s your decision, obviously, I respect it. I do have to ask though, did adam affect this decision one way or the other?

Sally: I did ask him his opinion and he actually shared your concerns. You two are more alike than you think. Look, both of you helped me make an informed decision and I now see that this could be great for my career and a personal challenge as well.

Diane: Wait, are you going to continue to tease me? What, keep me in suspense?

Jack: I don’t want to wait ’til september to marry you.

Diane: Oh, well, okay. I can shuffle things around.

Jack: No, no, we can have a big fancy celebration of friends and family in the fall. Right now, I wanna go to the justice of the peace and make you mrs. Jack abbott.

Diane: What? Are– are you serious? Are you– you’re crazy!

Jack: I am crazy about you. I mean it, let’s do this now. Let’s show the whole world how in love we are and that nothing, nothing will bring us down.

[ Diane exclaiming ]

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choose dove?

Summer: You know, despite everything that’s been going on, I really do appreciate your kindness towards me. I know that I’m not always the easiest person to deal with.

Chance: Ooh. No, you, uh, you have your moments. I’m happy to be there for you, though, any way I can.

Chelsea: Hey. I’m not late, am I?

Summer: Uh, no, not at all.

Chelsea: Are you sure? I can give you guys a minute.

Chance: No, I was just saying hi. I’ve got to run anyways.

Summer: Hey, thanks for trying to cheer me up.

Chance: Any time.

Chelsea: Hey.

Chance: Good to see you.

Chelsea: Good to see you.

[ Both sighing ] That chance. He’s one of the good guys. He was actually a really good influence on adam not too long ago, and he was always such a great friend to rey.

Summer: Well, I will take all the friends that I can get right now.

Chelsea: Hm. Well, I’d like to consider myself one of them. I mean, I know our working relationship just started, but I feel like we’ve built a lot of trust there. Oh, that’s your cue that if you want to tell me something personal I’m here to listen.

Summer: Oh, okay. [ Laughs ] Uh, I guess I’m just still feeling conflicted. You know, I would really love for kyle to forgive me and I would love to be able to find a way to forgive him for cheating on me.

Chelsea: I can’t imagine any of that is easy for you.

Summer: No. I know that you recommended letting go, but I just– I don’t know if that’s possible. After everything that we’ve been through, I mean, isn’t it worth it to try to save our marriage? I– I still love kyle. How do I just walk away from that?

Lauren: Thank you.

Phyllis: I have a confession to make.

Lauren: Oh, god. I don’t think I can take another one.

Phyllis: All right. Even heather won’t be able to save me if I lose my star witness. And I’m having to be nice to tucker so that carson doesn’t disappear. It’s proving to be very challenging.

Lauren: Michael told me about this deal with tucker and I think it’s a very tricky situation. He’s very sketchy and shady.

Phyllis: Yeah. He– I’m under his thumb and I want to gag.

Lauren: Yeah, well, don’t you give up because if you get jack’s forgiveness, it’ll be worth it.

Phyllis: I saw jack. It wasn’t nice.

Lauren: He will come around. He has a soft spot for you and always has.

Phyllis: I think I killed it this time.

Lauren: No, no, do not give up trying. I don’t love the fact that tucker has his hooks in you, but actually, getting jack and kyle’s forgiveness is going to work in your favor, and hopefully summer’S. So, you do this for you, not tucker.

Diane: Kyle! Thank you so much for meeting us.

Kyle: Sure thing. What’s up?

Diane: Well, your father and i are getting married today!

Kyle: What?

Diane: Yeah!

Jack: We’re heading to the courthouse shortly and we would like you to be there and be part of it with us.

Diane: Yeah.

Kyle: Wow, um… I, uh, didn’t see that coming. Uh… why the rush?

Jack: We want to put any and everyone’s doubts to rest and the truth is, I don’t want to spend another day not married to your beautiful mother.

Diane: Aw.

[ Sighing ] Kyle, you seem a little iffy about this, but trust me, you don’t have to worry. This is a good thing.

Kyle: I’m trying to keep up with the two of you. To follow your lead.

Jack: You know, I thought you were fully on board with our getting back together.

Kyle: No, dad, I am, but I can’t help but feel like outside forces are motivating a move like this. I mean, it seems unwise to charge into something so… important and life-changing and… what’s this really all about? Where are you going?

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Jack: Yes, there are other factors at play in us getting married today, but I am deeply in love with your mother and I want to make a point of that to ashley and anyone else who doubts my sincerity.

Kyle: Yeah. Billy told me the fight between you and ashley hadn’t ended, despite aunt traci’s attempt at a truce. So once again, I’m the last to find out about what’s going on in my family.

Jack: No, this is not about exclusion. You have had your own problems to deal with. And ashley is not the principal factor in us getting married. Our love is.

Diane: Yeah. Kyle, please. Won’t you join us in a celebration of that?

[ Diane sighing ]

Kyle: Um… I’m afraid I’m going to have to bow out. I have back to back meetings at newman media all afternoon and into the evening.

Diane: I’m sorry to hear that.

Kyle: I mean, you two did spring this on me at the last minute. I was thinking september for your wedding. Wasn’t that the plan? Does that even still stand?

Diane: No, we are going to have a reception then for all of our loved ones. But, kyle, come on. Can’t you just rearrange your schedule for today? We– we would love to have our son beside us.

Tucker: Hey.

Ashley: Hi.

Tucker: I have an update for you.

Ashley: Oh, I have an update. Things have gotten a lot worse.

Tucker: Really?

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: They tend to do that.

Ashley: And this–

Billy: Hey.

Tucker: Hey, billy. How are you?

Ashley: Hi.

Billy: I’m okay. Uh, listen, um, I thought I should tell you because, well, it’s not fun to be left in the dark, as I’ve found out a few occasions lately, but, uh, jack and diane are getting married today in a civil ceremony.

Ashley: Yeah, I heard. Diane told me earlier.

Tucker: Oh, wow.

Billy: Okay.

Tucker: I’m tearing up.

Billy: As you know that I’ve been supportive of jack, but I think he’s crossing the line with this move.

Ashley: Really? You never thought diane was a threat before.

Billy: I mean, he’s rushing into this, clearly, and he’s not taking any steps to protect himself. I guarantee you he doesn’t have a prenup, and I think we can all agree that can be very dangerous.

Tucker: Do you even care?

Billy: He’s my brother, tucker, so yeah, I care. But I would be lying if I said this rush to the altar doesn’t have me questioning everything else now, too.

Ashley: Yeah, well, diane told me it was jack’s idea, but I don’t believe her.

Billy: I agree. I think diane is the mastermind. But jack didn’t say anything about diane’s promotion, he didn’t say anything about pushing kyle from of marchetti, so I am worried about jabot.

Ashley: Oh, my god. Oh, god, this is such a relief. So, you finally see it? You really see it? I mean, jack is an idiot.

Chelsea: I’ll admit walking away from adam was not easy for me. I tried to save our marriage past the point of it making sense. I mean, it didn’t work out for us, but we were also in a very different situation, facing different things than what you and kyle are dealing with.

Summer: Kyle and I were good. We were so good. Un– until we weren’T.

Chelsea: I see. I do know, I mean, that you can’t force someone to stay with you.

Summer: I know. The way I see it, though is that he betrayed me by sleeping with another woman and I still love him and I want to be with him. I guess I just don’t really know if he feels that way about me.

Chelsea: Well, maybe he’s just too hurt to show it.

Summer: I have loved him for so long. I mean, he’s a part of me. He’s my other half. I just– I don’t understand. Like, how can he not love me back just as much?

Chelsea: I’m really sorry you’re going through all this.

Summer: Uh, you know what? This– this isn’t fair to you. You shouldn’t have to deal with my personal problems. And I’ve already spent too much time thinking about things that I can’t control, so let’s just shift gears. Let’s, uh, let’s get to work.

[ Summer sighing ] Martial arts is my passion. With cirkul, your water is deliciously flavored at the turn of a dial, with zero sugar and zero calories. And cirkul has over 40 flavors, so your water can be as unique as you are. Try cirkul at drinkcirkul.Com hey, dad. I got an a on my book report.

Phyllis: I know it’s not going to be easy with jack. Um, it’s not something I can just wave away.

Lauren: Well, I think seeking forgiveness is going to be good for you because you can move forward. And if you have jack and kyle’s acceptance, you are free of tucker, and hopefully these charges against you. And then you can get back to your life.

Phyllis: Yeah. I want to get back to my life.

Lauren: Then you should focus on that.

Phyllis: I want to start a new life, you know? Just create something new with my kids and make it up to all my friends that I hurt.

Lauren: Yes. You focus on that.

Phyllis: I don’t trust tucker.

Lauren: And you shouldn’T.

Phyllis: But I need some leverage, you know what I mean? Something over him so I can protect myself in case, you know, he decides to, uh, make carson disappear, you know what I mean? He keeps on threatening me.

Lauren: It never hurts to take precautions against someone like mccall. I want you to know I’ll be with you every step of the way, but you have got to keep heather in the loop. You have got to tell her everything that you are doing because she is your best chance at freedom.

Summer: Well, everyone at marchetti is already super impressed with you. I mean, they already knew your history and your creative vision in the fashion industry, but I really do feel like you have stepped into the creative director role with a lot of ease.

Chelsea: Well, thank you. Billy and i were just talking about it. It does feel like things have fallen into place.

Summer: Well, as you’re still getting settled, just feel free to ask me any questions. Or if you have ideas about the business structure, creative, anything, I– I want to hear it.

Chelsea: I mean, I have tons of ideas how we can maximize our potential.

Summer: Okay, great! I mean, that’s exactly why I hired you. Chelsea, I really do think you and I working together, we’re going to see record growth at marchetti.

[ Chelsea chuckling ]

Chelsea: Can i tell you something? Just a personal observation.

Summer: Yeah, sure.

Chelsea: I think you’re a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. I mean, I truly feel like you’re going to find a way to be move on and be happy.

Kyle: I wish I could, but I can’T. In fact, I have to head back to the office.

Jack: Kyle, it’s a civil ceremony. It won’t take that long.

Kyle: And dad, I hope it goes well. Congratulations. See you later.

Diane: Well, that’s not how I thought that conversation would go.

Jack: You know what? He’s being diligent and responsible in his new job at newman media.

Diane: No, no, I think there’s more going on. Ever since this whole ordeal with summer, he’s been just shut down emotionally and, I don’t know, maybe seeing two people exchange vows of lasting love is just, um, too much for him right now.

Jack: You know what? I can’t argue with you there. I know from experience that when you shut out that part of your heart, you don’t always make the wisest decisions.

Billy: This quickie wedding just proves your point that jack is not thinking clearly and he’s lost his mind because of diane and it’s got me concerned. Frankly, I’m angry. I don’t want you two to go to war over jabot. I don’t want that. This courthouse wedding is a mistake and it’s a big red flag. Before my doctor and I chose breztri for my copd,

[ Kyle sighing ]

Kyle: Hi. Sorry I’m late.

Audra: Already slacking, huh?

Kyle: Oh, worse. I had to deal with more family drama. I just can’t seem to catch a break these days. I’m sorry. I may not be good company.

Audra: It’s okay. What can I do to help?

Kyle: Hm. Well, can we cancel our afternoon meetings? Because right now I need to get you alone.

[ Summer sighing ]

Chance: Hey, summer. Nice to see you again. You okay?

Summer: Honestly?

[ Summer chuckling ] No. Everybody keeps telling me that I just need to move on, that I need to let go, but I– I don’t know if I could do that. I’ve already lost so much. And yeah, my mom is back, but it’s not the same. I mean, everything is different. I just… I wish that everything could go back to the way that it was.

[ Summer sighing ]

Chance: Yeah.

[ Chance sighing ] You know, sometimes, the best way out is forward.

[ Both panting ]

Audra: Do you trust me? Turn around.

[ Kyle chuckling ]

Phyllis: I mean, tucker’s got to have a weak spot. He has to have a vulnerable spot.

Lauren: I mean, he’s an enigma. For a man who only cared about himself, now seems to actually be caring about others. His son, his grandson, ashley.

Phyllis: He has an agenda. He’s after jabot.

Lauren: Ah. [ Scoffing ] That explains the motivation.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: So, the situation is inherently precarious. You have got to find his weak link and you go from there.

Phyllis: Right. You know, I’m trying to be honest and aboveboard, but I think I have to tap into og phyllis.

Lauren: Oh, boy.

Phyllis: I think I do. I have no choice. Just this last time. And then I’m going to create my new life, I swear.

Diane: I can’t believe we’re actually doing this! Oh, how did I get so lucky to have such a handsome groom?

Jack: Hey!

Billy: Hey. Excuse me, sorry to interrupt. But, uh, I just ran into tucker and ashley and I was able to bait the situation. Don’t know if they’re going to bite or not, but they are poised, just to let you know.

Jack: Hello. Well, you are both welcome to join us at our civil ceremony.

Tucker: Did you say civil?

[ Laughing ] Civil, my ass.

Ashley: You know what? This just proves what I’ve been saying all along. You have completely lost your mind and thank god, billy finally agrees with me.

Billy: Ashley.

Jack: Wait. Is that true?

Billy: Jack, you’re not– you’re not making this easy, right? I mean, this is mistake. You shouldn’t be going through with this. And honestly, if diane actually loved you as much as she said she does, she would put an end to this now.

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