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I am where you told me to be and this guy still has not shown up. Okay. Okay. Hm. Just tell me again what I’m supposed to be looking for. Blue blazer. Got it.

It couldn’t be him. Not again. Could it?

Hello, Lee. We meet again. Yes, and what an unpleasant deja vu it is. So you didn’t just throw in the towel, you asked the matchmaker who put us together to try again? Yeah, and now I’m… How’d you know that? Because I did the same thing, because this is deja vu for me too. Wait, what are you trying to tell me?

That I’m your date for the night.

Well… Congratulations, that’s great. Thank you, no, we’re really, we’re really happy. I’m sure. EJ, there you are. Yes, here I am. And so are all of you. Something wrong? No, not at all. So, what are you both doing here? Is someone sick? No, I just told you, we’re fine actually. We, we couldn’t be better. Ah, Nicole, do you want to tell me what’s going on here?

Sure. Sloan just told me she’s having a baby. Eric’s


Oh, good run. Yeah, I, uh, I went down by the river to catch a breeze and, um, there was no breeze. You worked out quite a sweat. Oh yeah? You noticed? Ooh, I noticed.

So, um, the kids are at Doug and Julie’s tonight, huh? Yeah. They called while you were out. They were having a wonderful time. And I told them we’d pick them up first thing in the morning. Oh, good. So why don’t you shower, and I will figure out what’s for dinner. Okay. Okay. Oh no, I’m getting my sweat all over you.

Hey, it’s a bad time? Yeah, it is. And don’t you ever wear clothes?

To the DiMera mansion, yes. And, um, please have your guy put it in the fridge for me. Thank you. Well, I’ve just checked off the last thing on my to do list.

Gosh. I cannot believe you and I are getting married tomorrow.

In less than 24 hours, you and I are going to be husband and wife. And then

we’ll I don’t know, Victorian, to put the happily ever off until after some patriarchal ceremony. What do you mean? Well, can’t we put the wedding night before the wedding?

I’m sorry, Gwen, uh… I can’t do this.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I’m sorry, what did you just say? I, I said, uh, forgive me Gwen, I, uh, I don’t think this is a good idea. It isn’t a good idea? Do

you perhaps care to be a bit more specific? I mean, not a good idea about hitting the sack, or not… A good idea about getting married, because Bloody hell, Dimitri. One minute I’m ordering my bouquet, and the next minute you are actually shoving me away No, I wasn’t exactly shoving you away. No, you’re right.

More like swatting me away like I was a mosquito. Gwen, please. I… Dimitri. If something is wrong, you had better tell me now. That

First of all, if it felt like I was shoving you away, I am so sorry, darling. It’s just that there’s so much still left to do before the wedding. Well, then why’d you come over here in the first place? B because I, because I wanted to see if there’s anything that you needed me to do. Well, there was. And you acted as though I violated your virtue.

Right. Okay, um… I think that maybe we are both a little bit nervous about the big day and, uh, I think we should be careful right now about saying things that we might later regret. You mean hearing things that you don’t want to hear?

I’m gonna go. I am going to go run my few errands and then I am going to come right back and we can continue this conversation once we both settle down a bit. Gwen,

can we please not fight the night before our wedding?

What the hell just found out. Well, that’s great. I’m so very happy for you. Congratulations, Eric. Thank you. So… Maybe all four of us can do Lamar’s together.

Or not.

Anyway, I… I know this must mean the world to you, Eric. And you’re going to be a father after all.

What the hell, Alex? This isn’t what it looks like, Steph. I meant what I said about moving on. Well, showing up shirtless doesn’t seem like moving on. It seems like the same old, same old. I have a shirt. I have two shirts. I just need to know which one to wear. So flip a freakin coin. Give me two seconds, please.

Seriously, this one? Or this one? Okay, Alex, do you not see how pathetic this is? I have a date tonight and I want to look my best. I had an idea for… Are you kidding me? No, I’m not kidding you. I was asking Stephanie her opinion on what shirt I should wear. When I used to live at the mansion, I was able to ask Sonny and Maggie, but…

You’d ask Maggie what shirt to wear and you’re wondering why she questioned your leadership abilities? Dude, how about you Just tell me which one to where and I’ll leave. 1, 2, 1.

You went back to the same matchmaker. I believe in second chances. No, you don’t. You believe in putting people in jail and throwing away the key. What? Making a bad match is not as serious as trying to kill your ex wife’s fianc√©. Which I did not do, damn it. What, you put that on your dating profile and never lets anything go?

Oh, did you mention your interest in science like aversion therapy to recondition a man’s libido? You know what? This is not how I wanted this night to go. Yeah, you’re not the only one. What? I’m so sorry, can I help you? I sure hope so, given how very handsome you look in that blue jacket. I’m sorry, who are you?

Connie Vaninski. Your date.

Look, I’m sorry if I seemed flipped before, the… Blame Lamar’s joke. Nicole and I are both very happy for the two of you. Both of you? Of course. We both know how much you wanted to be a father. Uh, he’s gonna be an amazing father. So, you and Sloane are pregnant at the same time. I guess this means we’ll be going to the same little league, Ames.

I’m sorry. Well, I think we should probably get going. We don’t want to be late to that appointment. Yeah, no we don’t. It was good seeing you.

Oh, well done EJ. You sure laid that on with the trowel.


I’m sorry if I seemed abrupt just now. Miss um, Veninsky, but call me Connie. You see, there’s been some confusion as to who I’m supposed to meet tonight. Oh, hey. No prob, Rob. Actually, it’s Lee. Oh, I didn’t think it was your name. I was making a joke. No prob, Rob. See, it rhymes. Cute. I get a million of them. I’m sure you do.

Love that dress. I’m a big fan of red. And sorry I was late. The circus is in town. Oh, were you looking for work? No, the parade screwed up traffic. Oh, hard to speed up those elephants. Ain’t it the truth. Look, I don’t mean to be pushy or anything, but I came here for a date. A due, as the French say. So would you mind bidding adios to your little friend?

Right, well, uh, grab a table. If you’ll excuse us. Of course. You two have a lot to talk about.

What the hell is going on here? Lee isn’t my date. Who is?

How lame was that? I mean, what shirt should I wear? Chad? No, I mean, what does he think? If he shows you his six pack one more time, you’re suddenly going to succumb to his charm? You know what I really hate about him coming up like that? It’s just, it’s, how rude is he? How transparent? It’s how long it takes you, after he leaves, to talk about anything else.

Because it’s beyond infuriating. I mean, who, who does that? Like, what kind of idiot just keeps showing up when he’s not wanted? Chad, listen to me. Please, look at me. We have a night alone. I wonder if there’s anything I can do to make you think about something else. I don’t know, can you think of anything that you might find more interesting than talking about Alex?

Like who?

I think we can come up with something. In the shower. Oh, okay. Cause you know how I feel about water. Oh my god, look at that towel. I’m gonna kill him. What do you want? Oh, I’m sorry. Is this a bad time?

You know… In a town where there is serial demonic possession, multitudinal dead people coming back to life, and every wedding, both literally and figuratively, ends with an explosion, you would think it would be easy to write a gossip column. The problem is that the bar is set so high… Simple adultery seems boring, which is why I’ve got nothing for my gossip column tomorrow.

Nada, zilch, nothing.

Gwenny, are you listening to me? Yeah. Are you okay?

Fine. No, you’re not. Oh my god, I scared you talking about Salem, and now you’re worried that something’s gonna go wrong at your wedding. I’m not worried about that. I’m worried there’s not going to even be a wedding at all.

So I wouldn’t say I’m gluten free, but I’m what I like to call gluten wary.

I must say, I’m surprised you decided to use a matchmaking service. From what I’ve heard, you have no problem finding women. Mm, mm. Well. That is true, I guess, but really, what I would like is to meet a woman who’s, uh… Who’s what? Out of my league. I’m pretty shallow.

So after I graduated Salem High, I enrolled in Salem U while working nights at the Cheating Heart. And I was a candy striper at University Hospital for a time in the late 90s. For some reason they made us watch all these videos about the perils of DNA testing. Anywho, I’ve basically lived in Salem my whole life.

Never even took a vacation anywhere else, save for the time my family and I went up to Green Mountain Lodge. What about you? Well, I mostly grew up in Hong Kong. I came to the States for school. You’re seriously interested in that table. What? No, no. It’s okay, I get it. I’d be peeved at that woman too if I were you.

You know who that is? Sure do. She’s the DA who almost sent you up the river for trying to have your ex wife’s fianc√© rubbed out.

I’m sorry, honey. I really do think you’re overreacting. That’s easy for you to say. You’re not the one that he refused to have sex with.

Bloody errands, indeed. I mean, I touched him, and he pulled away. My God, Matthew. Why wouldn’t he want to have sex with the woman that he supposedly loves?

How should I put this? Anytime I open the door and I see you, it’s de facto a bad time. I recognize that you have your reservations about me, Chad, but I only need a minute. There’s something very important I need to tell you. One minute. Thank you. Well, I, um, I would just like to personally invite you to my wedding tomorrow.

Gwen and I would be honored if you would attend.

Do you want to talk about it? Talk about what? That you found out Sloane Peterson is pregnant and now she and Eric are our new best friends? I can’t stand her. And you can’t stand Eric. I was trying to be polite. What should I have said? Oh, you’re going to have a baby? Eh, so what? Big deal. You pushed right past polite and went straight to gushing.

Oh, I did not gush. Oh, okay. To making stupid jokes. I was trying to lighten the mood. Everyone seems so damn sober. I’m going to bed. You know what I think? What do you think? You’re not upset that I was being nice to Sloane or that I was making little jokes. You’re not even upset that Sloane is going to have a baby.

You’re upset that Sloane is going to have Eric’s baby.

Well… At least EJ seemed happy for us. The same as the more operative word. I mean, at least he tried. Not like Nicole, who… What about Nicole? Oh, come on, Eric. He saw how she was. She congratulated us. Her congratulations was not sincere. Okay, hey, listen. We are here waiting for a prenatal exam, so… We’re having a baby.

And we’re both thrilled about that, so why don’t we try to concentrate on that? Yeah, you’re right. Okay. The most important thing is our baby. Amen. So, I was… Talkin with Nicole. Wait, aren’t you the one that just said we weren’t gonna talk about Nicole? Well, she was telling me more about genetic testing.

That her doctor even said that he can discover more about the baby than from a sonogram. So, um, Nicole was talking about the


Nicole, I, I don’t want us to fight. But I do want us to do things differently this time. We need to be honest with each other. I mean really honest with each other. I know that you’re upset that Sloan is having a baby, having Eric’s baby. And I can understand that, but we need to talk about it.

You’re right. I am upset. But it’s not about what you think it is. What is it you think I think? I think that you think I’m still hung up on Eric. And that I can’t stand the thought of him having a baby with another woman. But that’s not true.

Baby, I love you. Not Eric. You. And I am so thrilled to be having this baby with you.

I sense a doubt.

It’s Sloane. It’s not Eric or, or, or their baby. It’s Sloane. And just… Something about her pregnancy seems… Off. Hmm.


would EJ and Nicole need testing done? Genetic testing. I mean, they’re both young and healthy. Nicole, she suffered miscarriages, you know, from the past. So it makes sense that she’d want to know as much about the baby as possible. I’m happy. Is it even safe? I mean, for the baby? No, the baby’s not even involved.

Nicole said the doctor, all he has to do is take a little swab from E’S mouth and then they can test that D n a and find out exactly what the baby could be dealing with in the future.

And then medical advances in technology, it’s incredible, right? Yeah, it’s um, it’s incredible. So yeah, I decided I was um, done with the constant hookups and the meaningless sex and got myself some much needed therapy. Try and find out why I was so afraid of commitment. Well, good for you Alex. You really, you give me hope for the rest of your gender.


So, um, what brought about this epiphany where relationships and women are concerned? What brought it about was the fact that I screwed things up. Royally screwed things up with the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. You and Gwen are really getting married. Yes, yes we are. And, uh, we would love it if the two of you would be there.

I mean… We wouldn’t, we wouldn’t miss that for the world. No, I mean, we think that you two are just a match made in heaven. I mean, when I went into that Chip’s cabin…

Why would EJ and Nicole need testing done, genetic testing? I mean, they’re both young and healthy. Nicole, she’s suffered miscarriages, you know, from the past. So it makes sense that she’d want to know as much about the baby as possible. Um, but is it even safe? I mean, for the baby? No, but the baby’s not even involved.

Nicole said the doctor, all he has to do is take a little swab from EJ’s mouth. And then they can test that DNA. And find out exactly what the baby could be dealing with in the future.

And then medical advances in technology, it’s incredible, right? Yeah, it’s um… It’s incredible. So, yeah, I decided I was, um, done with the constant hookups and the meaningless sex and got myself some much needed therapy. Try and find out why I was so afraid of commitment. Well, good for you, Alex. You really, you give me hope for the rest of your gender.

So, um, what brought about this epiphany where relationships and women are concerned? What brought it about was the fact that I screwed things up. Royally screwed things up with the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. You and Gwen are really getting married. Yes. Yes we are. And uh, we would love it if the two of you would be there.

I mean, , we wouldn’t, we wouldn’t miss that for the world. . No, I mean, I, we think that you two are just a match made in heaven. I, we, when I went into that ship’s cabin and, uh, and you had that gun trained on Kate, you know, you were threatening to kill her. Kate, who, uh, you enjoyed pointing out that I love like a mother.

You know, I, I thought, it popped into my head that, uh, you know who I should fix him up with? Is Gwen Rizchek, the woman who, uh, terrorized my family and gave my wife psychosis inducing drugs. And you two are, uh, are absolutely perfect for each other. Um, where are you kids going on your honeymoon? Hell? I hope.

Well, I sincerely hoped that this would be a fresh start for all of us. Stephanie, you and Gwen are family after all, just like Chad and I. Abigail and I were family too. And I haven’t forgotten what Gwen did to her. Never will. That’s your minute.

You’re getting really good at that. Have you ever been in therapy? It’s amazing. Really, I mean, sometimes, though, I feel as if maybe I found out a little… Too much about myself. Oh. For example, this one time, I was like 8 years old. No, 7? 7? 8, 8, 8, 8, cause I was already a big Cubs fan. And I walk inside of my house.

You know, just for the record, no matter what you read or heard, I had nothing to do with any plot to kill Stefan DiMera. No? That’s a shame. I beg your pardon? I have a thing for bad boys.

Sweetie, if Dimitri says he’s running errands, I’m sure that’s all there is to

it. Since when did you become so trusting? I’m not. I, I just… You are my best friend. I hate seeing you so sad and rejected. But if you are starting to wonder about this guy, if you think maybe he is not as into you as he claims to be, it’s not too late to call it off. You think I should call off the wedding?

The thing is, Gwen really likes you. I think maybe she even loves you. Yes. But I promise you, I will take care of Gwen in my own way. But you have to promise me that no one will know about this. Especially her. It’ll only hurt her. No! No, I don’t think you should call off your wedding. Look, I think this is just pre wedding jitters.

Dimitri was in a mood, you took him by surprise, he’s, he’s an alpha male. You should not call your wedding off over a fumbled pass. Hang on, did Leo Stark just use a sports metaphor? Only for you. Only for my best friend.

Are you sure about Dimitri? Positive. Oh,


I’m just gonna get over my tired self and I’m gonna pretend that tonight never happened.

Matty. And thank God I always have you to set me straight, my best friend in the entire world.

So, you were hoping that I actually did try to kill my wife’s former lover. Well, I’m totally addicted to true con podcasts, but what sets me apart is I’m always rooting for the bad guy. And I never heard a podcast that got me going the way reading about how you and Stefan’s own sister tried to brainwash an ex navy SEAL to take him out.

And I’d really like to, you know, go somewhere private and hear all about it. Straight from the horse’s mouth. You know, I really

loved you. And? So, what I thought I was doing when I turned off Stephanie’s phone was just trying to keep us from being interrupted again. So then we could finally have sex. But now I see that it was really my fear of abandonment That made me try and control, not just the situation, but control Stephanie’s life.

And of course, naturally, it blows up right in my face, now she’s with Chad, living across the hall from me, and I’m just trying to stay grateful, you know? That we can be friends, and I can commit myself to moving on into a more mutual trusting. And… Respectful relationship. Maybe with someone like you. Uh, well, that’s…

I’m afraid that’s never gonna happen. I mean, I thought we were getting along. Uh, we were, and look, you’re a nice guy, but… This is not going anywhere. Why not? Well, because A, you talk too much. B, you keep taking your glasses on and off, which is really annoying. And it’s obviously some kind of phony affectation.

And C, you are still in love with Stephanie Johnson.

Anyone knock while I was in the shower? Gwen? Leo? The Gestapo? None of the above. But, with all the interruptions, I never made dinner. Okay, if we go out? Well, I think that is a great idea. I mean, it just doesn’t make sense. I mean, first of all, why would Dimitri want us there when he marries Gwen? So we can throw bricks, I mean, rice, at the bride.

No, seriously, I mean, snakes copulate. They don’t get married. Excellent analogy. I just, I don’t know, there’s something, there’s something very off about that movie.

Oh, hi. I didn’t realize you’d be here. Is Gwen around? She’s in the bathroom. Oh, Dimitri. I was just going to ring you. Um, it turns out I got all worked up over you having to go run errands. I have to run one myself. Oh, so you’re heading out? Yeah, something at the Spectator. Sorry. I’m also sorry about how I behaved earlier.

I’m just a bit bridezilla, right? No, no.

Well, you can thank Leo there for talking me down from the ledge.

You two play nice now.


that sounds like a good idea. I think you

are right. I think this time around we do need to be honest with each other.

And I honestly love you. And I am over Eric, but I will always care about him and his happiness.

I know that. And I can’t expect you not to.

But, uh, let’s think about when Sloane got her hooks into Eric. And it was right after Jada aborted his baby and when he thought Marlena was dead. And Eric is a fundamentally good man who is now having a baby with a tarantula. Wait, you don’t like Sloane? I just thought one day he’d wake up and see Sloane for who she really is.

But now a baby? He’s gonna be tied to her forever.

Which is why she got pregnant.

I’m gonna go see what’s keeping the doctor, okay?

God, this cannot be happening. Damn it, Nicole. Oh God, check EJ’s DNA. That’s not a match with that baby. Good proof. That’s not EJ’s baby. That is Eric’s.

So, how was your date? Oh, God awful. And yours? Uh, ask me any detail. Any detail at all you’d like to know about Alex’s inner journey. I would not. I see you ordered our favorite. I thought I’d be sharing it with Alex, but he was too busy talking to eat or drink anything. Rambling on about his clich√© epiphanies and his ex.

And he kept taking his stupid non prescription glasses on and off. I guess he thinks they make him look smart. He’s a bigger boob than I thought he was. Be ashamed to waste it. So why don’t you let me atone for our date the other night and share it with you? You want to pat me down? See if I’m wearing a wire?

That sounds very inviting. I

mean the wine, of course. Hey, you

too. Access soon? Yeah, my date and I, we didn’t exactly, you know. Hit it off. Unfortunate. We, we, we, we’re just gonna, uh, yeah. Um, what are you gonna do with the rest of your evening then? Me? Uh, probably just order a pizza. I’ve been listening to this podcast about, uh, embracing vulnerability. I read the book. A real page turner.

I guess I might you a question. Does it annoy you that I take my glasses on and off? I mean, they’re not prescription. My vision’s fine. I just thought they were kind of cool. Yeah, no, I don’t, I don’t think it’s cool to, uh, wear glasses if you don’t really need them. It’s kind of a phony affectation, so I’d probably just get rid of them.

Yeah, I guess I will. Uh, what are you guys doing? Going to the pub.

Oh. Wanna come? No, no, I don’t, I don’t want to intrude. Okay. But on second thoughts, I mean, the clam chowder would be pretty great. Let’s go.

There is one more thing I want to say. Okay. Come on, sit.

Listen, I know there’s nothing I can do about how Eric lives his life. But I love the life I live now. And I need to focus on you and our baby. That

sounds mature. I know. Must be the hormones or something, right? Do you know that hormones make you even more beautiful? Oh. Mm hmm. So, here’s to us. And, uh, Precious little babe.

Oh my goodness.

Hey. Hey. I said the doctor will be right in. Oh. Thanks for checking. Yeah. Mom, I didn’t mean to upset you about having genetic testing being done. I mean, if you don’t want to. No, no, I, I do. I want to. Anything that ensures our baby is healthy. That’s great. I was just worried about Nicole. I mean, I know we don’t get along, but she and EJ seem really happy about having this baby.

And after everything she’s been through, I mean, seeing this baby to term, I just don’t want them to have any bad news.

Bollocks. Forgot my phone.

What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Everything. Everything. Gwen is my best friend. She was a wreck when I got home. How do you think that makes me feel, listening to her say she thinks maybe you don’t love her, maybe there’s a problem? Okay, calm down, calm down. Gwen is not going to get hurt. On the contrary, Gwen is going to get very, very rich.

This can work out, this will work out for all three of us. Age old adage, Leo. But she doesn’t know. Can’t hurt her. Now can we please stop talking about Gwen?

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