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Don’t let me interrupt. Well, we didn’t know you were here. Yeah, uh, we haven’t had a chance to really be together. I’ve been working nights, so, uh… It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s just, um, I guess I’m a little down on romance after last night. Understandably. Lee, you told us your date was a disaster, but you didn’t…

Tell us why. What happened? For one thing, my perfect match tried to send me to prison.

Come on. I said I would buy you a drink and I meant it.

So you can gloat. Are you really surprised that I creamed you in court? I had an open and shut case against your brother. You knew that going in. Well, I was hoping that I could get a lighter sentence. After what he did to Paulina Price and her daughter? Giving Merrick Harver a head injury? There was no way.

Sit down.

Not gonna drink that. You have to let this go, Sloan. No, it’s not that. It’s just Then what is it?

I’m pregnant. Hey. Hey.

Tell me the rumors aren’t true. About me threatening Kristen with a gun? Yeah, it’s true. Brady, how could you be so unbelievably stupid? I

think Salem, of all places, would at least have one halfway decent criminal lawyer. It does. You’re not what I had in mind, Belle. Yeah, we need to talk. No, I need to talk to Harold about this open door policy in this house. I told him it was important concerning the father of your child. What about him?

You’re not actually going to let Brady go to prison, are you? Why not? What has he ever done for me?

I know. It wasn’t the wisest thing to do. Threaten Kristen with a gun, but Eric… Look, it was reckless, it was wrong, but I was desperate, okay? I needed Kristen to tell me where she stashed my kid. I get that, but you played right into her hands. I know, I know. It’s a bad situation. No, you only gave her ammunition.

To go after you.

Hey. I get it. I get why you did it. I’m worried about your kid. You were terrified that you might not ever see her again. And I… I understand that more now than ever. Why more than ever? Because I just found out that I’m going to be a father.

It’s good to see you again, Miss Walker. Thank you so much for taking the time because I know I’m But you are in demand, and now you finally get to meet the baby’s father, E. J. DiMera. Ingrid Sorensen. It’s nice to finally meet you in person. I’m sorry that I… Missed the first appointment and I was unavoidably detained.

No problem. You’re here now. I’m very glad to be, especially since Nicole has informed me how optimistic you are that she can carry this baby to term. I am, yes. And now that the pregnancy is more advanced, I can give you both a more clear view of the baby’s health and development. And, of course, we can also learn the baby’s sex.

Oh, well we decided to say no to that. We, we want to be surprised. And we’d be delighted with either a son or daughter. We just want the baby to be healthy. So, um, I’ll let you get on with your… Actually, Mr. DiMera, I’d like to start by examining you.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So you’re going to be a father. Since when? Can you congratulate me before you start the Inquisition? Sure, congrats, but I’m, uh, I thought Nicole’s baby turned out to be EJ’s. True. Nicole’s baby’s not mine. But Sloan’s

is. So, you’re pregnant. You seem surprised. I suppose I am. I had you down as the ultimate career woman. And I was. Then, I met Eric Brady. So this is his child. Right. Are you going to keep it? Why would I not? Well, you and Eric haven’t been together that long and this couldn’t have been a planned baby.

Actually, it was. Oh, are you surprised? Surprise because we’re not married? No, of course not. And who am I to judge? Well, we’re both very happy. Eric’s wanted to be a father for a long time and it was just recently he thought he was the father of Nicole’s baby. But he isn’t. Nope, no he isn’t. BJ is the father of Nicole’s baby.

So let me guess, um, you got pregnant. To give Eric the baby that he didn’t have with Nicole.

I am not doing this just to make Eric happy. Having someone’s baby is a pretty serious favor. It’s nice of you to offer. I’m not being nice. I want this baby. Very bad. Both my parents are dead and Colin’s going away to prison. I just looked around and kind of had an a ha moment and realized I don’t have any family around.

So I decided to create one of my own. Okay. Well, congratulations. Thanks. I guess. No, I’m being sincere. Uh huh. No, you’re taking certain risks to get what you want, and I, I admire that. I actually wish I could do the same thing for myself. You want a baby. No, I haven’t that, that far ahead, but I just know that I’m alone, and I don’t care for it very much.

Mm. I used to have a family, too. Your idea of creating a new one, it has a certain appeal. So go for it. Well, I can’t do it alone. And you’re not seeing anyone? Uh, actually, I just started dating again. I had my first date last night. With Lee Shin. Oh, boy. How’d it go? Giant disaster. Tell me, what happened?

Started out alright. And then, um… Well, he caught me. Taught you. Doing what?

Melinda Trask tried to trick you into a confession? While she was recording us, yeah. Did her damnedest to try to get me to admit that I was behind the plot to kill Stefan DiMera. Isn’t that my contractment? It would have been, if I’d done anything wrong. I’m completely innocent. As you know. Wow, you were right about that being a bad date.

Yeah. The odd part is that, before I figured out what she was up to, I mean, we were actually hitting it off. Bonding over the, the food and the wine, our shared issues with Stefan and Gabby. Sounds like you have a fair amount in common, then. Yeah, um, I suppose so. So maybe you should give her another chance.

So, you and Sloane are having a baby together. Congratulations, man. Thank you. I’m really excited about it. You know, actually, I’m more excited than I thought I would be. Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you are. I just, I just hope that, um… You hope what? Don’t. No, no, no. Don’t listen to me. No, I’m in a bad place. I don’t say what you’re gonna say.

Come on. Right. All right. I hope that you are seeing Sloan for who she is, and I hope that you aren’t disappointed when it all goes wrong. So, I, I, Sloane is nothing like Kristen and Brady. Bad things happened to her and she lost her way, but she’s a good person. Okay. Then, then I am, I am happy that you two are going to be raising this child together.

Thank you. That’s great. Because I’m going to be leaning on you for advice. You’re going to lean on me for advice? Yeah. I don’t think my advice would be that helpful. I mean, I’m the guy that just threatened Kristen with a gun, you know? I’m the guy that just threatened to kill her. Yeah, it was just a threat, right?

I mean, come on, you were desperate to find out what she did with Rachel. You want to know the worst part? Rachel heard me say it. Oh, no. Oh, yeah. Were you able to convince Rachel that you didn’t really mean it? Obviously not, because Rachel was the one that called the cops. No, Rachel. Yeah, no, I’m looking at, uh, Attempted murder charges, man.

Oh, my God. Hey. Hey, you gotta get through to her. Can you convince her to retract her statement? That statement must be the only thing the police know. Eric, Eric, she, she, she, she told the police that she heard me threaten to kill Kristen. Yeah, and you can say you didn’t really mean it. What, what, what would she do?

Is she, am I supposed to have her go to the police and say she was lying when she actually wasn’t? What kind of father would, would, would make his kid do that? Father? What kind of father are you in prison? Eric, even if I ask her to change the statement, I’m really not sure that she would do it. She’s under Kristen’s control that much?

Seems so, yeah. Maybe she called the police on you. I know she had no idea what she was setting into motion and how they’re basing her statement by arresting you? Come on! It’s not just her statement, Eric. It’s also the fact that Kristen backed it up. Of course she did.

Okay, so what to do? Belle’s talking to Kristen right now. And I’m hoping to God she gets through to her. I’ll give you one thing. You got guts. But I asked you last night to salvage Brady and my… shared custody agreement, and you turned me down flat. And now you want me to help you get him out of this? Okay, I was angry on Brady’s behalf when I turned you down.

Okay, well, guess what? I’m angry on my behalf because I thought Brady and I had a deal. And then he pulled a gun on me. Brady was out of his mind with worry about Rachel when he turned you down. And you know what? You would have done the same thing if the tables were turned. You know what? Probably, Belle.

Probably. But it wasn’t me. It was him. So tell me this, Kristen. What exactly do you get by sending Brady to prison?

You want to examine me? In a manner of speaking. I’m just trying to get a full picture of your child’s health, which means we have to consider several factors. Ah, yes, I understand. Of course, of course, whatever you need. Which probably doesn’t involve jumping up in the stirrups, right doc? No, it doesn’t. I just need a sample of your DNA, Mr.


So you think Brady might actually be prosecuted? Attempted murder might not be a serious charge in DiMera land, but it is to the law. Come on, Kristen. You don’t really believe that Brady would have pulled that trigger on you. I don’t. Well, he wasn’t holding a gun against your ribs, Belle. Okay, what Brady did was reckless, and it was wrong.

And you pushed him to it. Oh my god, you gotta be kidding me. I did not kidnap Rachel. Yeah, you keep saying that. But there is blame here on both sides. So tell me, Kristen, what matters most to you? Having the upper hand with Brady? Or actually doing what’s in your own child’s best interest? Because that would be having both parents a part of her life.

Right? Mm hmm. So, what do you want me to do, Belle? Why don’t you just come out and say it? I want you to recant your statement to Detective Hunter, and not send the father of your child to prison.

Listen, I didn’t realize how bad things had gotten between you and Kristen. I just, I wish there was some way I could help. Look, man, I got myself into this. In more ways than one, so I’m gonna have to find a way to get my ass out of it. Yeah, well, listen, if you can think of anything that I can do, all you have to do is ask.

I appreciate that. Listen, um… I gotta, gotta get going. Sloane’s got her first appointment with her obstetrician and I don’t want to be there for her, okay? I get it. I get it. Hey, uh, how’s, how’s Sloane with all this? In what way? You know, I know you’re happy about the pregnancy, but honestly, she doesn’t really seem to be the kind of, you know, settling down type.

Yeah, I don’t think so either. But the pregnancy was planned. It was Sloane’s idea. Really? Yeah. Well, she saw how disappointed I was when we found out that Nicole’s baby wasn’t mine, and she knows how much I wanted to be a father. I mean, she wants kids, too. Especially after losing both of her parents and, you know, her brother.

Going to prison. So, she was kind of motivated to get pregnant. Initially, anyway, because of me. Wow, it’s actually pretty selfless of her. Yeah, she must, uh, obviously love you or something. Well, I love her too. So while you were on a date with this guy, you tried to record him confessing that he wants Stefan to be our dad?

Yep. Wow, and I thought I was ballsy. Well, it’s not something that I planned to do. I didn’t even know Lee was the man I was meeting until he showed up here. I’m sorry, I don’t follow. Uh, we were set up by a matchmaker and he and I were actually getting along in spite of the fact that I tried to send him to prison.

Wow, and that wasn’t, I don’t know, like an obstacle? No, it was when we first realized we were each other’s date. But, you know, we had so much in common and I found myself opening up to him and I was having fun. And I think he was too. And I think there was chemistry between us. And then I… And then you saw an opportunity to get a confession and jumped on it.

Yeah. And he caught on. Really quickly. And he ran out of here. I should have known trying to trap him was going to blow up in my face.

So if you were having fun and there was chemistry between the two of you guys, I mean, why’d you do it?

I’m sorry, did you just say I should give Melinda another chance? Okay, look, she shouldn’t have recorded you. Okay, that was obviously not a cool move. But, maybe she was just making an impulsive decision. You know, one that she regrets. And she’s been through a lot in the last few years. Been through what?

How do you know?

She had a daughter who was a nurse at the hospital. She had died in a freak accident. My God, that’s so sad. Yeah. And her name was Haley. She was a good friend of mine. She was, uh, She was smart, kind, and hopeful. But, she got her life cut short in a horrible way.

Losing a child must be the worst pain in the world. But that doesn’t change how I feel about last night. If I never see Melinda Trask again, it’ll be too soon.

You want my DNA? It’s nothing invasive, as I said. A simple cheek swab, that’s all. Um, but we already… We already did the paternity testing, so what more do you need to know? Uh, it says here that the hospital has DNA test results from Eric Brady, but nothing from Mr. DiMera. Why is that?

There is something that I didn’t tell you. Dr. Sorensen, when I found out I was pregnant, I was 99% sure that EJ was the father. But there was a slight chance that it could have been Eric Brady. I see. But once we ruled out that chance, we knew that… EJ was the father, obviously. Right, but I’d still like a DNA analysis on him.

Uh, why would you need that? I’d be looking for things like genetic markers for inherited diseases that you don’t have but could pass on to a child of yours. It would help me to know if an intervention would be necessary while the baby’s in utero. Now the goal of our appointment today is to ensure you…

Have a healthy baby. Well, we can’t argue with that, can we?

Yeah, I was taken aback when someone said she wanted to have our baby. Which goes to show you, people can change. They definitely can. Well, maybe Kristen will surprise you. I doubt that. But, I am happy for you. I know how long you have wanted this. And judging from the way your nieces and nephews feel about you, I think you are going to be one hell of a good dad.

Thanks. Tell me how things go with Belle and Kristen. I will. I meant what I said. I’ll do anything I can to help you. Thanks, man. But unfortunately… I think the only person that can help me is Kristen. I’m not sure changing my statement is the silver bullet you think it is. You see, Brady admitted that he wanted to kill me.

And Rachel heard him. Brady didn’t know if his daughter was alive or dead. He was at his wit’s end. And that’s what you’re gonna tell the jury? Yeah, it is. Because without corroborating testimony, Trask is gonna have a really hard time making that charge stick.

So what exactly do I get if I keep Brady out of jail? What do you get? Yeah. Are you talking about a deal? Well, he reneged on our shared custody agreement. I’ll change my statement if you get him to sign on the dotted line. Those are my terms. Well, if you do that, I’ll make sure Brady signs. Well, it’s gonna be hard, cause, uh, he tore it up.

Oh, I’m pretty sure I can get a fresh copy.

Great. And you really think that he’s going to sign? I think Brady’s gonna be very appreciative of what you’re doing for him, so yes, I think he’ll be more than willing to agree to the terms.

I don’t know what made me decide to record Lee. Instinct, maybe? I smelled blood and I just, I went for it. Yeah, I’ve been there a time or two. There’s just this part of me that just always needs to win, no matter what. And in this case, it overpowered my want to have a real human connection. I have to admit that when Lee stormed out of here, I was eating that lukewarm salmon alone.

I felt sad.

Look. I know Lee Shin might not be the most morally upstanding person. But, he sure is handsome. And he’s really rich. And as you saw last night, he can be pretty shrewd when he needs to be. What are you getting at? Look, I know that I don’t know you all that well, but… It’s occurring to me that he might be your perfect match.

Worth eating a little crow over? After last night, I don’t think eating any amount of crow would do it. I’m pretty sure he never wants to see me again. Okay. If you say so. I do. I went back to the matchmaker and she set me up with someone else. Ah! For when? Tonight. Matter of fact, uh, he’s meeting me here.

I’m really sorry. Your date didn’t work out. I know how much you want a fresh start after everything that happened with Kathy. I do. But I’m not giving up. Matchmaker’s already, uh, set up someone else for me to meet. Really? When? Oh, man. We should be there now. I’m sure you’ll be sad to see me go. Try to find some way to fill the empty hours, you two.

Good luck tonight. I hope this lady, uh, works out better. Well, as long as she doesn’t try to convict me of a felony. It’ll be a definite improvement

Okay, then I will have this sent to the lab, okay, and We’ll know the results soon in a couple of days most likely and now I’d like to do an ultrasound to get a look at your baby Oh, that’s, uh, that sounds wonderful. Be right back. Okay.

Oh my goodness. Are you excited? Very, very, very, very.

So, okay. You’re meeting this guy with a full martini under your belt. I can handle my alcohol. Yeah, no, me too. Me too. You know, once upon a time, I can’t now, but that’s okay. Just gotta take care of the bun in the oven. Speaking of, I have my first prenatal appointment today. Oh, well, I hope it goes well. I think it will.

I feel, I feel good. And Eric’s gonna be there too, so. Hmm. You know, this was, this was nice, talking with you. I think we should do it again sometime. Yeah, sure. I’d… I’d like that.

Give my regards to Eric. You know, I haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I know he’s a good man and I think he’ll be a great father. I agree. I think, I think so too. He’s very happy about the baby. Nice seeing you. I’ll, um, I’ll see you soon. Yeah.

Pasta primavera. From the other night. Two minutes in the microwave. Well, I really liked it the first time you made it, so. Thank you. Careful, it might be too hot.

No, perfect. Could it be hotter? Tripp, I just said it’s perfect. Okay, okay, I just wanted to make sure.

Hey, I was really sorry to hear about your friend Haley. Thanks. It was a total shock when she died like that. Are you guys really close? Yeah, you could say that. Um, actually… We’re married. Okay,

so how’d it go? Good news or bad news? Well, I hope you think it’s good news. What does that mean? Okay, I can make this whole thing go away and you won’t go to prison. What’s the catch? Kristen will change her statement if you agree to a shared custody arrangement.

So either I go to jail or I have to share custody with the maniac. Brady, you pointed a loaded gun at her and told her you were going to kill her and your daughter heard you say it. So you’re just not going to get everything you want. Alright, alright, alright, you… You’re right. So, if you sign this right now, Kristen will recant her statement.

Did he sign it? What is this? I’m sorry, did you two come here together? What difference does that make? Belle, if I sign this, there’s no guarantee that she’ll talk to the cops. Brady. No, no, listen, I’m not signing anything. Until she upholds her end of this crap bargain that you made.

Have fun in Statesville, Kristen. If I go, I’ll just grant custody of Rachel to John and Marlena, which would be within his rights. Fine. Fine.

What do you want, Kristen? D. A. Trask. Always a pleasure. I asked you what you want. I’ve been thinking about that statement I gave. It was pretty rattled in the moment, and I’m sure you understand considering the circumstances. But I feel like I over, I overstated things. What things? The point is, I would like to retract my statement.

I will not press charges against Brady. I still have your daughter’s statement. I’m sure once I explain to Rachel, she’ll feel as I do. So you were just wasting my time? I am so glad we understand each other. Your turn.

Okay. Okay. For a minute there, I you. Well, I was pretty surprised. I mean, you never told me you’ve been married before. It was just a way they could get a green card. Oh. Yeah, yeah, but immigration and naturalization, they don’t want Americans to be used by foreigners. You know, a way just to get into the country.

So we had to make it look like true love. And when we were doing that, uh, I kind of fell for her.

No wonder it was so awful when you lost her. Yeah, I definitely never forget her, that’s for sure. You know, but I tell myself that she’s at peace. And I know that she’d want me to be happy. And I am happy. I really am.

Well, thank you for the pasta. But now I have to get back to the office. Well, if you’re still awake when I get off duty, you wanna watch a movie or something?

It’s a date?

I hope Lee’s date works out well this time. He needs to find someone new. Yes. Too bad he wouldn’t even consider giving Hayley’s mom another chance.

I’m where you told me to be and this guy still has not shown up. Okay, okay. Just tell me again what I’m supposed to be looking for. Blue blazer. Got it.

It couldn’t be him. Not again. Could it?

Eric. Hi. Hi. How are you? I’m fine. I, uh, just had an appointment with the specialist. EJ was here too. Are you okay? She did a sonogram. And she said everything looks great but she wants to be extra careful, so she’s making EJ have DNA testing so she can be absolutely sure. It sounds like EJ found the right doctor.

He did. So what are you doing here? I have a doctor’s appointment. Oh, are you okay? He’s great. So am I. I’m pregnant.

Thank you again for coming back to Salem on such short notice. I had to put up with having a gourmet lunch served to me on your private jet. Poor me. Does that mean you could do me another favor? Depends what it is. It’s just Nicole. Who doesn’t want to know the sex of the baby, but frankly, I do. Now, I know this sounds frivolous, but when the time comes for us to decorate the nursery, it’d be nice to know if we’re going to be doing it with pinks or blues, you know?

How about yellow or green? We could do that. But still, I don’t suppose you could discreetly let me know when you know, boy or girl? I’m sorry, but Nicole is my patient. I can’t give out any information without her permission. Okay, then. You can’t blame the bloke for trying, though. And anyway, all that really matters is that I’m going to be the father of a healthy baby.

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