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[ Diane sighing ]

Diane: Summer.

Summer: Hey. I– I didn’t think it was appropriate to use my house key, so–

Diane: Oh. Never mind. Come on in. Given how late it is, I’m guessing this visit has something to do with your mother’s arrest.

Summer: You already know about that?

Diane: It’s hard to keep news like that a secret, especially when it involves phyllis.

Summer: Does kyle know? I wanted to tell him myself.

Diane: Um, he was here with me at the time. We found out together.

Summer: What did he say? How– how did he react?

[ Knocking on door ]

[ Kyle chuckling ]

Daniel: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Daniel: Sorry. I, uh, know it’s late, but–

Lily: No. It’s– it’s fine. Are you okay? ‘Cause you look, uh…

Daniel: Like hell? Yeah, I know. Just– only slightly better than I’m feeling right now, too.

Lily: Is it your mom?

Daniel: Officially booked and spending the night in a genoa city jail cell. She turned herself in.

[ Daniel chuckling ] Stop the presses, right? Phyllis finally did the right thing.

Lily: Wow. [ Sighing ] Well, I mean, at least you know she’s safe.

Daniel: Yeah, I guess, for– for now. I–

Lily: Okay, so what’s wrong? Why are you upset?

Daniel: Just– something doesn’t feel right. Something seems off.

Lily: What do you mean?

Daniel: Mom turns herself in. Then this eyewitness quickly turns up ready to corroborate her story about self-defense and… I want to believe that it’s a coincidence, but…

Lily: Well, yeah. I mean, it’s phyllis. So, you always have to wonder what’s really going on.

Christine: I was surprised you took over for michael.

Heather: Daniel suggested it, when he learned michael had to leave town. Fortunately, I was in the states.

Christine: How’s lucy?

Heather: Well, she’s at camp for about another week or so and then, I imagine she’ll probably want to come see me here. Unless she wants to stay in portugal with, um…

Christine: With paul.

[ Christine sighing ] How is he?

Heather: He’s searching for something, I– maybe he’s just at that point in life. We should focus on the case.

Christine: Yeah. Yeah. Um, well… phyllis is full of surprises. Her arrest was no different. I mean, she doesn’t make a single move ever unless she can work it to her advantage.

Heather: You’re saying my client was not acting with complete sincerity when she turned herself in for arrest.

Christine: Look, she faked her own death. She was on the run for weeks. Then, she makes this very public showing of taking responsibility. So brave and stoic. I half expected her to take a bow.

Heather: Maybe she truly wants to take responsibility for her actions. She came back. She sr version of stark’s death was corroborated by an eyewitness.

Christine: Yeah, that same witness that claimed she died in the ambulance fire.

Heather: And yet, it all makes sense. Things happened the way phyllis says they did.

Christine: Why don’t you just, uh, save it for the trial. Maybe the judge will appreciate your attempt.

Heather: I’m serious, christine. There is no reason to drag this out when the truth is obvious. The charges should be dropped and phyllis should be released immediately.

[ Christine sighing ] With moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,

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[ Kyle chuckling ]

Audra: I was surprised to get your text.

Kyle: But not disappointed, I hope.

Audra: I’d assume you, uh, want to be well rested for your first day at newman tomorrow.

Kyle: No, I don’t need a lot of sleep.

Audra: Good. So happy you took the job.

Kyle: So am I.

Audra: I think we’re going to make a great team.

Kyle: Oh, I’m counting on it.

Audra: So this, tonight, this is?

Kyle: A celebration.

[ Audra moaning] My new job. Our new… collaboration.

Audra: Hm. I like that. Let’s celebrate.

Diane: Kyle was as shocked as I was when he heard about phyllis. And to find out from tucker of all people.

Summer: Wh– what does tucker have to do with it?

Diane: Well, apparently he was at the club when she got arrested and he wasted no time in sharing the news.

Summer: Doesn’t matter.

Diane: Well, it does to me. It means you can stop covering for your mother. And I can stop wondering what she’s going to do next to punish me.

Summer: My mom doesn’t feel that way. Not anymore.

Diane: Summer, I know you love her and you are ready for this whole thing to be over.

[ Diane sighing ] But the pain she caused can’t be erased in just one night. And any promises that she made to you during this time can’t be trusted.

Summer: No, seriously, diane. She realizes what this war between the two of you has done to me and kyle and she wants it to be over. That’s the truth, whether you believe it or not.

Diane: I hope she knows how deeply she’s hurt you and daniel.

Summer: Daniel and i are fine. I– I want to talk to kyle. Where is he?

Diane: I don’t know. He went out.

Summer: He went out? Now? Where did he go?

Diane: I’m not sure. He’s been really restless lately. Agitated. This whole separation has been really tough on him, as you can imagine. He’s trying to make sense of things but I don’t know, maybe– maybe things will change now that phyllis has been arrested. For both of you. That’s why you came here tonight, right? To find out where things stand between the two of you moving forward?

Summer: Yeah. Now that my mom is facing the authorities.

[ Diane sighing ]

Diane: Yeah, phyllis thought I got off too easy when I came back to genoa city and this whole drama was to put me in the jail cell that she thought I deserved. Well, now it’s her turn with the gcpd and I don’t know how the D.A. Is going to handle this, but now that your mother’s bee captured, I am going to get on with my own life regardless, and I hope you and kyle do the same, whether that’S… together or apart.

Summer: My mom wasn’t captured. She turned herself in.

Diane: What?

Christine: There is no way I’m dropping the charges against phyllis. Think of all she’s done since the night of the gala.

Heather: Right, but what about the emt’s statement? I mean, carson spelled it out. Phyllis was a victim of jeremy stark’s manipulation.

Christine: She was his partner in crime. Plus, his wife. Yeah, maybe she got more than she bargained for but phyllis is nobody’s victim, no matter what she says.

Heather: That man had no reason to come forward, but he did anyway. And when he got sucked in by stark, he feared for his life and his family’s life. He said that stark was dangerous and capable of anything. Yet, he did come forward.

Christine: After stark was dead.

Heather: Which proves my point, christine. He finally felt safe enough to come forward and tell the truth. And he’s willing to testify, under oath, and he says he witnessed stark attack phyllis and she had to defend herself which resulted in stark’s death, acting in self-defense.

Christine: How convenient that he had a front row seat. That is all just too convenient and way too rehearsed.

Heather: So, you think that carson just put on a performance in that interrogation room?

Christine: Hard to say, grieving for his fellow emt, who happens to be very much alive, by the way. But, you know, if we’re talking about performances, you didn’t get to see it, but phyllis’s swan song at the gala, I mean, it was award winning.

Heather: Christine, what did she gain by turning herself in?

Christine: I don’t know, but I’m pretty convinced that it had something to do with saving her own ass.

Heather: Did you not think that stark was capable of any of this?

Christine: You know, stark was a sociopathic con artist and a thug, but no one was holding a knife to phyllis’s throat when she pretended she was dead.

Heather: Maybe not literally, but carson pointed out that stark threatened phyllis’s family if she didn’t follow along with his plan.

Christine: Okay, enough.

Heather: You know, I’m just trying to point out what the judge–

Christine: Heather, please. Stop. Kayaking is my thing.

Lily: So, wait, this missing emt just showed up, out of the blue?

Daniel: Well, summer wanted to track him down on her own, but he just… showed up. You know, ready to come clean. Ready to back up mom’s story that stark was ribr erhing.

Lily: And you don’t believe him.

Daniel: I don’t know. That’s– that’s it. Like, I don’t know who or what to believe anymore. Maybe I’m just reading into things too much. Maybe it is just a happy coincidence.

Lily: Yeah, maybe it is.

Daniel: Hm. Maybe it– it’s– [ Sighing ] It’s just…

Lily: What?

Daniel: When mom learned that carson had been found you know, she acted surprised, but it seemed off, you know? It didn’t seem real. It was like she knew that it was going to happen and she had to make it look good. And don’t get me wrong, you know that I love my mother to death, but… we both know that she’s more than capable of stretching the truth in a million different ways. I know her. I know her well enough to recognize her tells and I definitely saw them tonight.

Lily: So, what, do you think that she’s lying? I mean, do you think that she turned herself in ’cause she knew this guy was coming forward?

Daniel: Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know, I– let’s just say that she’s probably not telling us the whole story.

Lily: Daniel, I’m sorry. I know not knowing is hard. That you’re kind of in this place where, you know, if you believe in her, does that make you the loving son? Or does that make you a fool?

Diane: I’m sure that you and daniel are so relieved that your moer isn’t on the run anymore, hiding out god know where. But her lies will have lasting damage. You know that as well as anyone. We are– we are all her victims here.

Summer: Kyle doesn’t know that she voluntarily turned herself in though.

Diane: No, the– the first I heard of it was when you told me.

Summer: He needs to hear the whole story. I mean, do you know where he is? Does jack know?

Diane: Uh, no, jack is in new york on a business trip and I’m– I’m telling you the truth. I really have no idea where kyle went, unless…

Summer: Unless, what?

Diane: Maybe he went looking for you.

[ Kyle sighing ]

Kyle: That was amazing.

Audra: Absolutely.

Kyle: Unexpected. Well… maybe not so unexpected, but–

[ Both chuckling ] So, what now?

[ Audra sighing ]

Audra: Just– I’m waiting to hear from nate. Um, there’s something’s going on with the newmans and just curious to know what he found out.

Kyle: Oh. Got it. Fun time’s over. Your mind’s back to work.

Audra: Uh, well, um… it’s what I do, kyle. It’s who I am.

[ Kyle chuckling ]

Kyle: Look… not complaining.

Audra: Good, because work time and play time are two very separate things for me.

Kyle: Oh, are they? I’ll keep that in mind.

Audra: But you should know that I do give 1,000% to each of them. Better?

Kyle: Hmm. Much.

Audra: Good.

[ Kyle sighing ]

Kyle: You know, I’m still technically a member of the newman family, so, maybe I can ask around and see what’s going on.

Audra: Um, that’s sweet of you and um… I might take you up on that offer down the road, but I think nate has this one under control.

Kyle: Got it. Well, the offer is available whenever you need it.

Audra: Hm. Um, how would your wife feel about you doing something like that? You know, sharing newman intel with an outsider?

Kyle: Oh, she would hate it for a couple of reasons. She would accuse me of taking advantage of my family connections.

Audra: Which you would be, of course.

Kyle: Yeah, well. She’s done worse, so…

[ Kyle clicks tongue ]

Audra: And, uh, how does she feel about you working with me? Uh, that bad, huh?

Kyle: Look, she doesn’t trust you. She told me I should watch my back.

Audra: Oh.

Kyle: Should I?

Audra: Well, as long as you don’t cross me, we’ll be fine. (Wheezing)

Heather: Why won’t you talk to me about this?

Christine: Because you keep trying to convince me of something that I know in my heart isn’t true. That phyllis is innocent.

Heather: I believe she is.

Christine: Of planning the scene at the gala? Of planting the evidence at the abbotts? Of killing a man and then going on the run and then playing some wild game of hide and go seek for weeks?

Heather: There were clearly extenuating circumstances around all of those actions.

Christine: Okay. How about this action? Your predecessor’s silence. How long did michael know where phyllis was?

Heather: How is that relevant?

Christine: Well, th’r I think he’d pretty much do anything for her.

Heather: Are you suggesting that michael is involved in some conspiracy to lie?

Christine: I think this is all way too convenient.

Heather: Okay, well, as far as I know, michael has not seen phyllis and he told me as much himself when he caught me up to speed.

Christine: As he conveniently flew off to singapore.

Heather: To help gloria. She’s in trouble.

Christine: When is she not.

Heather: I stepped in.

Christine: Mm-hmm. And contacted phyllis. How?

Heather: She reached out to michael, ready to turn herself in. I went to see her instead.

Christine: Wait a– she reached out to him?

Heather: That’s my understanding.

Christine: To come forward? Not having any idea that carson had been found? What– why would she surrender after successfully evading arrest?

Heather: I imagine she got tired of running and probably wanted to set the record straight.

Christine: Well, you know, it’s phyllis, so. She’s the queen of self-preservation. Mm-mm, without carson, she’d be facing a murder charge. That’s not how she operates.

Heather: You’re claiming that she knew carson was going to back her up?

Christine: Uh-huh.

[ Christine sighing ] The question is… how did she find out?

[ Summer sighing ]

Diane: Nothing from kyle?

Summer: No texts, no phone calls. He’s obviously not out looking for me.

Diane: I’m sorry.

Summer: Why? It must warm your heart to see me and kyle split up.

Diane: It doesn’t warm my heart to watch my son suffer.

Summer: Watching me suffer, though, that must be fun.

Diane: Believe it or not, I really want things to work out between you and kyle.

Summer: I don’t believe it.

Diane: Hm. You know, I had a long talk with him before he went out and I told him not to give up on his marriage so easily. Not to walk away because of any wrongs that he thought had been done to me.

Summer: What did he say?

Diane: Well, I mean, he’s so hurt and confused right now that he just wasn’t thinking clearly.

Summer: Which means that he thinks that it’s over.

Diane: No, it just means that he has trouble remembering where his heart lies, but he will, eventually. Summer, it’s– it’s too soon to give up hope.

Summer: Can I ask you a question, diane?

Diane: Sure.

Summer: Why do you care? Obviously, you’ve never been my biggest fan.

Diane: Because I look at you and I see the woman that my son loves. Simple as that. You make him happy. And if he’s happy, so am I.

[ Summer sighing ]

Summer: I want him back. I don’t know how, I mean… so much has happened. So many awful things have been said, I–

Diane: Well, there’s always a way back. Trust me, I know.

Summer: What would you do?

Diane: Well, the old diane would lie, beg, manipulate, do whatever I could if something meant that much to me.

Summer: The old summer would do the exact same thing.

[ Diane chuckling ]

Audra: Aw, you waited to say goodbye.

Kyle: Was I supposed to slip out and do the walk of shame?

Audra: No shame here.

Kyle: I should go.

Audra: Yeah, I think that would be best.

Kyle: We’re not quite at the spending the night stage yet.

Audra: Mm, nope.

Kyle: Plus, I have a little boy who likes to wake up bright and early for breakfast.

Audra: I’m sure he’s a cutie, just like his daddy.

Kyle: I really am, aren’t I?

Audra: Uh, you know, I like that you’re not, um… clingy.

Kyle: Uh, should I be taking notes?

Audra: Um… I– you know, I’m going to keep you posted of any new developments with newman media.

Kyle: Okay.

Audra: Oh, and by the way, can you, hm, please try to be a little bit more discreet with your text messages?

Kyle: Why? What happened?

Audra: Oh, well… tucker saw your text message inviting me to come meet you.

Kyle: How did that happen?

Audra: Oh, well, you know tucker. He’s just a nosy son of a bitch who likes to be in everyone else’s business.

Kyle: Okay, audra, I don’t want him anywhere near mine.

Audra: Uh… it’s all good. I mean, I think he’s just going to say some funny, inappropriate remarks to try to get under your skin, but don’t let him. Look, relax, okay? It’s all good. I’ll see you tomorrow for your first day at newman media.

Kyle: Okay. [ Chuckling ] Hey, it’s me…your skin.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

What can you do

with sensitive skin?

Daniel: It’s been a really long day.

Lily: Yeah. You must be exhausted.

Daniel: Yeah, I am, but I can’t stop thinking about all the other trouble my mother might have gotten herself into.

Lily: Well, we can talk about something else.

Daniel: That’s a great idea. Let’s talk about something else. Let’s talk about you.

Lily: [ Gasping ] Me? My favorite.

[ Lily laughing ] Um… I got a new headboard for the guest room, but I’m not sure about the color.

Daniel: Okay. Um… well, you know, I’ve always heard that beige is a nice neutral tone.

Lily: Beige? Neutral or blah?

Daniel: Oh. Totally blah.

[ Lily chuckling ] How was your chat with nate?

Lily: Oh, it was fine.

Daniel: Fine? That sounds rather beige as well.

Lily: Well, I mean, you know, we really tried to get along, but then every time victoria’s name came up, it just went off the rails.

Daniel: Well, he’s a grown man. He’s not going to appreciate criticism about his personal life.

Lily: Yeah, but clearly victoria newman is wrong for him. I don’t understand why he can’t see that.

[ Daniel chuckling ] What?

Daniel: Come on, you know that that statement could’ve been applied to us quite a few times.

Lily: No, that is not true.

Daniel: Yes! The old days.

Lily: The old– the ve– you mean the very, very old days. No, but this is now and this is my cousin and yeah, I’m upset with him, but I still worry about him.

Daniel: Do you have a reason to?

Lily: Yes. I know how the newmans are. They will use you until they don’t need you anymore and then they’ll spit you out. And victor sets the tone and victoria is his mini-me. And I just, you know, I’ve seen too many people get hurt by that family.

Nate: Hello, kyle.

Kyle: Nate.

Nate: If this is a bad time–

Kyle: No. I was just leaving.

Nate: Guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow at newman tower. Welcome aboard.

Kyle: Thanks. Looking forward to it.

[ Nate clears throat ]

Audra: Don’t say one word.

Nate: Wasn’t planning to.

Audra: Good.

Nate: None of my business, unless it starts interfering in our business.

Audra: It won’T. So, I’m assuming since you came in person, um… you have big news.

Nate: And it’s a game changer.

Audra: Do tell.

Nate: Well, I was copied on a newman family text, summoning us all to the family ranch tonight.

Audra: From victor?

Nate: Mm-hmm. And he was in rare form.

Audra: What do you mean?

Nate: Marking his territory. Reading everyone the riot act. Even going so far as to suggest I couldn’t be trusted.

Audra: Well, that doesn’t sound good at all.

Nate: You know what? I’m kinda hungry.

Audra: Excuse me?

Nate: Yeah, I haven’t eaten all day. Why don’t we go out and grab a bite to eat?

Audra: Are you serious? You’re just going to leave me hanging like that? Do you want me to die of suspense?

Nate: This story needs a nice meal and a good bottle of wine to accompany it.

Audra: This better be good.

Nate: Trust me, audra. You’re going to love this ending.

Summer: I’ll admit, the thought has crossed my mind to try to trick kyle into coming back.

Diane: Then maybe we have more in common than we thought.

Summer: I’m not going to do it. I’m not– I mean, he would find out and I have already tricked kyle into marrying me once.

Diane: You did?

Summer: Wait, has he not told you about lola rosales?

Diane: Well, he– he mentioned her.

Summer: Kyle was with her and I wanted him. And then lola got really sick and she needed a liver transplant, so I offered to be the donor.

Diane: If he left her to marry you.

Summer: I take it he left that part of the story out.

Diane: Yes, he did. But– but you did stay together and you fell in love. So, that wasn’t trickery, that’s real.

Summer: Yeah, but… look at us now.

Diane: Yeah, but you’re different now. You’ve grown up. You can repair this, summer. You’ve learned some of the hard truths that I wish I would’ve learned at your age.

Summer: Uh… I got– I– I better go.

Diane: Well, you don’t have to. Um, you can stay here and wait for kyle. You could go check in on harrison.

Summer: No, I don’t want to wake him.

Kyle: What’s she doing here? Somedays, I cover up because of my moderate

Audra: Okay. I think you’ve had enough pretzels. Um, that should hold you over until the meal. Now, tell me, what went down at that meeting?

Nate: Well, for one thing, victor’s back. No more taking a ceremonial, advisory position at newman. He has taken control over the company.

Audra: Huh. The lion roars again.

Nate: Not only that, he’s re-arranging the whole corporate structure. He wants nick working with adam and sharon rosales.

Audra: Uh, sharon, noah’s mom who owns crimson lights? Wait, how does she fit into all of this?

Nate: She inherited a business and proposed a merger with mccall and victor signed off on it.

Audra: So, sharon who owns a coffee house is now running tucker’s corporation. We suddenly have so much in common.

Nate: Slow down. Sharon has had some high-profile gigs, plus she knows all the players in town. I would not underestimate her.

Audra: Point taken. But, doing the corporate math, if nick is off working his little side project with adam and sharon, um, where does that leave newman media and newman enterprises? I mean, victor’s not planning on running it all, is he?

Nate: He wants me to stay at newman enterprises with victoria and nikki. Which means, by process of elimination… newman media is all yours. Working alongside your new coo, kyle abbott.

Diane: Summer came over to tell us about phyllis’s arrest.

Kyle: Yeah, we already heard.

Diane: Apparently, there’s more to the story.

Summer: My mom surrendered to the police. She voluntarily turned herself in because she realized what she did was wrong.

Kyle: Hm. Took her long enough. But I am sure you are relieved. I guess it’s in the law’s hands now.

Summer: Kyle, can we please talk? Alone?

Diane: You know what, I was– uh… I was just making my way upstairs.

Kyle: No, mom, you don’t have to do that. I was just going to grab something to eat and then head up to bed.

Summer: Please, just… a few minutes? Wait, you… you smell like perfume. Have you been with somebody?

Kyle: Goodnight, summer.

[ Summer sighing ]

[ Door slamming ]

Heather: Phyllis did not know about carson’s return when she decided to turn herself in.

Christine: You know that for a fact?

Heather: I gave her the news. It– isn’t it possible that she realized it was finally time to stop running and she wanted to go home and be with her son and daughter again?

Christine: Of course, it’s possible. And then I remember it’s phyllis and it just seems too convenient and too noble. I mean, come on, right? The eyewitness magically reappears the same day phyllis turns herself in? Even you know that stinks to high heaven.

Heather: What I know is that you are historically unable to give phyllis the benefit of the doubt.

[ Christine sighing ]

Christine: After years of painful experience. That doesn’t make me wrong.

Heather: I saw how scared phyllis was when she told me her story at the station after she was booked. I believe that she killed stark in self-defense.

Christine: Maybe it was self-defense, but what about all the other charges, up to and including her faking her own death so diane would spend the rest of her life in jail?

Heather: Look, we’re not going to resolve this tonight. All I’m asking is that you keep an open mind. Don’t let your hatred for phyllis keep you from doing the right thing.

[ Christine sighing ] My a1c was up here; now, it’s down with rybelsus.

Daniel: Thank you.

Lily: For what?

Daniel: For being here. You know, for listening to me. For distracting me with paint colors and fabric swatches.

Lily: You’re welcome.

Daniel: I should probably go. I got to get up early for my mom’s arraignment.

Lily: Yeah, I get it. Well, listen. I want to say thank you, too. You really helped make this move special for me and I couldn’t have done it without you.

[ Daniel chuckling ] What is it?

Daniel: Just an update on the arraignment.

Lily: Well, doesn’t seem like good news.

Daniel: You know, as much as I want to believe that the worst is over, that mom finally learned her lesson and then we can all just move on and start living some semi-normal lives, it’s like, every time one storm ends, another one just blows through that’s even bigger and worse than the one before.

[ Kyle sighing ]

Kyle: What?

Diane: Is there something you want to talk about?

Kyle: Nope. I’ve got to get some sleep. Got a busy day at my new job tomorrow.

Diane: New job? Where?

Kyle: Uh, newman media.

Diane: When did this happen?

Kyle: It’s been in the works but we… sealed the deal tonight.

Diane: What? I hope this isn’t some ploy of victor’s to go after jack again.

Kyle: No, victor had nothing to do with this. I was hired by audra charles.

Diane: Uh, isn’t it a bit soon to be making some major life decisions?

Kyle: Not really, when you think about it. After my father unceremoniously kicked me to curb, I suddenly found myself in high demand, so… I took the opportunity.

Diane: He didn’t kick you to the curb. He offered you a position at the company.

Kyle: Yeah, one far below the one I already had. A job I was doing pretty damn well if you ask me, so. His loss.

[ Diane sighing ]

Diane: I hate this.

Kyle: Hate what?

Diane: This! You apart from your wife, at odds with your father all because of a situation that should’ve never happened in the first place.

Kyle: It’s for the best, mom. I can finally make my mark without being known as jack abbott’s son.

[ Diane sighing ] I know. It’s time. The opportunity was there and I took it.

Diane: But don’t you see that you’re being impulsive? And you’re just acting out out of hurt and anger–

Kyle: Mom! I know what I’m doing, so just relax. I got this.

Diane: You know, I– I– I don’t want to argue anymore. I’M… I’m just going to go to bed.

Kyle: Okay. Goodnight.

Diane: Goodnight.

[ Diane sighing ]

Audra: Here’s to…

Nate: The future.

Audra: A very bright future. Look, I knew victor was upset about adam going after newman media, but I never expected a power play like this.

Nate: That’s why the man’s a legend, a chess grandmaster from way back.

Audra: Look, I’m just grateful that he decided to keep our chess pieces in place. I was wondering for a while.

Nate: Victor’s on our side, no question. And after a little time passes, victoria’s plans to fold tucker’s old company into newman without adam.

Audra: I like the sound of that.

Nate: Shall we make another toast?

Audra: Sure, let’s do it. To winning.

Nate: Ooh.

[ Glasses clinking ]

Audra: Ah…

[ Nate chuckling ]

Audra: Oh. Hello, summer.

Summer: Audra.

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