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[ Relaxing music ]

[ Steffy sighing ]

[ Finn sighing ]

Finn: Do you hear that? That is absolute silence.

Steffy: Ugh, it’s so nice. Kelly and hayes’ food fight certainly did not help this morning.

Finn: I had to clean up cereal off the floor.

Steffy: Thank you for helping get it– getting it out of my hair. It was all over me.

Finn: Any time. We’re, um…

Steffy: What?

Finn: We’re gonna have to find a new nanny now that amelia is gone. We haven’t had much luck with sitters.

Steffy: I know, I know, and our moms can only help out so much.

Finn: Um, there is one good thing about not having anyone around.

Steffy: Really?

Finn: Yeah. We can, uh… do more of this.

Steffy: Yeah, we can.

Finn: And find small moments of peace to reconnect.

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Finn: I just– I feel so blessed to be in a strong marriage considering…

Steffy: Considering what?

Finn: Considering what hope and liam are going through.

Brooke: Honey, I– I just don’t want you to regret this. I know what it’s like to be enticed by the bad boy.

Hope: Oh, my god. Can we just stop with that already?

Brooke: Okay, so what are you trying to tell me, hope? You really are gonna give up on your marriage?

Hope: I just know that I deserve more than half of liam’s heart.

Ridge: Logan.

Brooke: Oh. Hi, ridge.

Ridge: Hi. Hey.

Brooke: Hey.

Ridge: It seems you were miles away. And I guess I know why.

Liam: Hey.

Hope: Hi.

Liam: I, uh, take it you got my text.

Hope: Yeah. I was a little surprised by it, but, uh… I agree. We need to talk. About our marriage and… our future.

Finn: What time is liam coming by to be with kelly?

Steffy: I don’t know. He said he was gonna text me after he saw hope.

Finn: Did he give you any indication about their situation?

Steffy: No, but I’m hoping no news is good news.

Finn: Well, it’d be ideal if hope and liam could work it out, for all of us. Including you and me.

Ridge: Is there any news?

Brooke: Uh, no. I haven’t spoken to hope yet today.

Ridge: Hey, with everything going on, I forgot to tell you how thankful I am for what you did last night.

Brooke: Last night?

Ridge: Yeah, going to talk to thomas. How’d it go?

Hope: I have, um, been thinking a lot about… our future, our past. I mean, how we wound up here. And I am not making excuses for what happened in rome. I hate that I hurt you. I really do. But I think we need to figure out where do we go from here? And if there is hope for our marriage, then I think we need to have a very honest conversation with each other about… everything.

Liam: You and thomas?

Hope: And you and steffy. (Wheezing)

Ridge: I don’t know. I just never would have thought that our amazing reunion was gonna be upstaged by hope and thomas kissing.

Brooke: Yeah, I know. I don’t think anybody predicted that.

Ridge: I’m just trying to make light of something.

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: Hope and liam, it’s sad. It’s awful what they’re going through. And I’m grateful that you talked– you talked to thomas and you know that he wasn’t responsible for this. It means a lot to me. It means a lot to him. This was a mistake. Two young people doing something dumb. Maybe it was the city, maybe it was the wine, I don’t know. They’ll get past it. They will. It’s a silly kiss, that’s all.

Brooke: Yeah.

Finn: Look, I’m not being insensitive to what hope and liam are going through.

Steffy: Well, it sounds like you want them to patch things up so it doesn’t upset our life. Liam won’t be coming here and unloading all of his issues with hope on us.

Finn: No, wait a minute, that’s– that’s– that’s not what I’m saying. Look, if liam can find it in his heart to forgive hope, that’ll be the best thing for all of us. And I– look– totally support liam playing a big part in kelly’s life, but I don’t want liam coming around here whenever he chooses, spending too much time with you if it doesn’t work out with hope, especially now when liam’s feeling vulnerable.

Hope: I take full responsibility for what happened with thomas. But liam, you know me and you know that I have always just prided myself on my morals and my standards and yet, in rome… I gave into desire. And I’m not proud of that. I don’t know if it’s ’cause I got caught up in the moment or I was looking for some sort of escape, but… it happened. And I’m not gonna lie to you, liam. The desire was real for me and I know you hate hearing about this and you hate hearing about thomas, but I think we also need to admit that he is not the only one who has interfered in our marriage. And whether you want to admit it or not, I have the sneaking suspicion that you already have gone and done what you always do. You went and you ran to steffy. Some luxury creams just sit on top of skin.

Ridge: So, how did it go? You still haven’t told me how it went when you saw thomas last night.

Brooke: Oh, it was, um, it was… surprising. I mean, not at all what I expected.

Ridge: I was afraid of that. I get it. He’s done awful things to you, to your family, hope, liam. But he’s worked so hard and he’s not the same person. He’s not. He’s– he’s become a better man.

Brooke: I wanna believe that. I really do.

Ridge: But it kinda seems like you don’T.

Brooke: Just not sure that I can.

Ridge: But you see that he’s put the time in, right? He’s a better dad, he’s a better son. He’s trying and I think you need to– to give him a chance. He made a mistake. It was one kiss, but you gotta get past that.

Finn: Just to be clear, I am not jealous or insecure in the least when it comes to liam. And I would never, ever question your love or your commitment. I just don’t trust liam. Not when he’s emotionally freefalling. Look, this is what he does. He– he may be reminded of all the history that you two share.

Steffy: That’s all it is, finn. History.

Finn: Well, I’m just saying, liam better not forget that.

Liam: All right, so, you think I went to steffy. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen thomas since you’ve been back in town. What do we do here? What’s the plan? I mean, steffy’s happily married. Nothing’s happening there, but thomas isn’t, so what do you want? Do you want a relationship with him now?

Hope: We’re not talking about thomas right now.

Liam: We’re not?

Hope: No. We are talking about your relationship with steffy that you have had throughout our entire marriage.

Liam: No, that’s clearly what you want to talk about to deflect. Is that your excuse for kissing thomas?

Hope: No, liam. When I apologized to you for that, I meant it. I own what I did. Look, the more I think about that kiss and why it even happened, why I would allow myself to risk so much… the more I begin to think that it is about something far deeper than just that. It is about the cyclical dynamic that we have had with steffy that has eroded the foundation of our relationship throughout so many years.

Liam: So you kissed thomas because– I’m sorry. This doesn’t make any sense to me. You’re gonna have to connect these dots.

Hope: Okay, fine, look. If you look at the bigger picture, liam, I think this has to do with the fear deeply ingrained inside of me. And that is a childhood where I had to watch my mother shed countless tears over ridge and his divided loyalties between two women and that changes things. And that changed something inside of me, and liam, I refuse to be that woman.

Ridge: I have to believe that everything is gonna work out for the best.

Brooke: I hope you’re right.

Ridge: I am right. People make mistakes. They’ll fight, they work through it and they’re gonna put this behind them.

Brooke: I wanna believe that. I do. I just feel like so many people’s lives are going to be impacted if… if hope and liam can’t find their way back to each other.

Steffy: Baby, you have nothing to worry about. I am committed to you, our marriage, our life together.

Finn: I know and look, I really do feel for what liam’s going through, I just– I don’t want his mind wandering to thoughts of you and kelly.

Steffy: We’re solid. Liam knows that.

Finn: Well, knowing how liam feels about thomas, I can only imagine the blow it was to liam to see that kiss.

Steffy: I can’t believe it happened.

Finn: Maybe some people can’t control themselves. They can’t fight the power and the romance of rome taking over.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Steffy: My gosh.

Liam: Okay, so… let me get this straight. Steffy’s been a non-issue in our relationship for a long time. You kiss thomas in rome and now, suddenly, retroactively, this is about steffy? Hope– I know what you’re doing. I love you and perhaps naively, I never questioned your commitment to me or our marriage. I mean, even when steffy told me rightly that you had something going on with thomas, I didn’t believe it. I– I– I defended you because I always defend you.

Hope: That’s the problem. You always turning to steffy. It is like her shadow has been cast upon the entirety of our relationship. I mean, liam, anytime I wasn’t able to give you what you needed, what you couldn’t communicate to me, you would go and run to her.

Liam: Yeah, I’m sorry for that. I hurt you. I made mistakes. But you didn’t forgive me as quickly as you clearly expect me to forgive you. I had to earn back your trust for months. And we’re not here right now because of my mistakes. We’re here because of yours. We’re here because of what you did and you didn’t just do it with anyone. You did it with the one guy who tried over and over to destroy our family. You wanna know why I want a divorce? It’s because I don’t understand you. I don’t know who you are and I still don’t know what’s going on between you and thomas, so if you wanna tell me, great.

Hope: You wanted a divorce, okay. Fine. Then that means your life is yours and mine is mine. You wanted it. I accept that.

Liam: You beat me to it. You took of your ring first. You know, I cherished what we had. I still will. I didn’t think it would end, especially not like this, but hope, you gotta stop telling yourself it’s because of me and steffy. It’s not. It’s because of you and thomas. I haven’t done anything wrong.

Hope: Except you have. You have planted seeds of betrayal throughout the years, liam, and you have never truly faced any sort of consequences for that, and that, that’s my fault. Because I was always trying to do the right thing for our family, for our marriage, I would try to forgive and move on. But I really need to thank you for not allowing me the same grace because it’s opened my eyes. I’m sorry I hurt you. Truly, I am, but I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with a man wondering where his affections truly lie. I won’t do that. So… go. Find love. Hell, even go find steffy.

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