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EJ and Stefan have drinks at the bar. Stefan jokes about the drinks being poison free. EJ thinks they have moved past all that. Stefan questions if they have because he’s still confused as to why EJ invited him out for drinks. EJ explains that he thought they should talk about Megan disappearing after trying to have Stefan killed. Stefan asks EJ if he’s disappointed that she didn’t succeed. EJ responds that he’s actually the one who tried to stop her.

Li is at his apartment, on the phone, saying he hates that it’s come to this but he has no other option. Li says he will send the money right away and they better come through for him as he hangs up. Gabi then shows up at the door which Li calls a coincidence because he was just thinking about her.

Kristen tells Belle that all she’s asking for is shared custody of her daughter which she doesn’t think is unreasonable. Belle argues that Kristen kidnapped Rachel and suggests that Brady would be willing to negotiate if she gave her back. Kristen informs Belle that Brady took Rachel right before she arrived and he was not willing to negotiate. Belle asks if she did take Rachel then. Kristen claims she didn’t say that and that Rachel just showed up. Kristen adds that thank God she did because Brady was about to shoot her.

Brady questions Rachel calling the police. Jada informs him that they got the report about 20 minutes ago. Rachel reveals it was when he stopped to get gas. Brady asks why she would do that. Rachel shouts that Brady tried to kill her mom.

Gwen is in her room at the Salem Inn, finishing a zoom call as she praises her workers at the Spectator for the upcoming issue covering Rachel’s disappearance, Rafe getting fired, and Abe’s funeral. Gwen then picks up her phone and remarks that she’s surprised she hasn’t heard from Dimitri today, so she wonders what he’s up to…

Dimitri and Leo have sex in bed as Dimitri’s phone rings on the table nearby.

Gwen calls Dimitri and leaves a voicemail, telling him to call her when he gets the chance as she hopes they could meet up tonight. Gwen thinks they should start getting sorted if they are going to get married at the end of the month. Gwen adds that the more this sinks in, the more excited she gets. Gwen declares that she cannot wait to be his wife.

Dimitri and Leo lay in bed together, talking about what a workout that was. Leo suggests another round but Dimitri thinks he needs a timeout as he checks his phone and sees a missed call from Gwen. Leo says he hates deceiving Gwen like this. Dimitri asks what about what Leo wants. Leo admits he’s enjoying this but he’s betraying his best friend as Gwen has no idea that they are hooking up behind her back. Dimitri wants to find a way to get him over this guilt. Leo asks how to do that. Dimitri brings up how he needs to be married by the time he turns 40 to get his inheritance and there’s just not enough time to find someone else. Dimitri states that he sincerely likes Gwen and cares about her, so he does feel bad about deceiving her but right now he’s stuck. Dimitri remarks that at least now he’s stuck with Leo as they kiss.

Stefan questions EJ trying to stop Megan from killing him. EJ says that’s why she locked him up in the tunnels because he overheard her on the phone, plotting her brother’s demise. EJ admits that at first he thought she meant him but then she confessed that it was Stefan that was her target. EJ adds that Megan tried to rope him in on her plan, but when he refused, she knocked him out. Stefan admits he’s baffled because if EJ went along with Megan’s plan, he’d be free of him and running DiMera all on his own, so he questions why he didn’t.

Gabi questions Li thinking about her. Li says he heard about her terrible ordeal and how Dr. Rolf attacked her and handcuffed her to Megan’s hospital bed. Gabi swears that if she ever gets her hands on Dr. Rolf, she will strangle him. Li remarks that he would deserve that. Li questions what Gabi was doing visiting Megan alone. Gabi says that Li insisted that Megan hired Harris to kill Stefan, so she wanted to confront her face to face. Li feels she shouldn’t have gone alone. Gabi assures that she promised Stefan that from now on, they will do everything together and there’s no more going rogue. Gabi then declares that today, she’s making an exception as she pulls a gun on Li.

Belle doesn’t believe Kristen and says that Brady would never kill anyone. Kristen assures her that Brady pulled a gun on her and proudly proclaimed that he was going to murder her. Belle accuses her of lying, pointing out that Brady doesn’t even own a gun. Kristen tells her that it was John’s. Belle still doesn’t believe her, insisting that if Brady pulled a gun on her then she would be at the police station instead of begging for her help. Kristen argues that the police wouldn’t believe her as it’s her word against his. Kristen insists that she’s telling the God’s honest truth that Brady tried to murder her in cold blood and has gone completely over the edge. Belle says if that’s true, it’s because she pushed him over the edge. Kristen questions if that justifies trying to kill the mother of his child. Belle brings up how Kristen has made so many people miserable and the numerous times that she nearly killed people, so she feels zero sympathy for her. Belle still believes this is a sinister attempt to screw Brady over. Belle tells Kristen that she will not help her, so she’s on her own as she then storms out of the mansion.

Brady tells Jada that this is a complete misunderstanding. Rachel argues that she saw Brady with a gun and he said he was going to kill Kristen. Jada asks Brady again if what Rachel is saying is true. Brady responds that he went over to Kristen’s house and they had an argument because she kidnapped his daughter. Rachel argues that she didn’t. Brady tells her not to lie about this. Rachel says she’s not lying. Brady admits that he may have said something about killing Kristen in the heat of the moment but he didn’t mean it. Brady adds that he doesn’t even own a gun. Rachel then points out where Brady put the gun when he got home, allowing Jada to discover the gun. Jada asks Brady to find a babysitter for Rachel, so they can continue this conversation at the police station because there are questions that need to be answered.

Li questions what Gabi is doing and where she got a gun. Gabi responds that she can get a gun whenever she needs one and she definitely needed one. Gabi calls it insane that Melinda would let Li go after he tried to kill Stefan. Li argues that it was Megan and he thought she believed him. Gabi says she did but she also believes that Li was her partner in crime. Li insists he had nothing to do with it and that’s why Melinda let him go. Li adds that there’s no evidence. Gabi shouts that she doesn’t give a damn as she knows he was involved and she’s not going to sit around to wait for him to attack Stefan.

EJ acknowledges that he and Stefan have had their differences and he would like him out of the way at DiMera, but that’s a far cry from condoning his murder. EJ states that they are family and he is his brother, so he will always feel a deep connection to him which Stefan laughs at. EJ says he can mock him all he wants but brings up Stefano always instilling the importance of family loyalty. Stefan points out that he never got to meet the mighty Stefano DiMera. EJ thinks they would’ve gotten along well. EJ adds that Stefan reminds him a lot of Stefano and says that Stefan is even more like Stefano than he is. EJ brings up Stefan and Gabi proposing a truce before and now he sees they were right. EJ thinks it’s time they start working together. Stefan asks why since Megan is gone. EJ says she is for now, but he figures she’s already plotting her return. EJ adds that in the meantime, Megan left a fox in the hen house.

Dimitri walks Leo out of the DiMera Mansion. Dimitri reminds him to keep his mouth shut and then kisses him goodbye as Leo exits. Dimitri heads back inside to the living room and asks Kristen how her day is going so far. Kristen says it’s not as good as his which he questions. Kristen then asks Dimitri who he was just sneaking out of the house and if it was his new girlfriend or boyfriend.

Jada brings Brady to the interrogation room, where he explains how he tore up the custody agreement because Kristen pissed him off. Belle interrupts and reminds Brady that she told him not to say anything until she got there. Brady figured there was no point in waiting because Rachel already told Jada everything that went down. Brady states that he’s not going to lie because earlier today, he accused his own daughter of lying and he’s hated himself for it, so he’s going to be completely honest because that’s what’s best for everyone. Brady adds that the truth always has a way of coming out.

Dimitri questions Kristen. Kristen reveals to him that her daughter Rachel whispered a secret in her ear that yesterday, she saw he and Leo in bed together. Dimitri says he can explain but Kristen says she’s figured it all out on her own. Kristen recalls catching Leo snooping around trying to find out why Dimitri was marrying Gwen. Kristen says she threw Leo out but guesses he must’ve doubled back and found Dimitri’s papers about the inheritance, then before he could blow the whistle, Dimitri let him blow the whistle. Dimitri calls that a colorful way of putting it but admits he had no choice but to keep Leo quiet, so he took one for the team. Dimitri acknowledges that it’s demeaning to go to such lengths, so he trusts Kristen will keep this between them. Kristen says of course as she has a vested interest in him receiving his inheritance. Kristen asks how else she will get her cut of the Von Leuschner fortune.

Leo returns home to Gwen in their room at the Salem Inn. Gwen says she was wondering where he was as he missed the Spectator meeting. Leo says it totally slipped his mind. Gwen points out that he’s been missing all day and asks what he’s been up to. Leo claims that he’s been working on his new column on cuddling which Gwen questions. Gwen brings up that Leo barely said a word to her last night and was gone before she woke up today which never happens, so she feels like he is avoiding her. Leo says she is his best friend and asks why he would be avoiding her. Gwen says because of Dimitri, pointing out that ever since she accepted his proposal, he’s been distant. Leo insists that he’s just been working and isn’t avoiding her. Gwen supposes she’s just being paranoid since she hasn’t heard from Dimitri today even though they just got engaged. Gwen asks Leo if she’s made a terrible mistake. Leo tells her that he has a confession to make. Leo then informs Gwen that she hasn’t heard from Dimitri because he’s been with him.

Stefan questions EJ not trusting Dimitri. EJ asks why they would when they both know he and Megan are thick as thieves, so it wouldn’t surprise him if Dimitri agreed to carry on with Megan’s plan. Stefan realizes EJ thinks they are still in danger. EJ says that’s why cooler heads need to prevail and they need to put aside their differences to deal with their nephew. Stefan asks how he knows this isn’t a chess move to get him to let his guard down. EJ says he’ll just have to trust him but Stefan remains unsure. EJ insists on the truce and suggests they shake hands on it. Stefan agrees and they shake hands. EJ says now they can figure out together how to deal with Dimitri. Stefan thinks he knows exactly where to start.

Li tells Gabi to put the gun down and argues that she doesn’t have it in her to shoot him. Gabi warns that he’s not the first ex-husband she has shot and says he and Nick Fallon can compare notes in Hell. Li warns that Gabi would end up back in prison. Gabi argues that he left her no choice by attacking Stefan at their engagement party and asks who says he won’t do it at their wedding. Li gives his word that he won’t. Gabi calls that meaningless. Li argues that she loved him once and reminds him of the good times they had. Gabi calls him a sick bastard and says she loves Stefan with all her heart. Gabi calls Stefan the love of her life and declares that she will do anything to protect him. Li repeats that he’s not going to go after Stefan and he gets that they are over now after Wendy came to see him at the police station. Li says that Wendy made him see some hard truths including that he shouldn’t throw his life away over Gabi. Li declares that he’s decided to move on with his life and stop pining over her. Li informs her that he even hired a matchmaker and shows her his laptop where he even made a profile. Gabi looks over it and mocks some of the details he included. Li swears that he has come to his senses that she doesn’t love him and never will, so he’s not going to come between her and Stefan.

Dimitri questions Kristen expecting him to hand over a portion of his inheritance to her. Kristen states that guarding his secret comes at a great cost because Gwen is her friend and now she has to lie to her. Dimitri mocks that being hard for her. Kristen complains about being separated from her daughter and says if she wants any hope of getting custody of her, she’s going to need all the power and money that she can get. Dimitri asks how much money she will need. Kristen figures since Megan has gone missing, she can get her piece of the pie. Dimitri doesn’t think Megan would be too keen on that. Kristen argues that Megan shouldn’t have tried to kill Stefan or drugged her and EJ then. Kristen asks if Dimitri was in on that. Dimitri says absolutely not. Kristen says she’ll be happy to enjoy Megan’s money for her and asks Dimitri if they have a deal. EJ and Stefan then walk in and interrupt. Stefan tells Dimitri that he and EJ were just talking about how nice it’s been to get to know him and how they hope he stays in touch. Dimitri asks if they are going somewhere. EJ responds that he is and orders Dimitri to pack his bags and get the hell out of the house.

Gwen questions Leo saying he was with Dimitri. Leo reminds her of how he said he was going to snoop around the DiMera Mansion to see if he could find anything to arrest Dimitri. Gwen complains about how Leo wouldn’t shut up about believing Dimitri had an ulterior motive which is why she was relieved when Leo didn’t say any more about it last night so she assumes he didn’t find anything. Leo claims that’s right but admits that Dimitri caught him in his room before he left and says then they went at it real hard back and forth like animals in the wild. Gwen asks if he means it got physical. Leo confirms it was real rough but there were no broken bones. Gwen asks if they made up and if he’s okay. Leo says he thinks so. Leo then tells Gwen that Dimitri convinced him how much marrying her means to him. Leo adds that he had his reservations because he’s so protective of her but he’s decided to give their marriage his full blessing.

Brady tells Jada that he told Kristen to stop with the games and then he said, out of anger, panic, and frustration, that maybe he should kill her. Belle states that Brady knows he did a stupid thing but it was out fear and desperation because he believed that Kristen was going to run off with his daughter and he’d never see her again. Jada says that doesn’t give Brady the right to threaten murder with a gun that he stole from his father. Belle insists that Brady knows what he did was wrong and that’s why he is here, coming clean. Belle adds that Brady is not a violent criminal, just a dad who loves his daughter. Brady admits he’s mortified by his behavior and agrees that what he did was driven by the fact that he thought he was going to lose his daughter. Brady says that out of panic and frustration, he profoundly regrets it. Belle asks Jada if they will let this go, but Melinda Trask walks in and says absolutely not.

Gabi tells Li that she’s heard all of this before. Gabi reminds Li that when he signed the divorce papers, he made it sound like he was taking the high road and she even thought they could be friends but then he had to go and plot the murder of Stefan. Li says he’s not saying he had anything to do with that but admits he wasn’t quite as ready to let her go as he thought. Li says he wanted to do the right thing and let her go and for her to be happy, but in hindsight, he was a heartbroken, miserable wreck. Li says he was overwhelmed and couldn’t recognize himself anymore. Gabi questions him justifying this. Li insists that he’s in a much better place as the misery started to let up a little. Li adds that if she lets him live, he is supposed to go on a date this evening and then he will move on from Gabi. Li finally believes that is possible and says he’s come to grips with reality. Gabi agrees to let Li live and go on his date, but warns that she still doesn’t trust him so if he ever comes after her or her husband again, she will pump him so full of lead that they won’t be able to identify his corpse. Gabi then sarcastically wishes him luck tonight as she exits.

Melinda argues that Brady threatened someone while brandishing a loaded firearm which is a felony offense. Belle argues that it was in the heat of the moment as Kristen had kidnapped Brady’s daughter. Melinda points out that’s not what Rachel said. Belle argues that she’s a child trying to protect her mother. Belle calls it just a messy family dispute that got blown out of proportion and can all be resolved without the police. Melinda disagrees and tells Jada to wrap this up because she has dinner plans. Melinda orders Jada to take Brady down for booking and then get a statement from Kristen who will have plenty to say. Melinda then exits the interrogation room.

Kristen questions EJ and Stefan being in agreement for once. Stefan explains that they called a truce in the face of a common enemy. Dimitri says he understands if they means Megan, but insists that he had no prior knowledge of her schemes. Stefan asks why they should believe that. Dimitri claims that he’s telling the truth that he would never condone violence towards his own family. EJ responds that they simply don’t trust him and that he and Megan could still be in cahoots for all they know. EJ again suggests Dimitri get his suitcase and start packing. Kristen thinks they are being unfair to Dimitri by assuming he’s guilty by association. Kristen reminds them that Dimitri has DiMera shares too and asks if they really want to alienate part of the voting. EJ thinks that’s a moot point now that he and Stefan are working together. Kristen asks if he’s sure about that as she can be very persuasive when she wants something very badly. Kristen threatens to talk to Li Shin and Steven Hawk. Stefan asks what she’s trying to say. Kristen thinks it’s in their best interest that they all stick together as a family and give it the old college try.

Gwen comments on Leo having quite the 180 and questions having his blessing. Leo states that Gwen is his best friend, so if she’s happy, he’s happy. Gwen admits she’s a bit surprised since it’s very hard to change Leo’s mind. Leo says that he saw another side of Dimitri and he’s not the James Bond villain that he thought he was. Gwen remarks that he must’ve really worked his magic to make Leo flip like this. Leo says she could say that. Gwen then brings up that Dimitri would’ve caught Leo in his bedroom yesterday, so she questions why he was hanging out with him today. Leo says he’s glad she asked because he was just about to tell her that once he was on board with the wedding, Dimitri shared a secret with him which is a surprise for her and the wedding. Leo claims that’s why she hasn’t heard from Dimitri because they had been planning it today. Gwen supposes that explains the silence. Leo says that’s why he didn’t tell her last night that he ran in to Dimitri, because he was trying to keep his secret. Gwen agrees not to tell him that Leo told her. Gwen adds that she’s grateful that Leo came around and says it means the world to her that her best friend and husband to be are actually getting along. Gwen hugs Leo and says he has no idea how happy he’s made her.

EJ questions why Kristen is suddenly so protective of Dimitri. Kristen argues that it’s what Stefano would have wanted because they all know family meant everything to him. Kristen understands they don’t trust Dimitri but says she’s willing to vouch for him. Stefan warns that if one of them end up dead because of Dimitri, it’s on Kristen. Kristen says she can live with that. EJ reminds Stefan that they agreed but Stefan says they don’t have a choice. Stefan decides that Dimitri gets to stay. EJ tries to say he can’t decide that but Stefan says he and Kristen decided, so EJ is outnumbered. EJ calls this insane and warns that they will regret this as he storms out of the room. Dimitri thanks Stefan and thanks Kristen for sticking up for him. Kristen remarks that she’s sure he will find a way to pay her back. Gabi then arrives and comments that EJ nearly ran her over so she asks what’s going on. Stefan says they will go upstairs and he’ll explain everything. Stefan asks Gabi where she’s been. Gabi says she’ll explain later when they are alone as they head upstairs.

Li goes to the bar to meet his date and talks on the phone with his matchmaker about how he’s supposed to know what she looks like. Li thanks the matchmaker and says he’ll be on the lookout for a woman in a blue dress with dark hair as he hangs up. Li then sees that his date is Melinda Trask and says you’ve got to be kidding me.

Jada goes to the DiMera Mansion to ask Kristen about the incident between her and Brady. Kristen claims she didn’t and wouldn’t ever kidnap her own daughter. Jada confirms that Rachel said the same thing. Kristen asks why she is here then. Jada reveals that Rachel also said that Brady threatened Kristen with a gun.

Brady goes home with Belle, who says she wishes he would’ve kept his mouth shut with his right to remain silent. Brady apologizes and says he’s grateful that she got him out on bail so quickly. Belle warns that this is going to be a tough one as he really made the case a lot harder. Brady asks if he’s really going to go to prison. Belle confirms that if Kristen presses charges, there is a very good reason that he could go to prison. Rachel hides around the corner and listens in.

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