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Lily and Daniel reminisce while unpacking, looking at old photos. They discuss placing a particular photo in a prominent spot, next to Lily’s father. Daniel jokes about a missing photo from their wedding in Vegas. Lily jokes that its absence will disappoint Lucy. They reflect on how much they’ve changed over the years. Meanwhile, Phyllis, disguised in a black outfit, meets Carson, the missing EMT, at the GAC. Phyllis expresses surprise and relief that he isn’t a trap set by Michael. However, she’s shocked to see Tucker, who reveals he’s her “miracle worker.” Phyllis is skeptical of his intentions.

At the Abbott Mansion, Diane encounters Kyle. They discuss his son, Harrison, and Diane asks if he asked for Summer. Kyle assures her it will take time for Harrison to adjust to the new situation. They acknowledge the challenges everyone is facing; Diane tries to initiate a conversation about Kyle’s marriage. However, Kyle tries to brush her off, claiming he has somewhere to be.

Chance finds Summer sitting alone, looking sad, at the coffee shop and teases her about drinking coffee at night. She says defensively that she had a craving for an iced latte.  She reveals some news: her mother is ready to turn herself in, with Michael as her attorney. Summer expresses hope that the nightmare will finally be over, but Chance is unsure if it’s good or bad news.

Phyllis assumes that Tucker has ulterior motives. She questions if the reward for her capture was not sufficient for him. Tucker assures her that it’s not about money and reveals he wants to make her an offer she won’t refuse. Phyllis remains suspicious and challenges his intentions.

Diane shares a glass of wine with Kyle and expresses her concern for him. She points out his tendency to run away and avoid emotional pain, mentioning his love for Summer and their life together. Kyle dismisses her worries, blaming Summer for the destruction of their marriage and claiming that his feelings for her no longer matter.

Chance and Summer discuss her mother’s decision to turn herself in. Chance questions her motives and expresses his doubts about everything being okay. Summer explains her mother’s desire to fix the damage she has caused and hopes that understanding the truth will result in lenient charges. Chance warns her about the challenges ahead and the difficulty of manipulating the law.

Phyllis confronts Tucker, questioning his involvement.  She suspects he might betray her. Tucker reveals that Carson can provide her freedom, and Tucker can support his son while he serves his sentence. He offers her peace of mind and a chance to bring down Diane, whom Phyllis despises. Tempted, Phyllis is hesitant but curious about Tucker’s motivations.

Daniel and Lily are kissing when they’re interrupted by a knock on the door. They try to ignore it, but the knocking persists, prompting Lily to answer. Nate appears at the door with a bottle of wine, welcoming Lily to the building and expressing his happiness about having family nearby. Daniel decides to make a quick exit, and Lily and Nate discuss their complicated history and strained relationship.

Tucker continues to persuade Phyllis, claiming that helping her can benefit his own future happiness. Phyllis questions his intentions and warns him about the pain she has caused and experienced. Tucker assures her he understands but insists they share something important. Phyllis demands an explanation for his actions. Tucker tells her about his and Ashley’s new company. He wants her to annoy Diane in order to distract her. He leaves Phyllis to think about.

Heather shows up at Phyllis door later. She has taken over Phyllis’s case. Phyllis is surprised and concerned about Michael’s absence, learning that he had to deal with a legal matter involving Gloria. Phyllis is frustrated, feeling that her murder trial is being neglected for another case.

Diane tries to have a conversation with Kyle about his marriage, but he claims that he has other commitments. Diane insists that the discussion is important, but Kyle shows little interest. He believes that ending the marriage was Summer’s choice and feels powerless in the situation.

Summer shares her frustrations with Chances about the secrets and lies that have damaged her life. She expresses her longing for her son and her desire to fix her marriage with Kyle. Summer speaks again about her mother’s readiness to turn herself in and take responsibility for her actions. Chance questions Phyllis’ sudden change of heart and warns her about the consequences they may face.

Phyllis is surprised by Heather’s arrival and expresses her concern about Michael’s absence. Heather assures her that she’s well-prepared and ready to represent her. Phyllis discusses the missing EMT, Carson, and expresses hope that he will resurface to support her claims of self-defense.

Heather gets a phone call and then informs Phyllis, Daniel, and Summer that Carson has been located and is willing to cooperate. Phyllis feels optimistic about the progress and expresses her determination to make amends for the damage caused. They discuss their next steps as they prepare to turn themselves in.

Diane tries to console Kyle, assuring him of her support. Kyle is skeptical, believing that Summer’s actions have irreparably damaged their marriage. Diane tries to emphasize the importance of forgiveness and moving forward, but Kyle remains resistant.

Lily and Nate have a heated discussion about their complicated relationship. Lily expresses her disappointment in Nate’s involvement with Victoria and how it reminds her of the betrayal they experienced. Nate defends his relationship with Victoria and insists on being respected for his choices.

Phyllis agrees to hire Heather as her attorney, acknowledging her capabilities. They discuss the progress made in locating Carson and express optimism for the outcome. Summer and Daniel express their gratitude to Heather for taking over the case.

Christine and Chance arrive at the location where Phyllis is supposed to turn herself in. They express doubts about whether they can trust the situation, despite Heather’s assurance. They acknowledge that Phyllis is unpredictable and could throw a wrench into their plans. Phyllis, Daniel, Summer, and Heather walk downstairs, catching Chance’s attention. Christine confronts Phyllis with anger, criticizing her for the havoc she has caused and the pain she has inflicted on those who care about her. She mentions the impact on Phyllis’s children and expresses her disdain for her actions. Phyllis tries to explain her motives, but Heather intervenes, preventing her from speaking further. Christine expresses her anticipation for Phyllis’s surrender and warns Heather about the challenging case she has taken on.

Chance proceeds to handcuff Phyllis, while Tucker secretly films the arrest nearby. Chance recites Phyllis’s rights as they prepare to leave for the station. Back at the Abbott mansion, Diane receives a notification on her phone and looks at it, with Kyle observing. Diane realizes it’s a video of Phyllis’s arrest, and Kyle confirms it, feeling despondent about the situation. Diane appears pleased with the news, but Kyle’s mood is gloomy.

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