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Steve questions Whitley about what makes her want to resign from her job at the hospital. Whitley assures it’s not the job and that Kayla is the best boss she’s ever had. Steve asks why she wants to quit then, unless she’s going somewhere

Lani shows up at Jerry’s door. Jerry asks what she’s doing there as he thought her father’s funeral was today. Lani confirms it was and that she knows Jerry was there because Theo saw him. Jerry says he wanted to pay his respects. Lani calls that very thoughtful of him and adds that it’s so strange that they even had a funeral when they don’t have Abe’s body, so they can’t properly lay him to rest with all these unanswered questions. Lani says that’s what she wanted to talk to Jerry about and asks if she can come in.

Abe continues watching Body and Soul and sees himself appearing in the show as he hallucinates from the drug that Whitley injected him with.

Belle sits in the town square after Abe’s funeral. Brady joins her and comments on the service and how they had quite a turnout. Belle says it’s great that Brady came, considering everything going on with Rachel. Brady responds that he obviously wants his little girl back but it’s not like she’s actually missing. Belle asks what he means as she thought Rachel ran away from summer camp. Brady confirms that she did, but he knows exactly where she is.

Marlena questions Kristen saying that she will tell her where Rachel is, if she gets something in return. Kristen says it’s just a hypothetical at this point, but if she did know where Rachel is, she wouldn’t tell her without being rewarded. Marlena asks what Kristen wants. Kristen responds that she wants custody of her daughter.

Abe imagines himself in Body and Soul where his character is named Henry Marshall and he talks about being in the hospital after being attacked but he doesn’t know by whom.

Jerry lets Lani in and she sees his bags packed, so she asks if he’s going somewhere. Jerry claims he just decided to go back to LA to give acting another try and he’s kind of in a hurry. Lani says she won’t hold him up but with the unanswered questions about Abe, her mind is working overtime and she’s thinking about when she met him at the docks. Lani brings up that Theo said Jerry wanted to tell him something but he never got around to it. Jerry repeats that he just wanted to tell him how sorry he was about Abe. Lani points out that right after that, Jerry took off pretty fast so she asks if they did something to make him nervous.

Whitley informs Steve that she is going somewhere. Steve questions her not being happy in Salem. Whitley thinks back to telling Jerry of her plan. Whitley claims it has nothing to do with Salem and says she’s just ready for a fresh start after all these years. Steve asks where she is headed. Whitley responds that she’s heading to Scottsdale, Arizona where she is from and claims she still has some family there. Steve says he bets, considering she is one of five kids. Whitley questions how he knows that. Steve says it’s from her background check which she questions. Steve informs her that the FBI ran one after Abe disappeared.

Belle tells Brady that she would ask Shawn if there’s been any progress on getting another warrant to search the DiMera Mansion, but he wouldn’t know because he’s been suspended from the force for drinking on the job. Brady guesses he’s still dealing with what happened to Bo. Belle confirms that for weeks, he’s been numbing the pain with alcohol which she knows Brady understands. Brady offers to talk to Shawn but Belle thinks finding Rachel is the priority. Brady says he knows Kristen has her in the DiMera Mansion and he was going to go tear the place up, but Marlena convinced him to let her handle it. Brady says with any luck, Marlena will be able to convince Kristen to give him his kid back.

Marlena tells Kristen that if she wants to revisit custody, there are several ways she could do that like hiring a lawyer. Kristen complains that she couldn’t find one to take her case. Marlena asks if kidnapping was the next logical step. Kristen argues that Brady kidnapped Rachel last year while Marlena points out that was because Kristen was withholding the orchid that could have saved lives, including hers, so what Brady did was for a very good reason. Kristen argues that she has a good reason too and claims that she is hypothetically speaking.

Whitley asks why the FBI would do a background check on her when she had nothing to do with what happened to Abe. Steve explains that it’s completely routine as in kidnapping cases, they have to check in to everyone connected and Whitley saw Abe on the day he disappeared which was the day she let work early. Whitley argues that she was sick and she has already been through all of this with Eli. Steve points out that they are not exactly clear on what happened yet and it’s Mayor Carver, so they are not just going to let it go. Steve brings up that Abe was Eli’s father in law, so he’s going to keep digging until he nails down the entire timeline of when Abe went missing to when he ended up in the river, questioning where he was all this time and who he was with. Steve states that the FBI needs all of Abe’s movements, especially from the last person to see him. Whitley argues that she wasn’t the last person to see him, as that was Jerry.

Lani comments that Jerry seems really nervous now. Jerry claims he’s just anxious to get packed. Lani says she will leave when she gets some answers. Lani goes back to the day at the docks and says it seems like something was really weighing on him. Lani asks Jerry if he’s sure there was nothing else he wanted to tell Theo. Lani states that so many people love and miss Abe. Lani adds that this is especially painful for her because she used to be a cop. Lani wants to help with the investigation so she can find whoever took Abe and give everyone who loved him some answers, but because she’s not on the force anymore, she can’t work with the police. Lani adds that she still needs those answers desperately. Lani asks Jerry to tell her if he knows anything about what happened to Abe because it would finally give her the closure that she needs to say goodbye to her dad. Jerry then breaks down and admits that he lied about everything and his entire story was a lie.

Abe continues hallucinating during Body and Soul, where his character is being encouraged to run for mayor.

Brady knows Marlena and Kristen have not had the best history, but they have been known to put that aside at times, so he hopes that Marlena can get Kristen to listen to reason. Belle points out that Kristen has never listened to reason. Brady says that Kristen loves her daughter and he thinks that Kristen feels guilty about keeping Rachel away from him and her grandparents. Brady thinks that Marlena can appeal to Kristen and make her see the light and do the right thing.

Marlena encourages Kristen that she can still do the right thing and repay the favor that she did for her yesterday by telling her where Rachel is. Kristen claims that she can’t tell her what she doesn’t know. Marlena warns that Brady is never going to give her full custody and questions what she wants. Kristen shouts that she wants Brady to share. Kristen says that no matter how Marlena feels about her, she knows that she loves Rachel as much as Brady does and that Rachel loves her. Kristen says it’s important for their child to have both parents in her life. Kristen says now Marlena knows, hypothetically, how to resolve this situation. Kristen suggests Marlena have a chat with Belle, which she agrees to do. Marlena tells Kristen to tell Rachel that she loves her as she then exits the mansion. Rachel then emerges from the tunnels wearing a bear costume.

Lani questions Jerry saying his entire story was a lie. Jerry admits he never saw Abe fall in to the water or at the docks at all. Lani asks how he knows that Abe was there then. Jerry admits that he wasn’t. Lani argues that they found Abe’s hospital bracelet and his blood. Jerry reveals that he planted them. Lani questions how he got those things and what he did to Abe. Jerry swears that he didn’t do anything to Abe as it was all Nurse King and everything that happened was part of Whitley’s plan.

Steve tells Whitley that he didn’t mean the last person to see Abe alive, but the last person to see him before he went missing which was her. Whitley insists that was Jerry. Steve questions her saying that Jerry was at the hospital on the day that Abe went missing.

Abe continues envisioning Body and Soul where Paulina is introduced as a new character opposing his character as mayor.

Brady appreciates Belle’s concern but he knows her issue with Shawn is rough and repeats that he’s willing to talk to him. Belle mentions that Shawn has agreed to talk to Marlena. Marlena then approaches, so Brady asks if she had any luck with Kristen. Marlena informs him that Kristen claimed not to know where Rachel is. Brady is not surprised that Kristen is sticking to her story. Marlena adds that Kristen said if she knew anything, she would be willing to share but in return, she would like to revisit their custody agreement.

Kristen questions what Rachel is doing down in the tunnels. Rachel responds that the attic is scary. Kristen says it’s just a place where things are stored. Rachel complains that it’s lonely up there. Kristen promises this will be over very soon and she will only have to be up there a little longer. Kristen reminds her that it’s important that she wear the costume so the police don’t find her. Kristen mentions that the police walked right by her when she was surrounded by her stuffed animals. Kristen repeats that it will just be a little longer and suggests having a tea party. Rachel asks if Brady is worried about her because she doesn’t like making him scared. Kristen says she doesn’t need to be concerned about him because this will all be over very soon.

Steve questions Whitley telling him that Jerry was at the hospital on the day that Abe disappeared. Whitley claims that Jerry was lingering outside of Abe’s room. Steve questions why she didn’t tell anybody about that. Whitley says she didn’t think it was important, but when she read in the paper that he was the eye witness, she thought it was suspicious. Steve points out that she still didn’t tell anyone. Whitley claims she didn’t want to get Jerry in trouble because he’s a nice young man. Steve suggests maybe not. Whitley pretends to be shocked at the idea that Jerry could have something to do with what happened to Abe.

Abe’s vision of Body and Soul mirrors the way he met Paulina and his character calls it deja vu.

Lani asks Jerry what Whitley has to do with this. Jerry explains that she is the one who gave him Abe’s hospital bracelet and his blood to put on the docks. Lani questions why he would do that. Jerry explains that his grandma was sick and couldn’t afford her medicine so Whitley forged some documents. Jerry knows it was wrong but when she asked him for help, he couldn’t say no. Jerry thought Whitley was a good person but she’s not. Lani questions what Whitley did to Abe, if she hurt him, and how she got his blood. Lani demands Jerry talk to her. Jerry then reveals that Abe is alive.

Brady decides he’s going to the DiMera Mansion now to confront Kristen but Marlena stops him. Brady complains that this is just another ploy to get him to revisit the custody arrangement. Marlena understands but says right now, Kristen holds all the cards so if he does something rash, she could just take off with Rachel. Brady questions giving in to Kristen again and asks Belle if there is something they can do here. Belle says she’d rather be a sister than a lawyer, but the fact that Rachel went missing works in Kristen’s favor because Brady has full custody so he’s in charge of all decisions including what summer camp she goes to. Brady asks if a court is going to think this was his fault. Belle states that the fact that Rachel escaped on his watch will look bad. Marlena argues that it’s not about what Kristen has done wrong but what’s right for Rachel. Brady says he’s open to Rachel having both parents. Belle recalls trying to reason with Kristen about joint custody. Brady says he wanted that, until Kristen blackmailed him with three women’s lives including Marlena’s. Brady can’t believe Marlena is advocating for Kristen. Marlena says she is advocating for Rachel and that they have to put aside their feelings for Kristen and focus on how Rachel feels about her mother. Belle notes that if Brady agrees to joint custody, she could add stipulations to the agreement. Marlena knows it’s not easy but her experience says the better things go with Kristen now, the easier things will be down the road.

Kristen encourages Rachel that before she knows it, she will get to spend time with both of her parents. Kristen hugs her and says she loves her, then sends her back in to the tunnels to return to the attic.

Abe continues hallucinating Body and Soul where his character declares that he remembers an important secret, that he and Paulina’s character have a daughter.

Lani questions what Jerry means by saying her father is alive. Jerry informs her that Abe never fell off the docks and that Whitley has had him this whole time after kidnapping him from the hospital and pretending to be Paulina. Jerry adds that she paid him to pretend to be Theo and Abe believed him at first because of his head injury messing up his memory. Jerry says every once in a while, Abe would have memory flashes and tries to put the pieces together but Whitley won’t let him.

Whitley asks Steve if he thinks it means something that Jerry was there when Abe disappeared and he is the one who saw him fall in to the river. Steve declares that they are sure as hell going to find out. Steve calls John and informs him that Whitley told him something very interesting. Steve asks John to get an address on Jerry.

Jerry tells Lani that Abe knows something is off but Whitley sedates him to keep him in line. Lani questions why he would be a part of something so sick. Jerry explains that he didn’t know as Whitley told him that she needed him for an acting part and that it would help with Abe’s recovery, so he had no idea that he would be faking his death. Lani asks where her father is. Jerry responds that as far as he knows, he is still at Whitley’s apartment, but she did say she was leaving town and taking Abe with her. Jerry apologizes for everything as Lani storms out.

Belle has her assistant e-mail the amended custody agreement to Brady. Marlena states that as soon as Kristen gets that, they get to have Rachel back. Belle asks if Marlena really thinks that giving in to Kristen’s demands was the right thing to do. Marlena repeats that the right thing to do was what’s best for Rachel, acknowledging that she loves her mother and wants to spend time with her. Marlena says no court won’t take in to an account what a child wants. Belle wishes that Kristen found a way to deal with this without involving kidnapping. Marlena hopes everybody can move forward in a civilized way.

Brady goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Kristen that Marlena told him that she would be interested in revisiting their custody arrangement and that amending it might help in the search for Rachel. Brady thinks she will be pleased with the changes then and shows her the agreement. Kristen responds that she is quite pleased and says she has a really good feeling about this. Kristen knows that once she signs this, Rachel is going to be found. Kristen then signs the agreement and gives it back to Brady to sign. Brady says he has a good feeling about it too but then he stops and rips up the papers.

Whitley says to herself that she’s sorry to Jerry as she didn’t want to do this but the hospital was getting suspicious so it was either him or her and she had to throw him under the bus. Whitley hopes that Jerry is long gone by now.

Jerry says to himself that he’s sorry to Whitley but Lani deserved to know the truth. Jerry declares that he’s not going to be around when she finds him as he’s not going down for this. Jerry gets ready to leave when Steve knocks on his door.

Abe continues hallucinating Body and Soul until Lani bursts in to find Abe.

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