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Tripp lifts weights at home until Johnny shows up at the door and asks if Wendy is there. Tripp informs him that she is not as she went to the police station to visit Li.

Wendy visits Li in the interrogation room. Li says he’s so happy to see her but Wendy tells him not to pretend everything is normal, like he didn’t brainwash someone to take out his romantic rival. Li argues that she doesn’t understand. Wendy brings up Li not wanting her to attend Stefan and Gabi’s engagement party and says that’s because he ordered Harris Michaels to crash the party and commit murder.

In the hospital, Marlena brings Harris Michaels out of hypnosis. Harris says he’s frustrated as they’ve been working at this for hours but feels like they’ve gotten nowhere. Marlena encourages that it’s a process to deprogram him. Harris feels hypnotherapy isn’t working as objectively, he knows what’s wrong, but he still has the overwhelming urge to kill Stefan DiMera.

At the hospital, Rafe asks Gabi if Stefan is on his way. Gabi informs him that Stefan doesn’t know that she was attacked by Dr. Rolf and says next time he won’t be so lucky. Rafe argues that there won’t be a next time and suggests Gabi stay with him until they catch Dr. Rolf and Megan. Gabi thanks him but says not to underestimate her as she can handle it. Gabi says she just wants to be home in the arms of Stefan. Stefan then arrives at the hospital and angrily questions what the hell is wrong with her.

Shawn is at the docks as Melinda arrives and asks where the hell Rafe is. Shawn informs her that he’s at the hospital, visiting Gabi. Melinda questions who is in charge down here then. Shawn says that would obviously be him and asks if there is a problem. Melinda questions why the divers are packing their gear up. Shawn informs her that they’ve searched every inch and there’s no sign of Megan or Dr. Rolf, so he’s calling of the search. Melinda responds that he can’t do that. Shawn says he can and just did. Melinda then questions if she smells alcohol on his breath. Shawn questions why he would have alcohol on his breath when he’s on duty. Melinda then finds his empty bottle nearby. Shawn tries to suggest someone poured one out in Abe’s honor. Melinda asks if she won’t find his prints if she takes it to the police station. Shawn claims that she won’t, so Melinda says they will have to wait and see.

Johnny tells Tripp that Wendy was pretty upset with Li yesterday, so he asks how she was today. Tripp says she was still in shock. Johnny wishes there was something he could do for her. Tripp thinks he’s done enough which Johnny questions. Tripp asks Johnny what the hell he was thinking by dragging Wendy to his family’s party and remarks that thanks to him, she could’ve been killed.

Li tells Wendy that he would never put her in danger. Wendy argues that he did by letting her walk in to a situation that could’ve gone very wrong and people could’ve died. Li insists that Megan set him up but Wendy argues that she knows it was him because Harris said so himself and she was horrified when she heard that. Wendy says she was trying to defend him but his actions are indefensible. Li says she has it all wrong. Wendy brings up that when he didn’t fight Gabi on the divorce, she was so proud of him as she thought he was taking the high road to be a better person but obviously that was all an act. Wendy declares that now instead of pride, she feels ashamed that he is her brother.

Harris tells Marlena that he’s been in this situation before thanks to Megan, but last time the ISA used ECT to deprogram him and suggests trying that again. Marlena doesn’t think they need anything that risky and suggests trying something else because his programming wasn’t as ingrained as before. Harris asks why it feels like it has a vice grip on him. Marlena says they will try something else. Harris asks her to just get the electrodes and zap the hell out of him but Marlena says no one is getting zapped on her watch. Harris asks what they will do then. Marlena responds that it’s something new, so he’s going to have to trust her. Marlena explains that they are using hypnosis to go back to the moment when he returned. Marlena wants him to remember the moment he was kidnapped and asks where he is. Harris recalls being in a lab. Marlena asks what he sees. Harris flashes back to being strapped down and trying to get free but he can’t and felt as if he was drugged. Marlena asks if anyone else was in the room. Harris says no but he heard muffled voices from the hall. Harris then remembers Li Shin entering the room and ordering him to eliminate Stefan DiMera.

Stefan argues that Gabi lied to him when she said she would not confront Megan and that she was going straight home. Stefan adds that if she listened, she would be home safe but instead, she got attacked by Dr. Rolf and handcuffed to Megan’s bed. Stefan remarks that he doesn’t even know why he bothers with her. Rafe says he gets that Stefan is upset and agrees that what Gabi did was reckless, but the important thing is that she’s alright. Stefan complains that after jumping Harris, Gabi promised she wouldn’t take these risks anymore. Gabi decides she’s not going to stand here and get scolded so she’s going home. Stefan says that’s good unless that’s another lie. Gabi then storms off and exits the hospital.

Li thinks Wendy is being a little harsh and asks what happened to family loyalty. Wendy argues that he lied to her face when he told her that he was moving on and then he attempted murder. Wendy recalls overhearing part of his phone call when he said something about a big plan being put in to action and he claimed that he was talking to a matchmaker. Wendy realizes that he was talking about planning to kill Stefan. Wendy questions what is wrong with him and when he became so unhinged that he would go to such extremes to get what he wants. Wendy asks why he couldn’t just let Gabi go. Li questions who she is to lecture him about letting someone go when she’s been stringing along two guys for months.

Johnny argues with Tripp that he didn’t drag Wendy to the party as she wanted to go and questions how he was supposed to know that her crazy brother was planning to assassinate his uncle Stefan. Tripp argues that putting someone in a room full of DiMeras is like dropping them in a shark tank. Johnny points out that it was Li Shin, who hired a hitman, to kill his uncle Stefan DiMera, who was the victim. Tripp informs him that Megan DiMera was also apparently involved and is now on the run.

Shawn tells Melinda that they have more pressing matters to tend to like Megan DiMera missing while she’s more concerned about an empty liquor bottle. Melinda assures that she is, so she’s going to take it to the police lab to find out if it’s really his. Shawn stops her and admits that the bottle is his. Melinda complains about a police officer drinking on the job. Shawn argues that he’s a detective and he’s currently doing nothing but waiting for the divers to report back so it’s not a big deal. Melinda argues that it is a big deal as he’s an on duty cop with a gun so he can’t have his judgment impaired. Shawn asks if it looks like his judgment is impaired. Melinda says it does and asks why else he would call off the search for Megan and Dr. Rolf. Shawn insists that nobody wants to find Megan more than he does, but she is gone. Shawn argues that even if he drank a few, he could still spot a submarine. Melinda says maybe it doesn’t make a difference and then remarks that maybe if he had drank a few, he wouldn’t have been so quick on the draw when he shot his own father. Shawn tells her to go to Hell and storms off.

Marlena tells Harris that Li Shin was the one who wanted him to kill Stefan and he put that idea in his mind but Harris did not want to do it. Harris says he just kept saying it over and over and it was getting in his head. Marlena urges him to ignore it and not listen to it. Marlena wants to go over it one more time. Harris then recalls Dr. Rolf entering the lab and telling him that the mission is to eliminate Stefan DiMera at he and Gabi’s engagement party and that Rolf told him that he would believe Li Shin gave him the orders, not him or Megan, and that if anyone asked, he was to blame Li Shin. Harris then realizes it wasn’t Li and that Dr. Rolf and Megan did this and framed Li.

Wendy questions Li comparing her being indecisive to what he has done. Wendy asks if he realizes how insane that is for him to judge her about being conflicted between two guys. Li argues that he was only pointing out that most people are somewhat irrational when it comes to matters of the heart. Wendy argues that he went beyond irrational and says she is not stringing anyone along, but trying to figure out responsibly who is better suited for her. Wendy states that she’s in the rare position of having two great guys wanting to be with her and it’s flattering but also confusing and difficult. Wendy declares that she will make her choice at some point and unlike Li, she won’t be committing any crimes along the way. Li repeats that he was setup and questions why she won’t believe him. Wendy responds that she doesn’t know what to believe about him anymore. Li tells Wendy that he cares deeply about her and thinks the world of her. Li asks her to allow him to offer his brotherly perspective. Wendy tells him to knock himself out. Li declares that he thinks Wendy knows on some level which one of the men she is more drawn to and will give her what she needs, but because of her big heart, she’s reluctant to hurt the one that she will eventually have to reject. Li asks if he’s right. When she doesn’t respond, Li takes that as confirmation. Li advises Wendy not to procrastinate any longer and to take the stress off herself by relieving Johnny and Tripp of their uncertainty and need to compete for her affection. Li tells Wendy to make that choice.

Johnny tells Tripp that he knew Megan locked EJ and Kristen in the basement but he didn’t know she tried to kill Stefan too. Tripp calls it just more proof that his family is dangerous, so if he cares about Wendy, he will keep her away from them. Johnny calls that awfully judgmental. Tripp feels he has good reason since he’s a victim of his crazy family too, reminding him that EJ had him kidnapped. Johnny responds that he remembers that because it was right after Tripp’s crazy mother kidnapped his grandma, Susan, who is now dead because of her. Johnny doesn’t think Tripp gets to criticize his family when his is just as crazy. Tripp responds that his mother has a mental illness. Johnny bets that she’s faking it like she faked everything else. Tripp warns him to watch his mouth. Johnny argues that Tripp started this by taking shots at his family, but he thinks his anger is really about Wendy and that he’s afraid of losing her to him.

Shawn returns to work at the police station as Melinda arrives. Rafe informs Melinda about the continued search for Megan’s submarine and that the ISA are searching international waters, so hopefully they catch a break. Melinda thanks him for the update. Rafe says he’ll be in his office if there’s anything else. Melinda stops him and says there is one more thing. Melinda then declares that Rafe needs to fire Shawn for drinking on the job.

Tripp tells Johnny that he’s getting really frustrated in this ridiculous competition between them and admits part of him would prefer to just back out altogether and to tell Wendy that he’s done humiliating himself to try to prove that he’s more worthy of her devotion than Johnny is, but another part of him knows that doing that would be giving up on her. Johnny admits he feels the same way. Tripp suggests they just stop the juvenile and petty competing. Johnny agrees and suggests they both just do their best to be mature and dignified through all of this and stop trying to prove who will make Wendy the happiest or who is the better person. They agree to just be themselves and let Wendy make up her own mind. Johnny then admits that he just hopes Wendy chooses him. Tripp questions him not being mature and dignified. Johnny says he was just kidding and admits the best thing to do is just give Wendy space and be patient.

Wendy tells Li that she’s trying to be patient with him by allowing him to weigh in on her love life when it’s totally irrelevant to why she is here. Wendy repeats that there is no comparing her indecisiveness to Li committing a felony and brainwashing someone to have someone else killed. Li questions why she keeps accusing him when he hasn’t admitted to either. Li adds that he will happily concede the moral high ground to her. Wendy suggests Li should start figuring out a way to get out of this mess that he’s made for himself and then consider this a wake up call. Wendy declares that it would be a shame to throw his entire life away over a woman who has made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t want him. Wendy then storms out.

Stefan and Gabi go home to the DiMera Mansion and continue to argue. Stefan questions being the bad guy for caring about her and being concerned that she deliberately put herself in harm’s way for no good reason. Gabi argues that she had a good reason because Megan has to pay for trying to kill him. Stefan shouts that Gabi almost got herself killed. Gabi points out that she’s still in one piece. Stefan questions why she’s being so stubborn about this while Gabi questions why he’s being so angry about it. Stefan responds that she scared the hell out of him and brings up how he felt when he heard what happened to her. Gabi insists that she’s fine. Stefan repeats that she almost wasn’t and it could’ve been so much worse. Stefan states that if Megan really wanted him dead, she would’ve had no problem knocking her off too and he never would have forgiven himself. Stefan calls Gabi his entire world and asks why they are fighting. Gabi jokes that they are good at it but says they are good at other things too as they hug.

Harris tells Marlena that it’s all coming back to him. Harris declares that Li Shin didn’t order him to kill Stefan, it was Dr. Rolf. Harris is pretty sure he did not see Li in the lab, but Dr. Rolf wanted him to think so, so that he would blame Li. Marlena asks how he feels now about seeing Stefan DiMera and shows him a photo. Harris responds that he doesn’t feel anything and declares that his feelings of wanting to kill Stefan are gone. Harris tells Marlena that he thinks she did it.

Rafe tells Melinda that there must be some sort of mistake as he’s worked with Shawn for a very long time and there’s no way he would ever drink on the job. Melinda explains that on the docks, she smelled alcohol on Shawn’s breath and at first, he tried to deny being inebriated but when pressed, he admitted it. Rafe turns to Shawn and questions if this is true. Shawn thinks they should discuss it in private. Melinda questions what there is to discuss when he drank on the job and endangered the public. Melinda declares that Shawn should be fired immediately. Rafe tells Melinda that this is his department and suggests she focuses on her own. Melinda says she would prefer that, but she can’t prosecute criminals if he can’t catch them. Melinda remarks that maybe they could if he didn’t have a bunch of drunks and losers on the payroll. Rafe points out that they have a suspect in the interrogation room as they speak. Rafe suggests Melinda focus on her own job and prosecute Li Shin. Rafe then gets a call from Marlena and asks how it’s going with Harris Michaels. Rafe says that’s great news.

Stefan apologizes to Gabi for yelling. Gabi apologizes for lying and making him worry. Gabi guesses she just felt like she needed to take control of the situation. Stefan jokes about that not being out of character. Gabi says ever since Harris showed up at their party, she was thinking about losing Stefan again. Stefan gets it and guesses that he’s the lucky one since he didn’t have to suffer the way she did. Stefan recalls being stupid to leave her side that night to help his mother escape. Gabi relates to making a similar bad decision tonight that could have torn them apart again. Stefan suggests making a pact to work as a team from now on, pointing out that they are getting married in two weeks. Gabi agrees to no more going rogue and working together.

Rafe joins Marlena and Harris at the hospital. Rafe records as he asks Harris if he believes Li is innocent. Harris respond that if Li was involved, he has no way of proving it because he never saw him. Harris adds that what he does know is that Dr. Rolf implanted the idea that Li was behind everything. Rafe tells Harris to let him know if he thinks of anything else. Marlena asks if Harris is able to go now that he’s been successfully deprogrammed. Rafe asks if she’s absolutely sure that he’s no longer a threat to anyone else. Marlena agrees to verify that herself and to testify in court that he was not responsible for what he did. Marlena offers to send in an official report as well. Rafe thanks her. Harris asks if that means he’s stuck here in the mean time. Rafe decides that if Marlena says he’s fine, he’s not going to argue with her. Rafe warns Harris that he will be keeping a close eye on him and if he deems for any reason that he’s a threat to anyone in Salem, he will slap the handcuffs back on him.

Melinda enters the interrogation room. Li says he has nothing to say to her without his lawyer. Melinda tells him all he has to do is listen. Melinda informs Li that Harris is changing his story and walking back his accusation that Li is the one who sent him to murder Stefan DiMera. Li responds that he told her that he was innocent. Melinda is not sure about that but luckily for him, the only other people who could confirm or deny this have fled Salem in a submarine. Li asks if this means he’s free to go.

Johnny tells Tripp that he will hang around a bit and wait for Wendy to come home. Tripp asks what happened to giving her space. Johnny points out that Tripp is not doing that. Tripp says he happens to live here which Johnny calls an unfair advantage and asks what happened to being mature about all this. Tripp argues that being mature doesn’t mean accepting Johnny barging in whenever he wants to. Tripp tells Johnny that this is his apartment that he shares with Wendy, so if he wants to hang out with her, he can do it on neutral territory. Johnny agrees to leave then. Johnny remarks that he will just call Wendy and invite her over to his mansion, where their chef is cooking a delicious dinner. Tripp asks if he’s really going to go on about how wealthy his family is and if he thinks Wendy gives a damn. Tripp argues that Wendy is not a shallow jerk like he is, as she cares about things that matter like character and intelligence. Johnny asks if Tripp is saying he’s smarter than him and has more character. Tripp tells Johnny to just go. Tripp thought they could get past this petty crap but clearly he was wrong. Tripp tells him to just leave but Johnny decides he will stay. Tripp disagrees and tries to force Johnny out but Wendy comes home and questions what is going on. Johnny says he just came by to see how she’s doing. Tripp then says she’s clearly fine so they’ll be seeing him. Tripp then mentions that he and Johnny decided to be mature about this and not petty, obnoxious, or juvenile but Johnny is clearly incapable. Wendy responds that she doesn’t blame either of them for hating her stringing them both along. Wendy declares that it’s time to put an end to it.

Harris thanks Marlena and says he is in her debt. Marlena is glad she could help. Harris hates to ask for another favor after everything she’s done for him. Harris then announces that he wants her to have him committed to Bayview.

Gabi finishes a call with Rafe and informs Stefan that Harris took back his accusation that Li ordered him to kill and remembered that it was Dr. Rolf and Megan. Stefan realizes that EJ and Kristen were remembering accurately that they had set Li up. Gabi says maybe but she can’t shake the feeling that Li is involved somehow. Stefan recalls Wendy saying that Li freaked out when he found out she was going to the party, so he definitely knew something. Gabi worries that if Li goes free, he will come after him again and they can’t let that happen. Stefan agrees that they are a team now and Li is no match for them as they kiss.

Melinda returns to the interrogation room and informs Li that Rafe confirmed that Harris can’t place Li at the lab where he was held and he clearly remembers Dr. Rolf putting the blame on Li. Li says that means she has nothing on him, so she has to let him go. Melinda says that is for now, but warns him not to get too comfortable because she will have her eye on him because she doesn’t like when people get away with crimes. Li brings up that Melinda declined to press charges against Talia Hunter when she poisoned half the town, including her. Melinda argues that Talia was in an emotionally abusive relationship and her decisions are of no concern to Li. Li remarks that some may say he was an emotionally abusive relationship with Gabi. Melinda calls him an arrogant son of a bitch. Li asks if he’s free to go now after someone uncuffs him. Melinda remarks that this is the second time he is slipping through her fingers. Melinda promises that the next time, he won’t be so lucky.

Rafe returns to the police station. Shawn thanks him for having his back with Melinda. Rafe responds that he doesn’t take his orders from Melinda, but he can’t ignore the fact that Shawn has been drinking on the job. Shawn promises it will never happen again and it was just a one time thing. Rafe points out that it wasn’t as Melinda is not the only who has noticed him being off his game. Rafe goes over that Shawn’s been late to work and been sloppy. Rafe says he’s been cutting him some slack because of what happened with Bo, but he can’t look the other way anymore. Shawn asks what he’s saying. Rafe thinks Shawn needs to take some time to get his act together and suspends him from the force until further notice.

Tripp and Johnny sit down as Wendy explains that she likes them both a lot, but dating them both at the same time isn’t fair to anybody, so it’s time for her to finally make a choice. Tripp asks if she means right now. Wendy thinks that is for the best. Johnny asks who is it going to be, him or Tripp?

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