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Hope: You’re home, liam. That’s a start. So let me prove my love to you. Let me fix the damage that I have caused.

Liam: I… I don’t think this is the kind of thing we fix. You kissed thomas and I had to force you to tell me the truth about it.

Hope: Liam, I am ashamed about what I’ve done. I never should– please just allow me the chance to make it better. I am begging you to please see the bigger picture, liam. Our family is worth fighting for. Please. Can you forgive me?

Steffy: I know, thomas. Hope kissed you in rome. Come on, admit it.

Thomas: Okay, fine. She kissed me, but it just happened. All right? I didn’t plan it. The last thing I want is for hope’s marriage to be ruined.

Brooke: Oh, I just can’t believe that liam saw hope kissing thomas. He walked out on her and he still didn’t come back this morning.

Ridge: Don’t worry, they’ll find their way back to each other.

Brooke: And what if they don’t?

Ridge: They will. We did. Something worth fighting for, you fight. I mean, if you wanna lean on me.

Brooke: Yeah.

[ Knock on the door ]

R.J.: Hey.

Ridge: Hey.

R.J.: How are you guys? Oh, well, it’s nice seeing the two of you together. Mom, how are– how are you doing? Are you okay?

Brooke: I’m concerned.

R.J.: Yeah, I know. I’m worried about hope too.

R.J.: Honestly, I wanted to believe that liam was gonna be there, but…

Brooke: Have you talked to hope since this morning?

R.J.: No, I haven’T. Seems like she needs her space.

Brooke: Oh, she may need us now more than ever. I– I don’t understand it. Kissing thomas like that. Why would she do that? Throw away everything that she has with liam.

Ridge: Well, you know, we may never know why she did what she did.

Steffy: Look, I know this wasn’t your doing. Hope’s the one. You’re not to blame. But that kiss, it changes everything. Hope kissed you. It’s her fault, not yours.

Hope: We have a future. We do. We have a life and a family that we need to protect, and I understand that what I did put that in jeopardy, but liam, I refuse to give up on us. I still believe in us. Please say that you do, too.

Liam: We have– we have been through so much. I– I wanted us to work. I wanted our family to thrive, but I– I can’t give you what you need. I can’t forgive this. Not you and thomas. The fact is, our marriage is over and you– and you and you always knew that it would be if you chose this. So, uh, you know… I want a divorce. Hi, I’m sharon, and I lost 52 pounds on golo.

Brooke: To be quite honest, I have had concerns about hope’s feelings for thomas for quite some time.

R.J.: Why would she kiss thomas?

Brooke: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe she got caught up in the success of hope for the future, and you and I both know what that’s like. All of the energy and the excitement and the intensity of doing something amazing together, and then add on the romance of rome…

Ridge: It’s still not excuse.

Brooke: No, I didn’t say it was.

Ridge: Well…

Brooke: I don’t mean that, it’s just, I’m trying to come up with some kind of explanation. Hope loves liam. She’s mortified by what she did. She’s going to fight for her marriage.

Thomas: Look, steff, this whole situation is, uh, complicated and really, it’s none of your business.

Steffy: It is my business if it has the ability to affect forrester creations and hope for the future.

Thomas: Okay, steff, please tell me you’re not gonna do anything to upset hope and liam’s marriage. I don’t want one little kiss to ruin her entire life.

Steffy: So, wait, you’re okay with everyone painting you as the villain just to protect hope? Well, the thing is, the truth is already out. Liam is the one who told me. Liam saw hope kissing you in front of the colosseum. He knows everything.

Hope: You don’t mean that. Liam, I know you’re hurt, but please… don’t talk about divorce. I mean, our marriage, it– it doesn’t have to be over.

Liam: What happens the next time you’re alone with thomas? I mean, between douglas and work, there’s always gonna be another opportunity for it to happen again.

Hope: No, no, it wouldn’t–

Liam: Hope, it doesn’t matter how much I love you. I’m going to be haunted by this every time you leave the house, every time I see you two together. That is– it’s not–

Hope: We can move past this. I promise you we can. I know we can because I’ve forgiven you for so much worse. I’m sorry, I love you. I love you.

Liam: Um… I’m gonna be– I’m gonna be staying at my dad’s until he’s, uh, back in town and we’ll– we’ll co-parent beth and we’ll– you know, we’ll make sure this is as easy on the kids as possible.

Hope: And what about us?

Liam: I love you more than anything. I don’t want this. But… you chose the one thing you knew I couldn’t survive. And let’s be honest, hope, you’re still not gonna stop working with him. You’re always gonna find new ways to keep him in your life, in our lives.

Hope: He is douglas’ father.

Liam: You gotta stop saying that ’cause it’s more than that. You have feelings for him. You are attracted to him. You want him. And what’s worse than that is that you’ve spent months accusing me of being jealous, of being controlling, of being unsupportive of your career. You made me feel crazy when you knew all along that what I was seeing was real. That– that, I can’t forgive. Of course, I’ve made mistakes. We’ve both made mistakes, we’ve both forgiven, but you’ve always known, not thomas, never thomas.

[Stomach growling]

R.J.: After what happened in rome, do you think hope’s marriage is gonna be able to survive?

Ridge: R.J.

R.J.: What?

Brooke: I don’t know. Honestly, the more I think about it, the more it just doesn’t make sense. Hope’s always been the good girl, you know, living her life with principles and morals. I never thought that this would happen. I never thought she would risk everything that she believed in just for a moment with thomas.

Thomas: Hold on a second. You– you said that liam saw us? That’s not possible. He wasn’t in rome.

Steffy: Yeah, liam regretted his decision not to be there for hope and her line. So, he surprised her. He flew to rome. He wanted to show how committed he was to their life and their marriage and instead, he saw his wife kissing you. I ran into liam after you and hope kissed and I– I’ve never seen him so heartbroken and disillusioned.

[ Liam sobbing ]

Steffy: Oh, my god, liam. Hey. [ Sighs ]

Thomas: I– I don’t know, I feel like I should talk to him.

Steffy: What? No, no, no, you don’t– you don’t have to do that. Liam saw hope kiss you.

Steffy: He knows that she was the one who initiated it and you already know how liam feels about you. Look, I– I tried to convince him to be able to find some forgiveness. I just, I don’t know if he’ll be able to do that.

Thomas: I have caused hope so much pain in her life and I– I– I don’t want to be responsible for any more of it. I mean, that time in rome, that should have been a highlight for her and her life and her career. But instead it’s, like, gonna be some kind of dark cloud, and it could lead to the end of her marriage.

Hope: We’ve always found our way back to each other. Liam, the life that we have built with each other, with beth, that is worth saving, that is worth fighting for. And I know that I have made mistakes, but like you said, we both have and we have always managed to find forgiveness.

Liam: Like I said, if it had been anyone else, you know, we– we’d have found our way back. We would have. But… with thomas, I can’t, I just… I can’T.

Hope: So, you’re saying there’s no way forward for us? You’re closing that door?

[ Sobbing ] Uh… I, um… I just have to ask. Have you seen steffy since this all happened? You have, haven’t you? Wow.

[ Laughs ] Oh. So, maybe it’s– it’s not just me. That’s the problem here, right? I mean, you… keep mentioning thomas, but steffy has always had a seat at the table in our relationship and our marriage, and you did go see her, didn’t you? Let me guess, you want her back now? Yeah. Liam, that’s pretty predictable.

Liam: Hey, hope. I haven’t had a single thought about steffy. But I’m thinking about her now. You know everything thomas has done. Pain and the suffering that he’s caused us, and there has to be something broken inside of you for you to want him, for you to want that.

Hope: Maybe you’re right.

Liam: Yeah. Goodbye, hope.

Living with diabetes?

Brooke: Hope and I have had some painful conversations. I– I never thought my past would influence her the way it has.

R.J.: No, mom, don’t blame yourself for this. All right? Hope is her own person and she’s gonna fix her relationship with liam in her own way. Okay?

Brooke: Okay. But I’m also concerned about some of the things she said to me. Like she doesn’t want to be anything like me and how she has no desire to live her life like I’ve lived mine.

Ridge: All right, but you gotta understand that she was upset and you know how much she loves you and respects you.

Brooke: I think the reason she was lashing out at me was because she was starting to have feelings stirring inside of her for another man, the wrong man. And it may have cost hope her relationship with liam.

Liam: I have begged you so many times to keep thomas out of your life. And when you don’t, we all pay the price.

Hope: Okay, fine. Fine. Fine, I’ll tell him no. I changed my mind.

Liam: What are you saying?

Hope: I asked thomas to come back to hope for the future. Thomas and I are… going to be working together… again. Liam, I don’t want to hurt you. But thomas is my lead designer. He is my partner and… I can’t imagine being in rome without him.

Liam: Of course, I’ve made mistakes. We’ve both made mistakes. We’ve both forgiven. But you’ve always known, not thomas, never thomas. I want a divorce.

[ Knock on the door ]

Hope: Liam knows. He saw us in italy.

Thomas: I know. Steffy told me. I– I was gonna call but I didn’t know if it’d make the situation worse. Did you talk to liam? What did he say?

Hope: Well, I tried to explain it. I tried to make sense of it. That we weren’T… exactly thinking, but he did not want to hear that. And, um… yeah, after everything we have been through… liam doesn’t see a way forward for us. Liam wants a divorce.

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