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Victoria: Well, we are back to back meetings today, so I hope you got a good night’s rest.

Nate: I had a good night, but it had nothing to do with sleep.

Victoria: I’d like you to accompany me on several of these meetings, including brock this afternoon.

Nate: With the decarbonization company. He’s pitching a merger?

Victoria: Mm-hmm. I would prefer it be an acquisition.

Nate: Same page.

Victoria: Yes, well the board is giving me some pushback. They think it’s too risky.

Nate: The risk is undeniable, the downside is very real, but why not be ahead of the pack?

Victoria: Yes. Big. Bold. No limits. No safety nets. Have I told you lately how much I like the way you think? It’s like talking to myself, but it’s much more fun.

[ Both laughing ] Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t you take the babcock meeting this afternoon? The cfo can be a little, you know, hard-headed, but I’m sure it’s something you can handle. You could also head up the marketing team status conference? I think they could definitely use some fresh ideas in there.

[ Laughs ] What?

Nate: Those are very high profile.

Victoria: You’re onboard as the interim coo. I don’t see why that would be particularly unusual.

Nate: But we both know how a lot of people feel about me stepping in for nick. And me sitting in your chair. You’re making a hell of a statement with this move.

Victoria: I know. And I don’t care.

Audra: Soy latte, huh? I pegged you for a double macchiato kind of guy.

Kyle: I like to mix it up.

Audra: I remember.

Kyle: You excited? Today’s the big day. Taking on the role of ceo of newman media.

Audra: Acting ceo. The position is mine only as long as nate is needed to fill in for your father-in-law at newman enterprises.

Kyle: I wonder how nick feels about that?

Audra: I mean, he just went through hell. You know, I appreciate victoria looking out for nick. Giving him time and space to regroup.

Kyle: Looking out for him by replacing him.

Audra: Uh, sounds like you have an issue.

Kyle: Let’s just say I am very familiar with how the newman family takes care of their own and it doesn’t always have a whole lot to do with love.

Nikki: Adam, adam wait.

Adam: [ Sighing ] Nikki. What can I do for you?

Nikki: I am so very sorry for your loss.

Sharon: I’m not going to lie. That box from cameron has me freaked out. Everything I thought I was moving on from is front and center again. The idea of going to work, how would I ever focus? How’s sally?

Nick: I think I convinced her that she should stay home, get some rest. I’ll go and check on her just as soon as I make sure you’re settled.

Sharon: How could I ever feel settled with everything this maniac has hanging over me? Even from beyond the grave. What if there’s another box, nick? And another, and another? This guy is in my head and I hate him for it.

Nick: It could be the end of it, you know. His last gasp.

Sharon: It’s hard to believe there will ever be an end to cameron in my life. Leaving me his company? It’s like he knew he was going to die and he thought of everything he could to stay in my life.

Nick: He was one twisted son of a bitch.

Sharon: I hope he’s burning in hell. Sweet pillows of softness!

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Nate: So you know… I am totally prepped to spearhead the babcock meeting. Not just their financials. And you’re right about the cfo. I had done some digging and found some inside information about the guy. Likes, dislikes, quirks. And he’s got some doozies. So, I’ll proceed with those in mind.

Victoria: Why am I not surprised that you’ve already done research?

Nate: Because you know I’ll always have your back. So, of course, I know what’s on your calendar. I’ve been gathering intel so you’d be well armed.

Victoria: Excellent.

Nate: To have the power to change the course of this company… lives… the future. It’s intoxicating. Almost as intoxicating as the way you’re looking at me right now.

Audra: That sounded like you’ve gone a few rounds with a newman or two.

Kyle: Hm, more than a few. I don’t have a problem with most of them. Strong personalities, driven, know what they want. But when somebody crosses a line and somebody always does, things can get pretty extreme.

Audra: Well, coloring inside the lines never got anybody anywhere.

Kyle: Yeah, well, for the newman family, collateral damage is just part of the game, as long as they get what they want.

Audra: That fire can be productive. Or it can burn you.

Kyle: Speaking from experience?

Audra: Ah, let’s just say I’ve been singed more than a few times.

Kyle: You look like you recovered.

Audra: Yeah, you know, I– I used to let it get to me. I’d obsess over what could have been, should have been. But blew up. Maybe my fault. You know, maybe not. Then, you know, working with tucker mccall, you know, he was hardcore. Nothing would get in his way before he went all zen. At first I thought that made him soft, but then, you know, I realized that… that’s just given him more focus. Know what you want, hone in on it and the universe rewards you.

Kyle: So, you play nice and you get to go to the front of the line?

Audra: I didn’t say anything about playing nice.

Kyle: Hm.

Adam: Thank you for the condolences, but given your husband’s feelings for sally, you’ll understand if your sympathies feel a bit disingenuous.

Nikki: Adam, I am speaking to you as a fellow parent who has experienced loss. And it is unimaginable. The emptiness is overwhelming. Your vision of your future with your child has been taken from you.

Adam: Taken from me? No, no. Ask sally. This was my choice. Our little girl is dead because of me.

Nikki: That is not true.

Adam: Well, it is to sally and she hates me for it. I mean, our little girl didn’t even get to take a breath because of me.

Nikki: Adam, it was an impossible choice.

Adam: But, I mean, you can’t be surprised that I screwed up, right? ‘Cause I’m no hero, I’m not like nicholas.

Nikki: You saved her life.

Adam: Well, apparently, that doesn’t count.

Nikki: Yes, of course it does. And thank god you did.

Adam: God? God doesn’t factor into this equation because any god who makes someone choose between mother and child isn’t a god that I believe in.

Nikki: You’re angry and that’s understandable, but you cannot let it consume you.

Adam: I don’t know. It seems to be my comfort zone these days. But, nikki, if you will excuse me.

Nikki: Adam, listen. Listen. You have a bright, wonderful son who needs you and you have people who care about you. I hope you can hold onto that.

Sharon: I go to sleep and cameron is in my dreams. I wake up and I flinch at every little noise. I worry about every delivery. And faith, it takes everything in me not to call her every hour on the hour to make sure that she’s okay.

Nick: Yeah, I’m right there with you. But I’m worried about you too, sharon. You can say you’re fine and that you’re processing it and that there’s nothing for me to worry about, but that ends now. Tell me what’s going on.

Sharon: I killed that man. And I watched him die. It still haunts me.

Nick: You did what you had to do to save your daughter’s life. To save all of us.

Sharon: I know. And I don’t regret that. How could I? But it still pushes me to places I don’t want to go. I just want to stop seeing him everywhere I look and I don’t know how to make that happen. And I am so angry that this bastard has this much control over my life. How do I move on? How do I find peace?

Nick: I don’t, uh, have an answer for that, but… I’m here. All right? I’m all in. For whatever you need.

Sharon: I have an idea. But you would have to get your hands dirty.

Nick: Whatever it takes. If you’re taking an antidepressant

Adam: Mccall needs to be lean and mean. I want to sell off our deadweight and keep anything that can be weaponized against our competitors. And there is only one. Newman media and I want to crush them. I’ll call you back. What?

Victor: I just got a call from nikki. She’s worried about you. And so am I.

[ Phone chiming ]

Nikki: What on earth?

Victoria: You know, one way that I would like to expand is to grow our global commercial real estate. We already have a very strong presence in asia and in the middle east, but I’m hearing about some very interesting eu opportunities.

Nate: Sounds intriguing.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. And, you know, now that my kids are gonna be away at boarding school, it’s gonna give me time this fall to do some more in-depth research.

Nate: So, a business trip?

Victoria: Yeah. That’s what the jet’s for.

[ Nate laughing ] And you know, I know that our last business trip didn’t really go as planned, I understand that, but that’s behind us. We’re free to be together now and… it’s not gonna be all about business. We’re gonna have to absorb the local culture to get a feel for the different marketplaces.

Nate: The food, the night life, you. My bag is already packed.

[ Door opening ]

Nikki: Sorry for the interruption.

Victoria: No. Not at all.

Nikki: Nate. Would you excuse us? I need to speak with victoria alone.

Victoria: Mother!

Nate: All good. All good. I need to prep for the babcock meeting. Nikki, I will get the quarterly account receivables to you for your review. I think you’ll be pleased with the numbers.

Nikki: I am sure I will be. Thank you. He’s meeting with babcock alone?

Victoria: He’s prepared, he’s enthusiastic, he has a great attitude, unlike you.

Nikki: Is your intention to keep nicholas away from newman enterprises for good? (Wheezing)

Victoria: Of course I’m not boxing nick out. Why would you think that?

Nikki: I just found out that you dissolved nicholas’ support team. Now he has barely stepped away, on your orders, temporarily, but now you seem to be making moves that will be more permanent.

Victoria: You don’t understand.

Nikki: No, I don’T. Why don’t you explain it to me?

Victoria: Mother, this is a very fast paced business. It’s constantly evolving. You have to stay one step ahead. It’s not as though I fired nicholas’ team. I’ve just reassigned them to different departments so that they’re not sitting around collecting paychecks, waiting for nick to return.

Nikki: Why not have them continue in the same capacity for nate? Help him get acquainted with his job as acting coo while nicholas is gone.

Victoria: No. No, nate doesn’t need his hand held. He’s done the work. He knows the position.

[ Nikki chuckling ]

Nikki: I’m sure he’s been studying up for weeks.

Victoria: He’s very hands on.

Nikki: Oh, I have no doubt.

Victoria: His drive and his energy and his focus. He’s made it clear that he wants to take on more of the workload. He wants to be fully involved.

Nikki: Are you suggesting that nicholas wasn’t?

Victoria: Nicholas has and continues to have all these outside distractions that keep him from giving the 110% and that’s what we expect at newman.

Nikki: Wow. You have an answer for everything. But this doesn’t feel like a business move. It feels personal. A way for you to strike out at your brother.

Victoria: Mother, it’s not personal. It’s necessary. Nick’s team has shown that they’re not on board with our current agenda. And I– I’m sorry, but I have no other choice.

Nikki: I don’t even know what that means.

Victoria: Like nick, his team doesn’t see adam or mccall as a threat. Nate is willing to go up against mccall. That’s the kind of leadership that I’m looking for in my coo.

Nikki: I see. Well, as your co-ceo, I’m going on record and warning you that I find this to be very aggressive and unnecessary.

Victoria: It’s just good business. I wish you could see the larger picture.

Nikki: Oh, I can see all too clearly, victoria.

Victoria: So, whatever it is, you’re dying to say it, so go ahead.

Nikki: Is all of this retaliation because nicholas warned you about nate?

Victoria: I told you my logic.

Nikki: This has nothing to do with logic. This is about ashland.

Victoria: Don’t be ridiculous!

Nikki: Nicholas warned you time and time again about him, but you refused to listen. And he was right. I think deep down, you’re worried that he’s right this time as well.

Nick: I hope that gave you some freedom.

Sharon: I should have said something.

Nick: For cameron?

Sharon: No. His victims. All the people he hurt, the deaths he caused, the damage he did. Like that woman who lives in los angeles. The one he assaulted. I hope she knows that cameron’s dead and that he can never hurt her again and that she has found peace.

Nick: And you?

Sharon: It might take a little while longer. It’s not just the fear. The space cameron’s taking up in my head, but it’s the guilt.

Nick: The guilt?

Sharon: I brought this maniac into our lives. Our daughter was kidnapped. She might’ve been killed. All because of one stupid choice I made years ago.

Nick: You cannot blame yourself.

Sharon: How can I not? Faith, you know, as strong as she was through this ordeal, this is going to mark her. All of us. In ways we can’t even know yet. All of the psychology classes and degrees in the world can’t give me that answer.

Nick: You already know the answer. It’s love. You and faith are not alone in this. You have me and mariah and tessa and noah. So many people who love you both and will be there for you no matter what.

Sharon: We’re here for you, too.

Nick: Luckiest guy in the world.

[ Nick sighing ] You don’t want cameron’s business. Let’s get rid of this. Let’s throw it away and be done with it and cameron forever.

Sharon: Nick, wait. Watching all that misery turn to ash gave me an idea.

Audra: Newman media was an early adopter of ai. You know, but if we really ramp up, increase focus on using it as a distribution tool, set up algorithms to select content for our users, I mean, it could be a gamechanger for our metrics. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m probably boring you.

Kyle: That would be impossible.

Audra: You know, I– I’ve wanted this for so long. You know, to be at the table, just making decisions that can change everything. And it’s– it’s actually happening.

Kyle: I’m excited for you.

Audra: I’m excited for me, too. And I don’t know how long I’ll be ceo, but I’m going to light newman up every minute I’m there.

Kyle: No coloring in the lines for you.

Audra: Oh, no. The brighter, the bigger, the better. Uh, what’s wrong?

Kyle: Oh, you know, all this talk about coloring outside the lines has inspired me.

Audra: Okay?

Kyle: It’s a beautiful morning. Perfect time to live in the now.

Audra: If you’re gonna ask me something, you should just ask me. (Buzz) are you guys telling secrets?

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. What can you do with sensitive skin?

Kyle: We don’t have time for what I want to ask you.

Audra: Good. Because the answer would be no.

Kyle: Oh, the big meeting.

Audra: Lots of them.

Kyle: Okay. How about later?

Audra: You are so–

Kyle: Charming? Irresistible?

Audra: Relentless.

Kyle: I’ll take it.

Audra: Put in your number. If I have time, I’ll call you.

Kyle: If you have time. There you go.

Audra: Don’t get your hopes up.

Kyle: You’ll call.

Audra: Oh.

[ Audra chuckling ]

Victor: I gotta tell you, I am deeply sympathetic and so is nikki to both of you and sally. Loss of a child is just unimaginable.

Adam: If you say it’s better this way or if everything happens for a reason, I’m out of here.

Victor: Son, I’m just here to find out how you’re coping. And I wanna know if there’s anything we can do to help you.

Adam: [ Sighing ] I’m– I’m good.

Victor: No, you’re not. Be honest with me. You and sally are going through hell right now.

Adam: The only time you’ve said sally’s name was like a curse. So, now you care about sally?

Victor: Son, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Not on my worst enemy. And I saw the joy on her face, and the joy on your face, anticipating the birth of your child.

Adam: Well, good news for you, she never wants to see me again. So, I guess you can take the win on this one, okay? Nikki already gave me the “don’t be angry” talk. She said let it go. Focus on connor. On the people who love me. I mean, what a laugh that is, right? Not exactly a popular guy these days. I mean, not ever, come to think about it. But at least I have my work, right? Is that where I should thank you?

Victor: I don’t want you to thank me. I’m here to tell you how to best get over your grief. You should throw all of your energies, all of your mental capacity into building mccall into the powerhouse it can be.

Adam: Yes. And the potential’s there.

Victor: Yes.

Adam: So, first, we clean house. And anyone who is loyal to tucker’s gonna get a severance package. And then we’re gonna focus on infrastructure. The entertainment divisions are gonna stay. Anything else is gonna be jettisoned and we’re gonna use that profit to focus on horizontal diversification. Specifically, the media divisions.

Victor: So, you’re gonna go after newman.

Adam: It’s good to have goals, right?

Victor: That doesn’t mean that you go after the newman media division.

Adam: I built that company. I made it. And I want it back.

Victor: Is that what this is about?

Adam: Pretty much.

Victor: Or, is it about you wanting to recapture the wonderful days you had with sally at newman media? Hm?

Adam: I appreciate the armchair analysis, but this is strictly about business.

Victor: Let me tell you something. Trying to recapture those days is a mistake. And so is attacking newman media.

Adam: I think that it is brilliant.

Victor: My boy… newman media is part of the newman family portfolio. Don’t mess with that.

Nick: So, you’re interested in cameron’s company?

Sharon: Not so much his company.

Nick: You lost me.

Sharon: What I could do with it. Kirsten incorporated is a tech company. It must have assets and some capital, right?

Nick: I’m sure it has some value. Unless it imploded during kirsten’s years in prison.

Sharon: What if I could take that value and make something good out of this nightmare? There has to be something that I can do with this that would make a difference in people’s lives. Either turning a profit with the company or maybe selling it out right. Donating all the proceeds to charity.

Nick: I like the sound of that.

Sharon: Who knows? Maybe if I take control of cameron’s company, I take back the power he has over me and my life. My actions, my reactions. Instead of running away from who cameron was and what he did, I will transform that hate and anger and fear into an opportunity to help people.

Nick: You just thought of that right now?

Sharon: Maybe I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. You know, the past few years have made me consider what I want out of my life. What my purpose is. And rey was an influence in that. You know, he always made the right choice, even if it was unpopular. He wanted to make a difference every single day and he did so. And now I want that. I’m ready for that. And you’re right. It has everything to do with love. I have been so blessed all my life with so much love. Such an amazing support system of friends and family who have been there for me through everything. Battling cancer, learning how to live with bipolar and now… this horror with cameron. As much as he terrorized me, maybe the gift of this nightmare is that I have found the strength that I’d forgotten I have.

Nick: I think you’re one of the strongest people I know.

Sharon: Well, I lost myself. For a little while there, I did some things, I hurt some people, but I own that. And those things made me who I am, but they are not all I am. And maybe this… is a gift. It’s time for a new direction. It’s time for a new future. With downy infusions,

Victoria: How could you bring up ashland?

Nikki: It seems very appropriate given the circumstances.

Victoria: My god, mom! Every time I do something that you and dad don’t approve of, it’s like you throw that name at me! It’s almost like you enjoy rubbing that awful mistake in my face.

Nikki: The only reason I mentioned it was to try to get through to you.

Victoria: Well,

[ Sighing ] Message received. If there’s nothing else, I have a very full day today.

Nikki: Victoria, I am just trying to understand. You’ve forced nicholas to take a leave of absence he doesn’t want, you got rid of his staff and now you seem to be preparing for and all-out war with adam.

Victoria: A war that he’s starting.

Nikki: You have a responsibility to the board, young lady, and the family.

Victoria: I know that!

Nikki: Oh, do you? You’ve alienated nicholas, you’re going after adam. And nate is just cheering you on.

Victoria: Nate is supporting me. Which is a lot more than I can say about my own family right now!

Nikki: How do you think your father is going to react to this?

Victoria: If he would listen me instead of jumping to conclusions and judging me, maybe we could have a conversation about it.

Nate: Sorry to interrupt. The meeting with babcock is set. I wanted to brief you. And you, nikki, as well, of course.

Nikki: I have work to do. Victoria can fill me in. Excuse me.

Nate: Your mother’s not too pleased with the changes.

Victoria: Well, if you’re not pissing people off, then you’re not doing it right.

[ Knocking at door ] Come in.

Audra: Hi, I know you’re crazy busy, but I wanted to give you an update on some new directives that I want to put in place for, uh, newman media. Building off of nate’s plans.

Nate: Time for a quick meeting?

Victoria: Sure. I don’t see why not. Let’s see what you’ve learned from your boss.

Adam: Look, I’m your son, I’m not your puppet.

Victor: I’m concerned about you.

Adam: Well, you shouldn’t be, okay? I’m fine. Especially if people stop telling me how to act, how to feel, what to think, okay? Because I’ve never been clearer on what I want and how to get it.

Victor: Son, you’re running on emotions. That’s not a good thing. When you’re trying to rebuild a company into the powerhouse that it can be. Let me give you a piece of advice. Whenever you make a business decision, keep emotions out of it.

Adam: Okay, well, thank you for the advice that I didn’t need, but I’m gonna run mccall the way that I see fit.

[ Victor sighing ]

Victor: Always a smart alec, right? I offered to be your sounding board. I offered for you to take advantage of the vast experience I have in building companies. That can change in an instant. Don’t forget that.

Adam: So, are you threatening me, now?

Victor: You take that any way you want. But I’m telling you… I’m not your enemy. I’m the biggest supporter you have. Don’t mess with it.

Kyle: Gerard? It’s kyle abbott. I’d like to have some flowers delivered. No! No, not to marchetti. These are for an audra charles. She’s staying at the athletic club. Uh, I’m thinking… something a little wild and gorgeous, unique. That sounds good. And the note, um… “from one overachiever to another, thanks for showing me your moves.” No– no name. She’ll know. Oh, gerrard. Um… I’d like some earrings as well. I’m thinking diamonds. Yes. Just charge it to my account. Thanks.

[ Kyle sighing ]

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Victoria: You have really done your homework. Not that I would expect anything less.

Nate: Out of the park, audra. I’m looking forward to these next steps.

Audra: I plan to blow you away. All right, well, I have the crawford pictures meeting to prep for, but I’ll keep you updated.

Nate: Thank you again for taking on those negotiations. They are going to love you.

Audra: That’s the goal.

Victoria: Good work, audra. Thank you.

Audra: Thank you.

Nate: That one is gold. The fire, the energy, the drive. And the creativity? I couldn’t ask for a better acting ceo at newman media.

Victoria: Well, she’s definitely on the top of her game, but she’s only there because you put her there.

Nate: I am very excited for this next phase of newman media and newman enterprises. I think the restructuring will make all the difference.

Victoria: And with audra doing so beautifully at newman media, we are free to focus on making sure that mccall is nothing but misery for adam.

Nikki: Oh, I hope I’m not interrupting.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Nikki: Hi.

Adam: Uh, no. We just finished. Good chat.

Victor: All right, son.

Adam: As always.

Nikki: Well, I’m glad you were able to catch up with adam. How was he?

[ Victor exhaling ]

Victor: He’s stuffing down his anger and his grief. No good. It’ll backfire. And then he wants to take down newman media. And that’s a very bad combination.

Nikki: I’m almost as worried about victoria.

Victor: Why?

Nikki: She has completely sidelined nicholas. Restructured his support team to suit nate. She’s getting ready to go to battle with tucker mccall, again, with nate’s backing. I mean, he is feeding her sense of power and she will not listen to anyone else.

Victor: Oh, boy. Oh, boy. That means that victoria and adam are aiming for a head-on collision.

Nick: You know, all the years I’ve known you, sharon, one thing never changes. You always manage to surprise me.

Sharon: Well, get ready. Because I have no idea what the future holds, but it’s going to surprise me, too. I can’t wait to share this with mariah and tessa. Not just the idea, but this very moment. The shift from fear to empowerment. Going from being afraid, wanting to hide and stay safe, to… trusting myself. And following my instincts, wherever they lead. Finding that strength that was always there. I want to teach them that there is always a way to come back from those dark moments. Not just come back, but flourish. Everything changes now.

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