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Recap written by Eva

Jack: I am CEO of jabot. This is my decision to make.

Billy: Right, and I really wish that you would have talked to your co-ceo before making this decision, jack. But what I’m really worried about is that you don’t seem to have any ethical obligation to warning your family before you hire your fiancé into a c-suite position.

Jack: Diane, why don’t you head to the club and get us a table? And I don’t need you to be subjected to billy’s overreaction or anything else he might regret saying. It won’t take long.

Diane: No problem.

Billy: I suggest you grab an appetizer, diane. This might take longer than jack thinks.

[ Diane scoffing ]

[ Door shutting ] Go ahead, jack. Explain yourself and I really hope this is good.


Ashley: Well, hi. Aren’t you out past your bedtime?

[ Diane scoffing ]

Diane: I’m meeting jack here for dinner.

Ashley: Special occasion? I mean, you just kind of look like you put in a little bit more effort. Oh, wait, I know. I read that announcement. You are jabot’s new chief talent officer.

Diane: So you heard the news.

Ashley: Oh, yeah. Read it online, where I just love to get all the family company updates. You must be thrilled. Everything’s coming together for you, huh, diane?

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