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Recap written by Eva

Adam: Sharon, it’s me.

Sharon: Oh, it’s Adam. Just a minute! Um, I better go. Okay, I will tell him that just for you. Call soon. Love you too. Bye.

Adam: I startled you. I’m– I’m sorry.

Sharon: What kind of jerk shows up at a crime victim’s house this late at night without calling first?


Michael: She’s gonna be here any minute and I don’t want her thinking that I– I scrimped on all of the romance, so, no. What I need is over the top. Like rocky road ice cream to represent the past, yeah? And then, uh– then, uh– the– some of the– no, all the strawberries, have them dipped in every type of chocolate that you have. And that will illustrate the– the– the sweetness to come. Yes, and, uh– and– and your best wine. And then, whatever– whatever else you can think of. Just– I want– I want everything, I want over the top, all right? Yes. You can do this for me. You can. All right. Thank you.

[ Knocking on door ] Ah, uh… door is open!

[ Michael sighing ]

[ Door clicks open ] Boy. Somebody better do something about the heat in here. It’s hot and getting hotter. Yeah. Does somebody need to be held in a– the hell! Phyllis. (Wheezing)

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