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Victor: Whatever you’re reading must be very engrossing.

Victoria: [ Sighing ] Daddy, you scared me. What are you doing here so late? Is everything okay?

Victor: That depends, my dear. We have some unfinished business. And this time, you will not walk out on me.

Audra: If I knew I was going to have a few cocktails, I would have had a burger for dinner instead of a salad.

Kyle: Unfortunately, the best cheeseburger spot in town is already closed.

Audra: Oh, then it can’t be the best because that would be the one you can get when you’re starving at midnight.

Kyle: Okay, fair enough, but if you want the best culinary experience, you will try my recommendation during normal business hours.

Audra: Well, are you gonna tell me where it is, or do I just have to eat my way through all of the burger joints in genoa city?

Kyle: How about one more round? And then I’ll reveal the location.

[ Audra sighing ]

Audra: Are you bribing me?

Kyle: Just enjoying your company.

Audra: I don’t know. Could it really be that good?

Kyle: Hmm. Come here.

Audra: Oh, yeah?

Kyle: Mm-hmm. It’s better then you can imagine.

Audra: Oh. Okay. But on one condition.

[ Kyle inhaling ]

Kyle: I don’t know if I should risk bargaining with, uh, an admitted ambitious, “ultra-achiever” like yourself. Seems like I won’t have the upper hand.

Audra: I’m not that threatening.

Kyle: Okay. Okay. What are your terms?

Audra: I buy the next round and you indulge my choice of conversation.

Kyle: What’s your topic?

Audra: It’s time to get a little more personal.

Ashley: “Jabot announces diane jenkins as it’s new chief talent officer.” Oh, my god. You did it, jackie. You really did it.

Diane: I am ready for a date with my handsome fiancé.

Jack: Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous, but then you’re stunning when you wake up.

[ Diane laughing ]

Diane: Your ability to say that with a straight face is one of the many things I love about you.

Jack: No, I can say that because it’s true.

Diane: Your charm is another one of those things.

Jack: I cannot wait to toast your new position.

Diane: I can’t believe it’s really happening.

Jack: Oh, believe it. I just saw it online.

Diane: Really? I’m surprised we haven’t heard ashley scream.

Jack: Well, ashley’s out. With any luck, we will not see her today.

[ Doorbell ringing ] Billy. Uh, is something wrong?

Billy: Yeah, there’s something wrong, jack. What the hell is going on with this press release about diane’s new job and why is it the first time I’m hearing about it online? Did you approve this? Did you consult with anyone before giving her this promotion?

Trelegy for copd.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: All right, well, if the topic is nick’s leave of absence, then, um, I’m having a drink and I assume that you’ll join me.

Victor: Your mother and i were concerned about your reaction during our earlier conversation.

Victoria: You mean because I walked out on you?

Victor: Yes. We seem to have struck a nerve.

Victoria: [ Sighing ] Daddy, I was in the middle of handling other business issues when you and mom started questioning my decisions.

Victor: Your unilateral decision to replace your brother and put nate in this position. It’s not just business.Other d i have questions about that.

Victoria: Do you know how frustrating it is? Having my executive moves scrutinized when I have so much else on my plate.

Victor: And yet you said that if I didn’t like your decision, I could let you go.

Victoria: Daddy, I just said that in the heat of the moment. I don’t sincerely want you to fire me from the company.

Victor: So then I assume you have cooled off. So, let’s talk.

Victoria: Have you or mom considered that maybe this has hit me emotionally as well? Thinking about my sweet little niece being kidnapped and having explosives s– strapped to her body. I mean, I can only imagine how traumatizing this must have been for nicholas. That’s why I am insisting that he take some time off to recover from this.

Victor: But sweetheart, your brother can make that decision on his own. You don’t have to make it for him.

Victoria: Look, I’m sorry if this decision that I’ve made has upset you. I didn’t mean for that to happen, but dad, he’s been through hell. And as much as I don’t want to even talk about it, you have to remember what happened with ashland.

Victor: It’s on the forefront of my mind.

Victoria: Well, then you will remember that nick’s emotional reaction to killing him crept up on him slowly. He made it seem like it didn’t affect him at all, but it did. It affected him a lot. And I’m just trying to give him a little time to deal with the fallout from all of that without having to feel like he has to hide what he’s going through to protect his job. Look. [ Sighing ] Nick will come back when he is ready and strong and centered.

Victor: How did he react to your decision?

Victoria: I haven’t heard from him since I’ve told him, but I assume and hope that he’s made the decision to use the time well.

[ Victor sighing ]

Victor: All right. Now, let’s talk about nate hastings.

Jack: I had the announcement drafted and sent out by our pr team myself.

Billy: Well, that’s one less cause of alarm that I could check off the list because for a second there, I thought maybe somebody hacked into our system for the sole purpose of causing corporate upheaval.

Jack: It’s a little bit dramatic, don’t you think?

Billy: Not as dramatic as the other possibility. That you just detonated a bomb that is going to cause a family war.

Diane: Billy, I can assure you, you don’t need to feel threatened by that.

Billy: Is that right, diane? Look, there are lines being crossed right now. I hope you realize that we just had a family meeting about it. This is the exact thing traci just warned us against.

Jack: I am ceo of jabot. This is my decision to make.

Billy: Right, and I really wish that you would have talked to your co-ceo before making this decision, jack. But what I’m really worried about is that you don’t seem to have any ethical obligation to warning your family before you hire your fianc√© into a c-suite position.

Jack: Diane, why don’t you head to the club and get us a table? And I don’t need you to be subjected to billy’s overreaction or anything else he might regret saying. It won’t take long.

Diane: No problem.

Billy: I suggest you grab an appetizer, diane. This might take longer than jack thinks.

[ Diane scoffing ]

[ Door shutting ] Go ahead, jack. Explain yourself and I really hope this is good.

Kyle: Thank you. I was enjoying our non-personal conversation. Why ruin a good thing?

Audra: Don’t worry. I’m not gonna grill you about whatever turmoil you’re in right now.

Kyle: Is it that obvious?

Audra: Well, I mean, I just– you know, I assume that when someone so invested in keeping the conversation light, it’s because they’re avoiding some darker feelings. That, and our growing bar tab.

Kyle: Hmm. Perceptive. So why not indulge me in a little more light chit chat?

Audra: Hmm. Look, I want to be a friendly ear, but I can only talk about cheeseburgers for so long.

[ Kyle laughing ] Besides, you got me to open up about my life in genoa city when we first had drinks, so I think it’s only fair that I’m allowed to hear a little bit more about the man underneath that very freshly pressed suit.

Kyle: Whoo, whoo, whoo. Are you calling me uptight?

Audra: No, I just, you know, noted that you’re a man who continues to present a well-kept facade to the world while claiming his personal life is falling apart. You’re the one who used the word uptight.

Kyle: Well, I am the ceo of marchetti. Appearances matter.

Audra: And you get an a+ in that category. You know, I wonder what your grade will be in “fun-loving.”

Kyle: Well, with time and responsibility comes structure and discipline.

Audra: Uh, that’s a solid c-.

[ Both laughing ]

Kyle: If you knew my past, you’d give me a higher score.

Audra: Are you asking me to grade you on a curve?

Kyle: I’m just saying I partied with the best of them.

Audra: Oh, I don’t know. I’m going to need some details. Are we talking broke into the family liquor cabinet for a few sips of scotch and stayed out a few minutes past curfew? Because if that’s all you’ve got, no.

Kyle: Ooh, hey, now. I can do better than that.

Audra: Okay.

Kyle: Try raided the liquor cabinet of the richest guy in new york city.

Audra: Uh-huh.

Kyle: And had an affair with his wife.”

Audra: Kyle abbott. I’m shocked. Hm. There might be hope for you after all.

Kyle: There you go. Moderate to severe eczema

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: There is nothing to discuss about nate.

Victor: I disagree. You never answered the question your mother and I had. About whether nate’s influenced your decision to have nicholas take a leave for absence.

Victoria: He absolutely did not. It was my call to insist that nick take a step away and my decision to have nate step in. As a matter of fact, he challenged me on it.

Victor: [ Scoffing ] Really?

Victoria: Why would you have an issue with nate picking up the slack? I don’t see why you would oppose it. You have always showed an interest in his new career and you’ve praised his work at newman media.

Victor: We’re talking about two different issues. Your brother doesn’t trust him.

Victoria: That’s because he’s wary of what happened at chancellor-winters and with elena. And I understand his concern. I do. But I’m the one who’s working with nate.

Victor: Don’t try to pull the wool over my eyes. I’ve been around for too long. You don’t just work with nate. You have a personal relationship with him. How the hell can that not influence your judgment in business?

Victoria: Daddy, nate is an asset to this company and I trust him completely. Can’t you trust me?

[ Victor sighing ]

Jack: I understand you feel left out of this decision to promote diane to the new position.

Billy: No, jack, let me be clear, this is not about me being left out of the loop. I don’t think you realize how certain people are going to see this. It’s not going to be good.

Jack: By certain people, I assume you mean ashley.

Billy: Yes, ashley, abby, anyone else on the board. Anyone else that works for jabot, jack. I mean, you handed your fiancé an executive position without going through the proper protocol.

Jack: I am aware of that. I made a judgment call and I stand by it. I didn’t want to hear endless counter arguments from ashley and you and everyone else. I’ve heard enough badmouthing of diane to last me a lifetime.

Billy: So your solution to that is to circumvent us? To go behind our back.

Jack: You’re making it sound a lot more devious than it was.

Billy: No, jack, you don’t understand how incendiary this move is. You basically backed us into a corner. You realize that? We either go along with diane’s promotion or we don’t and we cause public outcry, which in turn weakens the company. We go along with your whim or we damage the boat.

Jack: Hold on. This is not a whim. I am ceo of jabot. This is well within my power as it was to bring you on board as my co-ceo, by the way. I don’t remember posting that job or interviewing other candidates. Why is that okay for you and not for diane?

Billy: Because I’m an abbott, jack.

Jack: And she’s about to be one. Everybody ought to get used to that. Diane and I are getting married. Diane is being promoted. End of story.

Billy: No, it’s not the end of story. What you just did guarantees that it does not end here.

Jack: It does if I say it does.

Billy: You know, this is exactly what ashley said was going to happen and I thought she was overreacting. I said, “there’s no way that jack is going to do something so brash with diane.” Jack, you have launched a missile directly at ashley and you were about to cause all-out war for jabot.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, everything’s in place. I’m definitely pulling the trigger. Just a few details I want to discuss with you. Okay, I’ll text you later. Bye.

Diane: Hello, ashley.

Ashley: Well, hi. Aren’t you out past your bedtime?

[ Diane scoffing ]

Diane: I’m meeting jack here for dinner.

Ashley: Special occasion? I mean, you just kind of look like you put in a little bit more effort. Oh, wait, I know. I read that announcement. You are jabot’s new chief talent officer.

Diane: So you heard the news.

Ashley: Oh, yeah. Read it online, where I just love to get all the family company updates. You must be thrilled. Everything’s coming together for you, huh, diane?

Audra: An affair with a married woman.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Audra: I’m assuming since you’re telling me, the husband found out.

Kyle: You know, it’s common knowledge now since it resulted in my son, harrison, but something tells me you already knew that.

Audra: Um, look, I admit I did a little internet deep dive on you since our last drink.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Audra: But I didn’t know a whole lot about you other than the fact that you’re married to my ex’s sister. Um, whoops, I veered into the too personal, didn’t I?

[ Laughing ] Look, okay, I’ll make it up to you by topping your, uh, liquor cabinet sex story with… sex in a helicopter.

Kyle: Whoa, whoa. I did not see that coming. That’s impressive.

Audra: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: But engaging with the pilot seems a little dangerous.

Audra: Well, kyle, I’m not afraid of a little danger.

Kyle: Mm-hmm. But you lived to tell the tale, so I’m guessing it was with a passenger.

Audra: Hm. Handsome and smart.

[ Both chuckling ] You know, when we first had drinks, you pegged me as an overachiever.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Audra: But my achievements are not confined to the boardroom. I got a few moves.

Kyle: I bet you do. How about you show me some? Come on.

Audra: All right.

Kyle: I clearly need a little extra credit in the “fun-loving” category.

Audra: Yeah. Anything to help.

[ Both chuckling ] Oh. My late father-in-law lit up a room,

Victoria: When you made me ceo of newman enterprises, you put your trust in me to run the family company. I know that trust was challenged after what happened with ashland, but I had felt that we’d gotten past that. I hope you still trust me, dad. Even if you don’t agree with every decision that I make.

Nate: Is it late enough for a sample of that new bourbon I brought you? Oh, victor. Sorry if I’m interrupting. I didn’t realize you were here.

Victor: That’s all right, nate.

Nate: Victoria and i have been working late on a new project for the real estate division.

Victoria: And nate must have something pressing to talk with me about. Daddy, I’m sure you want to head back to the ranch, don’t you?

Victor: I’m not going anywhere, sweetheart. So, why don’t you give nate and me a moment alone, all right?

Victoria: Um, I do need to check in with the technology team, but I’ll be right back.

Victor: Nate, would you kindly close the door? And now, why don’t you pour yourself a glass of that bourbon?

Nate: Before I do, victor, I want to assure you that I am up for this challenge. Victoria’s asked me to step in for nick while he’s out and I am happy to do so. I intend to impress not just victoria, but you, nikki, and nick, too.

Jack: There will be no war at jabot.

Billy: That is wishful thinking, jack. Ashley is hell-bent on turning the rest of jabot against diane. She’s not gonna stop trying to recruit board members. And what you just did was give her ammunition to prove that diane is infiltrating jabot at a very high level.

Jack: You let me handle ashley.

Billy: Jack, you cannot defend this move. I mean, she’s not qualified.

Jack: I am not going to defend diane’s curriculum vitae to anyone.

Billy: You’re gonna have to come up with a motive, okay? You’re gonna have to figure this out because tucker is coming. He’s got something going on with ashley, there’s no doubt about that. And he has got a lot more experience than diane does.

Jack: I’m not going to worry about tucker right now. He’s on the outside, we’re on the inside.

Billy: Until they get married and they do the exact same thing you just did!

Jack: This is a hypothetical, billy. How about now? Right now, as my co-ceo, do you have my back?

Billy: So, now you want my–

Jack: And diane’s?

Billy: It is very important for you to know that I do not approve of these methods.

Jack: Message received.

Billy: Because you are my brother and because I am co-ceo of this company, yeah. I have your back.

Jack: Thank you. And diane?

Billy: I will say yes until she gives me a reason to say no.

Diane: As a matter of fact, my life feels very much untracked these days. No complaints, although, I’m sure that you will point out a few things that I should be concerned about.

Ashley: No. None that I can tell. Boy, this must be a dream job for you. Working side by side with jack, planning a wedding. You are going to be one busy girl.

Diane: Funny, I would have thought you’d be more upset by the announcement.

Ashley: Oh, well, let’s be real. I’m not thrilled. But don’t worry, I’m not going to throw an embarrassing tantrum. Actually, my life is taking me in a different direction.

Diane: Oh, really? Really? What direction is that? East perhaps? Maybe paris with tucker?

Ashley: [ Laughing ] No. No, that’s funny. Nope. Nope. Nope. No travel plans.

Diane: Then what?

Ashley: You know, it’s a surprise, you know? You’ll find out soon enough.

Diane: Oh, so this is some new ploy of yours.

Ashley: You’re so paranoid. I think all I’ve done is congratulate you.

Diane: Yes, and that’s why I’m so suspicious.

Ashley: Well, I have to admit, I do get a kick out of being able to get under your skin. Is that bad?

Kyle: It’s getting late. I need to head home.

Audra: Uh… right, um, me– me too. I have a big day tomorrow.

[ Clearing throat ] Big things are happening at work.

Kyle: Ah, yeah. I didn’t even ask you about how things are in newman.

Audra: Oh, it’s all good. Uh, this was a nice distraction. Mm-hmm.

Kyle: For me too. You took my mind off of… things.

Audra: Things. Yeah. Well, I’m happy to help. I– I’ll walk you out, yeah? Oh, you’re not– you’re not driving, are you?

Kyle: No, no. I’ll– I’ll get a cab.

Audra: Oh, good. Lucky me, I don’t have to drive or wait for a taxi. Living upstairs has its perks. My a1c was up here; now, it’s down with rybelsus.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Nate: I take it from your silence, you have similar feelings to nick about victoria asking me to step in. That I’m after his job. I am fully aware that helping out at newman is a temporary thing. As soon as nick is ready to return, I will gladly be back at newman media.

Victor: Well… if you’re truly acting in the interest of our company, then I have even more respect for you.

Nate: I am. I promise. There is no power grab going on. What I tried to do at chancellor-winters, I fully regret. I have no intentions of making a mistake like that ever again.

Victor: If you do, you know I’ll find out. And then… I’ll be your enemy. I don’t wish that on anyone. Are we clear?

Jack: Sorry, I’m late. Uh, everything all right?

Diane: Oh, everything’s just fine. Oh, look, I think our table’s ready.

Ashley: I’ll leave you to it.

Diane: Yeah.

Jack: Given billy’s reaction, I thought maybe, I was walking into a battle.

Diane: No, I was braced for the same, but thank you. Ashley was surprisingly civil.

Jack: No bitter tirade? Well, maybe, we got lucky and she hasn’t read the press release yet.

Diane: Well, that’s what’s so surprising. She has read it, but she had no vitriolic response whatsoever, just her usual tired sarcasm.

Jack: Why does that make me more nervous?

Diane: Yeah, she did kind of hint that she had some new plan going on.

Jack: Any idea what?

Diane: No, she was kind of cagey about it. You know, maybe, she’s just bluffing, trying to save face.

Jack: Well, I don’t think so. According to billy, she’s still making her backdoor efforts to bring the board onto her side.

Diane: What if the board isn’t behind my new position?

Jack: That will not be an issue if she does not have a majority yet. There will be no coup.

Diane: That’s good. So, how did things go with billy? I hope the conversation didn’t get ugly. Or should I say uglier.

Jack: I’m sorry you had to hear any of that. Yeah, it got a– a little tense. Billy warned me that I am just fueling ashley’s anger and her conspiracy theory she’s trying to spread about us. But he did not threaten to go to her side. No, he’s still behind us for now.

Diane: Then, we need to do whatever we can to keep it that way.

Kyle: Thanks again for distracting me tonight.

Audra: Oh, uh, it wasn’t a chore, um I enjoyed, you know, hearing about your bad boy adventures in new york.

Kyle: I’m sure you have more stories to tell.

Audra: Oh, yeah, I do.

[ Audra laughing ] You know, I think we both had a wild streak when we were younger.

Kyle: Wow, I haven’t always been this well-pressed.

Audra: Oh, yeah?

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Audra: I wonder if there’s any of that bad boy left in you.

Kyle: Oh, I’m sure he’s in here somewhere. I’ve had him bottled up for a while.

Audra: Yeah, I’m sure he’s buried in there pretty deep.

Kyle: What makes you say that?

Audra: Well, the fact that your tie is still perfectly knotted, you know, after a night of cocktails and dancing.

[ Kyle grunting ]

Kyle: One loosened tie and one unbuttoned… top button.

Audra: It’s better. Uh, you know, maybe, that– that that boy is still in there after all.

[ Audra chuckling ] Even when I was with the people I love,

Nate: You’re warning is crystal clear. And I know you don’t make idle threats. I promise my intentions are pure, and not just because I care about protecting my job here. I care about victoria outside of our work relationship. I’m sure you have some concerns there as well.

Victor: You bet.

Nate: But like I told victoria, I want her to be able to lean on me personally as well as professionally, and I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that.

Victor: That’s good to hear.

Nate: I have nothing but admiration and respect for you and victoria and nick. I’m sad nick doesn’t feel he can trust me.

Victor: You used to be friends.

Nate: Yeah, he said, uh, the only way to win back their trust was to refuse the interim coo position.

Victor: Mm-hmm. And yet, you jumped at the position.

Nate: I didn’t decide this lightly. I– I carefully considered nick’s request… but in the end, I didn’t think it was fair to victoria.

Victor: I see.

Nate: She believes in me, victor. She thinks I can be useful during this time, and she is ceo of newman. So, I’ll have to live with nick’s anger and distrust of me until I can find some other way to win him over. And I suspect, you would have done the same if you were in my shoes, just starting out.

Victor: You’re probably right about that.

Victoria: Well, would you listen to that? Daddy agreeing with you. I hope that means that nate has eased all of your doubts.

Ashley: What are you doing here all alone? Is that pie?

Billy: It is pie. I came by to see jack, and of course, went into the kitchen to say hi to mrs. Martinez–

Ashley: And she forced you to have pie.

Billy: Yes, she did.

Ashley: It’s good.

Billy: She told me to take a piece home, but I didn’t make it very far.

Ashley: I can see.

Billy: I was hoping to run into you.

[ Billy sighing ] So? What’s going on?

[ Ashley scoffing ]

Ashley: Yeah, don’t be coy. I saw the press release. I’m surprised, but not shocked. Did you write it?

Billy: No. Of course, I didn’T. I was just as shocked as you were

Ashley: I bet. Considering you so vehemently dismissed the concerns I had about this very real possibility.

Billy: Yeah, I was wrong.

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Billy: I’m sure it sent you into a tizzy. Glad you had a little bit of time to cool down.

Ashley: I’m tizzy-free.

Billy: Right.

Ashley: I am. I gave up on the war, billy. It’s too exhausting. I should have listened to you from the very beginning.

Billy: I don’t believe you. What do you got going on?

Jack: So, what do you want to eat?

Diane: Uh, you know what? I don’t care, you pick for me.

Jack: Since when do you not care what you order?

Diane: Since I am too distracted by ashley’s “new leaf.” I don’t buy it for a second.

Jack: I’m going to order a steak for me. And how about a caesar salad for you?

Diane: Jack. Jack, this is important. We need to protect jabot. If billy said that ashley has already talked to abby and traci, then we need to talk to the non-family members of the board. In fact, you know them better than I do, so you should be the one that talks to them without me, so I don’t exacerbate the situation. And you should set those meetings for tomorrow morning. You need to get ahead of any questions or criticisms about how you announce my new position.

Jack: I don’t need to defend myself or you to anyone.

Diane: Well, of course, you don’t, you don’T. But we need to nip any of this in the bud. You know there’s going to be gossip. And– and how will this affect kyle and summer? I don’t want them pooled into some sort of corporate family feud. That’s not going to do their marriage any favors, especially if kyle ends up defending me and then summer feels threatened by my new position.

Jack: I got an idea.

Diane: Well, good, because I am all out of ideas for how to help them. You know, the last few I’ve tried really haven’t worked. So, what is it?

Jack: So, let’s not talk about any of our troubles for the rest of the evening.

Diane: And how will that help them?

Jack: It won’t help them, but I’ll get to have a nice, quiet, romantic time with my beautiful fianc√©e talking about our wedding and our honeymoon and how nice it is to just sit here, and look at each other and be so in love.

Diane: Jack, you deserve that and more. You know, these last few months have been really hard on you. And you’ve done everything for me. So, yes, I think that’s a wonderful idea.

[ Jack chuckling ]

Kyle: Well, I should get that cab.

Audra: Hmm, yeah, I should, um… probably go take a shower and get into bed.

Kyle: Sounds like a great idea.

Audra: Well, good night. I had a lovely time.

Kyle: Thank you.

[ Audra sighing ]

Diane: Jack, what’s wrong? You okay? Febreze!

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: So, should I pour myself another bourbon so that we can toast nate helping us out in nick’s absence?

Victor: Well, I’m going to head home. But just know… that I’m going to keep a close eye on things around here.

Victoria: I would expect nothing less.

Nate: Nor would I. Have a good night.

Victoria: Good night, daddy.

Victor: Good night.

Victoria: So what did you and my father talk about?

Nate: He made it clear he’s aware of me trying to make a power grab by stepping in for nick. But I think I got him to warm to the idea.

Victoria: Ah, I was afraid that’s what it was about. He was grilling me about my decision before you got here. But I hope that now, he finally understands that this is my choice. And it’s the right one.

Nate: You are brilliant. How could your judgment be wrong?

Victoria: If we’ve won my father over, then we’re both brilliant.

Billy: There’s something going on. You got that gleam in your eye.

Ashley: You’re right. I was thinking about getting my own piece of pie.

Billy: Unfortunately, this is the last piece.

Ashley: Darn it.

Billy: So, why don’t you go ahead and start spilling?

Ashley: I have something up my sleeve, but it’s not nefarious. It’s benign. I think it’s a positive.

Billy: And you’re not gonna tell me what it is?

Ashley: Not on your life.

[ Billy sighing ]

Billy: Which makes me even more suspicious, ashley. God, I really hope you know what you’re doing.

Diane: Jack, what is it? You look upset.

Jack: You know what? Let’s go down to the lounge, have a dance, come on.

Diane: We haven’t even ordered yet and you said you were starving.

Jack: I– I don’t want to spoil this evening.

Diane: Okay, wait a minute. Don’t– don’t do that. Don’t not tell me something, because you think it will upset me. It’s not who we are. That’s not how I want this marriage to work.

Jack: You’re right. I just saw our son walk upstairs.

Diane: Kyle? What’s he doing here?

Jack: I think he got himself a hotel room.

Diane: Oh, no, that means that he and summer had another fight, which is all my fault.

Jack: Wait, it’s not your fault. They have issues to work out. They are their issues. Diane, this is why I almost didn’t mention it.

Diane: I just don’t like that he’s running away from his problems. I just wish there was something we could do to help them work through everything.

Jack: Yeah, maybe, one more night apart will remind them how much they need each other.

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