Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Victor warns Nate that he better not be trying to grab power at the company while he is filling in for Nick. Victor also tells Nate and Victoria that he will be watching them very closely.

Billy warns Jack that by promoting Diane without going through the proper channels, he is going to start a war at Jabot. Jack assures Billy there will be no war at the company. Billy makes it clear to Jack that he will support his decision to promote Diane even though he doesn’t agree with it. Billy later talks to Ashley who tells him that she has given up the war with Jack and Diane. Ashley tells Billy she has something up her sleeve, but it is harmless.

Kyle and Audra have some drinks and conversation about topics that are not personal. Kyle then dances with Audra. After the dance, they head upstairs to Audra’s room and have sex.

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