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Ashley: My sister meant well. But traci, she’s so sweet. She just wants jack and I to lay down our swords. But from what I can tell, it’s not working. Not even a little bit.

Tucker: So, it had no impact on you at all? Doesn’t expending all this energy on hatred just wear you out?

Ashley: What is wrong with everybody? Why can’t you see that what I’m doing isn’t because of my hatred for diane? It’s because of love for my family and my brother. I don’t get it.

Jack: Hey, I got your text. Came as soon as I could. What’s up?

Diane: Well, thanks for rushing over, but I’m afraid it might be too late.

Jack: Why? What happened?

Diane: Well, I tried to bridge the gap between kyle and summer, but the whole thing might have backfired. It just went horribly wrong and now I– I’m afraid I’ve made things even worse.

Summer: Kyle. Kyle! Can you please stop? Wait a second. Look, it’s fine if you’re pissed off and you want to storm out of society and it’s fine if you hate me right now, but please, can you just stop with this evasion and silent treatment and talk to me?

Kyle: I don’t want to discuss this right now.

Summer: Okay, then when? When are you gonna want to discuss this? Because if you’re– you’re really that angry that you– you don’t feel like you can move past this at all, then you need to step up and say so.

Abby: Yep.

[ Knock on door ] Um, I’ll get it.

Devon: You sure?

Abby: Yep. Got it.

Chance: Hey.

Abby: Oh.

Chance: I’m sorry to do this to you. I, uh, I know I’m supposed to have him for a few more days, but I just got called into a new case. Louise has the flu, so… all that’s kind of blown up my plan.

Abby: Um. Yeah. Yeah, no problem.

Chance: Yeah?

Abby: Yeah.

Chance: Thank you.

Abby: We always love having dominic at home.

Chance: Uh, yeah. Look, I’m– I’m kind of in a hurry, but there is something I’d like to talk to you about while I’m here. Uh, it’s about dominic and this whole situation. It’s just not really working out. Choosing a treatment for your chronic migraine –

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Abby: Well, our boy knocked right out, so he must have had quite the day.

Chance: Yeah, never had a dull moment with him. That’s actually what I’d like to talk to you about.

Devon: Is something wrong with him?

Chance: No, no, everything’s fine. I just noticed that instead of enjoying the fact that he has two different places to live, I think it stresses him out. Every time we switch, he gets real fussy and uh, it’s kind of a struggle to calm him down. I won’t lie.

Abby: Oh, I– I didn’t realize.

Chance: Well, don’t get me wrong. It’s just when he first gets to my place. Once he has settled in and we’re having a good time, we got to pack his stuff up and come back here. So as much as we justify it to ourselves, I think the back and forth seems to be confusing him.

Abby: So, what are you suggesting? That we change our custody agreement?

Tucker: You have convinced yourself that you are saving jack from himself.

Ashley: Well, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I know that diane is a present danger, clear and present danger to our family’s company and the fact that jack doesn’t see that–

Tucker: Jack is a grown man! He doesn’t need protecting from anyone, by anyone. Least of all you.

Ashley: That’s kind of harsh, don’t you think? I mean a little–

Tucker: When did you become your brother’s keeper? If he wants to throw his life away with diane, that’s his problem. But if it causes chaos at jabot, so be it. That’s just how it goes.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, sure. Who cares, right? But it’s really easy for you to say that. It’s not your family. It’s not your father who built that company, tucker.

Tucker: Yeah, but your father’s company is now a yoke around your neck. You know, you’re just– I think you’re bigger and better than all of this pettiness. And it occurs to me that you have earned the right to call your own shots now. To build your own legacy.

Ashley: With you?

Tucker: Yes. You’re damn right. Yes with me.

Ashley: Okay.

Tucker: So what’s it gonna take to pull you across the finish line here, to… help you let go of this misguided need to protect jack and jabot.

Ashley: Our mother left us when we were just little kids. We’ve been protecting each other ever since.

Tucker: I understand, but it’s gone too far now. And it might be too late to save him anyway. I think what you need to concentrate on is purging yourself of this hatred for diane. And if you can do that, your whole world will be magnificent again.

Jack: How exactly did you make things worse for summer and kyle? What did you do?

Diane: Well, summer and I came here after leaving the family meeting earlier. She wanted my help convincing kyle to forgive her. And well, she made it very clear that if I did help her, it would go a long way towards me making amends for my part in things, which– which is important to me. And then kyle showed up…

Kyle: Excuse me, summer, but would you mind if I speak to my mother in private?

Diane: Uh, kyle, we can do that, but I think that maybe you should sit down and we should speak as a family first. You know, there are some things I need to tell you and, um, I’d like for summer to be part of that conversation as well.

Kyle: Look, mom, if this is about the problems between me and summer, I’d prefer you didn’t get involved.

Diane: It– it is, but not in the way that you think.

Kyle: Okay, in what way then?

Diane: Did you know that harrison has been crying himself to sleep the last three nights?

Kyle: What? How could that be? I’ve read to him until he’s fallen asleep every night.

Diane: Well, he wakes up about half an hour later and comes and finds his didi with tears in his eyes.

Summer: Tears, why?

Kyle: What’s he so upset about? Why didn’t he come to me?

Diane: He wouldn’t tell me what was going on at first, but then he finally asked what he was doing to make his mommy and daddy so upset.

Summer: Why didn’t you tell us that he was crying at night?

Kyle: Yeah, you should’ve come to us with this right away.

Diane: Well, I was afraid that you would think that I was interfering in your relationship. And plus I– I figured that the two of you would work things out soon, but it has been three nights in a row.

Jack: Wow. That is a lot for that kid to be carrying around.

Diane: Oh, yeah.

Jack: I hate that he blames himself for the chaos and upset that’s going on in our home. This is a lot for you to carry around. I mean, why didn’t you tell me?

Diane: Well, I– I– I didn’t tell you because it isn’t true. I told a little white lie trying to push kyle past his anger toward summer since she betrayed him. I was hoping that it would focus them both on what’s really important to them. Their family, their little boy.

Jack: It wasn’t true. Seriously?

Diane: Oh, no. It just kind of came to me and I went with it.

Jack: You lied to kyle. Again.

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Chance: I am suggesting that we change the custody agreement slightly. Look, we all know that dominic loves the mansion. It was his first place that he lived. I would like for you to consider moving into the chancellor house. Devon, I’m sure your grandmother would love it. Abby, you could come back home and dominic could have all the space he could ever ask for to run, play and grow. I’m gonna take an apartment closer to the police station. I don’t need that big thing, okay? I don’t need to be rattling around all by myself in that big old mansion. I would much rather dominic have it. That way I can come visit whenever. And the chancellor home, you know, the first place that he lived, will be his permanent home.

Devon: Well, okay. Well, this is, uh, it’s not what I expected.

Chance: Yeah. Well, look, I, uh, I do have to run. I apologize. So, I’ll let you guys talk it over, but just know I still want to share custody. I still want to see him as much as I can, okay? Nothing’s changed and I understand this is a big move, so if you’re not up for it, I totally get it. I just wanted to put it out there for dominic’s sake. Talk to you soon.

Devon: Thanks.

Abby: Wow. Um, I was not expecting that at all, but I know chance is coming from a good place. But I mean, this is a huge decision for both of us. Is this even something that you would consider?

Ashley: You’re not wrong. It’s exhausting, having all this hatred towards diane, but I can’t just turn it on and off like a light switch, you know, not when she’s such a threat.

Tucker: Yeah. I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re not the only one who’s finding it exhausting. Diane seems to be occupying more space in your head than anyone else in your life right now. Wherever we go, diane seems to be with us. We might as well always ask for a table for three. We can’t have a conversation without it eventually steering back to diane. Diane this, diane that. Jack, jabot, jabot, jack, enough already.

Ashley: I apologize.

Tucker: Enough of jabot.

Ashley: I am so deeply sorry. It can’t always be about you. And maybe you’re missing the point here. I can’t just walk away from this company, tucker. It’s in my dna. It always will be a part of me.

Tucker: So, you’re always going to be miserable. You’re always going to be consumed by hatred and paranoia? All right, think about this. Let’s say you’re right. Let’s say your prediction about diane’s right and she brings jabot crashing down. You know what we do? We swoop in, we scoop it up, we fold it into our own company, which would make us stronger than ever. And you could rein over everything you see. Yeah?

Ashley: Well, I don’t want jack and traci and billy to think that I want to stab them in the back and destroy the family company. That’s not what I’m doing this for, you know that. I want to protect the company. I want to protect my father’s legacy. That’s what I mean when I say I’m doing this out of love and not hatred. Don’t you hear what I’m saying?

Tucker: Right, then let diane crash and burn on her own. That’s the best way to prove to jack what a threat she is anyway.

Diane: I’m not going to try to defend what I did other than to say my heart was in the right place. It was an innocent white lie. And you know what? Part of me is afraid that harrison might have picked up on the tension between his parents.

Jack: But you don’t know that. I mean, he hasn’t said that to you, has he?

Diane: No, no, I guess not. And I– I guess I took it too far. I just– I just wanted to rattle kyle into realizing what his anger towards summer could be costing his son.

Kyle: I had no idea this was impacting my son like this. I’ve had talks with him explaining that sometimes adults have arguments and it takes a little time for them to work through their problems, but I made it as clear as I possibly could that didn’t mean we love him any less.

Diane: Well, clearly it wasn’t enough. He’s– he’s suffering.

Summer: Kyle, this is even more of a reason for us to start trying to work things out between us. Harrison has been through so much in his life already. We owe him a sense of security now. Don’t you agree with that?

Kyle: Summer, are you sure you didn’t already know about harrison’s apparent upset?

Summer: No. How– how could I? I’ve been sleeping in the pool house. I go in and I say good night to him when you’re not around and then I go away.

Kyle: I’m still finding it odd that I’m only hearing about this now. Harrison has shown no signs of being upset or worried. He’s been the same happy-go-lucky guy. But if this is true, I am very concerned about my son and I will do everything I can to calm him down.

Diane: What do you mean? If this is true?

Kyle: Well, I’m just having a hard time understanding that he could have such a strong reaction that I wouldn’t have seen or sensed it. At least not to the level that kept him up at night. Something feels off here.

Diane: And then the whole thing just spiraled from there. And I– I had to admit that I might have exaggerated the situation.

Jack: I can imagine how that went down.

Diane: I was just hoping that kyle could realize that he needs to find a way to forgive his wife.

Jack: You do realize what you’ve done?

Diane: Yes, I know. And I know that it was a bit desperate. And I– and I know that I shouldn’t have used our grandson that way, but it wasn’t a total fabrication. I do think that harrison has picked up on the tension between his parents. He knows that there’s something going on.

Jack: But you tried to convince kyle it was a lot worse than that.

Diane: Yes, I know. And then after I confessed to him, he stormed out. But summer was right behind him.

Kyle: Honestly, I don’t know what I want. All I know is that this is hell for me.

Summer: Kyle, this is hell for me too. I believe what diane was saying earlier, that harrison is picking up on what’s going on. He knows that there’s a conflict between us and the question is how are we gonna fix it?

Kyle: I don’t know. Maybe what we need to do is take some time apart. Really apart while we try to figure this out.

Summer: What does that mean? Like a formal separation? (Wheezing)

Summer: Kyle, you can’t really mean that.

Kyle: I’m sorry. I– I can’t get beyond this betrayal. You kept this a secret from me for weeks. You lied repeatedly to my face and all I wanted to do was comfort you. I thought something was wrong with me, that I couldn’t do what you needed to help you feel better. How could you have been so cruel to me?

Summer: I know that I handled it badly. I know that I did. But kyle, I was caught between protecting my mom and–

Kyle: Destroying mine? Still, you could have come to me. Told me everything and we could have found a way to deal with it together, but instead, you opted to betray my trust and freeze me out.

Summer: Kind of like what you did when you worked with my grandpa behind my back. You know, I felt betrayed then too.

Kyle: Oh, no, no, no, this is completely different and you know, it. That wasn’t life or death, incarceration or freedom. You took my love and my sympathy and you threw it back in my face. You broke my heart. And the worst part is you didn’t trust me to help you through the trauma you were going through. The fact is you betrayed every bit of confidence I have in you. In us.

Summer: But we can get through this. I know that we can. I love you. And you love me… don’t you?

Kyle: You chose your mother over me. You were willing to let my mom suffer and maybe spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Summer: I would have never let it get that far. I promise you that.

Kyle: Well, we’ll never know for sure now, will we? No, I get the sense that this meeting at society was a clever little setup. Did you recruit my mother to help us bridge the gap? Was that stunt using harrison something the two of you cooked up?

Summer: I didn’t know what she was gonna do. But yes, I did tell diane that it would go a long way with me if she could help convince you to forgive me.

Kyle: Yeah. I thought so.

Summer: Kyle, I was desperate. You weren’t talking to me. I have never seen you that angry and I was– I was afraid for our marriage.

Kyle: And where did that lead, summer? Look at where we are now. You have made one bad choice after another. I… I think we need some time to process everything that’s happened. See what’s left. If anything.

Summer: Kyle, no, that’s too extreme. Do we really have to go that far? If we love each other, if you have ever loved me, then we should be able to work this out.

Kyle: I can’T. Not right now. I need time to think through things.

Summer: What does that mean? You want me to move out of the house completely?

Jack: Look, I’m– I’m not gonna lie. It upsets me that you used harrison to force kyle’s hand and I’m not surprised that this blew up in your face.

Diane: Well, I’m– I’m sorry. And I can see why you’re upset with me, but what am I supposed to do? I swear I was only trying to do something good, something to try to get them back together, and I– I feel like I need to try because I am partially to blame for their problems.

Jack: Wait, what are you saying? You are not to blame for what summer did.

Diane: No, but my feud with phyllis is at the center of this whole thing. Jeremy stark came back to town because of me and then he took advantage of phyllis’s intense hatred towards me.

Jack: You are no part of that scheme and summer went off the rails emotionally.

Diane: Well, yes, she did. But I– I think she was just grasping at any hope when she learned that her mother was alive. She had to do whatever she could to protect her, to– to try to clean up that mess and bring her back home safely.

Jack: That was your argument. Not using harrison.

Diane: I know. I’ve bungled this badly and I need to find kyle and try to fix it.

Ashley: Maybe you haven’t heard, but I’ve actually done something kind of like that. I went to paris with my patents and I created a very successful company. So how would this be different?

Tucker: Yes, yes, I recall that. This would be different in as much as you would not be alone. All right? And there’s no doubt you did a wonderful job in paris, which is why I know that together, we would be unstoppable.

Ashley: You really think so?

Tucker: I know so. And this time, you would not have the entire burden resting on your shoulders. I’d be right there with you. Think of how wonderful it would be to build something as a couple. Huh?

Ashley: That would be kinda awesome.

Tucker: Kinda awesome? It would be totally awesome. And we could do it right here in genoa city. Think about all the new products you could design. Oh, by the way, I’ve been spitballing names. You wanna hear my favorite? Simply ashley. Your name associated with beauty all over the world. People all over the world identifying with you, right? And then you and I become the power couple of the decade. You’re thinking about it. You’re seeing it in your mind’s eye, right? You’re gonna let jabot just pursue whatever goal it wants while you and I set the industry on fire.

Ashley: It would really hit jack right where he lives.

Tucker: Oh, god. Here we go again, jack, jack, I’m not proposing this as yet another means to get back at jack. I’m talking about taking this idea to its fruition, for us. And you’re either committed or you’re not. Are you in?

Ashley: Of course.

Tucker: Simone, if you please, a bottle of your finest champagne, for my business partner and me.

Ashley: Shh.

Devon: Honestly, the thought of dominic having one central place to call home is ideal. Because I’m sure it is rough for him to be carted back and forth between here and the chancellor mansion. But how would you feel being back in that house?

Abby: Well, there are a lot of things to consider. A lot of memories, both good and bad, and then there’s jill. I mean, that’s her landing spot when she comes to genoa city, and probably nina’s too. Even though she’s not here that often.

Devon: So would that be weird for you then? To be under the same roof as your ex-mother-in-law?

Abby: Whoo. Well, probably a little bit, especially after she told me exactly how she felt about me at the gala. Since I broke her son’s heart. I don’t know. What about you? This place is your home. Would you even consider giving it up? Even if it is the best thing for dominic?

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Kyle: Living in the pool house is not much different than living in the main house. You still need to come in here on a regular basis.

Summer: That’s what you need a break from? You’re so angry at me that you want me as far away as possible? So what? You can decide if you want a divorce or not? You’re throwing me out because I was trying to protect my mom.

Kyle: No, you chose to protect your mom at the cost of honesty and the faith in me and our marriage.

Summer: What would you have done if the roles were reversed, kyle?

Kyle: My mother would never have stooped as low as phyllis. She never would have done what she did.

Summer: What are you talking about? Diane already did it. She faked her death. She abandoned you at a much younger age than me and daniel are now. Are you just forgetting that? How she walked out on you? Disappeared for years and how she was willing to let my grandma take the fall? You’re kidding yourself if you don’t believe how low your mom could stoop. What your mom did was no better than what my mom has done.

Kyle: I know you struggled with your feelings with my mother. That you believe she was guilty for phyllis’s death, but I really thought once you realized it was all a fake and phyllis was alive, you would see how wrong you were.

Summer: Yes, I was wrong about that, sure. But diane is guilty of so much more.

Kyle: And there it is. Your argument that you were just trying to protect phyllis no longer rings entirely true. Not when you’re still holding old grudges and punishing my mother for her lies.

Summer: You know, maybe you’re right. Maybe I should move out.

Jack: Summer, could I have a moment alone with my son?

Diane: Yeah, kyle. I would like to speak with you as well.

Summer: Fine.

Jack: Please tell me I didn’t just hear you ask summer to leave this house. Has it really gotten that out of hand?

Diane: Yeah. Look, you need to find some way to be able to forgive–

Kyle: Mom, I don’t want to hear your pleas for me and summer to work things out. Not when your meddling has already made things worse.

Devon: I gotta admit that leaving this penthouse wouldn’t be easy to do. ‘Cause there’s so much history here. You know, so many memories. I mean, I originally bought this place for hilary and I remember her initial reaction to it wasn’t what I expected. You said you wanted a real home, I thought that you’d be happy.

Hilary: First of all, this isn’t a real home. This is one of your gifts designed to keep me in line.

Devon: That’s not true.

Hilary: And secondly, how could you make such a huge purchase without consulting me? What if I don’t like this part of town?

Devon: This is your favorite neighborhood.

Hilary: Okay. What if I wanted a house with a yard?

Devon: Is that what you want?

Hilary: Maybe I want a pool or a tennis court?

Devon: Oh, hey, you remember we own athletic club right down the street. Or I could build you a gym downstairs. I could put a garden on the roof here. I mean, what– what do you really want?

Hilary: I want a damn say, okay? This is our life, devon. You and me. Sometimes I feel like I am just along for the ride. To smile and say thank you while you whip out your checkbook.

Devon: Well, that’s just not how I want you to feel at all.

Hilary: Then include me in things, okay? You wanna surprise me with a watch? Okay, fine. Go ahead, knock yourself out. But come on, devon. A home?

Devon: I agree with you. I get your point and I apologize, okay? But for the record, I did not buy this place for your gratitude.

Hilary: Really? You didn’t think that this big surprise was gonna make us kiss and make up?

Devon: Hilary, I bought this place because I love you and I want you to be happy. That’s the truth. Now for two seconds, can you forget about how much of an ass I am and just take a look around and see if you actually like it? Please? I mean, there’s more than enough space here for us. And think of all the ways that we can make it our own.

Hilary: Yeah, it has potential.

Devon: Sweetheart. This is in no way me trying to tie you down, okay? If anything, it’s me taking a step back so you can be exactly whoever it is you want to be. As long as that person is my wife, my partner, and my best friend.

Hilary: Well, it’s gonna need some paint.

Devon: Gosh. Hamilton-winters was created here too. I have so many good memories with neil in this place. Then again, it’s– this is also where he passed away.

Abby: I can only imagine.

Devon: Yeah. But, uh, you and I have made quite a few memories here. Wouldn’t you say?

Abby: Yes.

Devon: Remember when you set up that dinner so we could try out the food before you opened up society?

Abby: Yes.

Devon: It was fun.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: And this is where we both realized that we’re in love with each other.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: It’s not gonna be easy to leave this place. It’s a lot to think about.

Abby: Yeah. I don’t think I’ll be able to make a quick decision. I just, um, I don’t know. I wonder why chance is wanting to leave the chancellor house.

Devon: Well, I mean, I imagine because it probably gets lonely being by himself in such a big place. His mom and jill are rarely there. Dominic only comes over occasionally. I get it.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: Maybe what he’s suggesting makes sense for us.

Abby: It would be nice to bring dominic back to the house where he spent the beginning of his life.

Devon: Yeah. It’s definitely something to think about.

Abby: Yeah. Even when I was with the people I love,

[ Ashley laughing ]

Tucker: So, if we– if we call your line simply ashley, we still need a name for the corporation.

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: So, what do you think would really piss jack off? How about, uh, mccall-abbott industries?

Ashley: Oh, I don’t like that at all. No, it should be abbott-mccall industries.

Tucker: Of course.

Ashley: Right? Because it’s just, you know, rolls off the tongue easier. It’s a much nicer ring to it. You think?

Tucker: All right. How about something a little more expansive?

Ashley: Uh-huh?

Tucker: Mcabbott universal?

Ashley: Oh, yeah. Okay, we gonna serve fries with that?

Tucker: Well, whatever the name is, it’s gotta– it’s gotta send a clear message that we mean business.

Ashley: Right. Right. I think that, um, anything with universal and global in it is just maybe a bit too expansive.

Tucker: How about, um, tushley?

Ashley: Okay, you’re not gonna stop are you?

Tucker: No.

Ashley: Not until I say yes? It’s a lot of fun talking about this imaginary company that we own together, right? But um, I’d like to know how the inner machinations would actually operate.

Tucker: The inner machination?

Ashley: Yes.

Tucker: What do you want? An organizational flow chart or something?

Ashley: Yes.

Tucker: You want to know who reports to whom and when.

Ashley: Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. I want to know the dynamic we’d have.

Tucker: Between you and me? Oh, well–

Ashley: Well, obviously.

Tucker: We would be equals in every way, of course.

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Tucker: We would play off each other’s strengths.

Ashley: Right.

Tucker: Your brilliance in the lab creating products that people will die for. And my, uh, my remarkable business acumen.

Ashley: Right. About that. I mean wasn’t it that remarkable business acumen that pretty much tanked mccall?

Tucker: Yes, I…

Ashley: Did I say that?

Tucker: Did you say that? I know I– I made a misstep but my only fault was taking my eye off the ball and with you as my partner, I promise I will never take my eye off anything when it comes to you and me. Business or private. And I know that uh, with you at my side, you would never allow that to happen anyway. Would you? Have I convinced you yet?

Diane: My whole life has been a series of two steps forward and one step back. I mean, how long will it take for me to finally pay my dues?

Jack: Okay. Listen to me. You gotta stop thinking like that. This is phyllis’s doing, not yours. She knocked the floor out from underneath all of us with this stunt of hers and we’re all scrambling to regain our footing. Summer and kyle, you and me.

Diane: Well, I didn’t help matters using our grandson to try to mend kyle and summer. It was– it was pretty stupid.

Jack: It was not the best choice, but it’s done. And to your credit, it wasn’t malicious. You meant to help. You were trying to help kyle. And he will realize that as soon as he sees things clearly.

Diane: Well, I hope so.

Jack: You have to remember everything kyle is doing and saying right now is colored by his anger at summer. And that goes all the way back to phyllis.

Diane: I bet phyllis is having a good laugh right about now. I mean, even though I’m not in jail for her murder, she’s still getting revenge on me. A revenge that keeps causing pain. You know, she’s staying away so that she can avoid facing the music, but I bet there’s another reason. She knows that it is tearing this family apart and she is loving that.

Audra: So we meet again. And unfortunately, you don’t look like you’re in any better state of mind since the last time we met. Should I keep walking? Look for another saloon to have a quiet drink?

Kyle: No. Stay. Let me buy you one. With the freestyle libre 2 system.

Tucker: Champagne.

Ashley: Here’s to new beginnings.

Jack: Will you make me a promise?

Diane: Sure.

Jack: Will you embrace the positive and just let the negative in our lives take care of itself? We’re about to get married in the next couple of months. You’re gonna come work with me at jabot. We have so much to look forward to.

Diane: Yeah. Are you sure about jabot? I mean, me being there working with you, it’s bound to bring up conflict with ashley and maybe even billy.

Jack: Do I look like I care about that? As a matter of fact, let me show you something. You know how I asked the pr department to put together a press release about your new position? Asked them to polish things up and I wanted to send it out. Go?

Diane: Go.

Jack: Go.

Diane: Aw.

Jack: If the family is upset about that, too bad. They have a problem with this, it’s their problem, not ours.

Diane: Yeah. Mm.

Chance: You look like you could use someone to talk to.

Audra: So, something is clearly bothering you. Feel like talking about whatever it is?

Kyle: That’s the last thing I wanna do. Today has been absolutely disastrous. Hell, this whole week has been absolutely disastrous. What I really need is to forget about everything going on in my life. Shut it out. Pretend none of it is happening.

Audra: Yeah, I know that feeling all too well. Been there and I’m happy to help. Salud.

Kyle: Salud.

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