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[ Romantic music ]

[ Overlapping chatter ]

Thomas: Okay, hold on.

[ Laughing ] One at a time, per favore. We will answer all your questions. But first, sofia.

Sofia: Thomas, you and hope are an extraordinary team. What’s the key to your success?

Thomas: Well, you said it yourself. Teamwork. We can truly trust and rely on each other.

Hope: And who wouldn’t trust this man’s talent?

[ Crowd laughing, applauding ]

Thomas: Well, a team needs a strong leader. They need a driving force. And I am just grateful that hope shared her vision with me.

[ Crowd applauding ]

Bill: Just spoke to the pilot.

Liam: The– are we– are we landing soon or?

Bill: Won’t long until you can say, “benvenuti a roma.”

Liam: Nice. Okay. So, uh, once I get cell service, I have to call the driver and then–

Bill: No, no, no. The driver will be waiting on the tarmac and will take you straight to piazza navona.

Liam: Right. Yeah.

Bill: If you’re lucky, you’ll be there for the last few designs and to see your wife’s big press conference.

Liam: You know, I can’t thank you enough for this. I mean, I– I never would’ve made it without your help.

Bill: You just make sure that hope knows why you’re there.

Liam: ‘Cause my dad’s the best?

Bill: Yes. More importantly, because you are the best. A wonderfully devoted husband. In fact, the best husband she could ask for.

Liam: Yeah. Well, unfortunately, hope hasn’t seen much of that guy lately. I’ve been so focused on thomas and what he might be up to. I just– I haven’t given hope the credit she deserves.

Bill: Well, you’ll have plenty of time to do that. And don’t waste any of it griping about thomas.

Liam: Right. Yeah, exactly. That’s right. I’m– I’m here to be a supportive husband and to– and, you know, to make up for being a shortsighted fool.

Bill: There is nothing foolish about looking out for your family, liam.

Liam: This is not about thomas, right. This is about hope. This is her moment and I wanna be there to celebrate that. And I have to stop doing things that are gonna push her away.

Bill: Hope knows how much you love her and there’s no questioning her love and her commitment to you.

Reporter 1: And you must be very proud of your daughter.

Brooke: Oh, yes. Very proud. And hope’s whole family is very proud too. They’re at home cheering her on. Liam’s there with their children.

Ridge: Yes. And we’re very impressed with the two of ’em. And what– what they came up with here is amazing and it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Sofia: Seeing you and brooke together is exciting too. Especially here in rome.

Brooke: Oh.

Ridge: We’re just here supporting our kids and hope for the future.

Reporter 2: You and brooke haven’t reunited, but you’re here, uh, together?

Brooke: There’s nowhere I’d rather be.

Sofia: Is this a hint of things to come?

Reporter 1: What are plans for the future?

Ridge: Uh, our plans for the future to explore this beautiful city. But I gotta say something before any other. These two people right here, my beautiful daughter and my best friend, carter, they– none of this would’ve happened if they weren’t here. So please give them a hand.

[ Crowd applauding ] And as far as the future goes, I may have lost a step, lost some passion and some drive, but, um, the company is in good hands. Not just their hands, but the hands of my very talented son, thomas.

[ Crowd applauding ]

Thomas: I can’t take all the credit. This collection is a collaboration. And I was just inspired by hope and her vision and the, uh, the designs just poured right outta me.

Ridge: Proud of you, son. Nice job.

[ Crowd applauding ]

Hope: Grazie a tutti. Thank you everyone for being here and for showing this collection so much amore and appreciation. So, grazie. Thank you.

[ Crowd applauding ]

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Ridge: Rome loves you.

Brooke: Oh, the feeling is mutual.

Ridge: Maybe, but there’s something about this town makes you even more radiant.

Brooke: Rome makes you very sentimental, but I don’t like hearing that your passion and your drive might be going away.

Ridge: Ah, don’t worry about that. Maybe I’m just tired, you know. Too many marriages and breakups. I don’t know. Here’s what I do know. We gotta stop hurting each other.

Brooke: I agree. But we have to have faith. We can’t let the fire go out. If you’re still having bladder leaks,

Bill: All right. Giuseppe and the car are waiting for you in the tarmac as promised.

[ Phone beeping ]

Liam: Yeah? And I have cell service again. Look at that.

Bill: Don’t you dare call hope and ruin the surprise.

Liam: I’m not– I’m not. I’m going. I’m going.

Bill: Congratulate her for me.

Liam: I will.

Bill: Ciao bello.

Liam: Hey, you know, hope and I didn’t have the best goodbye when she left L.A. It’s been a little rocky, but I think today, this is gonna change all that. When we see each other for the first time, it’s gonna be a moment we never forget.

Bill: Go to your wife.

Liam: I’m going.

Steffy: Hope, you did it!

Hope: Well, we– we did it. We all did it.

Steffy: No, you and thomas, you own the spotlight. And, you know, I’ve been watching.

Hope: Oh, yeah, I know.

Steffy: Okay. I understand that can be frustrating, but as co-ceo, I couldn’t be more proud for what you accomplished. We couldn’t have done this without your talent and your vision.

Hope: Thank you, steffy. That– that actually means a lot. And I– I hate that our mothers aren’t getting along anymore, but I thought we worked together really well today and I don’t know, maybe we could do a better job at being friends.

Steffy: I’d like that. Look, I– I know I’ve been asking you a lot of questions lately. Questions about your feelings and your commitment to liam and I want you to know that I am not gonna do that anymore.

[ Hope chuckling ] You said that you have everything under control and today, you proved it. Oh, pascal. Excuse me.

Hope: Yeah.

Steffy: Hi.

Thomas: Wow. You look how I feel.

Hope: Hm. I– I think this might easily be one of the greatest days of my life.

[ Thomas laughing ]

Thomas: Mine too. What is it?

Hope: Uh, I texted liam earlier before the preview and I still haven’t heard back from him and it’s really unlike him and that’s just the one kind of–

Thomas: Okay. Take your phone, keep it– put away. Right? ‘Cause we’re not gonna worry about that right now. This is one of the lines most major successes and we are going to celebrate it. We are in rome. Everything is a feast for the eyes. What do you wanna do? The sky’s the limit.

Hope: Um… let’s go for a walk. I– I haven’t been here in years and we’ve been working so hard. We’ve been so busy. So, let’s go out and see the city before we have to go back to our normal everyday lives.

Thomas: Okay. Let’s do it. Where?

Hope: Well, you can’t leave rome without seeing the colosseum.

Thomas: You got it. Let’s do it.

Hope: Done.

Thomas: After you.

Hope: Thank you.

Carter: Great day today, huh?

Brooke: Uh, yeah.

Carter: You okay?

Brooke: I’m just worried about ridge. And I know he’s a good friend of yours, so.

Carter: He’s just down. That’s all. I heard things went south between you and taylor.

Brooke: Yeah. We’re no longer friends.

Carter: Uh, that’s too bad. Sorry. And I know ridge is sorry too. I also know you being here is good for him. Gets him out of his head, you know.

Brooke: Yeah?

Carter: He loves you like no other, brooke.

Ridge: Hey, carter, you remember ilaria, right?

Carter: Yes. Yes. Nice to see you again. Hi.

Ridge: So she’s telling me something about a keyhole.

Ilaria: Yes. In aventino. You must go see it. It’s one of the most magical place in rome.

Brooke: What? I’ve never heard of this.

Ridge: It’s in some door in some villa, I guess.

Ilaria: Yeah, you should go. You look in the keyhole together.

Brooke: What do you see?

Ilaria: A glimpse for your future. Your destiny.

Brooke: Destiny.

Ridge: Really?

Ilaria: Yes. They say if you were climbing the hill, you will climb to the heaven.

Ridge: Okay. Is that something you wanna do?

Brooke: Oh, yeah. I’m fascinated.

Ridge: Okay. Let’s do it then.

Brooke: Okay. I’m gonna go change and I’ll get directions from the hotel.

Ridge: No, no. You know what? No, no. We’ll wait for you.

Brooke: No, don’t wait for me. I’ll be fine. I’ll meet you there.

Ridge: You won’t be fine. You’re gonna get lost. You always get lost.

Brooke: I’m not gonna get lost. I promise.

[ Brooke laughing ] So silly.

Steffy: Today was fantastic. Thank you so much for all of your work. And the hair with the tiara just was beautiful. She looked great. And– and we can help you pack up. I think we can get, um, a few of the–

Liam: Uh, uh, ciao.

Steffy: Liam, what are you doing here?

Liam: Uh, yeah, long story. Where’s hope? Charmin ultra soft has so much cushiony softness,

Steffy: Liam, why are you in rome?

Liam: Yeah, I know. I just, I– I don’t know. I realized I needed to be here. I– I took the spencer jet. I was gonna surprise hope. But am I– like, am I too late? Is– is the press conference and the– and the photo shoot over?

Steffy: You just missed it.

Liam: Damn it!

Steffy: But it– it was amazing. You would’ve been really proud of hope. Since you’re here, I– actually, I wanna say, um, I’m sorry. I– I– I was wrong. Really wrong to question hope. She loves you and she realizes that you’re an extraordinary man.

Liam: Thank you. That means a lot.

Steffy: Yeah. I– I– I kind of said the same thing to her before she left.

Liam: Yeah. Uh, where– like where did she go?

Steffy: I– I– I don’t– I don’t know. I think she might have– she went sightseeing.

Liam: Okay. But do you know which sight? It’s okay. No, it doesn’t matter. I’m gonna– I’m gonna find her. I’m gonna find her.

Steffy: Okay. [ Laughing ]

[ Church bell ringing ]

Carter: Exciting, huh? Ilaria said this is like mystery and the truth and all that.

Ridge: Oh, great.

Carter: Oh, all these people are here to look through the keyhole?

Ridge: I hate crowds.

Carter: Wait, no, I’ll wait in line if you wanna go find brooke.

Ridge: That’s okay. She’ll be here soon.

Carter: Do you think she got lost?

Ridge: I hope not.

Carter: Let’s go take a look, man. Come on. (Tap, tap)

[ Music: Lyrics in italian ]

Thomas: Well, hope, we made it. The colosseum. You know, gladiators used to fight behind those walls? I mean, it’s been here for a couple thousand years. It’s crazy to think about how long it’s been here.

Hope: And the world changed around it.

Thomas: From chariots to electric cars.

Hope: To planes flying overhead.

Thomas: That’s right. But it’s still standing.

Ridge: Straight to voicemail. I don’t think brooke is coming.

Carter: Of course, she is. Oh, wow. Ridge, this is incredible, man. Take a look.

Ridge: It’s a door with a hole in it. I’m good.

Brooke: Excuse me. Aventino hill. Oh, grazie.

Carter: You’ve come this far. You know what ilaria said. Through that keyhole is truth, mystery, and the meaning of life.

Ridge: Seriously?

Carter: Would you stop being grumpy and take a look?

Ridge: Okay.

Carter: Thank you. Ridge, please indulge me. For me, take a look.

Ridge: It’s unbelievable.

Thomas: Look, I– I have to say, I am so impressed with what you did today. It’s just so beautiful. The landscape, the architecture, you. It’s a place so full of history. I feel like actually you and I have made some history today.

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