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Alex asks Brady why they should care that Maggie is pissed, questioning what she’s really going to do and pointing out that it’s not the same as Victor being mad. Alex declares that they made a better deal for Yuri and now Maggie is going to have to learn to live with that.

Chad questions Maggie offering him a job at Titan. Maggie states that he would be her second in command. Stephanie notes that being Alex’s old job. Maggie confirms that and would want Chad to start right away. Chad questions what Victor would think about having a DiMera running the inside of his company. Maggie points out that a DiMera was once CEO because Victor hired Chad himself. Chad points out that Victor also fired him. Maggie calls Chad a brilliant businessman and she knows he would be an asset to the company. Maggie adds that she’s in charge now anyway so Victor would defer this to her. Maggie says when it comes to the family feud, Brady and Alex work for DiMera, so she questions why Chad can’t work for her.

In Chicago, Illinois, Sarah goes to see Rex. Rex guesses something is wrong and asks if it’s the baby. Sarah responds that everything is fine but she got home and got a voicemail. She plays the voicemail for Rex of Bonnie telling her that she doesn’t know if she can keep her secret. Sarah worries that she’s screwed. Rex encourages her to call Bonnie and talk her down which Sarah agrees to do. Bonnie guesses Sarah got her message and swears that she hasn’t told Xander about the baby, but she did tell one person. Sarah questions who she told. Bonnie says it was just Justin.

At the Brady Pub, Xander suggests Justin pull up a chair and tell he and Chloe everything that’s been going on with him. Justin claims that there’s nothing to report. Xander asks if he’s sure since he is acting nervous which is unlike him. Justin then responds that there is something and he has every right to know what it is.

Sarah questions Bonnie telling Xander’s cousin that she’s having his baby. Bonnie argues that he’s her husband and asks what she was supposed to do. Sarah argues that she was supposed to not tell anyone. Bonnie insists that Justin would never break attorney-client privilege. Bonnie adds that everything will be okay as Xander is very busy and it’s not like Justin will be seeing him or hanging out with him. Sarah asks if she means Xander is busy at work. Bonnie repeats that Xander is very busy and then reveals that she means with his new girlfriend, Chloe Lane.

Xander tells Justin not to leave them hanging and asks what the big news is. Justin responds that it may come as a surprise. Justin then thinks back to Bonnie begging him not to tell and agreeing not to. Xander asks Justin what he has a right to know. Justin then claims it’s just that Alex has gone to work for Basic Black. Xander questions that being the big news. Chloe guesses Brady gave Alex her old job. Xander brings up that Brady practically begged Chloe to take her job back, but she decided she would rather work with him at the Spectator. Justin questions them living together and working together. Xander says that’s the way they like it, noting that Maggie tried to get him to go back to Titan but he said no. Xander wonders who Maggie will get to take Alex’s place.

Chad tells Maggie that he’s flattered by her offer, but he already has a job. Stephanie notes that’s working for her at SJPR and calls Chad her most valuable employee. Maggie points out that Titan is one of SJPR’s most lucrative clients, so they would still be working together and one of Chad’s responsibilities was working as a liaison with SJPR. Maggie adds that Titan headquarters is right down the street. Chad informs her that he just told Doug and Julie that he and the kids are moving out. Maggie asks where he’ll be moving. Chad responds that they don’t know yet as Stephanie reveals they are moving in together.

Brady warns Alex not to underestimate Maggie, noting that she is as tough as she has to be. Alex remarks that she’s no pushover but she has no idea how to run a business. Belle arrives and hands Alex his employment contract to sign which he agrees to do now. Belle tells Brady that she has another matter to discuss with him. Alex signs the contract and returns it to Belle. Belle asks if he read all the fine print. Alex says he trusts them and that his cousin would never screw him over so he calls going to work for them the best decision he’s made in a long time. Alex then acknowledges that it seemed they needed to talk, so he exits the office. Brady asks Belle if the other matter is DiMera business. Belle responds that it’s about Kristen.

Maggie congratulates Chad and Stephanie on taking that big step as she hopes they find the perfect place to start their life together. Chad thanks her. Maggie says it will be wonderful for the kids and she knows they are crazy about Stephanie. Stephanie assures that she loves them very much. Maggie states that they are lucky to have a wonderful father and to have Stephanie in their lives. Stephanie feels that she is the lucky one. Maggie hopes that Stephanie will support Chad if he decides to accept her offer. Chad admits that he can’t say he’s not interested, but he just needs some time to think about it. Maggie understands but tells him not to take too long as she is ready to go with her plans for Titan and filling that position is crucial. Chad asks her to tell him what her plans are. Maggie responds that EJ and the others are so sure that she doesn’t know what she’s doing, so she’s going to take advantage of that and give DiMera Enterprises a run for it’s money. Maggie congratulates them again and says she looks forward to hearing from Chad as she exits. Chad and Stephanie agree that they’ve never seen that side of Maggie before. Stephanie asks what Chad is thinking. Chad doesn’t know as he did not see that coming.

Brady assumes this is about Rachel which Belle confirms. Belle says he asked her to make sure the ruling giving him custody of Rachel was ironclad. Belle confirms that there is no wiggle room for Kristen as Brady is the sole legal custody of Rachel, but Kristen wants to dispute the ruling. Brady asks if she’s heard from Kristen’s legal team at all. Belle notes that she hasn’t which is very strange. Brady says he hasn’t either, so Belle wonders where Kristen is and what the hell she is up to.

Sarah is shocked to learn about Xander and Chloe, asking how that can be when Chloe hates him. Bonnie reveals not anymore as Chloe is living with him. Sarah guesses that Xander really has moved on then. Bonnie points out that it’s only because Xander thinks he has no chance with Sarah. Bonnie believes that if Xander knew Sarah was pregnant, he would drop Chloe in an instant, so she suggests maybe Sarah should tell him about the baby.

Justin says he has no idea who Maggie will hire to replace Alex as he’s not apart of her inner circle. Xander remarks that he’s pretty sure that inner circle is just Maggie and Victor. Justin mentions having a sick wife at home, so he’s going to get her chicken soup. Xander worries that Bonnie is suffering from more than just a head cold which Justin questions. Xander remarks that when he saw her, it was like she knew something that she didn’t want him to find out.

Chad and Stephanie eat dessert together. Chad notes that she’s been kind of quiet since Maggie left. Stephanie calls her a tough act to follow. Chad would like to know how Stephanie feels about the job offer. Stephanie thinks he has to consider taking it since it is a very important position, but he would be taking Alex’s job that he loved.

Alex walks through the town square and talks to Sonny on the phone. Alex tells him the new job is going great and that he doesn’t have a problem working for DiMera. Alex notes that he tried to stay at Titan but Victor’s power mad wife had other ideas. Alex knows Maggie tried to give him the job back but says it would just be a matter of time before she had some other reason to fire him. Alex tells Sonny that he and Maggie have parted company and he couldn’t be happier.

Brady tells Belle that she’s right that radio silence has never been Kristen’s style. Belle brings up that Kristen sued for full custody when Brady tried to give her visitation rights. Brady wonders if she’s trying to make them sweat. Belle points out that he knows her better than she does. Brady admits that Kristen could be doing anything, but remarks that at least she won’t be going after Chloe this time. Belle asks how he knows that. Brady explains that Chloe was only a target before because Kristen thought that Chloe would end up raising Rachel, but that’s off the table now. Belle questions why. Brady realizes that Belle hasn’t heard and reveals to her that Chloe is now living with Xander, which shocks Belle. Belle asks if Chloe is out of her mind.

Justin claims not to know what Bonnie could possibly be hiding from Xander and that he’s sure she was just being her. They say it was good seeing each other as Justin goes to get his order. Xander asks Chloe if it was just him or if it seems like Justin knows whatever Bonnie knows. Chloe admits that Justin did seem uncomfortable, but maybe he’s just anxious to get home to his sick wife.

Bonnie asks Sarah if it would be so bad to tell Xander that he’s going to be a dad. Sarah argues that she doesn’t want Xander back in her life, so she and Justin are just going to have to keep it to themselves. Bonnie insists that their lips are sealed. Bonnie wishes her luck and hangs up. Sarah informs Rex that Bonnie told Justin everything and that Xander is dating Chloe now. Rex asks if she’s okay. Sarah asks why she wouldn’t be since she and Xander are divorced and repeats that she wanted him out of her life. Sarah remarks that Xander can date whoever he wants and then declares that she can too as she kisses Rex.

Belle can’t believe that Chloe is seeing Xander, noting that she hasn’t said anything to her about it. Brady figures Chloe knows Belle would go through the roof. Belle brings up all of Xander’s past crimes which Brady assures that he’s well aware of. Belle guesses Kristen must have pushed Chloe way too far. Brady guesses Chloe must just see something in Xander that they don’t.

Xander and Chloe return home to their apartment. Xander pours them glasses of wine. Xander says he still can’t get over how sketchy Justin was acting tonight. Chloe mentions that he didn’t stop talking about it the whole way home. Xander asks if she’s tired of him talking about his family and their strange behavior. Chloe says she actually likes it because it lets her know the real him. Xander asks if she wants to know the real him which she confirms as they kiss. Xander asks Chloe if she’s sure that she wants to sleep alone tonight.

Sarah kisses Rex until he stops her. Sarah questions what the problem is as it’s not like this hasn’t happened before. Rex says this is different. Sarah guesses he’s afraid to see her without her clothes on while she’s pregnant. Rex insists it’s not that so Sarah asks what the problem is. Rex informs her that he saw her face when she found out about Xander and Chloe. Sarah claims she doesn’t care about that and was just surprised because she thought Chloe had better taste. Rex knows that Sarah was nuts about Xander. Rex adds that he hasn’t made it a secret that he wants another chance with her, but he wants a real chance not some rebound sex which is what this would be.

Justin returns home to Bonnie with chicken noodle soup. Bonnie says it will fix her right up and starts eating. Justin mentions that he ran in to Xander and Chloe at the Pub. Bonnie hopes he didn’t tell them. Justin confirms that he didn’t which relieves her. Bonnie adds that she just got off the phone with Sarah and she’s so mad at her for telling him that she made her swear they won’t tell Xander about the baby. Justin repeats that he’s not happy about this as Xander is far from perfect but it is his baby that Sarah is carrying. Bonnie insists that she tried to convince Sarah to come clean with him, but she won’t budge. Justin guesses they have no choice but to do what she says. Bonnie wishes she didn’t know. Justin hopes that Sarah’s secret doesn’t blow up in their faces.

Chad returns to Stephanie, who notes that he was in the kitchen for a long time. Chad claims he was just loading the dishwasher while Stephanie feels that he’s upset with her. Chad states that he just doesn’t understand why Alex’s feelings should factor in to whether he takes the job. Stephanie explains that Alex tried really hard to make it work with Maggie but she fired him without giving him a chance. Chad asks how that’s their problem and remarks that Alex is a big boy who can take care of himself, so she doesn’t always have to worry about him. Stephanie responds that she doesn’t always worry about him. Chad points out that Alex landed on his feet with a good job at Basic Black, so he doesn’t see what the problem is. Stephanie remarks that she doesn’t like the optics of Chad taking Alex’s girl and then might end up with his job. Chad argues that Stephanie is her own woman and made her own decision on who she wanted to be with. Stephanie says that’s true, but she still feels weird about the offer and it’s not only because of Alex. Chad asks what else. Stephanie feels Maggie has completely changed since Victor made her CEO. Chad asks how so. Stephanie explains that Maggie fired Alex for not getting the Kasnov deal when it wasn’t his fault that Yuri had second thoughts. Stephanie wonders who is to say that Maggie won’t do the same to him and says she’d hate to see her kick him out. Chad guesses he’ll just have to do a better job of staying on Maggie’s good side than Alex was. Chad notes that he doesn’t have to make a decision right now. Stephanie says that’s not what Maggie said. Chad declares that Maggie is going to have to wait and right now he’d rather not be talking about work, but looking at possible dream houses for her and the kids. Chad kisses her as Stephanie says that sounds good and pulls out her laptop.

Alex sits in the town square having a beer as Maggie walks by and greets him. Maggie informs Alex that she thought he should know that she found someone to take his spot at Titan and she didn’t want him to read about it in the Spectator. Maggie tells him that he’d get along a lot better in this world if he didn’t have that chip on his shoulder. Alex brings up that she fired him, so he doesn’t need her self help. Maggie asks if he’s not going to ask who she found. Alex congratulates her and hopes they can both move on. Maggie then informs him that it’s Chad. Alex says good for him, but he thought he was working for Stephanie. Maggie confirms that he is, but she thinks he will accept her offer. Maggie adds that Chad and Stephanie will see enough of each other now that they’ve decided to move in together. Maggie then tells Alex that she will see him back at the house and walks away.

Belle still can’t believe that Xander and Chloe are living together. Belle tells Brady that she’s so sorry as she knows how much he loves Chloe. Brady says there’s not much he can do about it, so it’s pretty much over and he doesn’t want to dwell on it. Brady asks how Belle is doing instead. Belle admits that she’s not great as Shawn is still drinking. Brady says he needs help. Belle says that he doesn’t see it that way, especially after Victor laid in to him. Brady offers to talk to Shawn since he’s been where he is. Belle thanks him for offering and says she might take him up on that, but right now she’s trying to get Shawn to make an appointment with Marlena but he says he’s not ready. Belle talks about Shawn swimming in guilt and thinking that Bo is in a coma because of him. Brady repeats that he’s so sorry about that. Belle says she has to go and tells Brady to let her know if he hears from Kristen. Belle adds that she knows that Brady thinks things are over with Chloe, but she encourages him to hang on because Chloe is going to see Xander for who he really is since everybody does. Brady thanks Belle as she then exits the office. Brady pulls out his phone and looks at a photo of he and Chloe.

Xander guesses he came on too strong. Chloe says no and that she thought she was ready to move on with her life, but she doesn’t think that’s possible quite yet. Xander guesses she’s still not over Brady. Chloe assures that she wants to be, but she’s just not yet and she doesn’t want to lead Xander on. Xander understands and admits that he’s still missing Sarah. Chloe asks what they should do in the meantime. Xander suggests they keep getting to know each other and take their time. Chloe likes the sound of that. Xander decides to check what’s on TV and they decide on the Marx Brothers.

Sarah admits that Rex is right that she was using him to forget about her problems and she’s sorry as that’s the last thing she wants to do. Rex points out that most guys wouldn’t mind being used in that particular way, but with her he wants it to mean something. Sarah wishes she was over Xander. Rex jokes that he does too. Sarah hates that what Xander does with his life still gets to her. Rex points out that all she knows is that Xander and Chloe are living together, which doesn’t mean they are sleeping together. Rex adds that Bonnie’s word isn’t gospel. Sarah feels that Xander isn’t the type of guy to live with someone that he isn’t sleeping with. Sarah decides she is going to go because they are both on duty early tomorrow. Rex tells Sarah that the second she gets over Xander, she knows where to find him.

Bonnie tells Justin that she feels better already after the soup. Justin comments that he noticed Xander and Chloe seemed happy together. Bonnie suggests Chloe will be a good influence on him, like Justin was to her. Justin wonders if Brady knows about them.

Brady continues looking at the photo of he and Chloe on his phone.

Xander and Chloe watch TV together as Chloe thinks back to her relationship with Brady. Chloe then looks at Xander and lays her head on his shoulder. Xander thinks back to his relationship with Sarah, then smiles and puts his arm around Chloe.

Sarah exits Rex’s apartment and thinks back to her relationship with Xander as she then walks away.

Belle goes home and finds an empty bottle of vodka on the floor as she looks to her and Shawn’s wedding photo.

Chad and Stephanie look for houses online and then they kiss.

Alex remains in the town square as he thinks back to being with Stephanie as he finishes his beer.

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