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I’m sorry. What did you just say? Oh, good. You’re back. What do you mean, “cody may feel something more than friendship” for me? You know, she was just saying that maybe — you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because you couldn’t be more wrong. You need me to repeat any of that for you? It does seem like she could use “a refresher,” as they say. Well, uh,

we have evidence that proves that you planted the bracelet on me, evidence that will show that your testimony is bogus. So do the decent thing and recant, ms. Corbin. Or what? Or it’ll be you heading upriver, not me. Sure. I’ll go. Thank you. As soon as you tell me what’s up. Krissy, please. Now is not a good time. Why? Because you’re so busy? We’re literally sitting here alone, sam. No. Because I’m on a job.

[ Gasps ] Oh, fun! P.I. Stuff? No, not “fun.” It’s important. Okay. So what are we working with exactly? Adultery? Fraud? Criminal investigation? Come on. What is it? Come on. Where are we going? Anywhere but here. Well, given mr. Vaughan’s history of stroke, I want to rule out any underlying neurological conditions before we proceed with treatment. Okay. Thank you. Let me know when you get it set up. My son the doctor. Hey, dad. How are you? I’m alright. Busy day? Relentless. It’s a good thing I’m getting the hell out of port charles. Tracy. Alexis. How’s ned?

[ Voice breaking ] Don’t you mean eddie maine?

[ Footsteps approach ] Hey. Hey. I can’t believe that today is the day. I know. Feel a little bit like a kid waiting to hear his punishment. Punishment you don’t deserve. You don’t deserve either, carly. Are you ready? I don’t know. I mean, is anyone ever really ready to sign away their freedom?

Come on. You know you want to fill me in. I’m doing some surveillance. How’s that? Uh, not nearly as informative. Come on. I saw spinelli out there. Dante’s friend… cody. Cody! Yeah, so — so, what are they doing with gladys corbin? Do you know what the “p” in “P.I.” Stands for? Yes, I know what the “p” in “P.I.” Stands for. Tell me. Private. Good job. Come on. What do I get? Like, a gold star now maybe? No, not this time. Nothing? Alright. Fine. I’ll drop it. But if you have a minute, I would love to have some big-sister time, talk. Yeah, sure. Is everything okay? With me, yeah. I’m just worried about molly. Yeah, I think I’ll pass. That’d be a mistake, gladys. We have you dead to rights. Do the metadata thing again. Oh, it’s gonna take more than made-up words to trip me up. “Metadata” is actually a technological term. I don’t care! You don’t care that we have evidence that could send you away? If said evidence actually existed, you would have turned it in by now. So tell me, boys… why are you here with me instead of at the pcpd? Cody and I are just friends. If you say so. I do say so. Okay. That’s great. It’s not like that between us. Okay, well, of course, no one was suggesting there was anything romantic going on. You know what? I think we should get back to work. Then what are you suggesting, lucy? Just that, you know, on your end, it might be strictly platonic, but maybe things are “developing” for mr. Bell. You’re leaving town? Wh– no, not permanently. Oh. Thank goodness. I meant — I meant vacation, which I thought you’d get, being that it was your idea. You know, you, me, violet, chase, disney world. Ring any bells? Right. Right. But as I recall, you said it wasn’t a good time. Yeah, no, it — it wasn’t, but now violet’s out of school, right? And I got a couple weeks coming up where I can take some time off. And chase? Well, definitely gonna be more difficult for him ’cause he’s just getting his badge back, but he’s working on it. I even got violet — I got her this little set of purple mickey mouse ears. So what do you say? You in? It sounds wonderful, hamilton, but I’m afraid things have changed on my end. Yeah, I’m just kind of going over it in my head again and again, and I know that the right thing to do is accepting this plea deal, but, you know, now that I’m here and — it’s hard. It’s really hard. Yeah, it is. Drew, you don’t have to do this, okay? You don’t have to do this. Please? It’s the only way. Hey. Mom. Drew. Hey. Michael. Hey. I told you you didn’t have to come. No, I know, I know, but I wanted to, for both of you. Well, we appreciate you being here. I know you got enough on your plate with willow and the kids. Willow and I checked all the boxes. I had breakfast with wiley and amelia. Oh, rather, amelia watched from a rocker chair while wiley and I ate, but… yeah, I was about to say.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, and then melanie took her to the park, and I checked in on aurora, and then I spent the rest of the morning with willow. How was she? Oh, she must be doing better because she’s back to bossing me around. Yeah, she basically insisted that I come. She sends her love to both of you. Send it right back to her. Yeah. For me too. She also wanted to tell you that, um — well, that it’s painfully obvious that if it wasn’t for you, drew, willow probably wouldn’t be here. Let’s not even think about that. No, I know. Just, still, it’s true. And we are — we are eternally grateful. Yeah. So am I. So, how’s ned? Ned. Actually I was gonna check in on him this morning. Then brook lynn — she told me the latest. Is that — is that right? Yeah. Ned doesn’t even remember who he is. He thinks he’s, um, eddie maine. I can’t imagine how hard that is for olivia. I mean, I do — I feel terrible for the family. I — I do. It’s just, uh… it’s just what? Uh… what? I can’t help but… I can’t get past the fact that the reason that we’re here, the reason that your life is being blown up — I mean, it’s because of ned.

[ Sighs ] Hmm. Well, you answered my question. I stopped by to see him, and I was told “eddie” wasn’t accepting visitors. Well, that’s a blessing. Imagine if he took one look at you and he launched into that “eddie’s angel” business. Right. ‘Cause I’ve caused enough problems in his marriage. Yeah, well, you said it. I didn’T. You know, I’m gonna be nice and, despite our history, I’m just gonna say to you I’m sorry and I’m sure that this is very difficult for you and your family. You know, alexis, a, uh — a midlife crisis run amok is annoying and definitely bad for business. But this is different. This is — this is so much worse. My son doesn’t know me. And, worse, he doesn’t know leo. When luke died, I thought I could withstand anything. But I honestly think this is more than I can handle.

Hey, michael, I get that you’re angry. And you’re not? I am very angry. We both are. But this is happening for a lot of reasons. It’s not just ned. Zeke! Hey. Hey. Zeke, this is carly spencer. This is michael corinthos. This is josslyn’s brother and mother. Ah, yes. Your daughter and your sister is a wonderful woman. You know josslyn? Yeah. Zeke is trina’s uncle. Oh, no way. Yeah. Portia’s my sister. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. We absolutely adore trina. Oh, yeah. I hit the jackpot in the niece department. That’s for sure. Carly: Yeah. So what’s good? Oh, so, I spoke to the prosecutor, and the feds have accepted the deal. So all that’s left is for the judge to sign off, you enter your plea, and then I take care of the rest. What is the deal, if you don’t mind me asking? Six months, minimum-security prison. And in return, carly doesn’t have to do any prison time. Oh, that’s — that’s not it, is it? No. Your attorney will reach out to you for the financial penalty. There’s no way this could blow back on my mom, is there? Well, essentially, drew is taking responsibility for the insider trading, so the sec is satisfied and they’re not looking to throw the book at the both of them.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, excuse me a minute. Zeke robinson. Look, if I haven’t already said it… drew, thank you so much for doing this for my mom. Yeah, I told him he needed to change his mind, that it wasn’t a good idea. But this is the best outcome for everybody involved. Really? The best outcome is for you to go to prison? When you consider the alternatives, yes, it is. I know what you’re giving up. And I just want you to know that you don’t have to worry about anything when you’re gone. We’ll check in on scout. I’ll keep aurora running. Your life will be waiting for you just the way you left it when you get back, okay? I believe that coming from you, michael. Thank you. Yeah. Thanks. Well, have you talked to molly? No. That’s the problem. Ever since she told us about her endometriosis, she’s been so distant. And I keep reaching out, of course, but she either doesn’t respond at all or, if she does, with some lame emoji. Emojis. Yeah. She’s doing the same thing to me. Okay. So what do we do? Nothing. Just…back up. You think cody is interested in me? That is not what lucy said. Uh, that’s kind of exactly what I just said. And you think that I should be receptive to that? No! No! Good. Because you’re still grieving and you’re not ready to date. And that’s fine. Unless you are ready to date. And that’s totally fine, too. I’m not. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Then all I was saying is that cody — cody is a man… and you are a smart, beautiful woman. And he — he did ride right in to rescue you at “home & heart.” As a friend. A really caring and sweet and thoughtful friend. You know, I love how you bring out the chivalrous side of cody. Because let’s be honest. He can be a little rough around the edges. You think? But with you, he’s — he’s different. I had my reservations about cody at first, but it turns out he’s a really great guy. And a very good friend. For now. Lucy! Lucy! I am sorry! It just slipped out! I wanted to give you the chance to do the right thing for sasha’s sake. You don’t care about sasha. That’s where you’re wrong. Let’s face it, gladys. You and I both know there are details at play here that are best kept on the D.L. That’s intriguing. Would you care to expand on those details, ms. Corbin? So here’s the way I see it. There are only two possible reasons you came to me instead of going to the police. Either you got bupkis and you’re trying desperately to save your butt… or you obtained this so-called evidence illegally. I’m not a betting woman, mr. Bell, but if I was, this is a bet I can’t lose. I recently accepted a job at the invader — on their editorial board. Congratulations, dad. Thank you. Yeah. I’m glad you finally made it official. You seem to be really enjoying your time there. I-I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. Um, I — our schedules haven’t lined up since I started, and I’m still getting used to the grind of a daily newspaper. Hey. There’s no need to apologize, alright? Although, consider yourself lucky you didn’t mention anything about the trip to violet, ’cause she’d never let you hear the end of it. Don’t worry about it. W-we’ll do it next year. No. No? What does that mean? No. Uh… next year is too far away. I mean, who knows how long violet’s princess phase will last? If god has mercy, not much longer. No, I have to make it happen sooner. But not too soon. I know better than to ask for time off less than a month into the job. Hm. I take it this means you and alexis worked things out? She’s a good friend. Agreed. I wish we could say the same thing about some of your other friends. Everyone else is an adult. We understand what’s going on. But this is hugely traumatizing for leo. The father he loves suddenly doesn’t recognize him and wants nothing to do with him. Hm. So how is leo handling it? Not well. And who can blame him? Honestly, I thought ned was made of sterner stuff. How do you mean? Eddie maine was an alter-ego that ned created years ago. I know. He wanted to be a performer. No, he wanted to escape his real life. So you think he’s doing the same thing again? It is no secret that ned is facing accusations from half his family for turning in carly and drew to the sec. Add to that, he is working overtime to try to fix the business disaster that was valentin faking his own death. Are you suggesting that ned fell on purpose?

court is now in session. The honorable judge albert kim presiding. Be seated. This is united states vs. Cain, in which the defendant, andrew cain, has been charged with insider trading. How do you plead? I plead guilty, your honor. You’re talking about tracy. Ding, ding. That woman is a piece of work. Yeah, tracy is, uh — she’s an acquired taste. You don’t acquire a taste for arsenic. You avoid it.

[ Laughs ] That’s a little harsh. I understand the skepticism, but believe it or not, tracy’s been a really good friend to me. So you keep saying. Yes, and I know you didn’t like how she treated chase. You mean when she tore into him and attacked his character? I didn’t like it, either. But to tracy, family is, uh — is everything, and in her mind, she was just looking out for her granddaughter. Yeah, well, your “friend” needs to find another way to express herself. Trust me — there’s more to tracy than the prickly exterior. Y-you just have to dig a little deeper. I am suggesting that deep inside ned’s psyche, he is relishing the idea of getting away from it all. And this accident affords him that opportunity. That’s quite a stretch. Is it really? It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just him alone, but he has a family. And olivia is beside herself. And brook lynn is a wreck. So what do the doctors say? They’re useless. They say, uh… “be patient. Time heals.” Blah, blah, blah. Sounds reasonable to me. I wonder if there’s somebody in this hospital that’s willing to go to extreme measures to turn “eddie maine” back into ned. Look, I hate this for molly, but all we can do is love her and be a safe haven for her. Yeah. I just can’t believe this. Also, I can’t believe that out of three of us, I am the only one with functional plumbing. Like, really noct a single issue. Rub it in, why don’t you? I’m just saying. I did do some research online. Endometriosis? Yeah, I just — yeah, I didn’t want to bother molly with all of my questions. It’s a really painful condition, sam. Yeah, I know. Can you believe that she’s been suffering all this time — alone? I hate that for her. No, I — I know. I hate it, too. Do you think it’s weird I’m not ready to move on yet? No. No. It’s not even been a year since brando died. Not that there’s a timetable. No, not at all. I mean, I think it’s natural to just not know how and when and if you’re able to just let go. Did you feel that way with nathan? Well, after nathan died, the thought of moving on without him, starting a whole new life, it was the most overwhelming feeling in the entire world. I mean, of course, I want that for myself. Yeah, but if you can’t see it yet, really, it’s okay. Everyone grieves differently, sasha. And at different paces. You’re doing great. Hey. You really, really are. You couldn’t have lifted anything off my fitness app. I didn’t bring my phone with me to the ball. Who leaves their phone at home? Someone who couldn’t fit it in her purse. Ha! What’s that?

This looks like a directional microphone. I have no idea what that is. They’re meant to record conversations from a distance. Did you record me? Did one of you drop this? Uh — sure didn’T. Yeah, but how fortuitous that you picked it up so no one would trip. Yeah, we wouldn’t want that on such a lovely day, would we? Forgive me if I seem intrusive, but I’m sensing some tension amongst the three of you. Is everything alright? Uh, everything was alright until these two showed up and started harassing me out of nowhere! Hardly harassment. Out of nowhere? And this is nothing that you need to concern yourself with, ms. Wu. We know how busy you are. Don’t we, gladys? Well, I’m not too busy to resolve a conflict. Shall we put our heads together and come up with a solution? It’s not necessary. Nonsense! Have a seat over there. I’ll help you iron this out. Alrighty, then. Thank you. I’ll take it from here… mr. Spinelli. Just think of where you were at this time last year. We are so proud of you. I almost feel like a different person. You’re still you, just stronger and wiser. Oh, and infinitely more resilient. I am so lucky to have you two in my corner. Always. Always. And on that note, I’m going to visit the powder room myself, so if you ladies will excuse me, I will be right back. Do you think anyone has as much energy as lucy? No.

[ Cellphone rings ] I pray to be that vibrant at her age. I pray to be that vibrant at any age. Right? Hey. Uh, it’s georgie. I’ll hold down the fort. Thanks. Hey, sweetie. What’s up? Brando. I have come a long way, haven’t I? But it’s true. I’m still not over you. And I have to wonder if I will ever be. To want to be a mother and then to find out you might not be able to? I mean, obviously, I can’t relate, but that must be pretty awful. Yeah, it’s awful and isolating and devastating and a million other not-so-fun feelings, but I think once the dust settles, molly and tj are gonna be okay. They’re going to be able to have a family. It’s just gonna — it’s just gonna be a longer, windier road to get there. I hope they do. Try to have kids another way. Molly and tj would be the best parents. Hey! Wait. What am I — chopped liver? You? No. No. You are — you are super mom. That’s what you are. And I’m super aunt, obviously. Yeah, well, I don’t know about that. What? I — scout told me that the last time you took her and danny out to dinner, you didn’t let them have dessert after. Oh. Really? Well, that’s because I let them have dessert before. Oh. And you thought that was a good idea? Why? Scout left that part out, did she?

[ Chuckles ] Absolutely. I have taught my niece well. Apparently. You really think that highly of tracy quartermaine? In a realistic and appropriately tentative way, yes. Well, I trust your judgment, so I’ll reserve mine and give her another chance. But I won’t put up with her demeaning my son. As you shouldn’T. But maybe… perhaps I did push back a bit too hard. I should probably clear the air, shouldn’t I? No. I’ll apologize for the last time we spoke. With tracy? That’ll get you absolutely nowhere. I understand the prosecution has reached a deal with the defendant. We have, your honor. And both sides are in agreement with these terms? That’s correct. We see eye to eye on all points, your honor. Well, that’s where you lose me. I’ve reviewed the deal and the facts of the case, and I find it a miscarriage of justice. It’s my opinion that the defendant knowingly colluded with ms. Spencer in order to drive up the stock price of aurora media, with the desired result being significant and personal financial gain. As such, I see no reason why mr. Cain shouldn’t face the maximum penalty for his crimes.

your honor, the maximum penalty for these charges is 20 years. I am aware. So we — and by “we,” I mean the defense and the prosecution — believe that a sentence of that magnitude is too harsh in a case like this. And I believe what you are proposing is too lenient. Your honor, mr. Drew cain has run aurora media with integrity since he founded it. Not a single misstep or example of shady business practices. Until now. But he is a family man as much as he is a ceo, maybe even more so. When he proposed a merger of aurora and elq international, it wasn’t for his personal gain, as you suggested. It was to benefit his family’s company. In fact, the merger never even came to pass, meaning my client, mr. Cain, never saw any of the benefits, professional or personal. Just the opposite, in fact. The company lost money. So the true miscarriage of justice here would be to make an example of a man who has no history of securities fraud. He simply made an error in judgment, trying to help the people that he loves. Spinelli. What happened? Did someone push you in the pool again? Again? I thought we had an agreement that stayed between us. Sorry. No! No, no, no. Courtesy of ms. Selina wu. Ohh. Kristina, why don’t you go get that panini? Huh. Subtle. Do you want anything? No. I’m good. Thanks. Spinelli? No, thank you. Okay. Start from the beginning. Weren’t you listening? No. I got waylaid by kristina. Oh, okay, well, we were “working” gladys, just like we discussed, and we were inches away from success when ms. Wu just sauntered in and ruined everything. See to it we aren’t disturbed. You got it. I’m sorry, guys. We’re closing the pool for a private function. I have a meeting shortly, so let’s not waste time. I had hoped you two could resolve this issue without requiring my intervention, but it seems my hopes were naive. Well, he started it.I did n– this has gone on long enough! I can’t have both of my favorite players at odds. My game is a place of harmony. Make peace now. I can’t make peace while he’s still spreading lies about me. Who’s lying? You’re trying to get me sent to prison! You — quiet! This is how it’s going to work. You see to it that the charges against mr. Bell are dropped. With all due respect, that’s not my call. It’s gellhorn jewelers’, but you’re their star witness, and without you, they don’t have a case. Amend your statement. Say you since remembered that on the night of the nurses’ ball, the clasp on your bracelet was loose. Then what? Fell off her wrist and into my jacket pocket? I’m confident a cater waiter from that evening will come forward and testify that they found it on the floor near your things. The waiter assumed it belonged to you and put it in your jacket for safekeeping. Matter settled. Eh, that sounds good to me. What about you, gladys? Hmm? Dr. Montague! Hi. I was on my way out when I noticed you sitting here. Thought I’d say hello. I don’t suppose you missed the part where I was talking to a picture of my dead husband? I may have noticed that, yes. I’m not losing it again. I promise. Is it okay to sit? Sure. I don’t think you’re losing it. What I observed was a grieving woman expressing her emotions in a healthy way. Really? Yes. It’s good to let your feelings out. Just look what happened when you bottled them up after your son died. The fact that you’re allowing yourself to go places that you used to be scared of is progress, sasha. Thank you. That means a lot. I’m looking forward to our next session. Me too. How do I put this? You know… tracy is not the touchy-feely kind of person. You don’t say. No, I do say. She’s got zero patience for this kind of thing. Then what do I do? Chase is in love with her granddaughter. Hopefully, chase and brook lynn will be together for a long time. Wouldn’t it behoove us all to get along? I don’t know what to tell you, dad. It’s — you can try to make some inroads there, but I just — I don’t think you’re gonna succeed. That sounds like a challenge. It most certainly was not. You never know. Tracy might come around. I mean, I’m a grown-up. She’s a grown-up. If I come to her calmly and honestly, why wouldn’t she respond in kind? Define “extreme measures.” Because the last time you went to those, it didn’t work out so well for me. Do you want to rehash the past? No. Okay. So what I mean by extreme measures is the medical equivalent of shaking him until he snaps out of it. That sounds possibly unethical. Definitely illegal. What would you suggest? I would suggest a gentler route. Instead of challenging ned’s world view, which will just make him dig his heels in deeper, just go along with it. Go along with what? Let him believe he’s eddie maine.

I mean, it was curiously suspicious how deferential both cody and gladys became when ms. Wu entered the scene. And she really took it upon herself to play peacemaker? Yeah, she wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. And of all people, why would she desire to assist them coming to an understanding? And what is the nature of selina wu’s relationship to gladys and to cody? I can’t just amend my statement. I’ll look like a complete flake. A-and what about sasha? What about her? What’s my daughter-in-law gonna think? Eh, let’s see — that you’re the lying liar that you are. On the contrary, everyone will be grateful that no one was unjustly punished. You’ll be a hero. Fine. W-we’ll do it your way. And you. Whatever problem you have with gladys, you’re going to drop it. You don’t understand. So, sasha’s my friend — there will be no unnecessary conflict in my games. Why are you protecting her? Simply put, that’s none of your business. Have a nice day. Not so fast. Li, would you please take ms. Corbin to the bar for a drink? Don’t mind if I do. No one can know you work for me. I get it. Except I don’t think you do. If you did, you’d know better than to make trouble that could draw unwanted attention to my business. There’s a lot of money at stake, mr. Bell. Keep your mouth shut. Or I’ll shut it for you. Permanently. Sorry about that. Yeah. Sorry for me, too. I ran into a big deception fan of our products, but, boy, could that woman talk. Unlike you?

[ Laughs ] Very funny. Hey, I want to apologize, really, for bringing up all that cody nonsense. I’m glad you did. Really? Well, a few minutes ago, you weren’t so glad. I don’t want to live in denial anymore. I did that before. It sent me down a dark path. And I don’t want to go backwards. That’s good to hear. I have enough to handle with ending my guardianship. So as for whether or not cody has feelings for me, it doesn’t matter, because it’s clear that his presence in my life makes things more complicated. With gladys, you mean. She means a lot to me. She has helped me in ways that no one else could understand. So I am resolved to ending my guardianship and maintaining a relationship with gladys. Gladys, you never responded to my text. I was worried something had happened to you. Um… the first installment. I’d hoped you’d pay back the entire amount. I will, but like I told you, I have to break it up into chunks. If I transfer a huge amount all at once, sasha will notice. Very well, but don’t forget about the interest, which makes it in your best interest to pay the loan back as soon as possible. Li: Ms. Wu. Hello, monty! One moment? Take your time. Ms. Corbin. Pleasure seeing you again. Is it? You know, I couldn’t help but overhear. Sounds like you’re in a tough spot with our friend selina. I owe her money. Oh, well, I’d be happy to help settle your debt. You’d do that for me? Of course. But not without a favor in return. Alexis: If ned thinks he’s eddie maine, why not treat him like he’s eddie maine? Oh, please. That is the worst idea I have ever heard. Okay. Never mind, then. So what you’re saying is that in order to rid ned of his delusions, we should lean into them. I’m saying that if you allowed ned to work this out on his own without constant opposition from you, that maybe you would actually help him get over it. Oh! And when did you get your therapist certification? Was that handed out with your last sobriety chip? You’re impossible! You’re an idiot! Committing a crime, even if the motivation is one’s family, is still a crime, I’m afraid. However, considering the defendant’s record since founding aurora media, along with the fact that the merger was never finalized, I will allow that the maximum penalty is not warranted. Given the charges, the proposed deal of six months is still too lenient. I hereby sentence the defendant to serve three years.

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