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Chad sets the table at home as Julie walks in. Chad asks how Doug is feeling. Julie mentions making him soup as he’s still recovering from the flu. Julie thank Chad for spending time with Doug earlier and says it took his mind off Abe. Chad responds that Doug lifted his spirits as well, as he always does. Julie then asks Chad what his plans are for the evening since she noticed him setting the table. Chad responds that if it’s okay, he was hoping to have Stephanie over for dinner.

Stephanie goes home to Steve and Kayla, telling them that the Juneteenth celebration was amazing and they were missed. Kayla says she would’ve loved to have been there if not for a hospital emergency while Steve says that he and John didn’t want to let up on the search for Abe. Stephanie mentions that Abe was supposed to give the speech but Theo stepped in for him and did such a great job. Kayla says this whole thing is so horrible, asking who would want to kidnap Abe. Steve says that’s what they are trying to figure out. Stephanie then gets a text from Alex and says he was just sharing some good news.

At Basic Black, Alex and Brady have finished signing a deal with Yuri Kasnov, who previously rejected Alex’s deal in Titan. Brady credits Alex, who wants to go out to celebrate. Alex says he’s in way too good of a mood to go home and remarks that it’s not like they have anyone waiting on them, which Brady reluctantly agrees is true.

Chloe and Xander are home at the apartment. Chloe talks about being so tired from work. Xander encourages her and they hope that Gwen’s exclusive with Dimitri will drive their numbers. Chloe guesses Xander regrets not taking the job at Titan but Xander says no, pointing out that every day at the Spectator is another day he gets to spend with her. Chloe jokes that Xander’s charm is what is making her ignore all the reasons that pursuing a relationship with him is a horrible idea. Xander jokes that it’s a blessing and a curse. Chloe asks if he’s sure that Maggie is not upset that he turned her down. Xander responds that she’s disappointed but knows he has to follow his heart. Xander then mentions that when he went over there, he had the strangest encounter with Bonnie.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Justin takes care of Bonnie, who is sick with a cold. Justin comments on her cold coming out of nowhere. Bonnie feels God is punishing her for lying. Justin encourages that all she did was pretend to be sick. Bonnie says she told so many lines but when Xander showed up, she panicked. Justin understands that she wasn’t expecting to see him. Bonnie complains about the secret that Sarah wants her to keep. Justin encourages that Xander is no longer there. Bonnie worries that he could come back and she could crack under the pressure and tell him that Sarah is pregnant with his kid.

Julie tells Chad that it’s more than okay for him to invite Stephanie to dinner as she likes her so much. Chad mentions that his talk with Doug yesterday really did help and he agrees that Abigail wouldn’t want him to shut himself off to the world and she would want him to live his life. Chad thanks Julie for her wisdom and everything she’s done to help out with the kids, noting he doesn’t know what he’d do without them. Julie says she and Doug feel the same as having Chad and the kids has been a wonderful comfort. Julie tells Chad that she loves them and holds his hands, noticing that Chad has removed his wedding ring. She smiles at him and Chad nods in acknowledgement. Stephanie then arrives, hoping she’s not late. Julie tells her that she’s right on time and tells them to enjoy dinner as she exits to go check on Doug.

Alex tells Brady that neither of them are having much luck with the ladies but at least things are going damn well between them. Alex says they may be family, but after all the fighting between he and Sonny, there was no guarantee this was going to work out. Brady points out that it is early. Alex notes that they just landed Yuri Kasnov so they are off to a great start. Brady jokes that they could end up wanting to kill each other in two months. Brady tells him not to take it personal but lately, being hopeful about anything hasn’t worked out for him. Maggie then enters and tells Alex that they need to talk now.

Chloe asks Xander about his strange encounter with Bonnie. Xander explains that she was nervous and jumpy. Chloe suggests maybe she has PTSD from when Xander held her prisoner in the gardening shed. Xander says he thought that too but Bonnie assured that she had forgiven him and just said that she had some terrible cold and didn’t want him to catch it.

Bonnie explains to Justin how she planned to stay away from Xander and then he showed up which terrified her. Bonnie says she was so shocked to see him that she couldn’t think straight and the more she tried not to tell him what she knew, the closer she got to blurting it out. Bonnie is relieved that she was able to tell Justin and she’s grateful that he doesn’t have a problem keeping Sarah’s secret. Justin then reveals that he actually does.

Chloe encourages Xander that maybe Bonnie was just trying to be considerate and not get him sick. Xander says that wasn’t exactly the weird part and explains how when he was leaving, he got a news alert about Nicole’s pregnant and reacted to it, then Bonnie questioned her telling him that she was pregnant. Chloe wonders why Bonnie would think Nicole would tell him that she was pregnant. Xander agrees, noting that everyone knows they are not exactly pals. Xander got the impression that Bonnie thought he was talking about something else.

Bonnie questions Justin having a problem keeping Sarah’s secret, arguing that Justin didn’t say anything about this and seemed like everything was fine. Justin responds that he had time to think. Bonnie pleads with him to stick with her on this and asks if he’s feeling bad for Xander after what he did to her. Justin says he’s still upset with him but that doesn’t mean he’s okay with keeping life changing information from him. Bonnie reminds him that she made a promise to Sarah. Justin knows that she did, but points out that he didn’t. Justin states that he is uncomfortable knowing that Sarah is pregnant with Xander’s baby and that he doesn’t know.

Steve orders pizza for he and Kayla, noting that they are celebrating having the house to themselves.

Stephanie thanks Chad for inviting her to dinner. Stephanie thinks Steve and Kayla are very glad to have some alone time. Chad is sure that they are thrilled to have her home. Stephanie points out that Steve and Kayla hardly had a chance to reconnect since getting back from Greece. Stephanie jokes that she was starting to feel like a third wheel at home. Stephanie thinks it’s time for her to look for her own place. Chad responds that he was thinking the exact same thing.

Maggie questions Alex and Brady making a deal with Yuri Kasnov. Brady confirms that they did for an exclusive digital fashion line on his app. Maggie brings up that until a few weeks ago, Yuri was ready to make a deal for exclusive Titan content on that same app but Alex blew the whole thing. Maggie then questions if Alex did this on purpose, explaining that she let him take the meeting with Yuri to get him to sign the contract but somehow he didn’t and she’s been wondering how he managed to botch a simple task. Maggie accuses him of doing it on purpose as he had Brady’s offer in his back pocket. Brady points out that he didn’t offer Alex the job until after Maggie fired him. Alex questions if Maggie really thinks he’s a snake that would hurt his own family. Maggie argues that he had to know that working for the competition in Basic Black would hurt them. Alex argues that he needed a job. Maggie complains that she offered to hire him back but he turned her down and joined the competition. Maggie questions if Alex was mad at Victor so his parting shot was to join the competition or if he didn’t like being second to her, so he intentionally screwed up that deal. Alex asks if it ever occurred to her that he wasn’t the reason that Yuri walked away, asking why he’d still want to work with him if that was the case. Alex argues that Yuri looked in to Titan and realized it was a dinosaur, noting that Maggie was telling him to be patient while Yuri wants to slay right now and he can’t slay jack with a relic like Titan. Alex tells Maggie that Titan is the past while they are the future. Alex suggests instead of asking if he tanked the deal, she should be asking how she could have ever thought that Yuri would want to make a deal with a loser like Titan to begin with. Maggie questions Alex insulting her like that and argues that Titan’s profits are up and their shareholders couldn’t be happier. Alex brings up the average age of the shareholders and says Yuri wants energy. Maggie continues to accuse Alex of tanking the deal. Alex says she can blame him all she wants, but Yuri did that all on his own and that she wasn’t the right person for him to work with. Maggie accuses Alex of sabotaging her in their meeting because up until that point, Yuri was thrilled to be signing with Titan. Alex argues that Yuri hadn’t done his homework and when he did, he realized Titan was all wrong for him and he’s sorry she can’t accept that. Maggie calls Alex an insufferable, disloyal swine who stole a company and a client from them. Brady doesn’t think that’s what Alex was doing. Alex shouts that Maggie fired him, so he had no obligation to her company. Maggie asks what he thinks Victor would think of what he did. Alex thinks he would admire the initiative. Maggie asks if he’s now admitting to tanking the deal on purpose. Alex responds that he’s admitting to seeing an opportunity and taking it which he believes Victor would never have a problem with. Maggie asks if Brady has a problem, knowing that Yuri had a deal in the works with Titan. Brady admits this is the first he’s hearing of it, but he agrees with Alex that he doesn’t think Victor would be upset with them. Maggie argues that Victor would be upset that they are both treating her so disrespectfully. Brady disagrees and thinks Victor would be the first to say that business is business. Alex adds that if they weren’t too busy firing them, they wouldn’t work for the competition.

Chloe asks Xander who Bonnie thought was pregnant. Xander says that she claimed she was also talking about Nicole and then she started coughing so the conversation was basically over, until he mentioned being involved with Chloe, then Bonnie got super interested and started asking all these questions. Xander feels Bonnie freaked out as she demanded he end things and said he was making a huge mistake. Chloe guesses this goes all the way back to high school where she had a rivalry with Bonnie’s daughter Mimi. Xander feels Bonnie’s reaction was still extreme. Chloe guesses Bonnie thought that she was protecting him but insists it has everything to do with Mimi. Xander is unsure and thinks it has more to do with Sarah.

Justin tells Bonnie about how he was in the same position as Xander when Anjelica was pregnant with Alex and kept it from him. Bonnie is sorry that she did that, but argues that Sarah has legit reasons for not wanting Xander to know. Justin argues that secrets have a way of coming out, especially one about babies and Sarah should be sensitive to that. Bonnie states that at the end of the day, it’s not her secret to tell. Bonnie adds that she only knows because she ran in to Sarah in Chicago and she made her swear not to tell. Bonnie asks if Justin is going to tell Xander. Justin knows she gave Sarah her word, but he didn’t. Justin then declares that Bonnie is his wife and he loves her, so he will not tell Xander. Justin adds that he does not feel good about it.

Steve and Kayla eat pizza together. Kayla brings up the last time they had pizza from Bruno’s and ended up at the hospital where she almost died the first time. Steve calls that day a nightmare, going from helpless and hopeless to relieved and elated to completely destroyed. They call those the worst days of their lives. Steve thanks God every day that Kayla came back to him as he can’t believe how lucky he is. Kayla thinks it’s more than luck since he worked so hard to find her. Steve jokes about being reunited in the wine cellar of Victor’s childhood home, by Bo of all people. Steve talks about how he and John started by trying to find Megan on the Greek island with no idea that Kayla was still alive, but a few days later, she was in his arms. Kayla thinks it shows the power of their love that somehow they always find their way back to each other.

Stephanie asks Chad about thinking of moving out too as she thought he liked living here. Chad says he does and he’s beyond grateful for Doug and Julie as there’s no way he could’ve gone back to the DiMera Mansion with all the memories. Chad acknowledges that here they have love and support and that having a live-in babysitter has been very helpful. Stephanie is sure Doug and Julie loved having the kids here. Chad is sure they can be a handful and it’s weighing on them even though they’d never say anything. Chad thinks it’s time he finds a place for a fresh start with he and the kids. Stephanie thinks that makes total sense. Chad then suggests they could find a place together. Stephanie asks if he just asked her to move in with him. Chad feels it’s not such a crazy idea since they both want to find a new place and they spend most nights together anyway. Stephanie brings up that they’d be working together and also living together. Chad states that he wants to go to bed with her every night and wake up next to her. Stephanie admits that sounds wonderful, but asks what about the kids. Chad says they are crazy about her. Stephanie says that feeling is mutual but this is a very big step, so she worries that the kids would think she’s trying to replace their mother. Chad offers to talk to the kids’ therapist and if she thinks they are ready then he will find a way to talk to the kids about it. Chad insists that the kids would be psyched and decides that if the therapist says yes and the kids are happy about it, then maybe Stephanie would be too. Stephanie then tells Chad that she would love to move in with him as they kiss.

Steve and Kayla continue eating their pizza. Steve encourages her to try a slice of his jalapeno and garlic pizza, joking that he’s been binge watching Top Chef on Peacock. Kayla declines but offers him a slice of her mushroom pizza which Steve says he can’t do. They then agree to try a slice of each others’ pizza.

Bonnie tells Justin that she’s so sorry as she never meant to put him in such a tough position. Bonnie admits that she feels bad for keeping it from Xander too. Justin hopes that it just doesn’t get too complicated when it all comes out. Bonnie reveals that it might because Xander has a new girlfriend in Chloe Lane. Justin questions when that happened. Bonnie says it was just recently but it’s apparently getting pretty serious.

Chloe questions Xander saying that Bonnie is upset that he’s dating her because of Sarah. Xander mentions that Bonnie said it would hurt Sarah’s feelings. Chloe wonders why since they are divorced. Xander says he reminded Bonnie of that and that Sarah has no interest in what he’s doing because she’s too busy with Rex. Xander adds that Bonnie ran in to Sarah while visiting Mimi in Chicago last week. Chloe feels that explains why Sarah is fresh in Bonnie’s brain then and is just pretending to be concerned about Sarah’s feelings. Chloe believes that in a day or two, Bonnie will be freaking out about something else.

Alex tells Maggie that if Victor has a problem with him working at Basic Black and seizing every opportunity that he can, then he can tell him, himself. Maggie responds that she will relay the message. Maggie reminds them that they said all is fair in business, family be damned. Maggie warns them that Victor has a reputation of being ruthless with the competition and that she can slay with the best of them. Maggie then storms out of their office.

Chloe tells Xander not to let Bonnie get to him, joking that she’s known her since she was a teenager and she’s always been a little off. Xander says he’s gotten to know Bonnie a little bit over the last few years and this was off even for her standards. Xander decides that he will follow Chloe’s advice and ignore her since he’s rather content right now. Chloe agrees and they kiss until Xander’s stomach growls. Xander admits he’s rather hungry. Chloe points out they have no food since they’ve been neglecting grocery shopping since they’ve been working. Xander decides they will go out and kisses her.

Justin is shocked to learn that Xander and Chloe are dating, commenting that he never would’ve thought that. Bonnie adds that they are not just dating but living together as things are moving fast. Bonnie wonders whether Xander would be slamming on the brakes if he knew that Sarah was pregnant with his kid. Justin points out that they’ve agreed not to tell him, so there’s no point in speculating but Bonnie says she can’t help it. Justin asks if she’s saying she thinks they should tell Xander. Bonnie says no because she made a promise to Sarah and she has to keep it. Bonnie then starts sneezing, so Justin decides that he’s going to the Brady Pub to get her some chicken soup.

Kayla and Steve tell each other that their pizza is interesting. Kayla then questions how Steve eats that when her mouth is on fire. Steve calls it an acquired taste and feels the same about mushroom, so he guesses they will just always order two types of pizza. Kayla compares it to marriage where sometimes you agree and sometimes you compromise. Steve says the trick is knowing when to do which. They agree that they have it down.

Alex complains to Brady about Maggie showing up and acting like he’s some sort of traitor. Brady points out that Alex is a liar since he wasn’t straight with him. Alex argues that he did tell Brady that Maggie fired him after he botched a deal. Brady argues that Alex didn’t tell him that it was a deal with Yuri Kasnov even after suggesting they go after his business which is a lie of omission. Alex didn’t think it mattered. Brady states that if this is going to work, he can’t withhold any information from him and has to tell him everything. Brady questions why he didn’t just tell him that he had met with Yuri while he was with Titan. Alex admits he worried that if Brady knew the history, he might not want to go along with it. Alex adds that if Brady thinks this is a bad idea, he’ll call Yuri right now to tell him they are backing out.

Steve brings up Paulina and how Stephanie said she couldn’t bring herself to go to the Juneteenth celebration without Abe. Steve mentions that Paulina was over last night to see what she and John had on the search for Abe but they had nothing to give her. Kayla encourages that they will bring Abe home. Steve says being without Abe today must be torture for Paulina. Kayla relates to knowing how hard it is to be without the person you love, especially on your anniversary. Steve talks about thinking he had lost her and being sure he’d never see her again, but here they are. Steve repeats that he can’t believe how lucky he is. Kayla declares that she will never take him, their family, or their future for granted. Kayla tells Steve how much she loves him and Steve says he loves her too as they kiss.

Brady tells Alex to put his phone down as he does not want him to call off the deal. Alex asks what about Maggie. Brady states that he loves Maggie and cares about her, but this is business and she wouldn’t want him to back out of a deal. Brady admits that they worked their asses off for this deal. Alex is glad as that’s what he wanted to hear and suggests they go out for nachos. Brady says he wouldn’t go celebrating just yet. Alex feels they won but Brady says it’s only the first round of what could be a long fight since Maggie is pissed. Alex asks what he thinks Maggie is going to do. Brady responds that she’s not going to take his lying down.

Chad asks Stephanie if she’s ready for dessert. She asks what’s on the menu and they kiss until Maggie walks in. Maggie apologizes for interrupting. Stephanie invites her to join them for dessert but Maggie says she can’t stay. Maggie says she just came to ask a question and asks Chad if he would like to come work for her at Titan.

Xander and Chloe go to the Brady Pub to eat together. Justin enters so Xander greets him and asks if he’s here for dinner. Justin says he’s just here for takeout. Chloe invites him to join them but Justin says he’s in a hurry. Xander argues that he hasn’t seen him for ages, so he suggests Justin pull up a chair and tell them everything that’s been going on with him.

Bonnie remains sick at home. She picks up her phone and calls Sarah but it goes to voicemail. Bonnie leaves a message, saying they need to talk because she doesn’t know if she can keep her secret.

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