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Sharon: Faith, could you bring these setups to the patio for me?

Faith: Got it. Mom, dad! Don’t come any closer, it’s a trap!

Cameron: Surprise.

Sharon: Faith. You okay?

Faith: Yeah. Yeah. I– I just had a moment.

Sharon: In the sewer with cameron? I think, um, we can expect some more of those for a while. They won’t just magically go away, but this is how we start. One day at a time, or one hour, if that’s what it takes us to get through. And talking about it. Don’t keep those feelings, the anger, the fear, bottled up. You talk to me or your dad or someone you trust about it, okay?

Faith: I will. But you have to promise as well.

Sharon: Oh, me? I never stop talking. Everyone around here knows that.

[ Sharon chuckling ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Chance: Hey, ladies.

Sharon: Hey, detective. This is a surprise.

Chance: Yeah, I was gonna say the same. I went by the ranch to check on you two and they said you were here. I figured after yesterday, you’d at least take one day off.

Sharon: Well, we talked about it, but we decided it was best to stay busy.

Faith: As opposed to sitting at home and thinking about that maniac cameron almost blowing us up. Which didn’t happen, thanks to you. The other best thing that we could do is get you some coffee and a couple of those butterscotch scones that you love, on the house.

Chance: Oh, come on, that’s not necessary.

Faith: You saved our lives. Scones are definitely necessary.

Chance: How’s she really doing?

Sharon: Um, she’s trying really hard.

Chance: What about you? Tell me how you’re really doing.

Nikki: Good morning.

Victoria: Oh, good morning. Um, I’m glad you’re here. I wanted to discuss the lamarca partnership if you’re up for it. Oh.

Nikki: Yes, of course I am. I’m sorry. I– I just need a hug. Thank you. After everything our family’s been through, I’m not going to take anything or anyone for granted.

Victoria: I’m just glad that everyone’s okay. Thank you for letting me know.

Nikki: They’re still so shaken.

Victoria: Yeah.

Nikki: Do you know that that animal demanded that nicholas choose between sharon’s life and faith’s?

Victoria: Oh, my gosh, that must have been so terrifying. This is gonna take some time for them to get past. That’s yet another reason why nick has earned a well-deserved break, I think.

Nikki: What? Are you still pushing for that? Even now?

Victoria: I think that it’s even more imperative given the trauma that he’s been through. I’m hoping that you’ll support me. I would like for you to join me when I talk to nicholas about taking a leave of absence.

Nikki: Victoria, the last thing your brother needs in his life is more upheaval.

Victoria: It’s so that he can recover from what happened with cameron. It’s no– it’s not compounded.

Nikki: Oh. You don’t know. This isn’t just about cameron kirsten. Sally lost the baby.

Nick: Sally, you awake? I brought you something. Thought it might be a little early for hot sauce. It’s a blueberry muffin.

Sally: Thank you.

Nick: Can I sit with you for a while?

Sally: [ Sighing ] Yeah.

[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: Can I do anything?

Sally: He showed up this morning. I pretended I was asleep. Just made me sick knowing he was in my room. How dare he think that anything has changed?

Nick: Sally…

Sally: No, adam let our baby die. And he wants forgiveness.

[ Nick sighing ]

Sally: What?

Nick: Adam lost his child, too. The right age for

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Victoria: My heart goes out to sally and adam and nicholas. It’s just– losing a child is devastating.

[ Victoria sighing ] But as strong as nicholas is, I think he’s gonna need to step back from his duties at newman, take some time to recover. He’s gotta spend some time with his family and with sally.

Nikki: Are you suggesting this out of sisterly concern?

Victoria: Of course I am. Just as you were concerned about me as a mother after what happened with ashland.

Nikki: Okay. For the record, you refused to take even one minute off. You said that work was the best remedy. Now, nicholas may feel the same way. If he needs a vacation, by all means, he should take all the time that he needs. But it should be his choice, victoria.

Sally: Are you seriously defending your brother and justifying his decision? Adam lost a child because he chose to let her die.

Nick: He was thrust into an impossible situation, sally. And, unfortunately, this morning I understand what that feels like a little bit better.

Sally: What do you mean?

Nick: I was faced with the same situation.

Sally: What?

Nick: Faith or sharon.

Sally: Wh– what?

Nick: Yeah, cameron had strapped some explosives to faith and at the same time was threatening to stab sharon.

Sally: Oh, my god. Are they okay?

Nick: They’re fine. But when cameron forced me to decide who lives and who dies, in that moment, that awful, soul-crushing moment, I couldn’t give an answer. An answer that I could live with.

Sally: What happened?

Nick: We had given sharon a, uh– a knife, and she was able to kill cameron.

Sally: I’m so sorry.

Nick: I’m just grateful everyone’s okay. I’m grateful that I didn’t have to decide who lives and who dies. Sally, adam… he wasn’t spared that. He faced the same black hole I did. I can’t fault his decision.

Sally: It’s just not entirely the same, nick. My little girl never even got a chance to take her first breath. She deserved that and adam took that from her.

Sharon: Well, I’m not up for a big night on the town, but I’m doing okay. I’m mostly grateful that things didn’t turn out any worse than they were. Um, it’s a little unnerving that I took a life, but I know that I made the right decision.

Chance: Well, if it’s any comfort, I saw the look in the guy’s eyes and he was not gonna surrender. I mean, he had no intentions of walking out of there alive, and I think he was willing to take whoever he could with him.

Sharon: To think we came so close to losing faith…

Chance: And we didn’T. She’s alive and she’s giving me free scones.

[ Sharon chuckling ] And that’s because of you, sharon. I mean, what you did, you, uh– you saved lives.

Sharon: Oh, good morning, adam.

Adam: Oh, great. No cops when you need them, but they always show up bright and early for their donuts.

Sharon: Adam, please–

Adam: Where the hell were you and the gcpd when sharon and faith needed you? I swear to god, if anything would have happened to them, it would have been on your head, chance. Hi, I’m darlene

Adam: I mean, how many clues did you miss? I heard the psycho was staying at the athletic club. I mean, what a clever hideout. Nobody would ever think to look there.

Sharon: Adam, okay, that’s enough, all right? You don’t know the whole story. Chance was a hero yesterday.

Adam: A hero? Really?

Sharon: Yeah, if he hadn’t arrived when he did, faith and i might not be here right now.

Adam: Well, maybe if he had found kirsten sooner, faith wouldn’t have been kidnapped at all.

Faith: Be nice. You and chance actually have a lot in common.

Adam: Okay, somehow I doubt that.

Faith: You risked your lives to save mine. So, like it or not, you’re both heroes in my book.

Adam: No, I’m no hero.

Sharon: Give me a minute. Hey.

Adam: Hey. I’m sorry for the lack of manners back there.

Sharon: Well, you’ve been through a lot in the last 24 hours.

[ Sharon sighing ] I’m sorry about the baby.

[ Adam sighing ] How is sally? When will she be released?

Adam: I don’t know. Probably another day or two. I’m not sure, she’s not speaking to me.

Sharon: Okay, well, do me a favor.

Adam: Mm-hmm? What’s that?

Sharon: Be kind to yourself.

Adam: You know, elena recommended that same thing. H-how do you do that? How do you be so generous after what I’ve done to you in the past, sharon? I let you think you lost a baby. A lot of people would say I deserve to be going through every bit of hell that I’m going through right now.

Sharon: Okay, if anybody says that to you, they have no decency. A lot of people have been through the kind of loss you’ve suffered and no one deserves that.

Nikki: Your stance on this wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that you have someone eagerly waiting in the wings to jump behind nicholas’ desk, would it?

Victoria: Mom, let me say this again. This is not some attempt to remove nicholas from the company permanently. He is far too valuable for that. It’s merely a tactical move for newman and it’s in nick’s best interest.

Nikki: And if you care about his best interest, you will see that it needs to be his choice.

[ Knocking on door ]

Nate: This a bad time?

Victoria: It’s perfect timing, as usual.

Nate: Nikki. Oh, I’m sorry if I’m interrupting you.

Nikki: No, no. Good morning. I, uh, just had some ideas I want to run by victoria.

Nikki: Uh, ideas for newman media or newman enterprises?

Nate: Uh, for my purview, newman media, of course. I would never presume to suggest ideas for the parent company when victoria does such a great job of leading us.

Nikki: Ah. Spoken like a man in favor of her agenda regarding nicholas.

Nate: I remember victoria bringing up the matter of nick’s leave to you and victor, but I don’t know of any agenda.

Nick: Did adam know you felt this way before you went to the hospital?

Sally: I mean, it all happened so fast. But I mean, even if there was time, there’s no way that I was letting myself think that things could have gone like this.

Nick: Well, I’m sure there’s no way adam, you know, had any idea it would end like this either. But if I know my brother, I know, in that moment, he was focused on you, sally. He was trying to calm you down and help you through this. But when you lost consciousness, he was all his own, he… he was faced with the worst possible scenario. It’s an impossible choice. So, he went with his first instinct. That instinct to say he loves you. He will always, always put you first.

Sally: I have to ask. Faced with your own impossible choice… would you have saved sharon over faith?

Nick: Like you said… it’s not the same situation.

Sally: You would’ve just saved faith, wouldn’t you? A girl with her whole life ahead of her. Would you have saved my little girl, too? Trelegy for copd.

Nikki: All right. I have a meeting, so I will speak with you later. And I know how you get when you’ve made your mind up about something.

[ Victoria scoffs ] Please wait a few days, see how nicholas comes out of this, and then talk to him before making any rash decisions.

Victoria: I will take that under advisement.

Nikki: And if you insist on forcing this, don’t count on me to back you up. Nate.

Victoria: I apologize for my mother. That was borderline rude.

Nate: Something tells me she’s not too keen on the idea of me picking up the slack if nick takes that leave.

Victoria: But that’s not mom’s call to make. My brother needs to take some personal time off. And I want you more involved in the bigger corporate picture.

Nate: I like the sound of that.

Sharon: Don’t do that, adam, okay? Don’t try to look for reasons to say that this is karma or payback or some kind of cosmic judgment of your past because it’s not. This was a medical emergency. You– you are capable of– of a lot of love and compassion, even if you don’t want anyone to know about it.

Adam: Okay, I am not feeling very loving or compassionate right now.

Sharon: Okay, well, that’s understandable. You’ve been through quite a loss and it’s gonna take some time to get over.

[ Adam scoffing ]

Adam: Get over? My baby died because of me. My one true pure bond with sally is gone and she hates me for it, and I don’t blame her.

[ Phone ringing ]

Nick: Sorry, let me just take this.

[ Sighing ] Hey, vic. What’s up?

Victoria: Mom told me about sharon and faith, and about sally losing the baby.

[ Sighing ] How is everyone? How are you?

Nick: It’s been a rough couple days, I’m sure you can imagine.

Victoria: Well, that’s why I feel bad asking you this given everything you’re dealing with, but… is there any way that you can come by the office later? There are some things that we need to discuss.

Nick: [ Sighing ] Vic, it’s got to be tomorrow, all right? I’m with sally in the hospital.

Sally: Just go do what you need to do.

Nick: I don’t want to leave you.

Sally: No, I’m– I’m exhausted. I– I need to get some sleep anyway.

Victoria: Nick?

Nick: Yeah, I’m– I’m here. Um, yeah. All right. I’ll, uh– I’ll swing by the office, but I got to go out and check on sharon and faith first.

Victoria: All right. I appreciate it. I’ll see you later.

Nick: Yeah. I hate leaving you.

Sally: I’m okay, really. I’m half asleep anyway.

[ Nick sighing ] Look, before I go, um, adam is–

Sally: Look, I don’t wanna talk about adam.

Nick: He loved that little girl as much as you do, sally. His dreams for her were just as big.

[ Sally sighing ] I asked adam to look out for you, because I couldn’T. I’m so sorry about that. But he was here every moment. At your side every second. He was all in. I know how angry you are with him, but I really hope you can find some way to forgive him.

Sally: God, you’re such a good man, standing up for your brother whether or not he deserves it.

Nick: He does. And I’m not just saying it for his sake, all right? Yours too. With everything that’s going on, you don’t need the added stress of hating adam right now. I promise you, if you can find some way to let that go, you will heal faster. I’ve been thinking about what’s important to me. You’re important to me. And I love you. And I don’t know how you feel about this, but when you get out of here… what would you say to moving in with me?

Sally: You want to live together?

Nick: Yeah, I do. But don’t decide right now. Take some time and think about it, all right? Sometimes, the lows of bipolar depression

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Sharon: Medicinal sugar and caffeine. Call me if you need to talk.

Adam: Hey. Have you, uh, been to the hospital?

Nick: Yeah, I have.

Adam: Sally was, uh, asleep when I got there. I mean, how’s she doing? How does she seem?

Nick: Oh, you know, she’s, uh– she’s going through a rough time.

Adam: [ Scoffs ] Yeah. Because of me.

Nick: Because of events that were out of your control. Look, I’ve already told you, I think you made the best decision in the moment that you could.

Adam: Yeah, and she never wants to talk to me again. You know, if I could talk to her, if I could make her understand the situation–

Nick: Look, adam, if I were you, I would just give her some space, all right? She needs some time to deal with her emotions. See ya.

Sharon: My heart goes out to him.

Nick: Yeah, me too. I mean, we know as well as anyone, losing a kid is just the worst thing in the world.

Sharon: We came very close to that again last night.

Nick: But we didn’T. Because you’re a badass mama bear. And you did what you needed to do to save our daughter. There she is. Oh, you don’t mind if I just sort of hang on for really long time, right?

Faith: [ Laughing ] Dad.

Nick: How you doing?

Faith: Considering everything? Great. So, I don’t want you to freak out when I tell you I want to get out of here.

Sharon: Yeah, go ahead. It’s a slow morning. Go home, go do whatever you want.

Faith: I mean genoa city.

Nick: Wait, what? You want to leave town?

Faith: I thought that I might be able to still pick up a summer class, get a head start on next fall or get a job near campus.

Sharon: Well, you have been through a major trauma. I don’t know if right now is a good time to be making big decisions.

Nick: I’m with your mom on this.

Faith: It’s just… that man was in our house. He was here. He found me at chancellor park. Now… everywhere I look, or I go…

[ Sighing ] …It hits me all over again. I just– I– I don’t want to live with that fear.

Sharon: Well, it’s not that healthy to just run away from the memories.

Faith: I’m not running away. I just want to live my normal life again. Be normal again with my friends. I promise. I’m not flipping out or gonna do anything crazy. I can handle this. And I have amazing parents who are a phone call away.

Nick: Well, she’s not wrong. I mean, we are amazing.

[ Sharon laughing ]

Faith: So, is that a yes?

Sharon: Yeah, if this is what you really want.

Faith: It is.

Sharon: And you promise to call every day-ish?

Nick: [ Whispers ] Every day.

Sharon: Well, you know. Okay, I guess we can live with that.

Faith: Thank you.

Nate: Your mother isn’t too happy about this decision. And I doubt victor will be pleased. Are you sure this is the move you want to make?

Victoria: You know I haven’t made this decision lightly. Nicholas has been through such hell in the last few days. There’s no way, given the trauma that he suffered, that he’s gonna be able to do his job. He needs time to heal. So, I’m just–

[ Sighing ] I’m giving him that opportunity.

Nate: You aren’t afraid he’ll see this not as a sister looking out for him, but as some unilateral move to remove him as coo? Because you will have a battle on your hands.

Victoria: That’s not a battle I want to fight.

Nate: It’s not easy being at the top.

Victoria: It’s a lot easier when you have somebody that you trust by your side.

Nate: Well, I will let you prepare for this meeting and I will come back later with those ideas of mine which were, in fact, for newman enterprises, not newman media.

[ Both chuckling ] I hope that’s not a problem.

Victoria: No, it’s not. It’s what’s always impressed me about you. Thinking big. You’re always two steps ahead. Like what you did with the door.

Nate: What do you mean?

Victoria: I know that you closed it so we could have some privacy.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: I know that you don’t want to… see me, but… I couldn’t stay away, I– I had to come. Had to talk to you, and… try to explain.

[ Sighing ] When I was in that corridor and elena asked me who they should save, my heart stopped. I mean, the thought of losing you, I– I– I was overwhelmed. We may not be– be together, but I– I couldn’t imagine a world in which you no longer existed. And when she said that our child might not survive, I couldn’t face losing both of you. Sally, you need to know that I dreamed… of this baby. I loved who she would be. Our spicy little girl. That would have been as amazing and bossy as her mom. It rips me apart that I’m never gonna get to meet her. But you did. She was part of you. And you felt her. You talked to her. Sang to her. I knew the choice that you would want. You would choose her. Because you love her. I chose you. Because I love you. As someone living with type 2 diabetes,

Victoria: [ Clears throat ] So, um, where are we on the white paper for the streamer that you’re interested in newman acquiring?

Nate: You will have it by the end of the day. Audra’s all over it.

Victoria: Yeah, I saw you two with your heads together at the club last night.

Nate: You should have joined us.

Victoria: No, it looked like you were in the middle of something, I didn’t want to interrupt. Besides, it’s not like we hadn’t spent the entire evening together.

Nate: Oh, and I’m so sad it had to end. Audra is actually working on the white paper, and I had some questions.

Victoria: She seemed very energized.

Nate: She’s a machine, that one. Nonstop business.

Victoria: Mm-hmm, well, you and I both know how interested she is in more power at newman media.

Nate: She certainly is.

Victoria: You’re okay with that? Her… rabid ambition?

Nate: Audra’s drive to prove herself has done wonders for the company. We just need to keep that ambition harnessed and focused, and she will be a star.

Victoria: Hmm. Well, if you trust her, then so do I.

Nick: Hey.

Nate: Well, I will let you two speak in private.

[ Nate clears throat ] It’s good to hear your family’s safe.

Nick: Thanks.

Victoria: How are you holding up?

Nick: Everyone keeps asking me that. Cameron’s gone, we can all move on.

Victoria: Well, what about sally and losing the baby?

Nick: Sally’s devastated. It’s gonna take her a long time to get to the other side of this.

Victoria: I know that the child wasn’t yours, but I know that you were also very excited about helping sally raise her. Something so traumatic, I mean, she’s gonna really need your support, nicholas.

Nick: So, now you’re a fan of my relationship with sally?

Victoria: She needs you. And your family needs you.

Nick: So much concern. What’s going on?

Victoria: Nick, I think that you need to take a leave of absence from newman enterprises.

Chance: Are you okay? What’s going on?

Sharon: Just… faith is going back to ann arbor.

Chance: Already? I thought she was gonna hang here for the summer.

Sharon: After everything that’s happened, I wish she could feel safe here, but that’s just not possible. Not right now.

Chance: Well, she’ll be back. Weekends, celebrations, you name it.

Sharon: That’s what she says.

Chance: Yeah. She’ll be okay. So will you.

Sharon: Thank you. You know, I think I needed to hear that. There’s something you need to hear. What adam said earlier, he was incredibly wrong. Nobody blames you for what happened with cameron.

Chance: Well, if I’d have gotten a bead on him sooner, stopped him before he got to faith–

Sharon: You did everything you could.

Chance: Yeah, well…

Sharon: My daughter is alive because of you. We all are. And I’m never gonna forget that.

Nikki: Thank you so much. We’ll talk again soon.

Nate: Nikki. You look like you just had a very successful meeting.

Nikki: Well, yes, it was. And I have to give you your due.

Nate: Hmm. Why is that?

Nikki: I just heard very positive feedback about newman media. They are impressed with your work on the social media platform we just acquired.

Nate: Oh, wow. I am grateful for the compliment. And I won’t lie, I am pretty excited about it.

Nikki: Sounds like you’re looking forward to overseeing such a high profile project.

Nate: Well, I am certain it will be a huge success. However, audra will be heading it up moving forward.

Nikki: So… you’re already shifting your focus to newman enterprises and nicholas isn’t even gone. Why give your family just any eggs

Nate: I hope you don’t think I’m out of line.

Nikki: By hijacking my son’s position?

Nate: Nothing of the sort, I assure you. I’m only trying to respect victoria’s wishes, and do what’s best for the company.

Nikki: You haven’t always done what’s best for the company you work for, though, have you?

Nate: I’ve made mistakes at chancellor-winters. I learned from them. My ambitions may upset nick. And you. But victor and I have spoken at length, and he seems to respect it. Encourage it even.

Nikki: Well, my husband and i have differing opinions about where and when business can take precedence over family. I would advise you to proceed very carefully. Have a good day.

Adam: I just hope that someday, if you can bring yourself to look at me, that you would let me explain the unexplainable, the– the– the impossible. But I will understand if you never want to hear from me again. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving you. Because that is impossible. All that I wanted was to protect you. And the baby. And I’ll never forgive myself for breaking your heart.

[ Sobbing ]

Nick: Take time off? Thank you, but that won’t be necessary.

Victoria: I disagree. You might be able to let go of what happened with cameron, but is it gonna be as easy for sharon or for faith? I– I would completely understand if you needed to take time to be there for them.

Nick: Faith wants to leave genoa city to put this behind her. I mean, she’s already packing, but even if she wasn’t leaving, I don’t need to stop working to support the people I love, which includes sally.

Victoria: Maybe you just need a little more time to think about it.

Nick: Uh, look, sharon and faith went to crimson lights this morning because they know working will help them get past the memories of what they survived. It’s the same with me. I would think you understood that as well as anyone.

Victoria: It’s a very different situation.

Nick: No, it’s not. Uh, it’s not. The situation with ashland, mom, dad, me, we all tried to convince you to stop working, but you refused to do it because you said working made you whole. So, again, I appreciate the offer, but no thank you. I feel like I need to be here now more than ever.

Victoria: Last night, you almost lost sharon. You almost lost faith. Sally lost her baby. You have been through so much trauma in the last few days, there’s no way that you can see clearly to make a sound decision. That’s why it’s important for you to take the time.

Nick: I don’t want to.

Victoria: No, I’m not asking you. The decision has already been made, and I need you to step away from your role as coo.

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