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are you sure he’s coming? Yeah, he’ll be here. ‘Cause I can think of at least one reason why he wouldn’T. I didn’t tell him

that reason. And besides — I endeavor to never be late when it comes to you, my dear. Spinelli. Hey, buddy. Long time. No way. Wait, wait. No, no, please. 15 minutes. That’s it. 15 minutes. Okay, fair samantha, you know full well that there is little I can refuse you. So just clear up this moment of confusion. Um, last I checked, you didn’t trust mr. Bell as far as you could throw him. So what changed? Well — can’t your illegal algorithm tell you that? You know, funny — without threat of physical violence or blackmail, I have no reason to employ it. Uh, you were “employing it” long before I got to town. Okay, well, I don’t need an algorithm, proprietary or otherwise, to tell me that you’re no stranger to our system of jurisprudence.

[ Chuckles ] Weren’t you, like, best friends with sonny corinthos’ old business partner? Pretty sure that guy was no stranger to “jurisprudence.” Hey, hey, hey, stop. Enough. Enough. Both of you. Deciding which one of you is the bigger criminal mastermind is not our major concern right now. Then what is? Catching the person who is a bigger criminal mastermind than the two of you combined. I feel so sorry for brook lynn. She’s been at the hospital, worried sick about ned, and now, on top of that, she has to miss this meeting. I know. She’s been the poster girl for professional dedication since you hired her back, lucy. Uh, no, you — you hired her back. I didn’T. No, I-I — of course I’m happy to have her back, but I’m pretty sure — no, I’m pretty sure — I just hope that ned makes a speedy recovery. I mean, the situation is hard on everybody, but brook lynn told me that leo is really struggling. Yeah, she said he was hiding out in the stables. Oh. Kid lives in a humongous mansion and chooses to hide in a smelly stable with the horses? Anyway, she said cody was there and he managed to talk leo down. Cody has a gift for calming people down. Must come from working with horses. Please. The only thing worse than horse crap is the person who shovels it. Oh, give it a rest, gladys. You don’t know the first thing about cody bell. I’m sure everything is fine. Are fast results a bad thing?

[ Chuckles ] The speed with which ultrasound results are interpreted doesn’t mean anything, good or bad. You’re young, you’re healthy. Chances are, your ovarian reserve is high. You’re right. There’s nothing to worry about. So, what’s the word, dr. Navarro? How many eggs am I working with? Portia: So jordan just kissed you out of nowhere? Curtis: No, it was mutual. But jordan made me realize how much I want to give our marriage a second chance. Oh, my goodness. Lucky me. Oh, wait. No. Let me send her a card and thank her. That came out wrong. What I meant — I know exactly what you meant. I didn’t want to hurt you. And that’s why you didn’t tell me. Not when things were still so… fragile between us. Were you ever gonna tell me?

[ Door opens ] We’re closed. Any exceptions for family? Always. Hey, what a nice surprise. Can I get you anything? No, no, um, I’m good. Thank you, though. So, what brings you by? You and my mom. What happened between the two of you yesterday?

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Portia. What can I help you with? You can help me understand what on earth possessed you to kiss my husband.

The hope is, once you’ve compiled the evidence and presented it to gladys, that she would feel compelled to exonerate cody. I see. Quick query — is, uh, cody’s freedom the only thing at stake here? Because that’s not a great inducement for my participation. Ouch. Burn. No, actually, there’s more. How much do you know about gladys corbin? Quite a bit, actually. Um… gladys, cousin of sonny corinthos’ late father, mike corbin. Former resident of bridgeport, connecticut, where she was employed as a waitress — so of limited financial resources, and as a result, gladys became somewhat mercenary, some might say avaricious.

[ Chuckles ] To wit, claimed that her son, brando, was dead to collect an insurance payment, then got ensnared with cyrus renault, perjured herself when claiming that she saw jason morgan dispose of the gun that killed franco baldwin. Just, in short, without the good offices of her late son, brando, and her daughter-in-law, sasha… gladys corbin’s presence in port charles would likely not be tolerated. Okay. Uh, well, it’s the daughter-in-law that I’m worried about. Sasha’s had a very public breakdown, right, after back-to-back devastating losses. She’s been working really hard on building back her life, but she’s been leaning on gladys because she’s brando’s mother. But gladys does not deserve sasha’s trust. I didn’t even know about the insurance fraud or framing a guy for murder. But just watching gladys messing with sasha’s finances is enough to convince me. Sasha has no idea who her mother-in-law really is. And if we don’t expose gladys, sasha is going to get hurt. Which is why I think we can put aside our differences and use our collective powers for good. I’m not gonna lie — that would be a refreshing change. Okay. Thanks. Alright? I stand to benefit also. But, I mean, if the trial goes against me and I get convicted of theft, whatever. I’ve — I’ve lived through worse. Sasha’s the one at risk here. Why do you care? Because, unlike me, sasha is a good person. Spinelli, look, man — I messed with you. I did. There’s no doubt. But I’m sorry. You have my sincere apology. Please don’t let your totally justified anger towards me keep you from helping sasha. Because we don’t have a prayer of pulling this off without you, man. For fair samantha. Oh! And for sasha. Okay. So you will help us stop the law from running this one out on a rail?

[ Cowboy accent ] Yes, ma’am.

[ Normal voice ] I’ll help you rustle up the real outlaw as well. Thank you. I know one thing about cody bell, and it’s all I need to know — he’s a thief. Wow. Wow! What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Look, I know that I had my reservations about cody, but I really warmed up to him. He’s got this low-key self-confidence thing that I really like. Not to mention, he’s great with kids. Liesl said he and james were sharing a sundae together the other day. So, nobody’s bothered by the crime he committed against me, or sasha, or the good people of gellhorn jewelers? I care, gladys. You know I do. But this is a business meeting, which means that we should talk about the numbers for the deceptor. Happily. Okay.

[ Lucy chuckles ] Demand for the deceptor is outpacing supply, so we need to find a new supplier who can handle that kind of volume. Exactly. And we need to do it before the new product is in the hopper. New product? So top secret for now. Huh? Oh, in that case, I’ll let you talk confidential business. I have an important meeting. With a cocktail. I’m sure gladys didn’t mean to be rude. Actually, she probably did. I apologize on her behalf. Well, you know, I don’t think anybody would ever call gladys a sensitive type, but she sure is quick to get her little feelings hurt. Let’s be real. Gladys can dish it, but she can’t take it. I cannot believe the things she was saying about cody. I don’t get it. Everyone was enjoying your birthday party. For the first time in a long time, things just felt…perfect. I know. I felt it, too. So what happened? One minute, things were fine, and then the next, my mom runs off. I can’t even get her to talk to me. You haven’t heard from your mother?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Who’s this? Uh, don’t hang up. It’s cody bell. There’s no escaping you today. Weird, but okay. What do you want? To meet up. What for? It’s for your benefit. Okay. What’s to my benefit is a strawberry daiquiri by the metro court pool. Huh. Before breakfast. That’s, uh, classy. There’s fruit in it. I’m hanging up.

Okay, yeah. You know what? I should probably take what I learned about you directly to sasha. Anyways, enjoy your breakfast of champions. Okay, let’s hear it. Come tell me what you think

you have. So, are you ready to make a splash at the metro court pool again? Maybe without a parachute this time?

[ Laughs ] My mom and i have been in touch, but when I asked her about yesterday, she said it’s between you two. Yeah, it’s complicated, but I promise it has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with me. My mom’s feelings are important to me. So are yours. But I can’t do anything to help if neither one of you tell me what’s going on. Hasn’t there been enough of that in this family already? I heard curtis’ side. Now I would like to hear yours. It was one kiss, portia. That’s all. That’s what curtis said. We wouldn’t lie to you. It was fleeting. Don’t downplay it, jordan. I know that there were feelings that were involved, right? There were. Confusion, history, and unresolved emotion. Are they resolved now? Absolutely. I’m done. And I won’t be interfering in your lives again. Aside from sleeping with my brother.

Your ultrasound indicates that your ovarian reserve, your egg count, is normal. You were right. There’s nothing to worry about. However, egg count is just one factor in fertility. Egg quality is another, and in many ways, more important. Were you able to determine the quality of my eggs from the ultrasound? Based on the number of activated follicles I counted in your ovaries and in the blood work I ran, your endometriosis has had an adverse effect on the quality of your eggs. What does that mean? It means that conceiving a child using your eggs poses a real challenge. I’m not sure we should have this conversation before you have this conversation with your mom. Why? What are you hiding? You know I would never hide anything from you, but I think you should talk to your mom first. You haven’t talked to her since your party? Well, she didn’t come home last night. What? But don’t worry, she — she — she texts. She’s at the hospital. She’s fine. Okay, fine. Then I’ll go there to get some answers. Trina, please. Hang on. Don’t push your mom, especially at work. Okay, this is — this is officially freaking me out. If there’s another huge secret, then I need to know, if not from my mom, then from you. Zeke was right. I-I should not have come here. Zeke? What does your uncle have to do with this? Zeke said I should keep my distance from you. Zeke told you about our recent night together? Not at first, but I pressed him about it, and I think that he could tell that I wasn’t in the mood for the nonsense. That’s disappointing. Because he admitted to your fling? Or because he exposed your designs on my husband? Which one? It wasn’t like that. But, yes, I’m disappointed in the recent choices I’ve made with men. I wish I hadn’t kissed curtis. But it wasn’t just a kiss, though, jordan. You know that it wasn’T. It didn’t just come out of nowhere. You two were talking and hanging out, sharing things. Confidences. Did you talk to my husband about our marriage? Hmm? About his feelings for trina? What conversations did you have with my husband behind my back? You’re torturing yourself for no good reason, portia. You’re with curtis. I’m not sure about that one. You might finally get what you want, jordan. And that’s curtis, free and clear. You are so right. Gladys definitely has strong opinions about cody. I feel like she disliked cody even before the whole thing with the bracelet at the ball. Well, dominique stanton taub baldwin was a very, very, very dear friend of mine, and she was my daughter serena’s biological mom, and she’s cody’s mother. So that makes serena and cody half-siblings. So, you know, naturally, I’m sort of predisposed to believe cody, and I don’t know him that well, but truthfully, if I had to really choose between believing cody or gladys,

[Whispering] I would choose cody always. Oh, same here. Not that I’m doubting the facts. I know that the jewelry was found in cody’s pocket, but there has to be some other explanation. That’s what I’ve come to believe. What if someone stole the bracelet off gladys and slipped it into the first pocket they saw? I think that cody and gladys are both victims. I wish they could both see it. Just because there’s friction between gladys and cody, that doesn’t mean it needs to affect your friendship with cody. It already has. Cody. Always a displeasure. What’s he doing here? Gladys, we’ve both known that you planted that bracelet on me. Now I have the evidence to prove it.

don’t want curtis. Not anymore. Please. Jordan, please. Okay. Yes. There was a time I fantasized about reconciling with curtis, but… even then, I didn’t want to disrupt what you two had. Not until you found an opening, though. I can’t believe I just praised you and I thanked you for looking out for trina, not knowing the whole while, you had just kissed her father. The father you never intended to tell her about? Your uncle has no right to come between you and me. If there is a you and me, it’s because there’s mutual respect and trust. We — we have that. We don’t if you’re keeping secrets from me about my mother. I’m going to find out, if not from her or you, then from zeke. And he implied that it’s your fault that she’s upset. How would he know that? Okay. Unless portia told him. Who cares? Is it true? Yes. It’s my fault. What did you do? I kissed jordan. What? Like, recently? Since the wedding. And I didn’t tell your mother. What about fertility medication? Molly has a high level of estradiol, which I believe is suppressing her body’s production of follicle stimulating hormone, or fsh. Which will make it even harder for her ovaries to respond to medication. So what? That’s just it? We can try a clomid challenge test to measure how your body responds to the stimulation of fertility drugs. Okay, but statistically, what are the chances that my eggs are viable enough to create an embryo? Without further testing, it’s difficult to cite a specific percentage. I-I understand, but are we talking low, extremely low, nonexistent? I’d say extremely low. Cody came to your rescue at home & heart, and that was after his arrest. So he doesn’t seem to be holding gladys’ accusations against you. That’s the kind of person he is. Cody saw some of the hateful tweets the producers at home & heart were putting out. He realized that I might be in trouble, and he showed up to help. But when I tried to thank him, he basically said that we can’t be friends unless I pick a side. Cody insists that gladys isn’t the person I think she is. Mnh! Mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh. Okay, wait — wait a minute. Gladys is still your guardian. So do you really think cody wants you to turn your back on the person who controls your money? What? I-I happen to be a pragmatic woman.

[ Sighs ] Gladys will always be my family, but she may not be my guardian much longer. You’re delusional.

[ Chuckles ] Thinking you could frame me and get away with it, that’s delusional. Now, it’s on you to get the insurance company to drop the charges, gladys. How am I gonna do that? You’re imaginative. You’ll figure it out. And if I don’t? I’ll show everyone in town the evidence that proves you set me up. You’re bluffing. The pcpd and the insurance company investigated. If there was evidence that I set you up, they’d have found it. Fascinating. Oh, it speaks. What? You haven’t once said that you’re innocent. Hey, stranger. Come here often? Kristina. Live and in person. So, what are you up to? Overactive bladder? I’ve been there.I also used to plan my days around finding a bathroom, in fear of an embarrassing bladder accident. You’re not alone , and you don’t have to live like this. I don’t! I found real relief with axonics therapy, a proven non-drug solution, and I got my life back. Go to findrealrelief.Com to get started. Ask a bladder specialist if axonics therapy is right for you and to discuss potential risks. Results and experiences may vary. Your life is waiting! Hmmm! Twix with cookie and cookie dough? Kinda make s you wonderwhich came first. The cookie or the cookie dough? Kakaaaw! So embarrassing! When it comes to your hair, ingredients matter. That’s w hy herbal essences is packed with naturally derived plant ingredients you love, and none of the stuff you don’T. Our sulfate-free collections smell incredible… and leave your hair touchably soft and smooth. Herbal essences life happens out there.The joy of movement.

I made mistakesin my marriage to marcus. Happiness? And that you didn’t expose me, saint jordan. You’re never going to let me forget that you kept my secret all those months, are you? And that you didn’t expose me, despite your strong feelings for curtis, right? Believe it or not, portia, all I ever wanted was for you to be happy. At the expense of your own happiness? I care about you and curtis. I prayed for you on your wedding day. I know I made mistakes in my marriage to marcus. I know that. And it must have been extremely difficult to let go of a man like curtis. But you had to know how much it would hurt me not to hear about the — the kiss from you or from curtis. I almost told you at G.H. Why didn’t you? Because curtis asked me not to. Now I know why my mom left the party. And why you’re not my uncle’s favorite person at the moment. We were separated, but I still understand why she was hurt. Why didn’t you tell her right away? Because I wasn’t sure what the kiss meant. I wanted to work that out first. Well, have you? Worked it out? My future is with portia. If she’ll have you. I’m sure hoping that forgiveness goes both ways. So, how do you feel about things? About me?

[ Sighs ] I hate that you hurt my mom. And I hate that she hurt you. I like you, but I don’t like secrets. Maybe it’s hereditary. I had the day off, so I’m doing some research for my foundation. I figured I’d multitask and catch some rays at the same time. That’s, um, good for you. And good luck with that tasking. Yeah. Well, I always have time for my big sis. That is good. Of course I’m innocent. Cody here is the criminal. You should consider the company you keep. Mr. Bell is a lot of things. A photographer who was backstage at the nurses’ ball has photos of you with and without the bracelet. Really narrows down the timeframe that your bracelet was “stolen.” Funnily enough, that timeframe happens to more or less be when I was changing. More or less? That’s your big evidence. Well, that’s just exhibit “A.” Mr. Spinelli, uh, would you be so kind as to present exhibit “b”? I had my first session with a psychiatrist who’s doing my guardianship evaluation. That’s great! How’d it go? Pretty good, I think. Dr. Montague seems nice enough. It’s really hard to tell with these guys. Okay, so when will the judge make the decision? I don’t know. I have to hope that I can eventually convince dr. Montague that I am in full control of my faculties again. Well, who would doubt that now? Well, you did. At least when you asked me to step down as the face of deception. That was just ancient history, you know? And it was a business decision. One that we weren’t all on board with. I got a lot more respect when I was dead.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs ] We’ve all seen how far you’ve come, sasha, and I am sure that the judge will see it, too. Well, nina wrote me this wonderful letter of support to add to my petition, and I was hoping that maybe — done, I’ll do it. A-and brook lynn can put it on the deception letterhead. No. Sorry. No, I — I would really, really like to do it. Truly. I-I just feel like I want to attest to your strength of character and how hard you worked in recovery and your commitment. And look at you. Look how far you have come. I am so lucky and so grateful that the people I work with are also my friends. Dr. Navarro: While the chances are extremely low that your eggs are viable, it’s not impossible. But you may want to begin exploring other options. It’s a lot to take in. I know. I’ll give you some time to process.

[ Door closes ] This is just a setback, molls. It’s not the end of the road. Okay? We can still have a biological child. You can have a biological child. I can’T. Hey. Hey. We don’t know that yet. Not for sure. I’m just connecting the dots. It’s not just that I can’t conceive a baby or carry a baby. I can’t even create one.

Your eyes. Your curly biology isn’t everything. There are all kinds of families and all kinds of ways to create one. I know, but I fantasized about our baby. Your curly hair and your stubborn streak.

My stubborn streak, huh? Your eyes. And your smile. Don’t you want a baby that’s a blend of both of us? Of course.

[ Sighing ] But I have the original, you. And whether we — we foster or we adopt or whatever, our child will be remarkable because you will be their mother. Dr. Navarro is right. It’s — it’s a lot to take in, and I just need to think about it. About the — the test she recommended? About all of it. More needles won’t change the fact that I just need time to make a decision. I get it. No pressure. I know this affects you, too. And you’ve been amazing through all of it. Anything for you. How about an honest answer? How are you going to feel if this doesn’t happen for us? You have lots of friends, sasha, even ones you think you’ve lost.

[ Sighs ] And, yes, I am thinking of one hunky friend in particular. I hope that’s true. Okay, let’s get back to manufacturers. Good idea. No, I can’T. I’ve reached my limit of what I can do without coffee. What?! The waiter was just here. Why didn’t you order it then? Okay. Well, I didn’t — okay, I — I have to go powder my nose, so I will let the waiter know that you want a coffee. Thank you. But this time, I need an espresso. Okay, stronger. Uh, one pump nonfat vanilla and raw sugar and four dashes of cinnamon? Okay. Tell the truth. What are you thinking? What exactly is the story of cody and sasha?

Testis unus,

testis nullus. Exhibit “b”‘s an anatomy lesson? What? No, no, it’s latin. No, it means one witness is no witness. That’ll come in handy next time I’m on “jeopardy!” No, you’re the only one claiming that cody stole your bracelet.

[ Stammers ] Well, my account was enough for the insurance company and the pcpd. Which is why you should recant. And soon. Otherwise, you’ll be the one facing the judge. You should be really proud. Once I pushed past my hurt pride, I took your advice. Yeah. I am really doing my due diligence with my foundation plans, handling things in a logical order, and, um, yeah, I’m going to stay practical. That’s good. That’s — that’s — that’s great. And I’d love to hear all about it — later. Why not now, big shot? On what charges? Falsely reporting a crime is a crime itself, gladys, punishable for up to seven years in prison. Yeah, but you already knew that, having provided false testimony against jason morgan, claiming that you saw him dispose of a murder weapon that he never touched. So, given that your previous unreliable, patently false testimony is a matter of record, I can’t imagine the police will have any trouble believing that you’d lie again. It’s the truth. Hmm. Not according to your location at the time cody was getting dressed for his nurses’ ball performance. As much as my mom’s hurting right now, I know you were going through the same thing not that long ago because she was keeping something from you. And I know it’s not the same, but transparency, or the lack of it, that’s the common denominator in all of this. I was always going to tell your mother, but point taken. I shouldn’t have waited. You know, one time, spencer pretended to be on esme’s side so that he could entrap her. And he was going to tell me eventually, but I suffered a lot until he did. And if he was just upfront with me, or if everyone was just upfront… it would save a lot of pain and heartache. You’re right. Very wise. Your mom and taggert raised you well. They did. But, lately, I’ve had to learn a lot of lessons, despite my parents. Curtis wanted to hide this from me. Jordan: I don’t think he viewed it that way.

[ Scoffs ] How, then? I think he wanted to protect you while he sorted through his feelings. So curtis wasn’t sure which one of us he wanted. That’s not what I said. You didn’t have to. None of it matters anymore. I’m out of the picture. And whose choice was that? Jordan: I hope you find what you’re searching for here, curtis. And I hope you and portia can be happy, whether it’s together or apart. And you? I have to truly let go. Finally. Two years was too long to put my life on hold. I can’t wait a minute more. Portia: Jordan. Who walked away? Was it you or was it curtis?

you know, I try not to question freebies, you know what? Why don’t you go to the tell you what — why don’t you grab us two mimosas, and then you can tell me all about your plan? Alright. Ooh, breakfast panini? Yeah, whatever you want. Just — you know what? Why don’t you go to the bar downstairs? Because the one up here is super slow. You know, I try not to question freebies, but why do I get the distinct feeling you are trying to get rid of me? Because I am. Beat it. I know you’re sonny’s I.T. Whiz kid, but even I know you can’t pinpoint an exact location by room. You can with the right tracking apps. Uh, and you hacked into my phone and installed one? I didn’t need to, gladys. You did it for me. Take it from me — don’t overanalyze what happens during a separation. You’ll drive yourself crazy. Well, at least you don’t have to worry about an ex-wife still pining for your husband. Your husband would have never kissed me if you had just taken my advice and told him the truth before the wedding. So who are you really mad at here, portia? Me? Curtis? Or are you mad at yourself?

[ Door opens ] Everybody’s human, even parents. That’s true. We all make mistakes. But out of my three parents, only one of them has kept their marriage vows — my dad, marcus taggert. And he’s not perfect…

[ Chuckles ] …And he has not made the best choices, but he is a great example of fidelity and forgiveness. Well, I want to be that for you, too, trina. Not off to a great start. The more we talked about it, the more I fell in love with the idea of having a family with you. And while the emotions have been intense for both of us, you’re the one that has to go through the physical ordeal. So I understand not wanting to be poked and prodded anymore. It’s not just about the physical discomfort, it’s everything else. I mean, work, friends, us — it’s all taken a back seat to the tests and the doctors appointments, and it’s been overwhelming. So you — are you saying you don’t want a baby anymore? No, I’m just saying that I need a break. D-don’t you? It has been a bit consuming. Don’t you want to sleep again and go to the movies and dance at the savoy and love the life that we’ve been living? I do, but can’t we do that and plan a family? Eventually, after some time. I can give you time. I love you. I love you. How about that coffee? My whole day is free. Let’s do it. Well, sasha and cody haven’t been hanging out for long, but I know their friendship means a lot to both of them. Well, obviously, because he did not hesitate when he thought she needed help at home & heart. I mean, he put his butt on the line — literally put his butt on the line. And to me, that is a very grand gesture for just chums. You know, lucy, I don’t like to speculate. Really? Come on, maxie jones. You know I can read your mind. You are thinking exactly what I’m thinking. Fine. I think what cody feels for sasha is more than friendship. What are you talking about? 14,000 steps and eight flights of stairs the day of the nurses’ ball — I mean, that’s — that’s pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say, cody? Very, very. How many miles is that? Mm, uh, just over seven. I mean, given that gladys’ average stride length is between 2.1 and 2.5 feet… yeah. What is this? Oh, it’s the metadata from your favorite fitness-tracking app. You know, the one you use to map your walks? Now, mr. Spinelli, uh, could an app like that place a user, say, I don’t know, in a dressing room near a certain jacket? You know, geospatial metadata is surprisingly advanced. It can pinpoint exact latitude and longitude coordinates, complete with geotagging and timestamps. Huh. You know what that is, gladys? That’s nerd for “gotcha.”

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