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[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: Man, I hope faith can get some sleep.

Sharon: Yeah. I hope she can get the sewer smell off of her. It’s a constant reminder of what she’s been through.

Nick: Of what you went through too. You know, I can stick around and make sure everything’s locked up until you get cleaned up yourself.

Sharon: Well, with victor’s security team and all the cops hovering, I think we’re okay. You should get to the hospital and check on sally. Faith and I can look after each other.

Nick: Nah, I– I don’t want to leave you until I know you’re safe.

Sharon: I think we’re safe. Go. Go check on sally and then you need to get some sleep too.

[ Nick exhaling ]

Nick: Yeah, I probably should go.

Sharon: I will call you if anything happens and you do the same, but cameron’s gone, faith is fine and it’s all good news from here.

Nick: Hope you’re right.

Sally: How could you do this?

Adam: I don’t understand.

Sally: I don’t either. So please, find the words because the last thing I remember is I was pregnant with our little girl and now, she’s gone?

Adam: I had to make a decision. Your symptoms, they were getting worse. Elena gave me no time. You were unconscious. I mean, who lives and who dies? This wasn’t a scenario that we discussed. They said that there was a chance that they could only save one of you and it was too soon for her. Her lungs, they wouldn’t be ready.

Sally: So, you just told the doctor…

Adam: I chose you. How could I not?

Sally: You chose me over her?

Adam: No. Look, when you say it like that, that’s not–

Sally: Why? Why would you?

Adam: How could I not?

Sally: She was my everything.

Adam: I couldn’t lose you.

Sally: But you already did, adam. You made that choice a long time ago. I’m not yours anymore. I was hers and she was mine. She was all I had and you let her die! You didn’t even– you didn’t even try and fight for her!

Adam: This– sally, this was the hardest decision of my entire life.

Sally: Could you just not envision a life where someone actually needed you, where you had to step up, possibly on your own, and be the man that nobody thinks you could be?

Adam: I thought that I was making the right choice.

Sally: You destroyed her life. And mine.

Adam: This is not fair, okay? This– this– it’s not–

Sally: Fair? Fair? You want fair? I just lost my baby, my reason. The life that we created and you want fair? I want the life that was ripped out of me! Can you give me that? Can you? With all of your power and your connections, can you give me what was taken away?

Adam: It was taken from us, sally.

Sally: Exactly. She had no one but us.

Adam: Okay. I’m– I’m worried about you.

Sally: Well, you should’ve been worried about her, adam, because she had no one to fight for her but us and I couldn’t do it, but you could and you forced me to let her down. But I promised her that I wasn’t gonna let her down or leave her to fight for herself the way that my parents did to me and that is exactly what she had to do! God! Oh, my god! Someone needs to stop this from hurting so much!

Adam: Do you– do you need the doctor?

Sally: No, I want her! I want her, adam, but you let her die. You’re the reason that she’s dead.

[ Sally sobbing ]

Sometimes, the lows

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Sally: If you loved me at all…

Adam: You know I do.

Sally: Then you should’ve known and saved her.

Adam: I couldn’t let you go.

Sally: But she was your daughter. Your blood. You should have fought for her. Who are you?

Adam: I’m the man that is here for you. I fought for you, sally.

Sally: But I didn’t need saving, adam. There had to have been something they could have done.

Adam: She needs more than friends and a father. She needs you.

Sally: Yes, I know, I know, so you should’ve just let me go with her.

Adam: No, no, no. Okay. Don’t say that.

Sally: No, I’m serious. I don’t want to be here without her. I just want my baby.

Adam: Sally, don’t do this to yourself.

Sally: This was done to me, adam. By you. I didn’t even want this. I was terrified of being a mom because I didn’t– I didn’t want to fail my child the way that my mom failed me, but then… you got me pregnant. And you made me love her. And you told me everything was gonna be okay, and now she’s gone. Maybe I just didn’t do enough.

Adam: Of course, you did.

Sally: I was just happier than I’ve ever been because I was gonna bring her into this world. She was– she was gonna be better than me. She was gonna be my game changer and I was gonna give her the life that I never had and if I couldn’t, I trusted– I trusted that you could. And now, there’s just nothing.

Adam: Sally, you were in critical condition, okay? You… you could have died.

Sally: You loved her, didn’t you?

Adam: With all my heart.

Sally: And you would’ve taken care of her and given her a family and a world beyond her wildest dreams.

Adam: It wouldn’t be much of a world without you.

Sally: But you… you would’ve loved her and you would’ve given her to care and attention that a little girl needs?

Adam: I would’ve spoiled her rotten. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t have done for her. Or you, sally. We would’ve spoiled her rotten. We would’ve given her the moon as a toy.

Sally: You would’ve done anything for her.

Adam: That’s right.

Sally: Anything but let me go.

Adam: You– you had to be in the world, sally. You had to live.

Sally: Get out.

Adam: Sally–

Sally: No, get out.

Adam: Sally–

Sally: Get out, please. I’m awake and I’m saying these words that I couldn’t say when you were letting our little girl die. I do not want you. I want her. I want our baby. I just want my baby.

Elena: Sally? Sally, hey. Look at me, look at me.

Sally: No.

Elena: What’s going on? Are you in pain?

Sally: Yes.

Elena: Okay, adam, I think it’s time. Give us some–

Adam: I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry. I– I’m just– I’m trying to explain to you.

Elena: It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay. Take a breather.

[ Sally sobbing ] Deep breaths.

[ Adam sighing ]

Sharon: Oh, gosh, faith.

Faith: I didn’t mean to scare you.

Sharon: That’s all right. It’s actually nice to know that I still have some adrenaline. I thought you were trying to sleep.

Faith: I missed you and I was kind of freaked out being up there alone.

Sharon: Well, that’s understandable, you know, um, after everything you’ve been through.

Faith: Feels like nothing will ever be normal again. What’s that?

Sharon: Um, that’s just something that chance left here when we were looking for you. He thought it might be evidence that would help us find where cameron was hiding.

Faith: Can you– can you put it outside until the cops come to pick it up?

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[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: Sally being examined?

Adam: She’s, uh, she’s with elena.

Nick: It’s just precautionary, right?

Adam: Look, I, um, I wanted to tell you this face-to-face.

Nick: Tell me what?

Adam: When you talked to sally on the phone tonight–

Nick: Yeah, I was– I was with sharon. Uh, seems like a lifetime ago. It was before cameron showed up.

Adam: Right. She was frustrated from being cooped up, okay? She was worried about you, what you were doing, so she wouldn’t sleep. She was threatening to leave if she didn’t get some food that wasn’t room service, so I took her out.

Nick: Oh, come on, man. You were supposed to keep her blood pressure low.

Adam: I know that. Don’t you think that I know that? I wish to god– we were having a good time, okay? We were laughing, we were relaxed. I was trying to keep her mind off of what you were doing with faith and sharon, but her headache would not go away, so I brought her in and I reassured her that everything was going to be okay. They gave her medicine and we waited for it to work, but nothing helped.

Nick: I mean, okay. Wait, sally, I–

Adam: We called you about a hundred times.

Nick: Yeah, I couldn’t answer.

Adam: And what was more important than being with sally?

Nick: Things were getting out of control for us, man. It was life and death.

Adam: Yeah, for us too.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Adam: Nick, you don’t have a damned clue about what we went through. I mean, everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong.

Nick: What are you saying, adam?

Adam: The baby… she didn’t make it. Our little girl is gone.

Sharon: I guess I have my answer to how far I would go to keep you safe.

Faith: Were you scared when I was gone?

Sharon: Are you kidding? I was terrified.

Faith: Because I wasn’T. Maybe a little, but I knew you would find me.

Sharon: And I knew that you were doing everything you could to stay alive until I got to you. I’m so proud of you.

Faith: You’re the one who saved our lives.

Sharon: For selfish reasons. I love you too much.

Faith: I’m okay with that.

Sharon: Cameron won’t be coming back ever again. There’s no question that he is very dead.

Faith: Thanks to you.

Nick: Adam, I, uh, I don’t know what to say.

Adam: Because there is nothing, so don’t try.

Elena: Hey, nick.

Nick: Hey. Can I see her?

Elena: Yeah. She was just asking about you. Go on in. She’s been through a lot tonight. Looks like you have too.

Nick: I won’t keep her long.

Elena: Okay.

[ Sally whimpering ]

Nick: I’m so sorry. I should’ve been here.

Sally: It should’ve been me.

Nick: What should’ve been you?

Sally: Adam had a choice. To choose between me or the baby and he chose me.

Nick: It was the right choice. I think he chose right, don’t you?

Sally: I already had my life. I’ve tried and I’ve screwed up so many times, but she was pure and perfect and she had her whole life ahead of her. She was… she was going to be feisty and spirited. You would’ve loved her.

Nick: Of course, I would’ve.

Sally: I would’ve made a different choice.

Nick: Look, um, I know how much you hate this, I hate it too, sally, but you got a lot of people who love you. You’re gonna get through this.

Sally: What if this was a test to see if I could be good? I failed. I failed her. She needed me. I need her.

[ Sally sobbing ]

[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: Look, the only thing– they don’t want me to be in here too long, so you’ve gotta– you’ve gotta just get some rest, okay?

Sally: No. No. Please just– please. Just let me go. Just let me go.

[ Sally sobbing ] If you have heart disease and are on a statin,

Elena: Hey, adam?

Adam: Hm?

Elena: It’s important to remember that sally’s not the only person who lost a baby tonight. So, be kind to yourself, okay? A memento.

Adam: What is it? How’s she doing?

Nick: She said she could use something to help her sleep.

Elena: I already put a note in her chart. Something should be here soon.

Nick: Thanks, elena.

Elena: You both should go home. Get some rest. Sally’s already exhausted and you’ve all been through a lot. Good night.

Nick: Good night.

Adam: Good night.

[ Nick sighing ] Man, you look like hell.

Nick: You should see the other guy.

[ Adam chuckling ] I could use a drink. You wanna go somewhere to talk?

Adam: Um, just, there’s something that I need to do first, but uh, meet you at society?

Nick: Yeah.

Elena: I’m so sorry. I really wish things had turned out differently.

Sally: These things happen, right?

Elena: Doesn’t make it any easier. If you want to talk about it…

Sally: Maybe later.

Elena: Or I could just sit here and not talk, if you don’t want to be alone.

Sally: What I’d really like to do is sleep.

Elena: Okay. The nurses should be bringing in your sleep aid soon.

Sally: Thank you.

Elena: The thing that we talked about doing, when you’re up to it, if you change your mind about seeing her.

Sally: I won’T.

Elena: There’s a button on the side of your bed. You just press it and you tell them what you want. This is a gift from the nurses. Good night, sally.

Sally: Good night.

Adam: Thanks.

Nick: Yeah.

Adam: Well, um, I’m sure that you wanna hear the rest of the story. Sure that you’re gonna hear it from her when she’s up to it.

Nick: So, I guess they put her on medication and it wasn’t working?

Adam: The, um, the condition that they warned her about, the eclampsia, they just– they said that they had to induce labor. There– there was a risk, there wasn’t any time and I understood the risks, but you know, the worst thing that could happen, it never happens.

Nick: But it did tonight.

Adam: There was a complication and elena said– she said I had to make a decision. She said if you had to choose only one, who would you choose? Would you choose sally or the baby? And I mean… I mean could you imagine such a thing?

Nick: Yeah, actually, I can.

Adam: I chose sally.

Nick: Well, I’m sorry that you had to make that choice alone, adam. But, I’m glad you were there. Thank you.

Adam: Well, I didn’t do it for your gratitude. I mean, I’m the last person that she wanted to see after I told her what they made me do. I mean, she blames me for everything. I mean, I don’t know. Maybe you would’ve made a different decision.

Nick: It was never my place to make any decisions about sally or the baby. That was all you. The three of you.

Adam: The three of us.

Nick: Look, uh…

[ Nick sighing ] I know this is probably not gonna make you feel any better right now, but you did the right thing, adam.

Adam: I just– I couldn’t imagine a world without sally in it… and now she’s alive, but she’ll never forgive me.

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[ Adam groaning ]

Adam: You know, they say your world can change in the blink of an eye and I– I swear to you, it was faster than…

[ Finger snapping ] …That.

Nick: I’m never gonna be able to convince you it’s not your fault, am I?

Adam: It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not because all I care about is sally. Or if she’s okay, her well-being. God, yeah, I was really looking forward to getting to know that little girl. I was ready to give her the world. I would’ve given my life for her and now, we’re just– we’re just supposed to go on. The sun still comes up, the world keeps spinning without her in it. How are we supposed to do that?

Nick: I don’t know, adam, but we do. We endure.

Adam: Look, um, you should– you should go home.

Nick: No, I don’t have to.

Adam: No, come on. I mean, you should be with sharon and you should be with faith. They need you more than I do.

Nick: You sure?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Nick: All right.

[ Adam sighing ]

[ Adam sniffling ]

[ Sally sighing ]

[ Sally sobbing ]

Sally: No. Okay. Your name… is ava… hope… spectra. You’re the daughter of sally spectra and adam newman. Oh, you were the light of our lives. Oh, they said that I could hold you, but– I just have to press a button, but… I’m so afraid that you’re gonna be disappointed in me. Please don’t hate me. Oh. God, I wish I had a lifetime with you. I loved you your whole life. I know it wasn’t very long, but… there was a joy and a lightness that I never had. I finally had that slice of happiness I’d always seen in other people. And I wasn’t alone anymore. I was never gonna be alone again. Somebody to love… and loved me. Maybe you were more than I deserved.

Faith: Dad.

Sharon: Hey. How’s sally? How’s the baby? Is everything okay?

[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: The baby, um… there was a procedure. The baby didn’t make it.

Faith: Oh, my god. That can’t be what happened.

Nick: I’ll tell you all about it later, faith. Just know that sally’s okay. As okay as she could be.

Faith: I’m so sorry.

Sharon: Wow. Um, how’s adam?

Nick: Uh, struggling. Um, you know, sally’s gonna be fine. She’s got me and chloe, but adam…

Sharon: He’s got no one.

Nick: God only knows how he will deal with it.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Damn. – We got this! – Great! – Bye!

[ Adam sighing ]

Victor: Sorry for your loss.

Adam: Thank you.

Victor: How’s sally?

Adam: She hates me, but she’ll be just fine. At least, that’s what they say anyway. I mean, how is a person supposed to bounce back after everything goes out of control? I mean, no matter how many prayers you say, no matter how many times that I apologize for doing something wrong, nothing changes, dad. I mean, I thought this time, it would be different. I thought, “I’m gonna be good.” This is a chance for me to do it right. A new baby. So, I’m gonna pay attention. I’m gonna do things right. I’m gonna cherish every moment. There’s something in me. I did this to her. There’s something corrupt in me, did this.

Victor: Son–

Adam: No, it has to be me. I’m the one that causes problems with connor. I mean, there’s something in my genetic makeup that just ruins things. One touch from me and it’S…

Victor: What’s her name?

Adam: Her name… it was ava.

Victor: Ava. That’s a beautiful name. Wish I’d known her.

Adam: I wish you had known her too. You guys could have… never mind.

Victor: If it helps you at all to know that I’ve gone through something like this, hm?

Adam: What did you do?

Victor: I turned away from everyone. Big mistake. What you do in moments like this is you turn to people who love you.

Adam: Who the hell would that be? I mean, I look around, I– I’m alone. There’s no sally, no siblings, no daughter. Nuh-uh. I have to get through this alone.

Victor: No, son, you don’T.

[ Nick sighing ]

Sharon: You’re, uh, welcome to the guest room.

Nick: Thanks. I should probably get home to christian, but if you’re not in a rush to go to bed…

Sharon: Stay as long as you like. Sad news about the baby.

Nick: Yeah. Real sad. I mean, you’re always looking out for everyone else.

Sharon: That’s because I’m fine.

Nick: I know what it’s like to kill a man, sharon. What you did was justified. You saved all of our lives.

Sharon: You would’ve done the same thing.

Nick: Well, that’s how I know. Until you deal with those emotions, you’re never gonna be able to move forward. What we did will haunt you and grow in size until you face it and stare it down. My a1c was up here; now, it’s down with rybelsus.

Victor: You must know that you have people in your life who have experienced, you know, big losses. I mean, they’d be–

Adam: What? What? Happy to see my life in shambles again? So what, they can smugly hold it over my head?

Victor: Son. I want you to know that I’ll always be there for you. I’ll be there for sally, I’ll be there for connor. All you have to do is ask.

Adam: All that I want is forgiveness from sally and that is not gonna happen.

Victor: Look, you can’t expect that right now. This is– this is– she’s in a very emotional–

Adam: Listen, it doesn’t matter, okay? It doesn’t matter. I appreciate you trying, but nothing matters anymore.

Sharon: You know, it may not seem like I am processing recent events, but…

Nick: It’s in your system now, sharon. You can try and process it on your own, but until you talk about it with someone in real terms– you know, it’s ugly and terrifying, but if you just try and stuff those feelings down, it’s gonna come back and screw up your life in other ways. It doesn’t just go away.

Sharon: And where did you get advice like that?

Nick: Oh, it’s uh, this good friend of mine. She told me that after I… killed the man that was hurting my sister.

Sharon: Well, she gave you very good advice.

Nick: She did. She’s real smart. You’d like her.

[ Sharon chuckling ] So, tell me what happened. You know, talk me through it.

Sharon: That animal had my daughter strapped with enough explosives to level a building and I promised her that I would do whatever it took to keep her safe and that is what I did. I killed the man who was trying to hurt my child and if it ever happened again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Nick: And how are you doing with that?

Sharon: Honestly, nick? I feel alive. Like, activated. Like I’ve been asleep since rey died, just pouring coffee and listening to other people’s problems and now… now, I’m awake.

[ Sally sighing ]

Sally: Oh, your life was brief. But you changed me. Because of you, I smiled at the silliest things. I’d just stop in the middle of the day and smile because… I was gonna be someone’s mom. I was gonna be your mom. And I’m so sorry that we don’t get the life that I promised you, but I promise, I promise that I will always love you and I will always be your mom and I will never forget you. Oh, god. Oh, I know I have to say goodbye to you. I know, I know, I know, I know. Okay. I’m gonna do it while I hold you, okay? Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Hello? Yes, I would… I would like to see my baby now, if that’s okay.

[ Sally sobbing ] Okay.

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