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Nikki: Victoria, what have you done?

Victoria: Done? Uh, I’ve done plenty. It’s been a very productive morning. Is there something in particular that you’re referring to?

Nikki: I saw nicholas tearing out of here looking none too pleased. Wasn’t hard to guess what that was about.

Victoria: And you would be right.

Nikki: You asked him to take a leave from work, didn’t you?

Victoria: It was more than just an ask.

Nikki: Oh, my god. Why would you do that? I told you it was a bad idea.

Victoria: It was the right thing to do.

[ Nikki groaning ]

Tucker: Hey, dr. Hastings, how are you? Oh. Sorry, it’s, uh, just mr. Hastings now, isn’t it?

Nate: Hello, tucker.

Tucker: How’s the business world treating?

Nate: Great. Uh, I’m proud of quite a few new accomplishments I’ve managed to pull off at newman media. And I like to think I can take some credit for the increase in the profit margin as a result.

Tucker: I’m sure audra charles could take some of that credit too, right?

[ Nate scoffing ] Yeah, she’s a spitfire, that one, huh. And brilliant.

Nate: Very. And now, she’s finally being given the opportunity to shine. I know exactly how that feels.

Tucker: Oh, you mean after what happened to you at chancellor-winters?

Nate: I wasn’t treated right there. My ideas and opinions weren’t valued, and that was a– that was a frustrating experience. I get the feeling you clearly didn’t appreciate audra at your former company or she’d still be there.

Tucker: Oh, I don’t know if I’d go that far.

Nate: Yeah, right. Now, if you excuse me, I’ve got work to do.

Tucker: Some work to do.

[ Laughing ]

Nick: Gotta hand it to you, nate.

Nate: Why is that?

Nick: Pretty smooth, man. And you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Tucker: Uh, can I get another one please? This could be interesting.

Adam: Excuse me, nurse. Has miss spectra been released?

Nurse: No, she’s been taken for some final tests to be sure she’s ready for discharge.

Adam: All right, so she could get out possibly today?

[ Sally sighing ]

Sally: What are you doing here, adam? Why do you keep coming back when I asked you to stay away?

Adam: Please, sally, will you hear me out? Don’t push me away. Not now. Not after everything that has happened. (Smelling)

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Sally: How many times do I have to tell you I don’t want you here right now and I do not want to see you?

Adam: I know that seeing me is a painful reminder of everything that we just lost. Okay? I– I feel the same pain that you were feeling, but please just let me help you get through this. I mean, at least tell me how you’re feeling.

Sally: I’m fine, apparently. At least physically. Doctor encouraged me to walk around as much as I can.

Adam: Well, that’s good. I’m glad that you survived it all, but emotionally, I know that you’re as wrecked as I am. And look, I don’t wanna push, but I feel like what I have to say will help you.

Sally: [ Sighing ] Adam, how many times do I have to tell you?

Adam: Let– let me just– let me tell you why everything went down the way that it did. Now that the sad reality has a chance to sink in, let me explain more fully why I made the decision that I did.

Sally: I already know why you did it. I heard everything that you said when you thought that I was asleep earlier. I– I didn’t miss a word. How much you still love me. And how hard that decision was for you to make. But… if you were faced with the same situation again, you would make the same decision and honestly, that is the last thing that I want to hear right now.

Nate: What’s going on, nick? Where’s all this hostility coming from?

Nick: Don’t insult my intelligence.

Nate: I’m not insulting your intelligence. Why would I do that, nick? What is the problem?

Nick: You. You’re the problem. I knew day one hiring you was a big mistake.

Nate: Mistake? I brought nothing but success to newman media.

Nick: Oh, I don’t deny that. You seem to be a very quick study.

Nate: So what if I am? The numbers don’t lie and I have a great mentor.

Nick: Oh, is that what she is? A mentor? Or is she a target? Like what you tried to pull with your families company?

[ Nate laughing ]

Nate: Really, nick? I can’t believe you’re still throwing that back in my face.

Nick: And I can’t believe you think a betrayal like that could be so easily forgotten. I mean, I gotta wonder how far you would have taken this if elena hadn’t made you come clean. I mean, would you and my sister be running your family’s company? The one you tried to steal from your cousins right now? What I find really interesting about this, nate, is my sister seems to be pretty central to all of your big power moves.

Victoria: Believe me, nicholas will get past his initial upset and he’ll realize that he truly needs this little break.

Nikki: I doubt that very much. Why are you forcing this on him? Especially with everything else that’s going on in his life right now? I asked you not to push him, or at the very least, let him make the decision.

Victoria: You know how stubborn he can be. Besides, his ordeal with cameron and sally losing her baby, it’s too much for anyone to handle all at once.

Nikki: Victoria, you should have let him make the call.

Victoria: I made the right decision for nicholas and for the company. He– he may not see that for himself right now.

Nikki: Well, I’m not sure I can see it either. So, what happens next? What’s your next move?

Victoria: Next move? There is no next move. How many times do I have to say it? This isn’t part of some scheme to oust my brother from the company and quite frankly, I am sick and tired of people second guessing my decisions for this company.

Victor: What’s going on? That’s me before dawn powerwash.

Nikki: Victoria has forced nicholas to take a leave of absence.

Victor: Why would you do that?

Nikki: Well, because she decided that with all the trauma, with sally losing her baby and cameron kirsten terrorizing sharon and faith, that he must take a break from the company, whether he wants to or not.

Victoria: Nicholas thinks that he can handle this all. I don’t think that’s wise. And I told him as much. And I– I brought up the idea of him taking a little time off.

Nikki: Which, if you recall, is exactly what I asked you after the whole ashland locke debacle, but you refused to take time off. You said you needed to focus on work.

Victoria: But– look, those are completely different situations. You can’t compare the two. Three of the women in nick’s life that he loves the most have been through horrific situations and they need him right now.

Nikki: Nicholas knows what he needs to do to take care of his family.

Victor: Your brother is perfectly capable of focusing on his job while handling his personal affairs.

Victoria: But this is not about his capability. I’m not worried about that. What I’m worried about is him carrying around this heavy burden on top of his workload. And look, newman is in a strong enough position. We can afford for nick to take a little time to himself. He’ll thank me for it later,

Nikki: But who are you to make that decision for him?

Victoria: It’s my decision to make. I am looking out for everyone concerned, including this company.

Nikki: Did you ever stop to think that nicholas needs a distraction like work with everything else that’s going on with him right now?

Victoria: Why is everyone making such a big deal out of this?

Nikki: While I suspect that there’s more at play here than you’re saying. And I believe it has something to do with your relationship with nate hastings.

Nate: You’re way off the mark here, nick. There is no clandestine plan going on with victoria and me.

Nick: Why should i believe you?

Nate: Look, I know you’re going through a lot of personal issues right now, and I get it. It’s a lot for anyone to handle, so I’m going to give you a break and cut you some slack this time.

Nick: Don’t do that. Don’t use that against me. You and victoria are using my personal issues to shove me aside.

Nate: Nobody is trying to shove you aside.

Nick: Nate, just stop, all right? And don’t act like you didn’t know vic was going to force me into this leave of absence. I mean, how long is it going to be before she makes you interim coo? Or has she done that already?

Adam: I don’t regret that you heard me pour my heart out. Maybe if I’d known you were listening, I wouldn’t have opened up so completely, but I did. You heard it all. You heard the hard, painful truth.

Sally: Please, adam.

Adam: What? What, sally?

[ Sally sighing ] Talk to me. Did I say something that brought up questions you want answered? Or is there something you want to say back to me?

Sally: There’s nothing that can change or fix this decision that you’ve made. How can I ever forgive you? Why didn’t you give the word to save our baby’s life?

Adam: Don’t you see? I couldn’T. I had to give the word to save yours. She found it.

Adam: Don’t– don’t push me away. Just– just hear me out. How could you think that I could give a blanket permission that could take your life?

Sally: So, instead, you sacrificed our baby.

Adam: I had to make a lifesaving decision. Time was of the essence. Okay, when you– when you heard me before, you couldn’t look into my eyes, but now you can. Sally, we have never been able to lie to each other with much success, but if you would just look at me, you will know that I mean every word. You will see how much I am grieving our little baby girl and how I will never get over something like that, but at least I’m not grieving you. Even if I had opted to save the baby, there was no guarantee that she was going to live. I couldn’t risk losing both of you. And I’ll never regret saving you because you deserve to live.

Sally: Yes, but ava deserved to live too.

Adam: But you will be a mother again someday. You’ll be the mother that you always wanted to be. And even though I won’t be the father, your next baby will be the luckiest little being in the world. Because she’ll have you as her mother. If I could only save one life for sure, it had to be yours.

Sally: Just go. Please just go.

Victoria: Why would you assume that nick’s leave of absence has anything to do with nate?

Nikki: Well, it’s pretty obvious since he’s already delegating newman media work to audra.

Victoria: And? Is there a problem with that? I mean, she is his coo.

Nikki: It’s very presumptuous, victoria.

Victoria: Okay, fine, big deal. What if nate comes in here and helps me to run newman while nick’s taking some time off? Look, he’s already proven himself. He’s smart. He’s forward thinking. He’s loyal. Dad, you said yourself how impressed you are with him.

Victor: Sweetheart. You also happened to be romantically involved with him, don’t you? Was he part of the decision making process before this started?

Nikki: Or was it his idea from the very beginning?

Victoria: I refuse to be interrogated by my parents about this. Have you lost your confidence in my ability to do my job? Look, if you have a problem with the way that I’m running this company, then why don’t you just let me go?

[ Door shuts closed ]

Victor: We struck a nerve, didn’t we? That troubles me.

Nate: You’ve been through a hell of an ordeal. Victoria thinks you can use this time. She is looking out for you and I’m not looking to take your place.

Nick: All right, so if she asks, you’re gonna say no?

Nate: Come on, nick.

Nick: I’m looking at the big picture, nate. That is the future of my family’s company.

Nate: You honestly don’t believe I’m a danger to this company now, do you? I care too much for victoria. I only want to help her, help newman. I’m not trying to hurt it in any way and if she wants to make me interim coo, that’s her call. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no reason to believe that’s even part of her plan, but regardless, it’s her decision to make.

Nick: See, I’m not buying this innocent act of yours for one second, so let me break it down for you.

[ Nate sighing ]

Nate: Go ahead.

Nick: I’m not upset with vic. I know she loves and cares about me. She may have my best interests at heart, but you? You are the one I worry about. Because I think your plan is to take full advantage of this situation.

[ Nate sighing ]

[ Adam sighing ]

Audra: Well, hello there.

[ Adam sighing ] You certainly look like a man with a lot on your mind. Adam newman, am I right?

Adam: Uh-huh.

Audra: I’ll have a bourbon, neat, please.

Adam: Do I even know you?

Audra: Not yet. But you should.

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[ Sally sighing ]

Nurse: Excuse me, miss spectra? Here are your release papers. It’s been approved. Someone will be in shortly to discuss these forms with you.

Sally: Thank you.

Audra: Audra charles, coo newman media.

Adam: Whatever it is you want, miss charles, I’m not interested. No matter how flirtatious you try to be.

Audra: Oh, um… no flirtation intended. Look, I was merely curious about my new competition, that’s all.

Adam: Well, yes, that is exactly what I am. I am your newest and most lethal competition.

Audra: Wow, that sounds almost ominous. How afraid should I be? Look, from what I understand here, company du jour, mccall is struggling to get back on its feet and a man with your track record doesn’t help its chances.

Adam: I see you have done your research.

Audra: Well, it’s hard to avoid the many sordid exploits of adam newman in this town.

Adam: Well, I wouldn’t believe half of what you hear. But speaking of exploits, should I believe the one that you’re soon going to be in charge of the whole show at newman media?

Audra: Where did you hear that?

Adam: Oh, I have a pretty good handle on nate hastings. Victoria and he have gotten involved in, what would you say, um, extracurricular kind of affair, but I’m sure you already know that. So, I can only assume that victoria will soon be dragging him into the business of the parent company. Something I’m sure that nate covets.

Audra: Hmm, well, looks like you’ve done quite a bit of research on your own.

Adam: Mm-hmm, enough to know that newman media is going to need somebody that’s perfectly positioned to step up.

Audra: Well, who am i to speculate, but if you are right, I am more than ready.

Adam: Yeah, I just bet you are.

[ Victor sighing ]

Nikki: This is really weighing on you, isn’t?

Victor: Yeah. I mean, it’s not only nicholas and victoria, it’s the whole family is at odds. I don’t like it.

Nikki: I can’t argue with that.

Victor: Adam lost his child. We almost lost beautiful faith to that cameron bastard. And everyone is going off in all kinds of directions.

Nikki: It does seem that way. Faith is going back to school, victoria’s trying to drive nicholas away.

Victor: And you know, adam… is clearly on a downward spiral.

Nikki: Not to mention noah’s departure. And johnny and katie are going to be heading to boarding school this fall.

Victor: You know how upsetting that is to me? Considering that I had thought I had imbued everyone with a sense of, “family sticks together, whatever problems we have, we resolve it together.”

Nikki: And you did an excellent job of that. Believe me, they know it deep in their heart. Sometimes, they just need a little reminding.

Victor: I guess you’re right. But one thing I can assure you. I bet you nate hastings has something to do with our son’s departure.

Nate: You know, nick… I remember when we were friends. What happened? When did that stop?

Nick: Maybe it’s when you lied to my face about being with elena while she was with devon. Now… everybody knows my story. Who am I to throw stones about infidelity? So, it’s probably because you betrayed your family when you tried to sell out neil’s company.

Nate: Man. [ Chuckling ] You really won’t let that go, will you?

Nick: He was my friend. The loyalty that neil showed to the people he cared about, his family and friends was unmatched. It’s one of the things I loved most about him.

Nate: So, what are you saying? I’m not loyal to the people I love like my uncle was?

Nick: Nate, do you think what you did was loyal?

Nate: Nick, I ultimately did not betray anyone. Yes, I was angry at being overlooked and constantly demoralized, but in the end… I couldn’t, couldn’t go through with it.

Nick: Well, look at that. Obviously, there’s a conscience in there somewhere.

Nate: I’ve tried to make up for it ever since. I’ve done everything I possibly could to prove my regret for the hurt I caused. Nick, I wish there was something I could say or do to allay your suspicions of me. Anything that could help us get back to some semblance of a friendship we used to have.

Nick: I know exactly what you can do. Are you ready for this? Stay in your lane at newman media. You don’t need to go anywhere near newman enterprises. Now, nate, if you do that, you’ll prove to everyone, especially me, that this isn’t part of some master plan that you’ve cooked up with my sister. How’s that sound? Does it sound like a good solution?

Nate: I hear you, nick. And I respect where you’re coming from. But if victoria needs my input, I’m not going to say no.

Nick: Well, there it is.

[ Nate sighing ] My husband and I have never been more active.

Nate: I’ve just about had it with all your insults and insinuations.

Nick: Why is that? I haven’t said anything that isn’t true, have I?

Nate: Aren’t you supposed to be using this personal time to take care of all the things and turmoil in your life right now?

Nick: Yeah, vic said I should be using this time to take care of the people I love, so that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m trying to keep them safe.

Nate: Hm. From me.

Nick: I’m glad you finally admit it.

Nate: Nick, I am genuinely sorry to hear what you’ve had to endure these past few days. Genuinely. But don’t blame me because you couldn’t stop your daughter from being kidnapped. Or for the fact that you weren’t there for sally when she lost her baby.

Tucker: Hey, victoria. Better break that up before it gets physical.

Victoria: You didn’t waste anytime, did you? You just had to come here and blame nate for my decision for your time off? And wrongly so, I might add.

Nate: Everything’s fine, victoria. I don’t fault nick for jumping to conclusions. Your brother’s had this idea in his head for quite some time now, but no worries. I can handle it.

[ Phone chiming ]

Nick: You know what? You two, uh, just do exactly whatever it is you think you got to do. Just remember, plans like this usually end up crashing and burning.

Audra: You know, when I arrived in genoa city, I first considered uh, looking for a little pied-a-terre to settle into. But I’m glad I decided to stay here, you know, at the club. It’s just so convenient having the lounge downstairs. You know, it turns out, this is a hot spot where all the movers and shakers seem to stop through.

Tucker: Hi there.

Adam: Are you– are you looking to cause more trouble, tucker? Or you just trying to stick your nose in where it doesn’t belong?

[ Tucker chuckling ]

Tucker: Actually, I had heard that sally spectra lost her child and so I was going to offer my condolences.

Adam: Wait a minute, how– how do you even know about that?

Tucker: There are no secrets, adam. Isn’t that right, audra?

Adam: I’m sorry, I’m not interested in discussing my personal situation with you, tucker. And I’m certainly, not going to be discussing my business plan with my soon-to-be rival in charge.

Tucker: Rival in charge? Have you pulled it off? Are you already being fitted for the crown?

Nikki: I refuse to believe that victoria would allow herself to be manipulated by a man after everything that happened with ashland. She learned that lesson the hard way.

Victor: Yeah. I don’t think she would ever allow it.

Nikki: So, do you think she’s the one driving this?

Victor: Mm-hmm, I do. But… nate hastings is more than eager to follow her. And that, I don’t like.

Nick: Hey. How are you feeling?

Sally: I am ready to go, that’s for sure. Just being here makes my heart ache. And having to deal with adam doesn’t help. It messes me up even more every time I have to see him.

Nick: I understand. I’m not going to keep pushing you to forgive him. That’s gonna have to be something you work out on your own. But in the meantime, let’s get you out of here.

Sally: Okay.

Nick: There is… one important thing I need to know.

Sally: What is that?

Nick: Where exactly am I taking you? Have you given any thought to my offer of… moving in with me? And what kind of milk?

Sally: I love the way you’re always looking out for me. You’re the sweetest man that I know, and I really am touched by your offer, but… moving in with you and christian is a really big, important step, so I hope you don’t mind if I just… need some time to think about it.

Nick: Yeah, of course. Take as much time as you need.

Sally: You know what I really want right now?

Nick: Name it.

Sally: I want to go back to my room at the athletic club and take a long, hot shower. And rest in something that is not a hospital bed.

Nick: Let’s do it.

[ Sally chuckling ] Take it easy.

Sally: I just found out that it was yours.

Adam: Okay, and– I rea– I really don’t mean to be insensitive, but how do you know like, for sure? I assume you, nick, you know.

Sally: Yeah, um, I had a paternity test that tested nick’s dna and it ruled him out. You were the only other possibility.

[ Adam chuckling ]

Adam: Wow. Um…

[ Laughing ] I’m not sure what to say right now.

Sally: Well, just to be clear… this… this changes nothing. Emotionally.

Adam: Actually, I disagree with that. This– yeah, I mean, this changes everything.

[ Sally grunting ] What’s wrong? You okay?

Sally: Yeah, I just haven’t been sure of what I’ve been feeling has… been the baby moving, but I– I think this is it.

Adam: What?

[ Both laughing ] That is definitely a moving baby. Wow. He or she, wow, that is quite a kick.

[ Sally laughing ]

[ Sally chuckles ] I have no idea about little girls.

Sally: Yeah, but you have nieces.

[ Adam laughing ]

Adam: It’s not the same. Uncles get all the fun stuff, dad… I mean, how am I going to be able to say no to our perfect little daughter when she’s looking up at me with those big blue eyes?

Sally: They could be brown.

Adam: Well, no matter what color they are, I am not going to be able to say no.

Sally: You chose me over her?

Adam: No. Look, when you say it like that, that’s not–

Sally: Why? Why would you?

Adam: How could I not?

Sally: She was my everything.

Adam: I couldn’t lose you.

Sally: But you already did, adam. You made that choice a long time ago. I’m not yours anymore. I was hers and she was mine. She was all I had. And you let her die. You didn’t even– you didn’t even try, and fight for her.

Adam: Look, this– sally, this was the hardest decision of my entire life.

Sally: Could you just not envision a life where someone actually needed you, where you had to step up, possibly, on your own, and be the man that nobody thinks you could be?

Adam: I thought that I was making the right choice.

Sally: You destroyed her life.

[ Sally sobbing ] And mine.

Audra: Well, I haven’t been exactly crowned the queen yet, you know, but things are progressing very nicely for me at newman media. All the pieces appear to be falling into place, even though nothing’s official yet.

Tucker: So, it’s just a matter of time. Oh, by the way, I just ran into your boy, nate.

[ Tucker laughing ] He spoke very highly of you. He said you were a very valuable asset to the company.

Audra: And why wouldn’t he?

Tucker: Why wouldn’t he?

[ Audra chuckling ] Oh, audra.

[ Clicking tongue ] Heavy is the head that wears the crown, you know. Just a little warning, be careful what you wish for. That may come with many sleepless nights.

Audra: No warning needed. I know exactly what I’m in for.

Tucker: Yeah, but you don’t have a clue about adam. That guy is someone you have to look out for. I mean, he is trouble. You thought I was trouble? He’s worse.

Audra: Hmm. Adam doesn’t scare me. Look, I can handle him and anything that gets thrown at me.

Tucker: Of course. Who am I to doubt the great audra charles?

Audra: How are you, by the way? Still flying high?

Tucker: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s progressing nicely with ashley. Engagement is still on. Although… she is hell-bent on taking jabot away from her brother.

Audra: That must make you happy now. Since it was your initial goal when you returned to genoa city. Taking over jabot.

Tucker: Yeah, you would think, wouldn’t you? But no. A war over a legacy company is not a fight I wanna fight. It’s– it’s destined to fail.

Victoria: Oh, well, I certainly hope that nicholas didn’t give you too much grief.

Nate: I had it handled. I held my ground and tried to get through to him as best as I could. But you, on the other hand… you look like you’ve been through the ringer.

[ Victoria laughing ]

Victoria: Yes, I– I have. The mom and dad spin dry. Both my parents were all over me about insisting that nick takes time off.

Nate: Does that mean you’re having second thoughts now?

Victoria: Actually, no. It’s just given me more resolve. I, um, made it perfectly clear that this was my decision. But I can’t back down because I know it’s what’s best for the company and for nicholas.

Nate: So, you held your ground. Good for you.

Victoria: I’m sure my brother must have told you that this leave of absence is effective immediately.

Nate: Immediately? That was fast.

Victoria: Yes. Which is why I would like to officially name you interim coo of newman enterprises in nick’s absence. Are you okay with that?

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Jack: You lied to kyle. Again.

Summer: Kyle wants to separate. He asked me to move out.

Audra: My achievements are not confined to the boardroom. I got a few moves. [ Chuckling ]

Kyle: I bet you do. How about you show me some?

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