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Oh given the charges, the proposed deal of six months is still too lenient. I hereby sentence the defendant to serve three years. Zeke: Your honor, this is not — no! You can’t do that! Look. You seem like a really nice person. Trust me. I don’t belong here. I feel fantastic. Go ask the shrink. I just need to check your vitals, and I’ll be out of your hair. Please, don’t excite yourself, mr. Quartermaine. Eddie! It’s eddie maine! Here you go. Thank you, honey. Thanks. Oh. Dr. Collins. Please tell me ned’s gonna be okay. Will my dad be my dad again? Those are valid questions, but I’m afraid there’s no easy way to say this. No. My father really believes he’s eddie maine? He doesn’t just believe it. He is eddie maine. So, your solution to rid my son of his delusions is to lean into them? I’m simply saying that if you would let him try to work this out on his own in his own time, without constant opposition from you, that it might help him get better a little faster. And when did you get your therapist certification? Did they hand it out with your last sobriety chip? You’re impossible. You’re an idiot! Charming. And, by the way, you’d think your 12 steps would teach you to not impose your neuroses on my son. I was too much of a gentleman to say it last time, but back the hell off! I should be headed home. Mnh-mnh-mnh. Wait. Just wait. Let me say something. So, I want to apologize for bringing up all that cody stuff earlier. I was bad, and I-I just want to promise I will never do it again. Thank you. Except just let me just say that if you worked out… lucy! …The timing — it would be great just if both agreed — lucy! Okay. O-okay. Then I will say that, you know what? Cody could just be snapped up like that by somebody else. Oh, don’t be greedy. You have a guy. I do, don’t I? And I would not trade marty for anything. All I’m saying is, you know, at the beginning, it’s kind of delicious when you’re wondering, not knowing. You find that delicious? Yeah. I always found it torturous. No, no, not me. Even when I was a little girl, I would get a daisy, you know, and do that old petal-pluck thing. “He loves me, he loves me not… he lo–” he definitely loves you. Mm!

[ Laughs ] Nothing is too good for the woman I’m gonna marry. Hm. You’re making me blush. No easy task. Get used to it. Hm? Mm-hmm. Oh, yeah? Get over here. Hm. Mr. Corinthos. Ms. Reeves. I guess we had the same idea. Do you know how it’s going for drew and my mom? Ms. Spencer, one more outburst, and I will have you removed! Mom, please. Carly. Your honor, I am sorry, but there’s been some kind of mistake! There was a deal on the table! You agreed! Six months in spring ridge, not three years. There was a deal in place, however sentencing is up to the court. And not just duration, but also location. Given the gravity of these charges, the court has decided that the defendant, andrew cain, will serve those three years in pentonville penitentiary.

You do make a habit of sticking your nose into other people’s conversations. Thank you, but I won’t need defending from tracy. I’ve had years of practice. But I see that you’re somewhat familiar with her, too. Oh, we just met the other day when she was berating my son, chase. Oh, do you mean when I was reminding him of everything my granddaughter did to get him reinstated as a cop? And they’re back together, so you’re welcome. Feel free to apologize anytime. Actually, I was hoping to clear the air when I saw you again, but after seeing how you just treated my friend here, I think you’re entitled to something else from me. And what would that be? A lesson in etiquette. And I’m happy to teach it free of charge. But this is only temporary, right? I mean, my dad will be my dad again. Of course he will. And ned is gonna be back just as impossible and lovable as ever, right? Is there something you want to say, dr. Collins? I wish I could say that everything would return to normal in no time, but I can’T. As you know, dr. Ashford ordered a battery of neurological tests, and the team has gone over the results. Now, we are dealing with a traumatic brain injury. But the neurological indicators and the behavior of the patient himself would suggest that this is something…else, something more than a simple case of memory loss. You’ve got to just break it down for us, dr. Collins, please. I understand. For everything that we have learned about the human brain, it’s still a mystery. For some reason, ned’s brain has superimposed over the thoughts and feelings of ned quartermaine with the thoughts and feelings of… eddie maine. M-a-I-n-e — like the state in new england! I’m telling you, there’s nothing wrong with me that some fresh air and a room of my own won’t cure! So, please, get me out of here! Of course I will. What the hell?! What are you giving me?

[ Sighs ] Oh. How did you know? How did you know I was actually thinking about daisies? Well, it’s a gift. Actually, no, don’t believe me. It’s a lucky coincidence. I’m using your favorite flowers to apologize for being so incredibly busy lately. After today, my client’s gonna be breathing a whole lot easier, and I promise I will have more time to spend on us. Hm. Wow. Well, you know, you are a winner… oh, don’t start. Come on. …Baby! And you are. You are the best lawyer in town. You are! It’s not my client’s case, okay, but they definitely have a stake in the outcome. Sounds important. Who’s the client? Anyone I know? I give you my word that I will do everything I can to make sure that no one finds out it was you that tipped off the sec about drew and carly. I’m sorry, sasha. Attorney/client privilege. I’ve already said too much. Anyway, what are you two stunning creatures up to today? What do you think? Deception and more deception. But specifically… the deceptor. Sales are through the roof! Seems our customers really appreciate a product that does what it promises to do. I think you’re right. I’m telling you. This deceptor is gonna change the lives of women and men and human beings everywhere, especially the three humans sitting at this table. And to think… I owe it all to you. I haven’t heard anything from the courthouse. Well, I’m just happy my mom’s not facing prison time. Thanks to drew. Yeah, it was very noble of drew to sacrifice his freedom for carly. Yeah, some people know how to put their own needs aside for the sake of others. Josslyn, can I talk to you for a second? Sure. You know, dex, we really haven’t had a chance to get to know each other. And now that sonny and I are, well… why don’t we start at the beginning? Please call me nina. Nina. You know, dex, despite what you may have heard about me, you and I want the same thing. Why would you sentence drew to pentonville?! He hasn’t committed a violent crime! He hasn’t committed a crime at all! This is one big mistake! Ms. Spencer, sit down before I hold you in contempt! You can’t go. You can’T. You’re making things worse. Let drew’s lawyer handle this. I know. Ms. Spencer is out of order, your honor, but the point that she was trying to make is valid. My client has admitted to insider trading. He’s taken full responsibility for his actions. The us attorney has agreed to sentence him to a minimum-security facility — standard practice for a nonviolent crime. Standard practice is subject to circumstance and interpretation by the presiding judge. But, your honor, mr. Cain is not a common criminal. He’s a respected member of his community. He’s a decorated navy seal. Why, recently, he even worked with the government to help save hostages that were taken by victor cassadine. Are all these things just gonna be ignored and forgotten? On the contrary, it’s actually because of all of those things that I cannot look the other way. Look, there aren’t two sets of laws in this community — one for the privileged, yes, heroes included, and one for the rest. No one is above the law. That’s why I am ordering mr. Cain to be taken from this courthouse and be remanded to pentonville effective immediately.

Your honor, we ask that you give mr. Cain time to get his affairs in order. Mr. Cain has a family, including a young daughter, in addition to all the people at his business, aurora media, who depend on him. He’s not a flight risk. The government has no objection to counsel’s request. And I agree with you, your honor. No one is above the law. The days of privilege superseding accountability are rightly numbered. But with that being said, I also believe that justice without mercy is hollow and meaningless. Wouldn’t you agree, your honor? Stop. You are being too modest. Accept the compliment. No, no, you stop. No. You’ve got to learn to take compliments. You — you — you — you know you’re giving me way too much credit. Now, the deceptor is 100% your baby, therefore the credit is 100% yours. Come to think of it, you just walked into the office one morning and started spinning this amazing new idea. You never said martin had something to do with it. Because I didn’T. Yes, you — yes, you did. Stop it. Come on. I love the fact that we did this together. Okay. I want details.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Well, as you probably know, every good story begins in bed. Isn’t that right, my magic man? If anyone needs an etiquette class, it’s you. And you ought to get your other son to give you lessons because finn knows how to behave. Alright, alright, alright! That’s enough! Take a breath. Everyone to their neutral corner. I’m gonna leave you to your friend because I have real issues to deal with — my son and my family. Real issues that need real compassion. Something you wouldn’t understand. Oh, I understand a lot more than you think. Just do us both a favor and stay away from chase. If you’re as smart as your son — and I mean finn, not the other one — you will stay the hell away from me. Friend of yours? Ohh… my father’s brain wants him to be eddie maine? I don’t understand. Ned has everything a man could want. A loving family. Successful job. Standing in the community. Why would he want to forget all that just to relive his glory days? This is all my fault. This is all my fault. If I would have believed him when he said he wasn’t the one that turned carly and drew in to the sec, this wouldn’t be happening. If only I believed him sooner. Oh, please! Leave it to olivia to make this all about herself. Brook lynn: Don’t listen to her, olivia. She’s just scared like the rest of us, except granny’s fear comes out as mean. Scared? Me. What ned needs is a cold splash of water and a stern talking-to. Tracy, that is the last thing that he needs right now! I understand that emotions are running high, but turning on each other won’t help ned. No wonder dad wants to be eddie maine. Can you blame him for wanting a break from this family?

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Door opens ] Is he okay? I had to give him a sedative to calm him down. Brook lynn: Poor daddy. This whole nightmare started when we all thought that you were the one who blew the whistle on carly and drew.

[ Sighs ] If there’s someone else who’s to blame, why wouldn’t they come forward? Dex, we both care about sonny. And don’t tell me “it’s just a job,” not when you took a bullet for him. Thank you for that, by the way. Boss dies, I lose my health plan. Dex, you like him. I love him. Which puts us both on team sonny. Got it. And now that we’re getting married, I hope you keep an open mind despite what others might say about me. By “others,” you mean josslyn? All I’m asking for is that you reserve judgment until you realize that I want to keep sonny safe and happy even more than you do. And you want me to convince joss to give you a chance? I’m surprised you two are still together. Why? Well, you came to my office. You wanted me to fire him. You didn’t want him working for me. Yeah, and you told me that it was up to him to talk to you about that. Uh, yeah, it was. And he wants to stay in the organization. Yeah. He wants more than a paycheck. He wants to belong. He made peace with me. How about you? I’m granting mr. Cain one week to get his affairs in order. However, he must surrender his passport and remain within the city limits of port charles until he turns himself in to the authorities for transport to pentonville. Thank you, your honor. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Mr. Robinson, should your client fail to appear, he will be treated as a fugitive. Rest assured those three years in pentonville will seem like a long weekend. This hearing is adjourned.

[ Gavel bangs ] Bailiff: All rise! I have my client’s passport and paperwork prepared.

[ Sighs ]

Hell happened?! It was supposed to be six months in spring ridge! Six months! This isn’t over. Hey. I know it’s tempting with your skill set to disappear, but — w– no, no, no. When I — when I give my word, I keep it. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god. Look. I’m — I’m gonna be here a while. I got to wait around. So, michael, maybe you should take your mom home. I’m not leaving. It’s gonna be a while. We have seven days. Seven days. Look, drew, whatever you need, any resources I can provide, I’m here — just like you’ve been for me and willow. I appreciate that, man. I remember there was a half-moon shining through the window, and I was lying in marty’s arms, and it was almost like the moon was winking at me, you know? Like it knew something. And I remember this is so yummy. And it made me a little bit sad ’cause I know we missed out on a lot of time together when we were apart, and I just thought, “oh, I would love it if I could just stop the clock.” And it was so interesting. All of a sudden, I guess he heard me ’cause he said, “what if there was a way? What if there was a product or a formula that could simply stop time?” Oh, for god’s sakes. I was just thinking out loud. Now you’re being modest again because you were buzzing with so many ideas. You had so much going on. And I fell asleep with all of that going on in my head. And then? And then… that’s the best part. Because when I woke up, it all seemed possible. It wasn’t a dream. It was actually a product that could cosmetically conquer time or at least delay it. And that — that is when the deceptor was born. And marty was my magic muse. Oh. No. No, no. Wow! No, no, no. No, sasha. Don’t you dare believe her. I’m telling you. I swear to you, it was — lucy coe took a — took a raw idea. It was just a concept. Perfected it. She’s the one. Made it her own. ‘Cause she’s one sexy genius. Hm, and you are a sexy, handsome, gallant muse. Wow. Wow. All this story needs is a fairy-tale ending. So how about it, you two? When are you getting married?! Never!Never! Finn warned me that tracy could be quite the dragon, but as you can see, she barely laid a claw on me. Are you okay? I mean, what she said about you not dealing with any “real issues” was just awful. And she has a heart of stone, but even she wouldn’t have said that if she knew what you were actually — she won’t, and there’s no reason she should know anything about me. But what I don’t understand is why she came down so hard on you. There’s obviously history there. What did you do to her? It’s what she did to me. Did you ever hear of the expression, “first hurt, then hate”? Oh, that’s tracy to a “T.” That’s her M.O. Go on. How’d she hurt you? I’m going to see my son. No, you are not! Tracy, sit down and shut up! I’m his mother. And I’m his wife. And what he needs is love and understanding right now, the kind he’s gonna get from his daughter, not some horrendous, bitchy monologue from you! And I think we’ve just had a window into why ned might prefer to be eddie maine. Get away from his mother? Or his marriage. Let’s not look at it as an escape, but rather a journey to find his true self. Looks so peaceful. Like all his problems are a thing of the past. You want to solve my problems? Bust me out of here. Now. Seven days? Seven days is like a-a lifetime. We just — we just got to put it in perspective and then think about — think about that everything that willow and michael have been through and how they live day by day. I want more time. Well, then we’re just — we’re just gonna have to live every day, every — every minute like it’s our last, and we’re just gonna create enough memories to last until I get back. What about scout? You’re gonna have to spend time with her. I will. I will spend time with scout. And when I’m not with scout, I’m gonna be with you. I can’t believe this is happening. Hey. Hey. Let’s not think about it like — like three years, okay? We’re gonna think about it like, um — like, I don’t know, 36 car payments. Huh? Okay? I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. It’s gonna be okay. Isn’t a good relationship between me and josslyn also good for sonny? No disrespect, but while I’m loyal to mr. Corinthos, I’m also loyal to josslyn. Well — and she gets to make up her own mind. I understand that, but we’re talking about peace. And peace is always a good thing. I wouldn’t even suggest for you to intervene, dex, if I didn’t think it would be helpful for everyone, including you. I’ll think about it. But just to be clear, I would never let anyone hurt mr. Corinthos or josslyn. Or sonny’s wife, I trust. That goes without saying. As long as you’re important to mr. Corinthos, you’re important to me. Dex had this job before I knew him. It’s his life. It’s his decision. I was wrong to go behind his back and to go to you and ask you to fire him. And you were right to turn me down. So, yeah, I have made my peace with him working for you. I’m glad to hear it. But that’s not the question I asked. Have you made your peace with me?

What’s wrong with marriage? Nothing. For just over half the population. So happens I fell into the other half — over and over again. You know what they say about baseball? Three strikes, you’re out? I’m out. You do understand, don’t you, my love? Oh. You betcha I do! Mm-hmm. You know, I-I do have a history of saying “I do” when I wish I didn’T. What marty and I have is — is perfect. Why spoil it with a prenup and a trip to reno? Oh, I forgot. I-I got to get out of here. I have a conference call. After that, I am gonna relax by the pool. In the meantime, you should think about putting these lovelies in some water. What do you say? Mm-hmm. What do you say? I say, go get ’em, tiger. I thought you were the marrying kind. When did that change? It hasn’T. I was hoping when I said “no,” marty would talk me into saying y-e-s, yes. And then wouldn’t you know it? Chase was the arresting officer. I-I can’t believe what I’m hearing. That’s diabolical. Yeah. Tracy thought she was saving ned from my evil clutches. You and ned? Yeah. We almost got married. A-a long time ago. And then… a couple of years ago, he was married, and I was drunk, and we had a regrettable evening. You know, two lost souls. Yeah. Say no more. I hope chase was smart enough to see through tracy’s scheme and clear your name. It took a village, but, you know, in — in some way, tracy actually did me a favor. I didn’t do any of the things that she was framing me for, but, you know, I was out of control. And from that moment, it turned my life around. I admire you for rising from the ashes. But tracy’s frame-up could have had a very different ending. Let it go. She’s not worth it. I agree. But my son is. Sir, I’m a police officer. I’m gonna need you to release brook lynn’s wrist. He’s not hurting me, chase. I’d still like to see you let her go. I promise you, as soon as the doctors give the okay, I will take you home. To vegas? You have a home in port charles, too. I need to get to vegas. Look. I understand. I know how it feels to perform, to feel the love back from the audience. There’s nothing like it, is there? I can think of something. What’s that? The love of the people who know you best, your family. Tracy: The only “journey” I want ned taking is the one back to his senses. Tracy, have you considered the possibility that in his mind he is being sensible? Wait. Y-you’re saying that ned being eddie maine is a good thing? Eddie maine isn’t real! It’s a stage name! To you. But to ned, eddie maine represents freedom, gratification, simplicity… and maybe just a touch of the fantasy that he needs. I need ned. I know it might be selfish, but I just want my husband back, warts and all. And leo needs his father. I mean, isn’t there some way that we could — we could coax him back? “Coax” him? He needs another bump on the head! Sorry to interrupt, but I wanted to keep you updated. I’ve requested a meeting with the judge. Okay. Is he willing to listen to reason? He is willing to listen, but only after drew is remanded to pentonville. Okay, just as long as I’m held accountable and prove that I am not above the law. That could take months or even a year. And the whole time you’ll be locked up in pentonville. Carly, I’ve been to afghanistan. I’m a navy seal. I’m not worried about pentonville. And the moment they take you to the prison, I’ll begin lobbying for that meeting. Yeah, anything. Anything just to expedite this, please. Got it. And I’d offer you a ride, but I get the feeling you probably have better things to do with your time. Okay. Hey, zeke. Yeah? Thank you. This isn’t over. This is a significant setback. We’ll talk soon. Yeah. Okay. Hey. You know what? Enough about me. We got to talk about you. Because you’re about to face a very stiff financial penalty. What? That’s my problem. No, it’s not. It is not. It’s our problem. And I know how we’re gonna solve it. I’m working towards acceptance. You are who you are. And you did what you did. And I don’t have the power to change that. When I’m angry at you, I hurt some of the people that I love who also happen to love you. So… I don’t know if that counts as “making peace,” but that’s the best I can do right now. I hope someday we can both do better. But for now, I’ll take that. Hey. What’s going on, michael? I don’t know. Josslyn texted me that she’d be here with dex. Um, look, you all need to know. I just came from drew’s hearing. And, uh, well, the judge gave him three years in pentonville. Oh, my god. Son of a bitch. It wasn’t supposed to be that way! Oh, really, nina? How was it supposed to be?

It’s my fault for bringing up marriage in the first place. No. No, no, no. No. It’s not. Really. Don’t feel bad. I-I don’t mind the topic. It’s just I can’t believe that marty said “never.” You know, I thought if I say “never,” then he would say, “oh, little snookums, never, ever say never.” But he didn’t say that. Well, I mean, with three marriages and divorces, I guess you can’t blame the guy for being a little gun-shy. Yeah, maybe. According to marty, those three wives made his life a living hell. I just wish I could exorcise it right out of his head, and then that would open him up to the idea of marriage again. Well, either way, he loves you, lucy. He’s not going anywhere. You really think so? Not every guy would stay up late encouraging their partner to follow their dream and then help that dream become a reality. You’re right. Do you know he has not asked for any share of the profit? Not one single penny. That’s true love for you. Yep. Every month like clockwork. Trust me, lucy. Marriage would only spoil everything. No offense, but the more I hear about your father, the less I envy him. Family life is nice and all, and I can tell that you really love the guy, but corporate life and all the ulcers that go with it… ha! Not my style. And I have a feeling it’s not yours, either. Kevin: I’m unaware of a traumatic brain injury being cured by another traumatic brain injury. Tracy, if you even think of taking a hammer to my husband — settle down, both of you! I was kidding! Yeah, well, there’s nothing about this situation that’s funny, alright? Money is no object. Whatever it takes. Honestly, I’m in uncharted territory, as well, but I do know a few experts in the field. I’ll consult with them. I’ll draw on every resource and database I can find. But in the meantime, I do think ned should start therapy. Ned or eddie? ‘Cause we’re supposed to be calling him eddie now, right? How long do we have to buy into this fantasy?! And there’s the disconnect, tracy. Not his. Yours. You can call it a fantasy, but to ned, it’s his life. Whatever you do, don’t deny his reality. Give him space. Dad wants more than space. What did he say he wants? Tell me! A one-way ticket to vegas. I-I mean, there was supposed to be a deal in place, wasn’t there? There was, but the judge overrode it. Mom must be devastated. I’ll reach out to drew, help any way I can. I already did.

[ Cellphone rings ] The us attorney was — was shocked as the rest of us. Excuse me. This is completely on the judge. And he wanted to send a message that there was no… ava. Oh. You heard. I just — I just did. I-I know. It’s awful, isn’t it? I’m just gonna get my affairs in order, I’m gonna put aurora media up for sale, and then we’ll use the proceeds to pay for your financial — no! Absolutely not! Aurora is your creation. It’s — it’s your legacy for scout! Scout? Scout is too young to care about that. She’s gonna be fine. She’s got elq shares. I’ve made other investments for her. That’s not — I’m not gonna let you give aurora away! You need it when you come back! Whatever the penalty is, I’ll figure it out. I don’t like that. I don’t want to think about this right now. I want to make the most of whatever time we have left.

Okay. So I’m thinking. You know how marty planted the idea of the deceptor in my head? Why can’t I plant the idea of wedding bells in his? Sure. Why not? Right. Why not? Okay. To the future. And may all those ex-wives and the damage they’ve done be a thing of the past.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Hm. Oh, god. Look at this.

[ Groans ] I swear… the only thing worse than number two in a swimming pool is number three.

[ Grunts ] I am — don’t faint — headed to the gym. I was thinking maybe we could meet for dinner afterwards. What do you say? I’m thinking thai food. What, are you worried I’m gonna track tracy down and put the fear of god into her? First of all, you’re assuming that tracy fears god. Second of all, you’re too civilized for this. Right? Chase can hold his own. But after what you and finn have told me about tracy, it’s clear that woman fights dirty. Gregory, do not sink to her level. You have a lot more important things to worry about. There’s nothing more important than my sons. Tracy: Did you hear that? My son thinks he’s a vegas lounge lizard. This has gone on long enough. You can keep your therapy. I’m going old-school. Where are you going? To knock some sense into your father. How can you be so calm? Hm. After weeks of uncertainty, now I know what I’m facing. Right? I can prioritize. I can do what means most in the time that I’ve got left. We have to be strong. Hey. We will be. Seven precious days before I turn myself in. Let’s not spend another second in this courtroom. Okay? What do you say we get out of here? Okay. My mom’s not responding to anything. Her phone must be off. Let’s go find her. Okay. I’ll call you. Go. Okay. How’s carly handling this? How do you think? She’s ready to go to war for drew. War with who? I mean, look. This — even if — if ned’s responsible, he doesn’t even know who he is. That’s convenient for ned and the worst possible outcome for drew. Ava, I did not plan for this, but now that it’s happened, there is a tiny part of me that almost feels sorry for carly. Well, no, I-it’s a tiny part. I mean, what is she going to do without drew for three long years? I know. I just feel awkward.

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