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Billy: Hey, there. Just the woman I was looking for.

Chelsea: Ah. Well, if you’re looking for the confused, exhausted type. I’m your girl.

Billy: Well, I was just about to get myself something sweet. I’ll grab you an espresso. I’m looking forward to the movie night. Been looking forward to it all week. You’ll fall asleep on my shoulder and Connor and i will keep it down.

Chelsea: Well, that’s the problem. Connor.


Sally: Actually, I’m not.

Adam: I was, uh, talking to the other lady in the room. Wait ’til you see what I’ve got for you. Your old dad’s here to expand your palate. But in order for you to taste the world, you need to eat.

Sally: [ Grunts ] How can I? Nick was just arrested for assaulting that maniac.

Adam: Wha– Cameron? Uh, well, that tracks.

Sally: Wait, you’re not surprised?

Adam: Uh, nick can be a punch first, ask questions when you get around to it kinda guy. But you know that already.

Sally: What do I know?

Adam: The whole story. What happened with Ashland. And the news article you refused to run in Newman media’s publication

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