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Sharon: I really appreciate you coming by. But shouldn’t you be out there looking for Cameron?

Chance: Well, I got my team and Victor’s guys on high alert. I’m gonna stay put, if that’s okay? I’m sure as hell not gonna leave you here alone. Plus, i told Nick I’d look after you. So, just feel free to ignore me and go back to business.

Sharon: Well, I can’t just putter around you like you’re the furniture.

Chance: Ah, sure you can. I’ll blend right in. You’ll be mistaking me for an old ottoman in no time.

Sharon: [Laughing] Somehow I doubt that.

Chance: It’s nice to hear you laugh again.

Sharon: Well… you’re a positive influence. And not just on me. I appreciate you being so reassuring with Faith. These past few days have been tough on her.

Chance: Yeah, she’s a good kid.

Sharon: Now that she’s off to college, the time I have with her is really precious. You know, a few short years from now she’ll be graduated and off on her own, and– and then I’m really gonna miss her.

Chance: Well, I can tell how much you two love each other. I doubt she’ll end up very far away from home.

Sharon: I hope not. Having to send her away like this is agonizing. It’s one of the reasons why I’m so angry with Cameron. You know, I want this house to be a haven for faith.

Chance: Yeah, I understand that. I kinda wanted something similar at my place for Dominic. Didn’t really work out for me.

Sharon: Well, it’s tough when you’re trying to keep your kids safe.


Summer: What’s going on with my dad?

Michael: Um, he ran into some trouble. It’ll be taken care of in… hold, 45 minutes.

Summer: But he’s in jail?

Michael: Well, for now. Talk to him when– when he gets out. He’ll tell you what happened. You both will have a good laugh over it.

Summer: Oh, God. My dad is in jail. My mom is on the run.

[Chuckling] What is happening in my life? What–

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