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Elena: Your blood pressure is concerning and so is the pain. We’re gonna do everything that we can to get you more comfortable soon. What else can you tell me about your symptoms?

Sally: Um, my head is killing me and I’m nauseous and I have double vision.

Adam: And, uh, don’t forget about your breath, your oxygen intake.

Sally: Yeah. I’m having trouble catching my breath.

Elena: And has your ob-gyn put you on an anti-hypertensive protocol for preeclampsia?

Sally: Yes. And she told me to take it easy.

[ Sally groaning in pain ]

Adam: Sally. Sally.

[ Sally groaning in pain ]

Elena: Just breathe. Deep breaths. I told cameron to go to hell. What if he hurts faith or worse?

Nick: We’re not gonna let that happen, all right? We gotta stay positive.

Sharon: She has to be okay. She has to be okay, nick.

Nick: She will be, all right? She’s our miracle, remember?

Sharon: Okay. How are we gonna find her? We don’t know where cameron’s keeping her.

[ Knock on the door ]

Nick: Who is it?

Chance: It’s chance. Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Chance: Oh, man. He really nailed you. Yeah?

Nick: Yeah. So he got away through some tunnel he made in the house. I tried to chase after him, but he caved it in so I couldn’t follow him.

Chance: Are you hurt? Did he hurt you?

Sharon: No. He just bragged about how he outsmarted us all so he could get me alone.

Chance: Okay. Well, nick, you were right. He wanted us to think that he was holding faith at that garage. What else did he say?

Sharon: He said that he loved me and that we were meant to be together. He promised me that he would not hurt faith if I went away with him and I agreed to do it.

Nick: Then I showed up.

Sharon: Thank god.

Nick: He got away. We have no idea where he went or where he’s keeping faith.

Sharon: What do we do? How do we find her? We may have made things worse. Cameron left here even more unhinged.

Chance: Well, we know he always has a plan. We just gotta think like he does.

Nick: It’s a scary thought.

Chance: Yeah. So that’s why I’m hoping this, his suitcase, will help us find out where he is keeping faith.

Sharon: This is where you found the property deed to the garage?

Chance: Yeah. I’m hoping I missed something. Maybe a real clue.

Sharon: This was all part of cameron’s plan to fool us, wasn’t it?

Nick: There’s nothing in here. I doubt he’s read this.

Sharon: Wait, what’s this?

Cameron: You deserve better, faith. Your mom lets you down. Imagine if you could get ahead of your ibs-C…

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Cameron: God, you really are as beautiful as your mom.

[ Cameron chuckling ] Here I was all set to be nice. I mean, it’s not your fault your mom’s a bitch, is it? And all I’ve done is love her. For 20 years, that’s all I’ve done. Her heart, her mind, her face.

[ Cameron chuckling ] “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” God, I’m sorry about that. You know, the night I met sharon, I looked into her eyes and I knew she was the only woman for me. At that moment, I knew I couldn’t live without her. God knows I tried. Well, love is love. Fate is fate, right? So, I made my way back to her, ready to give myself to her completely. And what does she do? She lies through her teeth. She leads me on. She tells me exactly what I wanna hear. And then the moment that my back is turned, she stabs me in the back! You got any idea what that feels like? To give everything to someone? To bleed for them, to kill for them? And then they just dismiss you. Just treat you like you are garbage.

[ Cameron sniffing ] God, help me. God, I still love her.

Sharon: It’s a false bottom. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my god. This is mine. Cameron went through my things.

Nick: He was in your bedroom.

Chance: What’s this?

Nick: Yeah. These are the schematics of the genoa city sewer system. Hey, look, this tunnel right here, that goes right under the ranch.

Chance: That explains how he got on the property and into your house.

[ Phone ringing ]

Sharon: Unknown caller.

Chance: All right. This could be it.

Sharon: Where is she?

Cameron: You broke my heart, sharon.

Sharon: Where is faith? Is she okay?

Cameron: She’s not too happy. I told her what you did, how you treated me. She expects more from you.

Sharon: Don’t you touch her, cameron. I wanna hear her voice.

Cameron: Yeah, that’s, um, that’s not possible.

Sharon: Why? What have you done? Is she okay?

[ Faith whimpering ]

Cameron: She’s alive for now.

Sharon: Let me talk to her. I need to know that she’s all right.

Cameron: Kid’s sure got your fire, that’s for sure.

Sharon: Cameron, please, please, just let her go. I’ll do whatever you want, okay? Please.

Cameron: Oh, please. Now with the pleases? Little late for that, isn’t it?

Sharon: You promised that you wouldn’t hurt her.

Cameron: Yeah. And you promised me the world.

Sharon: Cameron, what– what do you want? Do you want me to come to you? You want me to run away with you? I will. I’ll do it. I swear. Just let her go, please.

Cameron: Well, and I should trust you? Words dripped outta your mouth like honey. And every one of them was a lie.

Sharon: I want my daughter!

Cameron: Well, you’ll get your daughter back. I just can’t guarantee the condition. Looks like the poor kid’s running outta oxygen.

Nick: Let her go, damn it!

Cameron: Even your useless hero, nick, can’t help you now. You picked the wrong horse, sharon. You turned your back on true love. You wanna find your child? She’ll be in the place where you expected to find my dead body all those years ago.

Sharon: Cameron, wait–

Adam: You see how much pain she’s in. I mean, isn’t there something that you can do for her?

Elena: We’re gonna do everything we can for her. Sally, I’m gonna contact your obgyn so I can get up to speed. I’ll know more once I speak to her, okay?

Sally: Okay.

Adam: Thank you.

Elena: Okay. I will be right back, but something tells me you’re in good hands.

[ Sally wincing with pain ]

Sally: Oh, this is not going as planned.

Adam: I know.

[ Sally wincing ]

Sally: Oh, I’m so scared.

Adam: Hey, hey, hey. Okay. It’s– hey, let’s not go there, okay? We are surrounded by professionals and they’re gonna give you the best possible care and they’re gonna take care of you and they’re gonna take care of our baby.

Sally: Yeah. What if I did this?

Adam: Sally, no. Okay? Stop.

Sally: I was so stressed out about nick and– and I insisted that we go out to eat and you told me that I should stay in and–

Adam: No, no, sally. Okay. Stop. You don’t get to blame yourself.

Sally: But I couldn’t sleep. Maybe I didn’t take my medication on time or–

Adam: Sally, stop. You did everything right, okay? This is just an unexpected blip. Everything is gonna work out.

[ Sally groaning in pain ] Can I get you some water? Hey, we’re having a– a summer baby. You know what that means, right? The holidays are right around the corner.

Sally: Oh, they are not.

Adam: They are if you plan ahead, and you know what? Halloween is first up. Our little girl, she’s gonna need a pretty sweet costume. I mean, what do you think? Ghost? Ghoul? Maybe a fairy princess? It’s kind of a tough decision. And then it’s gonna be thanksgiving and we’re gonna be making pumpkin pie with her.

Sally: Yeah. I know how much making those pies meant to you with your mom. And you said that she always wanted to make the holiday special.

Adam: Yeah.

Sally: Even if it was just the two of you.

Adam: Some of my best memories ever.

Sally: Oh, we are definitely gonna make those pies. There’s only one problem.

Adam: [ Laughing ] What?

Sally: I’ve never been good at baking.

[ Both laughing ]

Adam: Oh, well, we are– we’re gonna fix that.

Sally: What if we can’t fix this, adam?

Elena: Okay. Dr. Chandler is on her way. In the meantime, I’m gonna give you an iv bag of magnesium sulfate.

Adam: Ooh, that– hey, that sounds pretty delicious.

Sally: What is that?

Elena: It’s an anticonvulsive medication to help lower your blood pressure.

Sally: Is it safe for the baby?

Elena: Yes, it’s safe for both you and the baby, but there is something else.

Sally: What?

Elena: We’re concerned about the severity of your symptoms. They could indicate the possibility of hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes or a low platelet count. And all of these things can be life-threatening to both you and the baby. So with that said, there is a chance that we may have to induce labor. So I didn’t think I needed swiffer.

Sally: It’s way too early for labor. The baby isn’t ready.

Elena: Sally, this is our most viable option. The longer we wait, the higher the risk for you and the baby.

Adam: Whatever the doctor says.

Elena: Adam, can you please excuse us? I’m gonna give sally a quick exam.

Sally: Can you please just call nick and tell him that I’m here and ask him to come?

Adam: I will call him. Just focus on taking care of yourself and our little girl.

Sally: Okay. God, you had no idea what you were getting yourself into when you told him you’d look out for me.

Adam: He didn’t need to ask, sally. I would’ve been here right by your side no matter what.

Sally: You’re the best.

Adam: Just trying to be a good co-parent.

Sally: Am I allowed to be scared now?

Adam: Just a little. Only ’cause the relief will be that much more profound. I’m not going anywhere. I’m gonna be– I’m gonna be right here, okay?

[ Sally panting ]

Sally: Adam… hope is a beautiful name.

[ Sally sobbing ]

Chance: Sharon, what did he say?

Sharon: He has faith in the sewer somewhere. He mentioned something about her running out of oxygen.

Nick: How? What the hell has he done to her?

Sharon: I don’t know. But I do know that he has completely lost his mind and we need to get to faith before it’s too late.

Chance: He’s right here. We can enter through there.

Nick: Here too. We come in from both sides, we cut off any escape route.

Chance: I’ll take a team in from the north. You take victor’s guys, go south.

Nick: Yeah, let’s do it.

Sharon: You’re not going anywhere without me.

Nick: Sharon, no. No, it’s too dangerous.

Sharon: I know him better than either of you. I know how his mind works. I know how deranged he is. I know what he’s capable of. If he is still with faith and he feels threatened in any way, he’ll– look, faith cannot be hurt because of my mistakes.

Nick: She’s not gonna be hurt.

Sharon: He does not bluff. He will kill her. I need to get to cameron right away. I need to be the one to end this.

Cameron: Fertile plain. That’s what the name sharon means, you know that? Imagine the kids we could have had. I used to think about that. A pack of kids. I always hoped that one of ’em would be a little girl like you, but now, I guess we’ll never know. But let me tell you something. You could help me with your mom. You– you– you– you could explain to her that I– I– I only did what needed to be done to remind her of our love, to make her understand that we– we belong together. You get that, right? You do it, we could be a real family. We could hang out. We could go on vacations. I guarantee that you can learn to love me at least as much as you– you think that you love your real dad. Sorry about your cat, by the way. That’s on your mom. Ignoring me like that, I had to do something to get her attention. I– I’ll– I’ll buy you a new cat if you want one. Any kind you want. Ground rules. You play nice, I take the gag off. Give you some water. We got a deal? All right. Come here. Ah, there you go. Hey, I’m not that scary. You know, your mom takes care of people. She’s– she’s kind and warm. She’s not– she’s not afraid to speak her mind. That’s part of her charm. Even when she, uh,

[ Laughing ] Even when she does it with a champagne bottle to the back of the head. You’re lucky you got such a great mom. Too bad you got such a son of a bitch for a dad.

Faith: My dad is the best.

Cameron: Really? I take your gag out and those are the first words outta your mouth? How about thank you?

Faith: He’s the best man that I know.

Cameron: Oh, really? Is that why he cheated on your mom? Broke her heart how many times? I would never do that.

Faith: You will never even be half the man that he is.

Cameron: Hey, big mouth. Don’t make me sorry I took that gag out. I’m trying to be nice. Here.

Faith: How do I know that it isn’t poisoned?

Cameron: Satisfied? Look, I’m sorry about all this. Dragging you down here. Whole thing got outta hand.

Faith: Then stop it. You can stop this.

Cameron: I didn’t start it! Nick newman did. Daddy. All because I adore a woman that he’s not man enough to love the way she needs to be. And again, I guess the course to true love was never smooth. I mean, think about it. There’s really only one bump in the road to– to– to sharon and I being together and that’s nick. Nick’s really the only one who needs to die. And then… I could be your dad. And I can love you and your mom and make you happy for the rest of your life. Here, come here. Okay. Come on. Come on. Come on. Drink, drink, drink, drink. Okay, there you go. You should not have done that. -Fixed. -That’s my son.

Adam: Nick, look, I know you have your hands full, but, um, you need to know sally’s in the hospital. It’s serious. Um, her doctor is– is on the way, so she wanted me to call you. So call me, let me know that you got this and tell me when you’re on your way.

[ Adam sighing ] Just… let them be okay. They don’t deserve this. Do what you want with me, but just leave them alone.

[ Phone ringing ]

Victor: Son, what’s going on?

Adam: Have you spoken to nick? I’ve been trying to get in touch with him.

Victor: He’s dealing with that slime ball cameron kirsten. Why are you looking for him?

Adam: Look, if you talk to him, tell him to give me a call. I don’t care how late it is.

Victor: Wait a minute, son. Is there something wrong with sally and the baby?

Adam: I gotta go.

Elena: Adam.

Adam: How’s sally?

Elena: Situation’s taken a turn.

Adam: What does that mean?

Elena: Sally is unconscious.

Adam: What! What happened?

Elena: The medication isn’t working. Her blood pressure’s too high and she’s at an extreme risk for placental abruption. That is when the placenta separates itself from the inner wall of the uterus. It can be fatal to both her and the baby.

Adam: Fatal?

Elena: Adam, there is no easy way to say this, but if we are to save the baby, we need to take her now. But there is a chance that we could lose sally during the procedure. So I need you to make a choice. Do we save the baby or do we save the mother?

Cameron: You little bitch!

Faith: Is that my mother’s?

Cameron: Faith, you are trying my patience.

Faith: And you’re crazy.

Cameron: What did you say to me? What did you say to me? Don’t you ever say that again. You understand me?

Faith: What is it you expect to get from this? Why are you doing it?

Cameron: It’s destiny, fate, kismet. It doesn’t happen like it does in a book or a movie. Where– where– where it all just comes together in one some kind of a big, big cosmic event. In real life, you’ve gotta– you’ve gotta grab it and you hold it. And the more hopeless it becomes, the harder you work. All I’m doing here is I’m manifesting my destiny and sharon’s because she has forgotten what we mean to each other. Nick, nick got in her head and he turned her against me. And now I need to remind her of how much she loves me.

Faith: I know the men that my mother has loved. You are not one of them. You never will be. If you love her, why are you trying to take her away from her happiness? The life that she has.

Cameron: What life? She slings coffee to a bunch of losers. She needs love. The kind of love that only I can give her. The kind of love she begged for.

Faith: You beat her.

Cameron: Faith, you need to shut up.

Faith: It’s the truth! You’re a monster!

Cameron: Little girl, I’m warning you. Shut your mouth or I will–

Faith: Or what? You’ll hit me?

[ Rustling ]

Cameron: Sounds like showtime.

Faith: Mom, dad, don’t come any closer! It’s a trap! Please run! B-dubs’ sweet chile lime sauce has 3 perfect ingredients.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Adam: What? You want me to choose between sally and our baby? I can’t make that decision.

Elena: I understand how difficult this choice is. This is where we are.

Adam: Come on. There– there has to be something that you can do. I mean, can’t you– you– you delay the c-section? You could stabilize sally and– and our baby.

Elena: I wish that were the case, but the baby is in distress. And if the placenta removes itself from the uterus, sally could hemorrhage and bleed to death.

Adam: And you want me to decide this right now? Right now, who lives and who dies? No, I can’t do that, okay?

Elena: I am so sorry, but time is of the essence.

[ Adam exhaling ]

Adam: Can I have a few minutes with sally, please? Please.

Elena: Two minutes.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: You know, I still remember the first time that I knew for sure that you were gonna turn my life upside down in the best way possible.

[ Adam exhaling ] How do I do this, sally? I’m the guy that screws up everything. Like when I broke up with you for your own good. How stupid was that? God, I’m the last guy that should be making life or death decisions. I need you to wake up.

[ Adam sniffling ] Come on, I need you– I need you to wake up and do that bossy thing that you do. And tell me how to handle this. I know what you would want.

Elena: Adam, it’s time. We have to move sally to the or. Have you made a decision? Adam, if you’re not able to make this call, the doctors will.

Adam: Wait!

Victor: Nick? Sharon?

Nikki: My god, what happened here?

Victor: I just got a call from adam. He was rather distraught. He was looking for nicholas and couldn’t get an answer. So, I came by to see if there’s a problem. Obviously, there is.

Nikki: Why was he trying to get ahold of nicholas?

Victor: I bet you it has to do with sally and the baby.

Nikki: Well, the fact that nicholas didn’t respond is concerning.

Victor: And that has to do with cameron kirsten, I bet you. I bet you, okay?

Nikki: Look at this place. What on earth? This. Oh, my god. Victor.

Victor: Son, as soon as you get this message, call me back. I wanna know where the hell you are.

Sharon: Oh, my god. Faith!

Faith: Mom, be careful. Cameron was just here. He’s gotta be close.

Sharon: Or he ran like the coward that he is. Let’s get you out of here. Are you okay? Did he hurt you? Did he touch you in any way?

Faith: I’m okay. But he’s next level insane.

Sharon: Oh, gosh. I’m so sorry about this.

Faith: He kept talking about how much he loved you. How dad ruined his chances to be with you.

Sharon: There was no chance of anything. He’s a complete psychopath. He is. He always was. Damn it!

Faith: We’ve gotta get outta here, mom. I think he knew that you were coming. He must have set up a trap. He was working on something over there.

Sharon: Okay, done. Go! Let’s get you out.

Nick: Oh, thank god.

Faith: Dad!

Nick: Come on. Let’s get you outta here. Come on. Come on.

Cameron: Not so fast, sweetie. You didn’t live this strong, this long to get put

Adam: How is sally? Is she okay?

Elena: It was touch and go, but we got through the worst of it. I was able to stabilize her.

Adam: And, uh, our baby?

Elena: Adam… there was no way to save them both. I’m so sorry.

Victor: Why wasn’t I informed when nicholas and sharon left the premises?

Guard: They went with the rescue team and detective chancellor. With the police involved I didn’t think it was necessary.

Victor: You answer to me. You don’t answer to my son. You don’t answer to the damn cops! You keep me apprised.

Guard: I’m sorry.

Victor: Get the hell out of here. You’re fired! Now!

Nikki: Victor, it’s the sewer system. He’s taken them down there again. No, no, no, no, no, no. Where are you going?

Victor: To look for my son and my granddaughter.

Nikki: Victor, please don’T. It’s too dangerous.

Victor: It’s my family, sweetheart.

Nikki: Victor!

[ Door closes ] Oh, my god.

Faith: Mom!

Nick: Let her go.

Cameron: Nah, we’re good. Ain’t that right, baby? So nick, does this make you feel uncomfortable seeing her in my arms like this? ‘Cause feels pretty good from here. Just like old times. Isn’t that right?

Nick: You bastard.

Cameron: Ah! Don’t move.

Nick: Let her go!

Cameron: Or what? What are you gonna do? You can’t punch me. You– you can’t throw me out of an airplane. You know that’s your problem, nick. You think a fist solves everything.

Sharon: Cameron, please, we can resolve this, okay?

Cameron: Really? Really? Cheek to perfect cheek and you’re gonna try and shrink me? You’re gonna talk me down? What do you think? I’m stupid? Let me tell you something, I’m in control here. Not you and not him! Me!

Faith: Don’t hurt her.

Cameron: Love hurts, faith. That is just a sad fact of life. One that your father is about to truly understand.

Nick: You know I’m the one you wanna hurt. You let sharon and faith go and then you and I solve this right here, man to man.

Cameron: Oh, man to man. Like you even know what that means. You know, buddy, I’m tired of this conversation. You got a choice to make, nick.

Nick: What choice?

Cameron: A simple one. You’re gonna choose who lives and who dies. Faith or sharon. And if you can’t make a decision, you lose both.

Nick: Faith is free. She can just leave. Dad’s security team there are a couple hundred yards down this tunnel. You go to them. Chance and the police have the other exit blocked off. Go now. Go!

Cameron: Hey, hey, hey, hey, not so fast. Hey, nick, take a peek under her sweatshirt. You’ll find something interesting. Surprise. So here’s how this is gonna work. I’m gonna blow faith into pieces or I’m gonna slit sharon’s throat and we can watch her bleed out. It’s your call. My a1c was up here; now, it’s down with rybelsus.

Sally: You’re here.

Adam: Hey, I told you I wasn’t going anywhere.

Sally: Thank you.

Adam: Oh, you had me worried. I even prayed. Well, sort of, but it’s, um, it’s gonna be okay, sally.

Sally: The baby… how is she?

Cameron: Sharon or faith? What’s it gonna be?

Nick: You son of a bitch!

Cameron: Yeah, I am a son of a bitch. But so are you. You took everything from me. My life, my freedom, the woman I love and you lost nothing. You just kept living your life. The golden little rich boy. Well, guess what? I’m tired of losing, nick. It’s your turn. You got 30 seconds and I swear to god I’ll kill them both.

Nick: You hurt either one of them and I promise you, you will not leave this room alive.

Cameron: Oh, come on, man. You don’t think I know how this ends? I’m not walking outta here. But I swear, I am gonna destroy your life before I go. Say a name, nick. Come on, boy. The clock is ticking. Say a name! Say a name or I swear to god I will kill them both! Five, four–

[ Groaning ] God! You bitch!

Chance: Get on the ground! Cameron, get your hands up and on the ground!

Cameron: Sharon.

[ Groaning ] Ow.

[ Chuckling ] How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

[ Groaning ]

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless.

Billy: That’s from traci? “Calling a family meeting. No excuses.” You get the same thing?

Ashley: Yeah. What happened?

Adam: Do you need the doctor?

Sally: [ Sobbing ] No! I want her! I want her, adam. But you let her die. You’re the reason that she’s dead.

Chance: Well, before we take this off, the explosives are gonna have to be carefully deactivated one by one.

Nick: And you can do that, right?

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