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[ Dice rattling ] It looks like the tide is turning. Not so fast, hamilton. You talking to yourself? Uh… what do you want to hear? What? No friends? Well, that, and tracy’s back in town, and I’m practicing. You know, I-I can’t let her beat me. Obviously. I mean, she’s impossible to deal with with normal circumstances. If she got a win — I gotta stay on my toes. Well, maybe I can help. I keep forgetting this place serves earl gray by default. I’m not a fan of earl gray. Okay. So take it back. They’ll give you something else. I’m not gonna take it back. Okay, martyr. Why are you so cranky? Somebody on your mind? If you are referring to D.A. Scorpio, no. Holly left town. Robert told me himself. That sounds good. Isn’t it? He couldn’t say when or if she’d ever return. Sounds like a win to me. She’s gone. He’s here. So are you. I know you have a lot going on right now. I wouldn’t call if it wasn’t important. Did you get arrested again? No. But I do need your help. With what? Exposing gladys corbin. Here I am. Half an hour late. I’d imagine it takes time to get all suited up. And the hand washing. But that is not what distracted me. I got held up by an e-mail. I have no concept of time in this room. I’m just glad you’re here. Me too. You look so much better. Thanks. I don’t want to sound insensitive, but your eyes look a little bit red. Have you been crying? Time to rethink deception’s concealer formula. Sasha, what’s going on? I was crying because of nina. Any news from the pikeman camp? Ah, good. Yeah, just keep me posted. And, dex, um… look, it’s important that sonny thinks things are status quo. I still don’t want him to know that we had any connection.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Okay. Michael. How’s willow doing? Hey. Well, she’s — she’s holding her own. Sasha’s in there with her right now. Wait. So no more phones? Yeah. Yeah. We still have to wear masks and gowns, though, to keep the room sterile, but, yeah, she’s only allowed one visitor at a time. Well, that’s great. I mean, I’m sure she’ll appreciate the human contact. Yeah. Uh, what about you? I’m actually trying to avoid human contact. Yeah, everybody’s gathered up on the 10th floor waiting on word about ned, and I don’t really want to get in the way of, um… of, uh, yeah, brook lynn’s sweet granny tracy?

[ Door opens ] How is he? Dr. Ashford said that it’s about time to bring ned out of his twilight sleep. Well, that sounds hopeful. Is it hopeful?

You know what’s, um… you know what’s amazing is, this — this game that we’re playing, backgammon, I mean, it dates back more than 5,000 years. Didn’t realize I was in for a history lesson. Please enlighten me. Well, they say — that was lucky — gilgamesh, you know, the mesopotamian king that was searching for immortality, he would play. Well, I guess he’d want to do something if he was going to live forever. Right? Right? And then, you know, big-time — big-time player? Cleopatra. Oh, wow. And maybe the best of all, lucille ball. Yeah. Lucy and sammy davis, they would just take over these big hollywood parties and just sit down and start playing backgammon. I hope you’re not trying to distract me with all this incredible information and dazzling charm. The dazzling charm, it just — it comes naturally. The backgammon history is, you know, just a bonus. Mm, I see. So you’re a charmer and a nerd. You know, that’s a winning combination. I’m — I’m sorry. Did you just call me nerd? Oh. Wow. You just beat the nerd. I think I like this game. Robert told me that his complicated life just got less complicated. And isn’t that attractive? Anyway, and then our conversation became a whole lot more complicated after olivia quartermaine walked over and started pressing robert for inside information on the sec case and was there a possible deal on the table where my client carly could give up my client sonny. And you were all ears, weren’t you?

[ Chuckles ] Well, of course I was. Robert didn’t seem to appreciate that. I… I just don’t know if we’re compatible. You really like those bad-boy clients, don’t you? I like the bad-boy clients?

[ Coughing ] Jerry jacks.

[ Coughing ] Julian jerome.

[ Coughs mockingly ] Okay, stop. Everyone to their corners. Okay. Fine.

[ Chuckles ] Anyway, none of this is what I wanted to talk to you about, anyway. -No? -No. Okay. I am consulting on a new case, and I need your great wisdom. Have you ever heard of bitzecure? Bitsecure? No, no, no — Z. Bitzecure. It’s cryptocurrency. Oh, I — no. Cryptocu– I don’t do that. I know. Well, neither do I, but just stay with me. It’s a digital-currency security startup, and our client is the C.F.O. Who is being accused of stealing the keys to a big wallet, which has somehow gone missing. A big wallet? Yeah, but it’s — it’s not a real wallet. It’s a — it’s a digital wallet. And he says he’s being framed by the C.E.O., Who is apparently a real “crypto bro,” according to my associate. Well, that’s a “he said, he said.” The wife of the crypto bro C.E.O. Says she actually witnessed our client downloading funds, so it’s a “he said, she said, he said.” Well, it sounds like you don’t believe the “she said.” So, do you have any evidence? Mnh-mnh. That’s the issue. The security is all in the digital ether, so there’s no paper trail. It’s — it’s keystrokes and clicks, and, no, I don’t believe her. And according to my associate, her husband is a real shark. So where does the shark swim, and what does the shark eat? Are you having a stroke? What are you talking about? Hunger. I may not know anything about tech bros, but I know something about bros. And if it were me, I would be looking into the proclivities and the extracurricular activities of this certain C.E.O., And you might find something that his wife doesn’t like. And if she is going out on a limb for a lying cheater, or worse, she might think twice. Alexis davis, you are yummy and brilliant and devious. All’s fair in love and law.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I’ll fill you in when you get here. I’m at the stables. Thanks again, sam. Does your case really look that bad? No one can disprove gladys’s claim that I stole that bracelet. Well, hang in there. You have the full support of my entire family. Granny aside, we’d hate to lose you. You mean leo would. No, we’d all miss you. We’ve all gotten used to having you around, especially leo.

[ Sighs ] You’d miss me if I went to prison, wouldn’t you, boy? Apparently, there’s a few people out there who would. Don’t worry, comet. I won’t let gladys get rid of me that easily. The hope is that the induced sedation allowed ned’s brain to rest, preventing any further swelling and even decreasing it. “The hope” — that’s carefully worded. We medical professionals are discouraged from giving blanket assurances. But I can tell you that ned’s medical team is cautiously optimistic. Thank you. Okay. So, uh, what’s next? We’ll wake him up and further evaluate his cognitive state. I was — I was told that there was a slight chance that, uh… that there would be some lasting effects. Like what? We’re getting ahead of ourselves. Instead of rattling off a list of possible complications, why don’t we start with removing ned’s I.V. Sedation and go from there?

Miss it, don’t you? Miss what? Being a lawyer. I can hear it. Miss it? Being a lawyer is like voluntarily signing up to go into battle with an army of paperwork and legal jargon. It’s like navigating a perverse maze of precedents and cases that have no mercy. Yes, but — but cracking the case, wiping the smug grin off the face of opposing counsel. You never did that to me, of course, but then there’s winning, winning, winning! Pages and pages and pages of statutory law that you have to memorize only to find out that it’s just been revised. It’s like putting together a giant puzzle. No sleep. You get no sleep. You have no life because you know that you have to be in court for the next 20 days in a row. That’s why we have caffeine. Only to watch an innocent person be exonerated and order restored to a chaotic world. Oh, my god. I miss it so much. It’s like losing a limb. I miss arguing in court. I love to argue. And — and the thrill of advocating for justice.

[ Breathes deeply ] Oh. That’s who I am. Yeah. I got to be doing it, diane. I can’t just stand on the sidelines and watch. You mean like a reporter? Sam: Cody? This better be important. I have to get back to the hospital. Yeah. How’s ned? Uh, leo and brook lynn were here earlier. So was, uh, tracy. Oh. You met tracy. Yeah, it was quite the experience. Although, you know, she’s a mother who’s worried about her son. You know, they’re all worried. Yeah, exactly. Dante is worried. We were at the hospital supporting his mother. So if you wouldn’t mind just keeping this brief, what’s your plan? Okay. Well, that’s what I need your help with. Uh, wait. I thought you needed help executing a plan, not brainstorming the whole damn thing. Help’s help, sam. You’ve never had problems executing your own schemes before. Okay. Way harsh. Besides, you have proximity to the corinthos family.

You could gain inside knowledge on gladys a hell of a lot easier than I could. Besides, you’re the only one who knows the whole story and believes me. No, I do not know the whole story. You never told me gladys’s motive for framing you. But you do believe me, right? Nina made you cry? What has she done now? No, no, it’s not what you think. These are tears of joy. I’m in a parallel universe. Nina sparked joy?

[ Chuckles ] Very funny. You must be feeling better. I’m just trying to process. I know that your relationship with nina has been… disastrous. Fraught. But — and this is all my fault, but there was a time when nina and I were at odds. Remember? And now you’ll tell me again how that’s all changed? It has changed. Nina just wrote me the most wonderful letter of recommendation to end my guardianship. Sasha, that’s great. I’m so proud of you. Thank you. I am finally ready to move forward. How about you? So, tracy’s putting you through the paces, huh? Oh, yeah. Now I know how comet feels. You know, she’s not as bad as she seems. Really, really, look, when the chips are down, she loves her family, and she’s — she’s extremely loyal. Maybe — maybe too loyal. But she loves brook lynn. Even though they have this whole love-hate thing going on. Yeah. But brook lynn can hold her own. It’s actually kind of fun to watch. Oh. Well, it looks like someone’s getting desensitized to the quartermaine ways. Never. Do you know what I want to know, though? How are you holding up through all this? Honestly, it’s a — it’s a bit of a roller coaster. But we’re getting to the other side. I’m just very, very thankful for, uh, the nanny, because with wiley’s endless energy and trying to keep amelia on track, it’s a — it’s a nonstop juggling act. Yeah, I can’t imagine that. It’s got to take a lot of strength and patience, especially while worrying about willow. How long is this gonna take? What, do you have a pickleball championship? Why don’t you go wait outside with dante and leo, okay? Tj said it could be 20 minutes, it could be a few hours. You’re acting like a 6-year-old on a road trip. Just stop. Where is the doctor? Can’t they be doing more? What happened to the quartermaine name? Monica has let this place run down. Seriously, you cannot sit in your own son’s icu room without complaining about everything? He’s used to it. It’s just like home. Dad? I rest my case. Sweetheart? We’re here.

So today is the last day of being just… nurse baldwin. How does it feel? Feels good. It feels good. Obviously, I’m happy to have been chosen for this position, but I just hope I can do some good, you know? Maybe bring some healing to this hospital. Lord knows it can use it after losing epiphany. Yeah. I mean, it’S… hard on everyone, but I think you’re the right person to do it. Bring back a little of that humanity that we all need. Thank you. Welcome. I keep telling myself that this is not about me, this is about my service to the patients and all the staff who work so hard. I have been linked to this hospital my entire life. I mean, my grandfather was dr. Hardy, the symbol of virtue, the true hero of general hospital. It’s in this place that I have had my highest highs. And my lowest lows. This place has put me back together more times than I care to count. And let’s not forget all the legends of the nurses’ station. There’s jessie brewer and bobbie spencer and epiphany. Sometimes I wonder if I’m strong enough to be like them. No, you are strong. In the end, you might be the strongest of them all. I bailed you out, remember? If I thought you were a thief, I wouldn’t have bothered. Thanks. You know what? Maybe it’s best if we do handle this legally. Why don’t you ask dante for help? I didn’t want to compromise him. Wait. What? But compromising me, not a problem? Well, I mean, I could just skip town, but then you’d be out your bail money. No, I would find you in a heartbeat. I have no doubt. Ah. Just kills me that sasha doesn’t know who gladys really is. Which is why we need to prove that that bracelet was planted. Sasha needs to know that gladys corbin can’t be trusted. Uh… so does port charles. Let’s just focus on keeping you out of jail, please. Let’s not bite off more than we can chew. Comet says, “why limit ourselves?” My heart breaks a little every single time there’s this — this moment with amelia and willow’s not there to experience it. I mean, the other day, amelia, she — she looked up at me, and she smiled at me for the first time, like she really saw me. And it was — it was incredible, chase. It really was. But willow, she wasn’t there. She — she was here. You know, I try to record everything I can on my phone, but it’s not the same. Willow, she — she — she needs to be there, you know, experiencing it firsthand to see the look on amelia’s face light up. It’s time that she’ll never get back. She’ll be able to watch those videos forever, and she will treasure every single one of them even more because she will know that you took the time to record when you were going through your own hell. I just met with dr. Montague. He’s the psychiatrist the court appointed to evaluate me. And…how’d it go? Pretty good, I think. It’s hard to know for sure. Well, I am sure dr. Montague was very impressed. Why wouldn’t he be? You’ve survived things that would’ve broken anyone else. You’re one to talk. Well, having the support of friends and family has made all the difference. Same. And like it or not, willow, but nina was a big part of that for me. She was there for me when I gave her every reason to hate me. I pretended to be the thing that she wanted more than anything. She was searching for her daughter. And what valentin and i did was horrible. But nina somehow found the strength and love to forgive me. And that could not have been easy. Sasha, I see what you’re doing, but nina has put me and the family I love through the wringer. Some things just can’t be forgiven.

Time for a hardy to be in charge again. I mean, your gram was a legend in her own right. I mean, this is… it’s kind of your destiny. Those are some big shoes to fill. Well, if the shoe fits, cinderella… and I’M… I’m sorry I couldn’t join your celebration last night. Couldn’t or wouldn’t? I realize girls’ night out isn’t for everyone, but, uh, we missed you. “We”? I missed you. Yeah? Well, hopefully there’ll be many more celebrations, but I know you needed a night out with your best friends. I would like to think you’re one of them. No doubt about it. Oh, thank god! I’ve been praying so hard. I knew that you would wake up! Oh, olivia, back off. His brain’s been deprived of enough oxygen. Sweetheart, say something. Don’t rush him. Water. Water. Water. Okay. You got it. Okay. I got it. Okay, here you go. Here you go. You got it.

[ Chuckles ] That was fast. I wouldn’t expect anything less. Welcome back. You know why you’re in the hospital?

[ Laughs ] That dig was duly noted, by the way. That dig was meant with no disrespect. Oh, of course not. And just so you know, you’re not the only person I complain to about my job. While you were chatting it up at the savoy with robert’s ex, I was complaining to felicia about my job. You? Complain? All right. I believe in free press. I believe in reporters. And maybe my passion for complaining ju fuels that commitment.

[ Sighs ] I just wish I were more fulfilled at the invader. But…? Well… I mean, I sometimes make a difference. I sometimes shine a light on a story that’s important. But those stories hardly ever happen. I mean, for every impactful story, there’s a gazillion mundane, stupid ones about celebrity gossip or… fashion. It’s like finding a needle of significance in a haystack of triviality. It’s not exactly woodward and bernstein. Hardly. Or maybe I’m just spreading myself too thin and I need to take advantage of my support team, you know, and do some serious outreach. Yes. Your support team. That now includes —

[ Clears throat ] — The wonderful esme prince. Yeah. Yeah, you’re right, chase. I, uh… I need to focus on the future. Because once willow’s released, we’ll have the rest of our lives to make more moments — together. And you will. But until then, don’t forget to send a flare up when things get tough. Your friends are here. We want to help. Thanks. I will tell you one thing, though. Despite all the angst and the craziness with the kids, man, I would not trade being a father for anything. I can see that. So, what about you? You ever think about children? Wow. Talk about turning the tables. That a touchy subject? No, no, of course not. I mean, I grew up in a great family. My dad was always there, and my mom was kind of busy, but they both loved me. So, what about it? Do you want kids of your own? Let me put it this way. I definitely love kids. And brook lynn and i are back together. But as for my own, I mean… that’s a long way off in the future. Well, I’ll tell you what. Your future kind of has a habit of catching up to you. Sooner than you think. Your relationship with nina is complicated, but so is mine. I lied to her, I conned her, I broke her heart, and I put brando through hell with my addiction. Both times I was the recipient of grace. Forgiven. And just recently, I wrongfully accused a friend of something. And you were forgiven? He doesn’t hold it against me, but… he’s not sure he can be my friend. I’m sorry. So am I. It’s painful wanting to connect to someone you’ve wronged, even if they don’t owe you a thing. Sam: Your innocence is gonna be a lot easier to prove than gladys’s guilt. Tell that to my lawyer. What lawyer? Scott baldwin. What?! Scott baldwin? Why — why isn’t he dealing with this? He’s working on something else for me. Something bigger than a conviction for grand larceny? We have to prove that gladys was in your pants the night of the nurses ball. My jacket, thank you very much. The pcpd already looked into all this. Okay? There was no surveillance footage. There are other ways.

Want to play? Yeah, I want to play. Are we still talking about backgammon?

[ Both laugh ] Yes, finn, we’re talking about backgammon. Okay.

[ Both laugh ] Just checking. All right. I’m a little afraid.

[ Laughs ] I think you cheat. Oh. I want that cup, though. That’s my lucky cup. Give it to me. Thank you. Lucky cup it is.

[ Dice rattling ] You’re pretty when you shake. Oh, thanks.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Okay. That wasn’t good. According to what was said earlier, no.

[ Dice rattling ] Okay. So, do i move these over? How did you — how did you beat me? I don’t know.

[ Laughs ] How did you beat me? I don’t know what to do. Okay. There you go. Esme prince, the latest entrant to the cassadine family squid game?

[ Both laugh ] Yeah, I did that as a favor for laura. That’s some favor. Esme is A… not-nice person. Snake? Snake. That’s mild. You sure that’s wise? Since when have I done anything that’s wise? Honey, you’re one of the wisest people I know. Sometimes you just get a little… led astray by — by your passion and idealism. Well, in this case, I was just trying to provide some stability to esme so she doesn’t run off with laura’s grandchild in tow. Very generous of you. Actually, I have a soft spot for esme. Oh. I know firsthand what it’s like to have a psychotic parent, and she’s got two. And gregory actually keeps her calm. Gregory? Yeah. He’s agreed to join the editorial board. Well, I thought you were persona non grata after you went over his head and called the dean. Yeah, well, we have an understanding now. I can be his friend and care about him. I just can’t meddle. And the editorial board is actually really happy to have him, and he’s happy to be in his erudite element. So all’s well that ends well. To quote the bard. Can I read you something? Sure. “Sasha gilmore is not defined by her past. No matter our mistakes, shortcomings or circumstances, everyone deserves another chance to build a life that once seemed impossible.” That’s what nina wrote about you, isn’t it? She writes well. ‘Cause she writes from her heart? But maybe… she was also writing about herself. Maybe it’s a prayer of some sorts. All I know is that nina’s capacity for forgiveness is massive. Something tells me that it might be hereditary. You know, I am glad that you and brook lynn are back together. You’re good for each other. Well, there’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure. Last weekend, she took me to the beechers corners flea market. And would’ve thought that logan’s or the cartullo showroom was more of her thing. Yeah, me too. But she said she had a surprise for me, and then she whisked me away on this whirlwind tour, but, dude, she was possessed. It was like she had a sixth sense for finding vintage clothing. That sounds wholesome enough. Brook lynn is usually all over the place, but you ground her. You know she can be her own worst enemy. I’ll say. But you’re like a moral compass for her. You know, it’s just… it’s important that each person brings something to the relationship so they can complement each other. That’s what willow does for me. She really helped mellow me out and focus on what really matters. And you do that for brook lynn. Really? Definitely. Okay. Well, if I do that for brook lynn, what does she do for me?

[ Chuckles ] I don’t know. You tell me. My head…hurts. You have a head injury. We’ll get you a drip to manage the pain. Do you know how you hurt your head? Did I fall? Yes. At the metro court pool. The pool…

[ Laughs ] Hopefully you won’t sue the owner. What I want to know is why you came barreling out like you had some earth-shattering news to tell drew. What got you all fired up?

What is wrong with you? What? Come on. No. I’m gonna take you to my trapeze class. It is such a good workout. You know, I know a girl who broke her foot playing pickleball. Fine. Then we’ll do yoga. It’s nice. It’s safe. It’s close to the ground. Stretching and core. Yeah, that sounds hard. You are impossible. But consistent. Hmm. I think the tide is turning. We’ll see. Hmm. Ooh. Oh. Ouch. That — that’s — that’s got to hurt a little bit. All right, settle down, genghis khan. Genghis khan playing backgammon? Are you sure? Well, if he did, I’m sure this world would be a much different place. Yes, it would.

[ Dice rattling ] Ooh. All right. I don’t like this game anymore. Anyway, I have to get back to work. I don’t want that new head nurse breathing down my neck. Hmm. Hey, she’s okay. I’ve heard some good things about her. Let’s hope it stays that way. I’m sure it will. Good night, dr. Finn. Good night. The tide is turning. Hi. Spinelli. No, wait — yeah. Um… I’ve got a job for you. Do you think I’ve been too hard on nina? I did not say that. There’s been real harm done. All I’m saying is, the story doesn’t have to end there. I told wiley new beginnings are always possible. Your mother-in-law framed me. But, look, I — at least you don’t believe that I’m a thief. Okay? And thank you. But someday, I hope, you know that I’m the one who’s telling the truth to you. Wiley’s got a wise mommy. I’m gonna go check in on brook lynn and see how ned’s doing. Or I could just text her, and then I could avoid tracy. Ah, but that’s not really your style, is it? No. No, I gotta face things head on. I just don’t want brook lynn to have to run interference with tracy. Then again, it could give her something to do to take her mind off her dad. Right. Uh, how is ned doing? I know they were waiting for dr. Ashford to wake him up from the induced coma. Brook lynn brought leo in to sit with him earlier. Well, tell her I’m thinking about her, okay? I will. And send willow my love. Will do. And, uh, chase, for what it’s worth, I, uh — I think you’d be a great dad. This is all a bit fuzzy. T.J.: Totally normal. Let’s start with this. What year is it? 2023? What city are we in? Port charles, new york.

[ Chuckles ] Seems like you’re on the road to recovery, ned. You gave us a scare, though. My name is not ned. It’s eddie maine.

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